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Posted in: Gang robs pachinko parlor in Oita Prefecture See in context

Why is a young 20 something kid locking up a gaming business by himself, especially when you as the owner KNOW there’s millions of yen inside? Should be hearing of a lot of Parlors being knocked over not just 1, so sounds like an inside job. Was me and I had a gang and I was gonna knock over a parlor because of said reasons stated, no banking available for several days??? Im knocking down as many as possible just sayin.

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Perceptions of middle class!

1)The amount of money your household brings home

2) How you spend the money you bring regardless of its amount, I see people barely scratching a living BUT have got to have the Latest Branded Purse or the latest set of Golf Clubs with membership at this exclusive club so others perceive your wealth or standing. Or living in Gov sponsored housing but you roll a Mercedes or a GTR, image seems to be much more important, projecting wealth and success through branded assets and being seen at certain events. This mentality is rampant in JAPAN, yet they cry when the facade ends, they realize that the lie they were perpetrating to show a stranger for a brief second that they supposedly had money because they were dripping in branded items was all for not. Especially when it comes time to sell it, you pay Y100,000 for a purse to only get Y10,000 when you sell if that.

Keeping up with the Jone's!


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Posted in: Japan to halt special entry for athletes over new virus variants See in context

Luddite: Again, another government action focusing on foreigners and travel and nothing happening on dealing with the virus inside Japan.

Because Japan didn’t create or cause this pandemic sweeping the globe! So of course all foreigners have to be vetted, to be safe? Meanwhile japan will be dumping metric tons of radioactive tainted water into the ocean.

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JAPAN is waiting for the IOC to cancel the Olympics, otherwise no insurance payout, + they will save face for not being the ones pushing and pushing and spending and taxing then all of sudden they cancel. If the IOC doesn’t cancel then they will get reimbursement through insurance, and JAPAN gets nil, it is now a game of chicken and JAPAN is going to lose either way. There is no way for japan to come out looking golden now, they essentially screwed themselves for not planning immediately after the postponement.

Is Japan still going through with the manmade meteor shower this summer? Asking for a friend?

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expat: One thing you can be certain of - the government won't listen to the people on this issue.

Since when does the government listen to its people here in JAPAN?

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In light of what’s happening in the world, why would JAPAN even think the Olympics is important enough to spend billions to accommodate something most Japanese citizens care little about? That money that’s being promised and tossed around could be put to use here to help its own citizens, could it not? I mean the Travel subsidy already back fired in their faces did it not? Has it not been proven that they INCREASED the spread of COVID by encouraging its citizens to travel? Now they want to allow new strains of the virus to enter the country, don’t they know its mutating and adopting to its environment rapidly? That this is far from over, this thing may mutate and prove Vaccines are ineffective, this strain of covid has proven to be resilient, and seems it will not be eradicated anytime soon. This is a weaponized version, nature did not produce this strain.

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An exercise is practice, meant for acquiring experience to facilitate a smoother operation. The exercise is a message to Xi saying we will help put the boot where it needs to go when it needs to be done. The gathering is an offering of peace, the options available for peace are civil diplomacy or chaotic diplomacy. The result is a new reef structure in the South China Sea consisting of the Chinese Navy, make no mistake defeat is eminent and will be quick, the western world has no appetite to engage in a prolonged war. Will a nuclear exchange happen? Yes unfortunately it will, there is no way around this, North Korea is the wild card in all this, and will strike JAPAN. Russia will sit back and watch, ready to swoop in when tis all said and done and china is licking her wounds.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

Tis a Delicate subject NIKE delved into, discrimination is a norm in japan unfortunately, Japanese even discriminate against Japanese whose parents gave them a western name! Because you can't write the name in KANJI how petty is that?

Your either 100% japanese or not, there is no acceptance of being part japanese tis really a shame! Such an advanced country desperately seeking to be accepted by western countries yet discrimination is a social norm! Yet in the same breathe they want foreign business to set up shop here in japan? Foreigners arrive are discriminated against given a hard time sometimes physically assaulted, the foreigner defends themselves for not being japanese and they get tossed in jail because the J police will protect the 100% japanese citizen who is wrong to begin with (drank to much). The shameful thing is the Japanese government invited that foreigner to this country promising acceptance and prosperity on equal footing but delivering on nothing except harassment in a japanese jail for a confession saying they were essentially wrong for being a foreigner in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan finds luring businesses from Hong Kong may be tough See in context

The ambush and treatment Goshn, reverberates loudly, why would a company want to set up shop here? They could be set up for something they totally have no control over and not being Japanese suffer the same fate as GOSHN to a judicial hostage system, saving face is the first and only thing that matters, knowing the truth is only secondary

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The way to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle is to just let the pandemic run its course and go for the heard immunity solution. Yes people will die, so what people die every day, will it be because of COVID maybe it will, maybe it won’t. At this point its mute, the size of the global population now vs. the Spanish flu pandemic is more than twice, trying to contain has obviously not worked. Heard immunity is the way to go!

