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Kowhai Kiwi comments

Posted in: How New Zealand essentially eliminated the coronavirus See in context

Since Singapore was mentioned, this might be of use.....


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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

@harry_gatto re: NRATV

Regrettably such a propaganda network already exists - fortunately not on mainstream!

Nicely trolled and explained by John Oliver. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/03/john-oliver-nra-tv-review-last-week-tonight

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Posted in: Big win See in context

Brilliant and well done - such a mighty achievement. Apart from beating 2-time world champs, but also one of the real powerhouses of world rugby! Unlike Japan win over Wales at Prince Chichibu some years back (no offence, it was a 3rd XV with senior players in Australia with the Lions), this was a full-blown Spring Bok First XV!

If there's such an equivalent of a Japanese knighthood, Eddie Jones deserves one. fantastic game plan and well executed by the team. Awesome to watch and the last phase to score the winning try was a superb example of ball retention!!

As an aside - wtfjapan and Nemui-san, do not confuse ethnicity with country of birth. Of the previous 2011 and current NZ All Black squad of 31, only 4-5 were born outside of NZ. Refer:- http://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2015-09-17-rugby-world-cup-whose-nationality-and-patriotism-is-it-anyway/#.Vf5M7MTXerU

Although Captain Leitch was born in NZ, he's resided in Japan since he was 15 - not like recent imports say to English squad like the Vunipula's.

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Posted in: New Zealanders get first look at new flag options See in context

Part of PM John Key's vanity projects to leave this as part of his "legacy". He has enough selfies with global celebrities in his photo album. Recent polls suggested a majority are indifferent or don't want a change. Similarly, the recent roadshow to promote the change has been met with scant indifference with turnouts to meetings in the low double digits. At NZ$26mio, not as if this could not be better spent elsewhere on well being of "lunch for school kids" projects.

Nice summary take by John Oliver :o)


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Posted in: New Zealand opposition embroiled in racism row See in context

1Glenn "how is presenting facts racism?"

The only "fact" is that 39% of names "sounded Chinese" - whether they were in fact Chinese is not noted, now does this differentiate overseas vs NZ Chinese residents and citizens. It's simplistic and a cheap shot, stirring up local xenophobia against one particular ethnic group. As noted by Nemui-San, there are also Caucasians with Chinese sounding names. The late actor Christopher Lee being an example, or even former NZ League coach, Graham Lowe!

As for politicians - enough said, but sad that NZ Labour Party cannot come up with a more coherent analyses or suggested policy changes. "lies, damn lies... And statistics". What next - people with Latino sounding names must be murderers and rapist? Oh wait, can't use that red-neck line, some other idiot is saying that!

If you read a nice rebuttal at this link, might give some perspective http://publicaddress.net/onpoint/my-last-name-sounds-chinese/

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Posted in: Two boys aged 3 and 4 hit by train in Yamanashi; one dies See in context

All - sumimasen! Miscalculated the stopping distance, apologies for incorrect number. At 100kmph, distance should be 49m, not taking into consideration of the mass of a two carriage train. DUH on my part! Nevertheless, should not detract from comments of train tracks being an inappropriate play area and apparent adult supervision neglect.

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Posted in: Two boys aged 3 and 4 hit by train in Yamanashi; one dies See in context

@patric spohn - laws of physics suggest that a vehicle say at 40/kmh with co-efficient of friction (railway tracks est. 0.8) times gravity (9.81), you get 1600/(2 x 0.8 x 9.81) = 101.93m stopping distance. So if the unfortunate driver only sighted them 100m out (assuming doing 40/kmph) then no way could it have missed them. Sad that they were even on or around tracks in the first place - not a play ground.

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