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Posted in: Michelle Obama launches scathing attack on Trump; says Biden will end the chaos See in context

A lot of Presidential experts on this page! The fact is Trump is not a politician, he was the better choice than Hillary, that is why he won! People were tired of Politicians so they gave a business man a shot, was he worthy? Apparently enough to destroy all who had something to say during the primary's! Will he win again YES!

China is a competitive threat, they will roll out the war machine and challenge all for the resources this planet has to offer, and the democrats will let them. People condemn how Trump has handled this pandemic, thing is, it's not his fault! The democrats fought against the warnings put out by his administration, then 2 months later cried because he didn't take action.You cant govern those who won't give you the chance to govern! The left is still reeling from his election, they have done nothing to help make the country better all they've concentrated on is the hate and the goal of ridding him from office! They have failed again and again, and will fail yet again in 2020! Democratic socialism will be squashed in November!

To many people living on hand outs, a welfare country is what we have become, because of the democrats and their hate. The American Congress is badly in need of term limits, in order for this country to get back on track, America needs someone other than a lying politician in the white house, some that's not afraid to stand up to China and the rest of the world that threatens not only the US but JAPAN as well.

TRUMP 2020

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Posted in: U.S. forces begin virus testing on all personnel arriving in Japan See in context

Vanessa Carlisle

That it took them this long is just more evidence that U.S. troops are more a threat to the world than a protector. How about just send them all home and don't come back

Your absolutely right 100%, Japan doesn't need any help with the Chinese incursions happening on a daily basis. Japan is 100% capable of handling this all by themselves, and if any aggression happens and ships get sunk and planes get knocked out of the sky, JAPAN'S Superior military is up to the task of averting WWIII, by what laying down and asking please don't do this?

Yep send the Yankees home!

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Posted in: U.S. forces begin virus testing on all personnel arriving in Japan See in context

Now?! Is this a joke?

Hilarious ain't it

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Posted in: Do you think not buying a Nissan car, even if you liked the design and other features, because of what happened to former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, is a rational decision? See in context

Was the way they ambushed Kelly and Goshn a rational decision? Its corporate back stabbing, It made no sense what they pulled! Would it affect my preference of buying a car? Yes! Because of the repercussions happening to the Nissan Brand, the company has been hemorrhaging cash since, recovery if there is one is a Loooong ways away! That said if I bought a car today would it carry value in 5 years when its time to get a new model again? During that that time would parts and services be available even though company continued to tank? What if they discontinued the model as it proved to be a slow seller, how long would support for the model be available? The company and its product line needs to be revamped, maybe scrap the Nissan name and run as Infinity and NISMO, resurrecting the Nissan name is going to be quiet the challenge. Nissan has a long way to go and a short time to get there, they need to end the scandal and show the world what they had since Goshn is gone and will not be coming back, show the world that they didn't back stab their CEO because he wasn't Japanese, show the Concrete proof that they had him, otherwise they will not be able to completely recover with this unfinished accusation hanging.

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Posted in: Delayed Olympics face massive organizational, health challenges See in context

Its such a waste of money trying to push this Olympics through, sounds as though the tax payers will have no say and the Government of JAPAN will have the Olympics! However the rest of the countries are not in anyway obligated to show up! All it takes is one Major competitor to say they are not sending their Olympic team to Tokyo to compete, and like dominoes the rest will follow suite. What will Japan do then? Who will they blame for this? The first country that pulls out? A lot of political Careers are hanging in the balance it would seem. A lot of politicians rolling the dice against some very bad odds. Not only would Japan become the laughing stock of the world, but the country would be so far in debt at that point they would have no choice but to increase taxes, to try and make up for what they pilfered away and try and stay afloat at the same time. What IF the virus hasn't been contained and is actually worse? Then all that money spent, which could have been redirected to help the country gone.

Better start buying gold, the Yen is gonna take a beating!

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Posted in: Japan now scrambling jets against Chinese military aircraft taking off from Fujian See in context

Samit Basu

All Japan has to send is clunky old F-15.

The F15 is still very formidal, however Japan also has F35's.

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Posted in: 650 new coronavirus cases reported in Japan; 290 in Tokyo See in context

Japan has no workable plan, the Government is more worried about planning the olympics!

When the bodies start stacking in Japan, maybe then will the Government realize they knew not what they were doing or talking about.

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

Frank Hocking So the 290 new cases in Tokyo on saturday is america's fault? Or the 650 new cases in JAPAN that's America's fault also? The actions of the japanese gov are inadequate, plain and simple. So japanese to deflect the blame! Pathetic absolutely pathetic.

