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Yep, the problem with UNESCO is that there are so many things listed in it now, it has become pointless. UNESCO listed things also tend to be the more traveled or well known things, which means the actually REALLY excellent stuff gets missed off. Personally, I prefer it that way, because the second something gets onto an UNESCO list it becomes more expensive and over commercialised. There's some very unique places I've been, and very unique foods I've eaten, that I'm glad will never make it onto an UNESCO list, and I'm thankful for that.

As for Washoku, yeah, it's interesting and there's a lot of history and tradition to it. But I'd rather have some cous cous off the streets of Fez or a Kleftico in Paphos thanks. Those foods have taste, and living culture/tradition imbued in them.

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I am baffled by the fact people here seem to think that eating at a fast food place means you should accept less than good service. Your society is only as good as your lowest denominators, ie, fast food restaurants and fast food restaurant workers when it comes to the food industry. I've been to third world countries where people who have served me don't speak the same language, probably earn less than a dollar an hour, but will bend over backwards to ensure you get what you need/want as a consumer. I've also been to countries like America, well known for its excellent service, where I have been astounded by how helpful and accommodating people are, especially in fast food restaurants.

It's quite sad that some people here seem to accept the poor service in Japan as being the norm.

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Posted in: Camping plans let girls rough it by day, enjoy butler service at night See in context

Yep, glamping has been around for years.

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Posted in: Turk charged with murder, rape of Japanese tourist See in context

his family tortured

What the hell is wrong with you?

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Posted in: Man makes Y1 mil for three months of gaming See in context

He does laundry every day? Does he change his clothes every hour or something?

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Posted in: Tokyo governor slams Fukushima coverage on eve of 2020 vote See in context

What's starting to happen in Japan is pretty groundbreaking to be honest. I can't remember many times (if any at all) where the media has started to question, or should I say scrutinise (something that happens all the time in other civilised countries), the aurhorities. Fukushima may actually turn out to be a positive driving force that will start to break down the Japanese sheep-like mentality.

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Posted in: Survey asks: How often do you want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend? See in context

This is pretty pathetic, even for Japan. I'm glad my wife isn't a "typical" Japanese person. The 2 years she spent in Spain made her "more normal" if there's such a thing.

That said, I was in a relationship once where the lady would only want to see me on a Sunday. Early on in the relationship I tried to see if she was free during the week, but she'd come back with excuses like: "Sorry, I'm really busy. It was a work day today and I have lots to do when I get home." When I asked her what, it turned out her "busy" schedule was, washing the dishes, taking a bath, emailing her friends and catching up on some TV programs. This was basically what she did every night from 7pm when she got home until 1am when she went to bed.

To me, that highlighted how surreal Japanese society is, and how little human contact Japanese people really want.

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Seapig, while I agree this case is ridiculous since the store was closed, I would agree with others that Japan's food safety record is poor at best. There simply isn't the legislation or regulation in place to ensure customers are getting food that is safe to eat. No developed country I know of has a worse record in terms of outbreaks of "food poisoning" (as they call it in general news articles, but there are many types of things that can cause "food poisoning", one being Cdiff - a bacteria only found in faeces, which has caused several outbreaks in Japan in recent times), and this is because the culture of Japan is one where people are seen as trustworthy and therefore wouldn't do anything to hurt people. Unfortunately, most poor food hygiene exists through inaction rather than action, and while a Japanese chef may be unlikely to purposefully do something to someone's food, a general lack of knowledge and general food hygiene maintenance is what causes the problems.

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Posted in: Constitutional watchdog hints it won't block Abe on military changes See in context

If he keeps going the way he is, Abe will be the last prime minister Japan will ever have.

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Posted in: Abe on track for hefty election win - polls See in context

We all know Japan has a very high rate of suicide, but all 127.8 million in one go is a lot.

RIP Japan.

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Posted in: Free clothing entices Tokyo shoppers to bare all See in context

26, unemployed, will strip semi-naked in order to get brand clothing.

Yes, this is a real good example of how young adult women are thriving in Japan at the moment.

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Posted in: Free clothing entices Tokyo shoppers to bare all See in context

Oh Tomomi, you poor girl. The future looks tough for you.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

^^ A Realist

Pretty much sums up Japan as well if you swap your first sentence around.

