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Kris comments

Posted in: Man arrested for stealing books says he just wanted to read but had no money See in context

Says "the man, of no fixed address". Maybe he needs an address to get a library card. You might even need one to sell things at BookOff. Maybe he wants to read them.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji eruption escape plan calls on residents to evacuate on foot See in context

I wonder if some readers ever get past the headline. I also wonder if they have ever been in Japanese traffic jams. One or two nervous jijiis behind the wheel and there goes the neigbourhood. Given the '24hr-before-lava-arrival' stipulation, it probably does make some sense. It is also takes care of the traffic the other way for those trying to get a better look... And clears the way for emergency vehicles.

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Posted in: Tokyo to demolish historic baseball stadium despite outcry See in context

It is not about baseball, it is about identity. Jingu has it. Bu identity in Tokyo doesn't sell. And does Tokyo need another high-rise with Japan's decreasing population? Dig a little and you will eventually find a connection between the govt and the companies involved.

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Posted in: South Korean court says stolen statue must be returned to Japan See in context

Whatever the courts decided, how about, in the interests of more friendly Japan-South Korea relations and cooperation, and Buddhist solidarity why not share custody? Why not 5-year (or some auspicious Buddhist-themed length of time) stays in the respective temples? Yeah, probably not.

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