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Kotahro Fuhraibo comments

Posted in: SDF show what they can do See in context

Hoping to have information of other nation's armed forces' exercise. So we can really evaluate SDF's ability of national security.

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Posted in: China takes propaganda war with Japan to United Nations See in context

It seems very strange that People's Republic of China(PRC) is talking about the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo Trial) because PRC was not a member of the Allies. Republic of China, who is now governing Taiwan, was the member.

PRC is expanding its territory continuously and currently having the largest in history and conquering lands of Titetial, Uighurian, Mongolian, Korean, Manchurian and so on. Now PRC is going to expand herself beyond the seas and oceans.

Countries around PRC the Dragon, inclusive of Korea and Japan, are very scared of her because they can see blowing fire in her throat.

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Posted in: Japan's envoy to UK hits back at China over Voldemort comparison See in context

Abe: Lord Voldemort

Mao: Sauron / People's Republic of China: Mordor / Korea: Saruman

It's fantasy!

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