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Posted in: Cabinet minister denies ties to hate speech group See in context

The German Nationalist under the hand of Hitler had to pay for their war crimes, and Japan who was an ally was brought up on its crimes that it committed during the war. Like many in the US they are still fighting the Civil War; many in Japan are still fighting WWII. The Japanese Nationalist Party, mirrored after the German counterpart, are the extreme right-wing. Many cry about how being a "Right Winger" is a name that one should be proud of; like being a racist was about be "proud of one race". In the Southern US this pride took the form of lynching by the KKK, who believed that Black, Native, Asian and Jewish people should be put in their place. History states that being part of the Right will lead to following the footsteps of Hitler and the KKK; death, destruction and genocide. Will there be a generation who will rebuild the death and concentration camps, and justify it all by again saying, "I was only following order."

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Posted in: Two of Abe's new picks deny neo-Nazi links See in context

The National Socialist Workers Party of Japan has been around since 1952 and is fashioned after the National Socialist Party of Germany. Japan is not the only country that has political parties based on the German Nazi Party; like that of the National Socialist party in the Ukraine; many hold seats in the new Parliament. The Tea Party is said to be made up of Nazis and Klan members. There seems to be a world wide movement of the extreme right in many of these countries, so it should not be a shock that Japan is at the head of the list of countries that want to reenact World War 11; so who will be the new Fuhrer that would guide them into the next World War? .

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Posted in: Google working on super-fast 'quantum' computer chip See in context

In the Star Trek universe Data had a positronic brain, which was the housing for his chip. Like all computers the motherboard is a vital component as the chip it supports. In the evolution of computers the individual components developed on a flat silicon pancake with components fussed within; with the peripheries emulating from connecting ports from the motherboard. The computational aspects of robotics use the same configurations as personal computers, except humanoids are not square or rectangular things; neither are humans. Humans have brains that are composed of right and left hemispheres and compartmentalized for efficient use of its mass, and shaped to fit the skull.

Remember what the Tin Man said, "If I only had a brain."

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Posted in: Japan women world's longest-lived as male lifespan tops 80 See in context

Do poor people live longer? The life expectancy in Japan and the rest of the "developed" countries is over 70 years of age, the life expectancy for Africa is 40 to 50 years of age. A man and women will live to be in their eighties, while a man or woman in Africa could expect to live a ripe old age of 42.

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Posted in: Android grabs more tablet market share See in context

The trick of infusing competition into the system died with the first anti-monopoly laws. They could not do it then; they can't do it now. Linux would be a great alternative to both; but it would have to make major changes and have a standard core for it to be on the same level as the Android and Apple. Some one, Steve Jobs reincarnation, needs to shake Linux and get it up to par with the big boys (and girls) to be a true alternative.

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Posted in: Residents within 5 km of Kyushu nuclear plant given iodine tablets See in context

When it is stated the Japanese don't have the maturity to have nuclear energy; it is the same as saying that they don't possess the intelligence to do so. On the terms of nuclear safety in the US; do we not forget about Three Mile Island? After decades of near melt downs they finally came up with an evacuation plan. Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. The problems with nukes seems to be deliberately kept out of the news, but are we that much better in dealing with nukes?

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. committee's call on 'comfort women' See in context

...staffed by Professional Prostitutes. I know that Prostitution is supposed to be the oldest (for women) profession , but how does one (woman) become a Professional Prostitute? Do you go to school prostitution and get a degree in it, and do men get degrees in Pimping? I majored in hooking and marketing. The wonderful world of Whoring. Looking for an excellent career with plenty of room for advancement. Don't try this at home; we are trained professionals (Whores).

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Posted in: 4K video wirelessly transmitted in real time See in context

I still use a pc for most of my computer need, but I have gone wireless in my keyboard and mouse. The problem is with my monitor, why can't they make a wireless monitor? If they can make a wireless system for televisions; why can't they make it for pc monitors?

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Posted in: U.S. to push China to break IT deadlock at Beijing talks See in context

The issue of trade has been the hallmark between the colonized and the colonizers. The history of China has been an on going issue since the days of the East Indian Trading company which began in the 1700's and culminated in three opium war (its taxation and importation as a commodity) from the plantations of Bengal in India. While the cotton wars were waging between English Indian cotton and American cotton (produced by Southern chattel slaves); cotton was king but opium ruled the seas between India and China. The more things change; the more they stay the same. The issue of "Free Trade" has not changed one iota since the days of Lord Earl Grey to Obama. What they seem to want is a world dominated by US goods secured by world wide NAFTA agreements. but in a world dominated by the New World Order of chasing after the cheapest labor the world has to offer (buy cheap; sell dear). There was a song titled, "Twenty-first schizoid Man".

