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Posted in: British 'drug mule' faces 10 years' jail after acquittal overturned See in context

One less to POISON our society by either loading the sick addicted losers with drugs or/and introducing it to our innocent children! 10 years is suitable for someone who doesn't care for anyone's life!

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Posted in: Police say computer files show stalker planned murder See in context

Well despite of the name, the articles never mention where's his "gaijin" side from? I've been curious since this first came out in the news...

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Posted in: Man stabs 3 people, then himself in Nagoya house See in context

justbcuzisaySEP. 07, 2013 - 04:03PM JST Police said the woman’s parents had consulted them several times about Sugiura’s stalking behavior. Didn't the past murder's of stalking victims lead to more updated laws so that police can do something BEFORE an attack happens?

If there's a place where you can not count on the police that place is Nagoya, maybe not all but most of those pigs here only sit inside the "kobans" doing nothing all day and the old ones especially who I have dealt with were the worst, they try to show they are "the authority" when they deal with innocent old people or fragile women however they fear the lowest yakuza member, that besides their lack of IQ and morality...

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Posted in: Civic groups angered after kids handle assault weapons at U.S. Navy open house See in context

When I visited park Spana in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, there was a gift store there which sold plastic guns, my son started playing with another kid there like if they were firing each other, I'm not sure If it was because that was a park for children to see good things or because my father used to have a gun at home and i was always terrified of it, I did not like to see him playing with such toy that looked real so I immediately told him to stop playing that and told a lady who worked there that they should not have toys like those because it wasn't a good example, she glanced at her partner and they just gave me a nasty smirk... People these days are lost and do not have a sense of what is right and wrong!

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

Typical Japanese politicians...always trying to change history's facts when it's convenient to their country's background. Would they be happy If the US politicians started declaring Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks never happened too?! or that the number of Japanese killed wasn't the number given because it'd be impossible for so many lives to be taken at once??? Insane...

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