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Posted in: Rules considered to cope with increase in Imperial Palace joggers See in context

I am sure someday these Oyaji's are going to decide to have license for walking!!!

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Posted in: Woodford wants to clean up Olympus management for good See in context

@globalwatcher; what justice? Kikukawa is very close to Japanese bureaucrats and business lobby and they will protect them. Ozawa didn’t involve in any scam. That is a setup by same lobby. He only try to save Japan by changing law to balance power between bureaucrats and people. You can see how they are hiding all the Fukushima nuclear problem, even media is hiding and putting people in sick using patriotism shows. That is called scam.

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Posted in: Gov't under fire for disaster response; TEPCO chief heckled in Diet See in context

Top bureaucrats and TEPCO should be replaced to get this better. I was really surprised to know TEPCO president was hiding in Osaka during this crisis.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl hangs herself at home in apparent suicide See in context

Very Bad my dear Japanese Parents. Again, you lost your selclaimed crimeless social system, it sucks, .. Child abuse, bullying..haaa. I cannot beleive in such country. I heard lot os such bullying stories.

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Posted in: Mother of falsely accused groper who killed himself seeks justice See in context

I heard lot of such cases. Even my female colleagues told me to be careful. Lot of frustrated girls make up such case. I don’t trust Tokyo girls, worse women in the world. Actually, where to grope? All flat stuff. Anyone doing chikan in tokyo should be Gay. Anyway I keep my hands up while walking in crowd train and station.

I feel, we should wear head mounted survival cam to avoid such cases. Anyway I am going to do that from next week.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after 12-story fall from Chiba apartment See in context

Problem is bigger than that, not just mother. Government and society is responsible for this death. In new social system people are trying to make independent life is causing all these problem. Old times, neighbors or friends or grandparents used help and care about the society. These days life became very materialistic, not helping each other.

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Posted in: Congratulations See in context

what privacy? why we have to hide? what we afraid off?

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