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IT is not that Americans like or love TRUMP! As with the 2016 election TRUMP is the better choice, the lesser of 2 evils per say! TRUMP won because he was different and not a politician or a statesman:) Biden will lose because he's a lousy politician and a lousy statesman:)

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TRUMP will win! biden will fizzle away into obscurity!

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I think it is absolutely insanely funny that you care enough to worry about what other people think. I read the news seen the article and made a comment:) could care less EXCEPT why would they celebrate for a championship that didn't follow the norm:) Other than that, mmmm I wouldn't run across the street to piss on any of them if they were on fire, or on you:) have a great evening:)

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You are correct on that, a lot of people could care less about whining millionaires, who think their opinion counts! Over paid cry babies:)

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Posted in: Bubble Kings: Lakers run past Heat for 17th NBA championship See in context

This title is tainted!

How you ask?

When covid halted all games what happened? Tired injured athletes had a chance to rest and recover! They did not go into the playoffs after running the whole season, where you have to dig deeeep into your essence to come out on top! They went into the playoffs fresh and rested, not banged up and tired! Tainted Title is what they have!

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Posted in: In 25th Amendment bid, Pelosi questions Trump's fitness to serve See in context

Regardless of what you believe, this president has accomplished more for the country than democrats! He is not a politician or statesman that everyone knows, but where is written you have to be such to hold office? Any American can run for president it’s not exclusive! There isn’t a saint in the world no one is 100% perfect or will be liked by all. The mere presences or voice or look of people will always upset someone, if you feel you’re so perfect, post a video of you walking on the ocean surface! Critiquing this individuals accomplishments which outweigh any democratic president’s feats in the 40 years is all you can do and cry because this president WILL be elected for a second termJ The American people who work hard are tired of the democrats giving their tax money Away to those who don’t deserve!

All the energy they have wasted going after this president could have been put to better use!

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Posted in: Okinawa governor asks Suga for dialogue on U.S. base transfer See in context


Its called spoils of war! Occupying triumphant force takes what they want! Does not matter what the losers think, need, want or desire!

As for the squatter they can ask all they want, there is no law saying they can't! But the answer will surely not be what they hoped for and the actions maybe something they had not thought about either.

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Yes good move.

US base transfer from Okinawa to USA.

I am agree this have to be done asap.

You should run for office and make this your platform for campaigning, once the US is gone you would be a HERO! By the way do you speak Chinese? Asking for a friend:)

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Posted in: Okinawa governor asks Suga for dialogue on U.S. base transfer See in context

Tamaki is doing his job as a lap dog, make noise! Removal of the American military would tank the Okinawan economy, REGARDLESS of what people think Japan spends for the US military to stay there. Local Nationals also work on these American bases, closure would send THOUSANDS to the unemployment line + the economic impact from those missing paychecks not only from local nationals but Americans also would be massive. When the Americans were under lock down a few years ago, how many local businesses folded or began crying, because of a 3month lockdown? So do they really want the US military to pull out, or have they got nothing else to cry about?

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Posted in: Pompeo uses Tokyo visit to slam China, seek Asian allies' support See in context

The world can blame the greedy CEO’s of the 80’s and the 90’s and after the turn of the century, for this mess we have now, and how the world is at china’s behest. Because of the search for cheaper made products and cheaper labor to satisfy shareholders who were greedier. Out sourcing your countryman’s jobs for cheap labor allowed the Chinese to capitalize and build the military they now have and plan to use, China will preempt an incident somewhere. Conflict is coming, you people are naive if you think otherwise, china’s expansion and attempts to grab resources must be halted now, diplomatic solutions are not going to work, and we are now at the point of the playground bullies circling waiting for the first punch. You can give me all the negative thumbs you want, it will happen!