So Japan, Korea and China hate each. So what. People have hated each other since the start of the time. At the end of the day, this chick tried to guilt trip the store and they fell for it. No need to tar all Koreans or all French stores with the same brush.

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Posted in: China's Huawei to offer smartphone for high-end market See in context

I got an Ascend G510 because I needed something temporary for a year while I was back home. It's a decent phone. Big screen which is very accurate with its touch sensitivity, Android 4.1, decent batter life, and way cheaper than HTC, Sony and Samsung; can't complain about it really.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

World tour...of Asia.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl seriously injured by school goalpost collapse See in context

H&S compliance in Japan? You must be kidding if you think anyone takes it seriously.

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Posted in: Teacher suspended for taking part-time job as call girl See in context

Considering 1 in 80 of Japanese women have at some stage in their life worked in the sex industry, this is no surprise. There's probably dozens, if not hundreds, of poorly paid teachers sidelining like this.

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Posted in: Women use smartphone games to lure men into paying for their food expenses See in context

Oh my, a human is being manipulative to gain something for themselves. Stop the press!

Just because it's using a smartphone doesn't make it news. Japanese media at the moment really seems to be attacking smartphones as if they're the blame for everything wrong in Japanese society. I guess it's easy to find a scapegoat rather than admit that actually, Japanese society's entire history is broken.

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Posted in: Former British PM Margaret Thatcher dead at 87 See in context

Cleo - I was referring to the impact of the war on the election, not on the individual lives (or anything else), in response to Jimizo's post about the war being used to win the 1983 election. Of course the impact was not minimal for those it affected, and considering I have family that were affected by it, I would never say such a thing. Please don't skew my words to mean something else.

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Thumbs down, but the facts are clear. The first past the post electoral system and the Labour split into Labour and LDP-Liberal alliance show quite clearly how the 1983 was won by the Conservatives (Labour/LDP-Liberal would have needed over 75% of the vote, which is impossible). History also shows us that war success is by no means a positive electoral factor, considering Churchill lost power after the Second World War. Soldiers did not die in the Falklands to win an election in the UK, and saying so insults the families and the memories of those who died.

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Posted in: Former British PM Margaret Thatcher dead at 87 See in context

She requested not to have one.

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Posted in: Former British PM Margaret Thatcher dead at 87 See in context

Jimizo - I won't comment on the societal impact you mention, but I will say that modern political studies and analysis of popularity polls, etc, have proven that she would have won the 1983 election without the Falklands War and actually the impact of the war was minimal.

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She was a polarising figure. Some loved her, some hated her.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, there's one thing you can't deny: she was true British grit, the last true Prime Minister of Britain, before politics in the UK became nothing but populist driven rubbish.

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Posted in: Kurara Chibana: A work in progress See in context

She's one of the few good ones alright.

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I think Japanese people lie so much they don't even know they're lying. I once saw a friend across a station concourse and jokingly called him to ask where he was, to which he replied he was at work and would be for several more hours but we could meet up at 9pm as we always did on a Friday. When I then walked up to him and patted his shoulder he was quite shocked. I asked him why he lied, and he said it was because he didn't want me to think he was lazy and had left work before 7pm.

I could give another hundred examples. I just genuinely believe Japanese people lie without even thinking because they think it's socially normal.

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Posted in: Rich rare earth deposits found on seabed See in context

Japan will be long dead as a nation before this stuff is mined.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Congratulations to them.

It's unfortunate however that the air of publicity around this is gives it a somewhat shambolic outside appearance and will probably insult a lot of homosexual couples who don't need to be in the spotlight to feel justified for who they are.

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Posted in: Hiroshima to finally get a Costco - too bad you have to pay Y3,000 for parking See in context

3-4 hours in CostCo? 1050 parking spaces not enough?

The Japanese must really like their CostCo and enjoy wasting time. In my country the car park is always half empty and half an hour is ample time to buy what you need.

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Posted in: A Chinese perspective: Some surprising cultural differences upon coming to Japan See in context

I wouldn't say everything above is more civilized (most are, but some things listed are actually quite antiquated or just perks of a different kind of society).

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Posted in: Gun tourism See in context

Look at the stupid look on her stupid face.

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