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Posted in: MIT finger device reads to the blind in real time See in context

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Do the blind really want an audio reader? Most non-blind or hearing impaired do not understand the culture that lies in these communities, and are treated with a parental nurturing philosophy that borders on being totally insensitive to the needs of these communities. Did any one of these Samaritans ever ask the blind if they even want this. As far as I know most blind would prefer to read from a brail book, their second choice is an audio reader. When it comes to brail it is hard to create a page with a large array of dimples that would allow the blind freedom of reading (books, newsprint and leaflets). The visual impaired have a greater tactual sensitivity than all sighted people could never have, not understanding this aspect of their lives means not understanding the community you are trying to aid . As far as computers is concerned, they have their own text to audio readers; which just needs to be switched on.

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Posted in: Abe to launch women's version of Davos forum See in context

The lack of women in the workforce is a world wide epidemic (wwe) that at least Abe is addressing, but what his true motives are is unclear. In the US girls are still not encouraged to get into the male dominated fields of engineering, construction and sciences. I had a friend who became a Master Electrician in the city of New York, but due to the old boy network had to move out of the city to obtain work. There were, for several years, a add campaign to attract women into the construction trades, but that proved to be a lot of hot air and did not have the results that its objectives were about; no substantial influx of women into the construction trades or unions. So, how does the world address the gender gap that exists in the industrialized nations; which includes Japan as the third industrialized nation?

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Posted in: China starts publishing daily Japanese war crimes 'confession' See in context

During the Great War (WWII) there were many crimes committed against people both in Asia, Europe and Africa, there are many tales of atrocities committed by the Nazi's in Germany as they incinerated, gassed and starved their way into the annals of history. There are many books about the Jewish Holocaust, but who really mentions the Gypsies and Pols, and the 20 million others that perished in the Death and Concentration camps? Everyone beats up on Germany for its war crimes, but who really talks about Japan and Italy for their contribution to the war effort; it is to be remembered that Japan allied itself with Nazi Germany. If you sleep with dogs; you will get fleas. Many talk of Tiananmen Square and the Cultural Revolution, but what of Sharpsville and Soweto in South Africa when Apartheid Troops were gunning down high school students protesting the Pass Laws and Segregation. When the Apartheid movement in the US was gaining strength, Regan opposed sanctions based on the need to fight communism. The struggles of Black South Africans for justice and equality is secondary to the struggle against the Red Plague. Better dead than Red? We do need to know the whole story without the censorship, on all sides of the border, so that future generations will not make the same mistakes as the previous generations.

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Posted in: Obama hopes for TPP deal by November See in context

In the real world countries make trade deals and Multinational companies do what ever makes them the biggest profits with the least amount of capital output. These deals from NAFTA to TPP has not created any more jobs than would have been created otherwise; especially low wage no benefits jobs. Most modern countries (American and European) have been outsourcing production and facilities for the past thirty years, all countries want to "protect" their national industries; although the age of neo-colonialism has long been over. The fig leaf of job creation should be seen as the sham it truly is; since the UAW has lost over one million jobs to closed and run away plants to other countries. Even if there is an up tick in jobs due to this NAFTA (TPP) agreement; these jobs are being erased due to robotics; the next person doing "your" job will be a robot.

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Posted in: Gov't to ease strict dancing laws for clubs, other establishments See in context

Under our illustrious leader Rudi Giuliani, our former mayor wanted to keep the New York public safe by implementing the Cabaret license that would help keep not only youth safe, but adults safe as well. Every Law abiding citizen knows hat dancing leads to the unbridled passions, and this leads to the dark side and crime. Suggestive dancing will lead to a life of prostitution and this will lead to porn. It is a proven fact that all drug addicts started their journey drinking milk; so drinking mild leads to pot smoking, and pot smoking leads to the use of hard drugs. So by restricting dancing we in turn protect the future of youth and society by keeping them on the straight and narrow.

Remember: spare the rod; spoil the child.

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Posted in: 79-yr-old driver who lost control of car due to heatstroke indicted over fatal accident See in context

It is a all to common situation that has been developing around the world as the ageing population increases, and there are no alternatives to the present day auto. Most elders grow attaining and securing their sense of independence, and the most visible form of independence is the ability for mobility. Seniors want to retain their ability to be independent and have a social life that require mobility to have a semblance of life, and not have to rely on friends, relatives, or other forms of transportation. It is tragic that he had caused a loss of life, but to automatically say that, "due to his age; he should not be driving in the first place"; is not very helpful. Companies are developing cars that can drive themselves and would be an aid to the elderly who want to retain their independence and not be a hindrance to the general population at large. Companies need to get these cars into production; encouraging elders, through some-kind of to trade incentive, in order to replace their old auto with a self-driving model. By having more elderly driving these autonomous self-driving cars it would lessen the number of accidents caused by elder drivers; and they would retain their dignity and independence, push R&D, and decrease the cost of insurance paid by other drivers.

It is easier to know the problem; it is harder to find a solution to the problem.

