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Posted in: Longevity of life a mixed blessing for Japanese See in context

Health Care has become the issue affecting the world population and the concept of old has changed. There has been a growing number of people living over one hundred and the number is probably getting larger. japan is not the only country that has a graying population, because people were encouraged to take early retirement of older workers; this was supposed to allow the companies to save money. I would love to live over one-hundred years but also with the quality of life; why do I have to chose between longevity and quality? Everyone should have a long life and quality.

Live long and prosper.

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Posted in: Just a second, 2009 _ the Earth needs to catch up. See in context

Generations would hate us if we changed the clock, because high noon would not be, high noon? If one o'clock is high noon then would we be running a 25 hour clock, and if high noon would be 12 o'clock what would happen to the extra hour? Would there be an extra mid-night add to the 24 hour clock? In future generations that would be born on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus, how would they keep track of time based on an outmoded time value? If a person on Jupiter called a person in New York, how would they know what time it was, a thousand years from now? If they looked at their atomic watch with its 3d display of the solar system, would they know that it is six o'clock in the morning or seven o'clock at night? In tens of thousands of years, if we are traveling outside our solar system, it would be a mute point to figure out when high noon is on Earth. Maybe they will have sub-atomic clocks instead, and the whole issue would be all theory anyways. Who cares! Can you get the trains to run on time? To get the clocks on the coffee makers to run to an nanosecond, which is how long it takes to make a cup of espresso.

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Posted in: 4 robot makers join hands to compete with South Korea See in context

In the 1970's there existed a cartoon named the Jettson's, a futuristic family and their loving robotic house maid, and this was not that long ago in the lives of many. Now as we face the present age of the twenty-first century we are set to embrace a reality that does included robotics in our day to day lives. In the United States, there is no big push for robotics in our day to day lives, as is the case in Japan and South Korea, and the only talk of robotics is the ones that are on the planet Mars, a world away. "A chicken in every pot!" "A robot in every home"? In the early day of desk top compters, Apple made it available by offering a pc via a kit, can I, as Skywalker created C3PO, can I also make a robot out of a kit?"

Has anyone thought of Borg technology as a crossover to pure robotics. Cyborg any one?

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