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Posted in: Pompeo uses Tokyo visit to slam China, seek Asian allies' support See in context

Corrupt governments have run economies in to the ground in a lot of these INDO ASIAN Countries, corruption that has stolen money that could have been used to build their own militaries up to a point where they would at least be able to defend their own soil, much less a section of the South China Sea. The Philippines is a prime example all they have are a few tugs and a frigate and some jets, and millions of homeless jobless citizens. Easy fodder for the Chinese military as it would take less than a half day to neutralize anything the Philippines brings out, so they have no other course except to accept what is happening and cry. When and not if but when China makes its move only a few countries will be able to hold off its aggression, this is a resource war that will soon be escalating, China is a competitor for the worlds resources and how do you compete for that? By having the bigger and better military, it does not matter about human rights and sovereignty to an invading military, when they want the resources your country has. The world needs to wake up and understand this will happen, action now as a single voice of many can minimize the destruction and death that will follow China’s move to grab what they want!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting teenage girl in hotel See in context

Here's an interesting comment I received from an off duty police officer once, unrelated to this story BUT mentality could be the same. He was a road racer and street drifter. Anyways he said he is only a police officer for a certain part of the day, when he's off he's not the police and hence he does what he wants, he knows the consequences if he is caught, but that's what makes it more exciting!

Go figure?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting teenage girl in hotel See in context

Thing is he a predator maybe, does he like them young and dumb? Yes!

Should she have known better, and exercised better judgement? Yes!

Is she one of these young teens who roll up the skirt once they leave home? Possibly!

Is he stupid for inviting her out to dinner? Yes!

Is she stupid for accepting? Yes!

Does she know what love hotels are for, and what goes on there? Everyone knows!

Maybe she thought she liked it rough but changed her mind?

So you have a predator, and a young teen desperately trying to look and act older, going to a love hotel, obviously he didn't drag her in there otherwise the police would have been called as the operators watch every entry, transaction and exit from their business. It doesn't say she ran screaming or crying from said love hotel.

Sounds as if it was consent all the way around, followed by regrets afterwards?

So here you have the possible after math, of the KAWAI syndrome Japanese mothers and their daughters suffer from, they dress their young girls to look sexy and provocative at very young age and call it KAWAI. This sexual provocativeness is accepted all over JAPAN as the norm until, the young girl experiences the perversion of a JAPANESE male who watches girl groups and fantasizes about getting some KAWAI, that will fawn all over them, and the encounter is a bit to much for her. She goes home and cry's, mom asks whats wrong and she tells all!

Who's at fault, Mom the teacher, the young teen and society for letting it happen as the NORM!

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Posted in: What draws customers, and employees, to maid cafes? See in context

Because she's hoping to meet a sugar daddy! Why else would these girls do degrading work.

Because he's a perverted loser, he's hoping he can be the sugar daddy and get some.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics Q&A: Should athletes be priority for vaccine? See in context

Conduct a real poll!

Do you think the GOV is wasting money for the Olympics?


Is there anything positive about having the Olympics, and why? 

Japan will have the biggest Medal haul ever recorded, because most countries will not field their team!

Do you think the Japanese Citizens Care about the Olympics anymore?

Only Citizens who are politicians care!

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Posted in: Australian think tank says there are 380 detention camps in Xinjiang See in context

Japan today must be Chinese communist sympathizers as they have deleted my comment twice!

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Posted in: Suga holds talks with IOC chief, Koike about Olympics See in context

All it takes is one country to say we will not send our team, and I believe a staggering majority will follow suit. Gonna be a big haul of medals by the Japanese team. China sent their team to train in Wuhan. LOL

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly says he will prove his innocence without Ghosn See in context

The world is watching this and the outcome of his trial will have grave implications, they have no choice but to be fair even if it means going against the grain of the good ole boy system. Firms and experts have been becoming experts on japanese law and procedures, they will know if the course is not true, and will cry foul and the world will look upon the dealings of japan as a country and not just the company they wish to do business with, and may be influenced by this fiasco, to go elsewhere. The perception of the world hinges here on this trial, whether you believe so or not!

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly says he will prove his innocence without Ghosn See in context

Good Luck to the ole boy!

As for the Boys of Nissan, who obviously did not think this completely through, I hope they got paid what they thought it was all worth as, nissan is continuing to tank. Won't be long now, when he proves his innocence, Nissan will completely sink and that will be that! Nissan will be absorbed by renault and what they tried to avert will come to be except the name nissan will not be a brand no more, but an afterthought and thousands of japanese will lose their jobs, amid an already bleak covid future.

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Posted in: Chinese military calls U.S. biggest threat to world peace See in context


Hardly a secret.

China has decided to rock the boat and build the worlds strongest military.

Worlds strongest Military? Seriously you should leave the KOOL AID alone friend! China does not stand a chance against the full onslaught of the US Military under TRUMP! It would be called the 3 day war instead of the 3rd world war!

China has nothing that can withstand the american war machine, especially when there is a president in the white house thats not afraid to go all in now!

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