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Posted in: Miniskirt Police singer nabs groping suspect on train See in context

The reaction part is illegal, but the action part deserves also a "closer examination"

You're probably just joking around, but do you mean "the action part (the groping) is illegal, but the reaction part (the citizen's arrest) is perfectly legal"?

Second note: Kudos to you, Hachisuka-san!

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Posted in: Japan scrambled jets 8 times from April to June due to N Korean planes See in context


The scrambled aircraft mostly flew from Komatsu Airbase in Kanagawa prefecture.

Komatsu Airbase is in Ishikawa Prefecture, on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

My take on this is: the Japanese military did here as they did with the H1N1 virus scare, took preemptive action; they took caution and planned accordingly. Do I think they went overboard? Probably. What the article does not say is how many jets were scrambled; if only three were put into action, okay, but if the entire air fleet at Komatsu or otherwise was put into action, totally overboard.

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Posted in: Construction worker hurt in explosion of possible dud shell in Okinawa See in context

To mindovermatter, martyman, and Ultradude: Where in the article do you see 'US ordinance' or anything related to it? I certainly do not. All I see is "an undetonated land mine from World War II." which does not suggest any specific country. The fact that it's in a place where both US and Japanese soldiers fought means nil in this matter. No one can prove nor disprove who placed it. Kwatt: That is an issue in another place, and is unrelated entirely. Please leave that out. No one is at fault for this unless/until a CSI team investigates the explosion, finds all the obliterated pieces of the mine, and puts peices together that might show a serial number or other such name. Please re-read the article and get all the known facts straight before commenting. On an unrelated topic, to dennis0bauer: The police officer is a public official. His name must be kept for security reasons. I'm not sure which law(s) dictate this so.

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