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

zichi But I'm interested to know why you think I'm Japanese when I'm a Brit?

Well then your a Brit good for you, need a brownie pin for that?

divinda when, two days ago?

Actually starting when the movement began, as with everything in this world all is not perfect.There will be some that slip through and do as they please. However that Family will have consequences to deal with from their command, it will be harsh, Failure to adjust to an overseas environment the whole family minus the service member will be sent back to the states. The Majority follow the rules, I suppose you think everyone is squeaky clean in Japan, and the Japanese follow the rules? That's why Tokyo is having such a big outbreak, people have to go out and drink and party like nothing is gonna happen to them? Please you all are very Naive if you believe such. There is a problem and its not just the Americans, the tone of the story rings as its americans Fault, 200 + new cases on a daily basis out of Tokyo, Where's the coverage and outrage about that? How about that cruise ship fiasco, americans fault no doubt.

You want the Americans out of japan I understand, elect someone that will give your wish! You think americans like being here, discrimination is the norm for Japanese, hasn't its head reared up at the beginning of this, the very people in the medical industry trying to save lives being ostracized and bullied by their own countryman how pathetic is that, and you people here on this page, have an anti american tone well get out and vote change the climate, run for office so you can get the americans off your shore, japanese politics stink as much as American Politics. But at least Americans will make clear what they are trying to say unlike Japanese who talk to pacify but don't act, because they gotta save face.

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context


American troops and their families entering the country should be tested and self isolate for two weeks.

They already do this call any American base and ask they will tell as so, Matter of fact when you call ask to speak to a JAPANESE so you don't feel you might be lied to, surly your own country man wouldn't lie to you.

here's a number you can start with 0467-63-1110, ask them to put you through to the Emergency ops center remember talk with Japanese personnel only, neh.

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

It seems to me this government is 2 faced and is trying to pass the blame for their inadequate response to the issue. Both countries share the blame, hence the Japanese Government more so due to the criteria they follow as far as testing their own populace. They don't even know how many cases they have in amongst their own citizens, Tokyo seems to be a very hot area, what american base is there? There isn't, Hardy Barracks is staffed by almost 95% Japanese as is New Sanno, How do blame americans for the Tokyo outbreak, when american personnel are restricted from Yokohama Tokyo and Kawasaki. The american embassy is staffed by 95% Japanese also, so where is the blame for the Tokyo fiasco, why concentrate on american bases only? The Tokyo outbreak is getting worse everyday. No mention of the fact that it is easier for the virus to infect now that it has mutated and the protein spike which is used to attach itself to the cell doesn't break off as easy anymore. The virus is evolving. Quit crying, and blaming step up and act, lip service doesn't help control or solve the issue. This is a global issue act like your gonna be part of the solution japan instead of crying like a little spoiled kid.

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

Japan should shut it down and don't let anyone enter the country. Solved!

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

Their coming in through Narita and Haneda So it's Japan doing the testing. Go figure

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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

Everyone gets tested

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Posted in: Okinawan taxi driver infected amid virus outbreaks at U.S. bases See in context

Fighto! Today 10:51 am

JST Stay on base. Simple as that. These US Military personnel should not be mixing with locals, getting taxis and attending drinking parties etc, off base. An 80 year old like this taxi driver is at serious risk due to this virus. I hope he is OK.

There you go lets do that, and in the same breathe all the JAPANESE that work on these Military bases should just stay home until this is all done and solved with a Vaccine? How long till JGOV stops paying them because they're not working? Vaccine is at the very least 12-24 months away if that, can your tax dollars afford to pay those thousands not working for that long? Doubt that very seriously, they would just become unemployed and eventually lose their lively hood.

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Posted in: Okinawan taxi driver infected amid virus outbreaks at U.S. bases See in context

JAPAN needs to have a quicker way to get results at the airport? They test and let the people go! No mention of what happens after a positive test? If you ask me the whole flight should be positive? Over 11 hours on the plane together, no mention of that? Very Biased American forces are being screened more than japan is screening it population, again you have to be dying already before you get tested!

And 80 years old driving? a Taxi no doubt? How is that responsible?

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Posted in: Okinawa urges U.S. to do more to stop virus outbreak at bases See in context

“We are extremely concerned about the impact of the spread of the coronavirus infections on American troops' rapid response capability,” Kono told reporters.

Seriously? They still America out of JAPAN right? So why are they worried about the response capability?

