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Commenters who wonder why the police didn't do anything clearly have no idea how the Police-Yakuza relationship works in Japan. A walk down the street from my apartment in Osaka and there's a police box right across the street from one of the largest Yakuza HQ in Osaka. There are many incentives for the police not to act in such situations, mainly in the form of kickbacks. As for why the man in question departed after being confronted by the author, without completely disregarding the author's bravery (or drunken stupidity, whichever), it is most likely the man left because getting involved with foreigners (especially non-asian ones) tends to be shunned by the higher-ups. Doing so can draw the attention of the international community and authorities with real intent to prosecute, unlike many Japanese police who'd rather turn the other cheek and take their share of the profits from the prostitution and illegal gambling going on everywhere around them.

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Ooohh, can someone please write an article explaining what Sushi is?????

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"This is to inform you that your message on has been removed for the following reason: Off Topic

"#47 The incredible number of bitter foreign women in Japan.

48 The ubiquity of garbage that passes for social commentary on English speaking websites. 49 The overwhelming number and sheer audacity of foreign bloggers on Japan who attempt to pass off commonplace observations as astute and or relevant..." 50 The inability or unwillingness of foreigners in Japan to accept criticism after being constantly inundated with false praise. I bet your Japanese is really goooooooood.

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