Maybe the US needs to go ahead and get this war with China going? So Then all the Military assets on Oki can deploy and then when the US is done putting the boot to China, those assets can go somewhere else and not return to Oki:)

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Posted in: Kono: U.S. military coronavirus policy has multiple problems See in context

Just asking for a friend:) So they want the OG to go through does that mean, the top 10 countries that lead with infections will not be invited? Japan seems to be worried about increased infections now, do they honestly think this will quelled within the next 9 months? Ill beat if the Japanese GOV tested as many citizens per capita as the US is testing their military personnel, the numbers would be down right embarrassing, ESPECIALLY when you have to be almost dead to get tested in the first place!

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

She's under pressure to get the olympics going. THEY got her re elected so she can PUSH for the olympics to proceed so THEY can try and recoup some of, if any of THEIR investment. IF some else was elected then no dice as some platforms were campaigning with canceling the olympics altogether:)

There's a song by "Drowning Pool" about what will happen if the Olympics don't proceed:)

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Posted in: Japanese idol group limits length of fan letters after receiving long 'fan report' See in context

Idol groups, they're like a boot camp platform for the next stage which is AV, get your fans salivating now so they will pay a fortune to watch what they have always coveted! This is the sickest part of japanese Kawaii, mothers parade their young daughters in their image so they can be a part of the sleazy kawaii subculture, dressed like little sluts in the making.

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Posted in: Japan detects foreign submarine passing near Amami-Oshima See in context

This is what you call a powder puff story, this is indirectly related to the cancelation of the U.S. missile system that was scrapped. The Japanese self defense force is on the ball as we have detected this sub traversing waters close to our nation!

Know one cares, do you not think the US military already knew of this sub passing through, and were ready to drop it to the bottom? Probably the U.S. who informed the Self Defence force of the Subs presence. I am sure this happens all the time, so why bring it to the public's attention now? Because the Government needs more money and what better way to get it by releasing info which would lead to a powder puff piece being printed. The nation needs more money to bolster our defence, since we blew a lot on the olympics and other unnecessary stuff.

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Posted in: Japan hasn't decided to ease entry ban, foreign minister says See in context

Keep the ban in place don't let anyone into the country! Who cares if tourism is taking massive blows and businesses are going bankrupt and most likely will not recover. Safety first look at florida 2000 cases in a day! We dont need that here in japan, keep the printing machines going, you've already printed yourselves beyond the point of recovering, there is so much paper out there that it doesn't make a difference anymore. The whole world is gonna go bankrupt at the same time.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

Demonstrating Black lives matter is racists in itself! Idiots, all lives matter! Should protest profiling!

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to impose tougher penalties for road rage incidents See in context

How about the inconsiderate souls who stop on a 1 lane road on a hill in the curve to answer the phone? That can cause some rage right there!

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Posted in: Taking aim See in context

Chinese design?

Chinese have the H20, J20, Y20

Japan Type 20

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands See in context

Japan, won't do anything, their too scared! China will have its way, it will take the sinking of several Japanese flagged ships before the japanese even think of trying something. Pacifist government in power, china could land on Hokkaido and still japan won't do anything. United States won't act until Japan stands up for itself, you think the united states will do something, NOT! Unless China makes an aggressive move towards USA Japan on its own.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics difficult if pandemic not contained: Abe See in context

Its about the money, people and or entities are and were expecting to be paid, flesh was pressed and palms were greased, promises were made, now with talk of canceling be whispered. Lives are at stake, not only will a cacleation create chaos, it will definitely hammer the economy. All that money spent and zero comes back, the virus hits and now economy is really staggering. What do you do as a servant of sheep, print more money, drive the inflation up, then print even more money all the while japan sinks deeper and deeper into debt. How do you get out of this mess if your citizens can't work, because they're too hard headed to heed the warnings to stay home. Olympics ought to be the least of their worries. LOL JAPAN the hammer cometh and and twill strike hard, recovery may take decades.

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Posted in: Experts call for more coronavirus tests as positive rate rises See in context

Maybe the underlying reason for japan's inaction is morbid? They want this to course through the population so it kills off the elderly, lessens the strain on pensions and the health system if the older people who seem to live longer nowadays die now.

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Posted in: Experts call for more coronavirus tests as positive rate rises See in context

Japan is really in for a rude awakening, The numbers are steadily rising on a daily basis, and I guarantee those numbers are not even close. Wait till after the Golden Week exodus is finished, thats right you know how cultural peer pressure is the root of most ignorance here in japan. Doesn't matter how hard you URGE the japanese ain't listening, japan is well on its way to becoming the most infected country in the world.

Think the economy is bad now? Wait until your work force starts getting stacked horizontally. JAPANESE har so hard headed

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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

Really just let the virus run its course, let mother nature sort it out:) Laws protect idiots from having their DNA eliminated from the gene pool?

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