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Posted in: Labor crunch pushes many businesses to reform See in context

For the past thirty years there has been a world wide push to lover the "unit price of labor" in order to increase the rate of profit, by the pushing of "Free enterprise" zones and the reliance of low wage workers. Most of the world has a surplus of low wage workers that can compete against the higher wage workers supported by organized (crime) unions. Companies need low wage workers who do the grunt work that many in the "middle class" refuse to do, and in the case of Japan are in short supply of. There are many companies that are "bucking the trend" by raising the minimum wage paid to their grunts (peons) so that they may have a stable workforce. As Henry Ford believed in the early 1900's during the Industrial Revolution, that if you paid workers a high enough salary they would buy back what they themselves produced; the money spent by workers would came back to them in the form of profits in the circulation and turn-over of capital. Although these companies are "bucking" the trend the over-all trend is the lowering of the (Unit price of labor) wages to workers on a global scale; and no one (or two) monkey (company) don't spoil no show. In the city of New York the minimum wage has gone up to $8.00 / hour; although there are some that say that the minimum wage should be $10 /hour. When the minimum wage was lower that what it is today, the wages for skilled workers were much higher and there were fewer people living in poverty.

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Posted in: Taxi driver held for drugging women with diuretics See in context

The world is filled with the sick, the strange and the bizarre. This is certainly one sick puppy. His feeding his female passengers diuretics for the purpose of watching them urinate, really constitutes sexual assault on a person. I don't believe that perversions are the sole domain of any one group of people; there are enough sickos to go around for the whole world to enjoy (LOL).

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree’s disappointing attendance so far: 6.19 million visitors See in context

What! The tourist attractions in Japan are only in Japanese? In New York the greatest tourist trap is Times Square, and it is all in English, and the other Tourist Trap on 34th street, the building that Superman jumped over, is ,also, only in English. In the US we complain that people come here and "don't speak English", but we feel that we have the right to go overseas and don't know the language of the country that we want to infringe on. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You come to my country and don't speak English.

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Posted in: FamilyMart installing electric vehicle charging stations See in context

Charging stations at Family Mart seems to be a smart idea, but how many cars can it charge in a given day? How long does it take to charge a single unit? As I understand, it takes several hours for a battery to become fully charged, so if there are several million cars on the road, how many charge stations would it take to charge them all? If you live in the city, where do you charge your car? The use of charging stations is based on a suburban model, and would have no practical purpose in the urban landscape. It seems that there is a need for a suburban model and a model based on the urban landscape.

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Posted in: Menicon helps Starbucks turn coffee grounds into cattle feed to make milk for next cup See in context

Feeding cows coffee grounds may be a "good" way of getting rid of wastes that would normally end up in landfills, but what nutritional value is there in coffee grounds that would benefit cows? Maybe the milk that comes out would have the flavor of ground roast coffee (just add sugar) that would come out the bottom end. Maybe there is a better usage for coffee grounds than feeding it to cows; maybe turning it into a liquor by the same fermenting process. How about organic fertilizers that is safe for the environment?

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Posted in: Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP users See in context

What about Vista? Microsoft talks about XP, Windows 7 and 8, but they have forgotten about Little orphan Anne (VISTA), will there be no fix for me. How many users use VISTA; there must be one or two?

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Posted in: U.S. to relinquish key oversight role for Internet See in context

The spying on US citizens have been going on for decades long before Al Qaeda and Asama Bin Laden, although we worked with these same "Freedom Fighters" against the evil Soviet Empire. When the dogs of war ran unleashed they kept dossier files on people in this country during the Eisenhower Administration. In their pursuit of destroying the Soviet Union they aided in the development of the extreme Islamic Right; remember, we called them Freedom Fighters and now we call them terrorists. With all of this the CIA has time to keep files on all of us.

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Posted in: In a driverless future, drivers will do anything they like See in context

Consciousness lags behind the material conditions of society. We are living in an era of change as technology is slowly stripping bare the old conditions of society and bringing forth new realities that could not exist before. As the population of the world slowly approaches the ten billion mark and more and more people, world wide, have the availability of driving, there will be an increase in accidents caused by the misuse of the auto, more air pollution and congestion on highways and city streets. The auto may soon be able to drive itself but will it really end the nightmare of long commutes and traffic congestion in the major metropolitan centers around the world, and at what price will all this luxury come to be priced at? Who will be able to afford this new technology, and who will not be able to afford it?

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Posted in: World Wide Web turns 25 years old See in context

We are entering into a new era of human exploration into solar development; as case in point of the ISS and the eventual settlement of Mars and Luna in the next half century. How will the world wide web evolve as we are not dealing with a single world, but we are dealing with multiply worlds (worlds wide webs)?

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

During World War II when Japan was allied with Hitler and Mussolini, did Japan care about the suffering it inflicted upon others in its war efforts? When its armies invaded other Asian nations in order to expand its Empire, did it think about those who fought to defend their country? The last strong hold of the Hitler was Berlin, do we, also, honor those brave Nazi's who fought gallantly to defend Nazi Germany against the allied forces?

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Posted in: Koizumi backs Hosokawa for Tokyo governor, targeting Abe's nuclear policy See in context

When it comes to "nuclear energy" there is no greater chest thumping that takes place on the world arena. Nuclear means power and there is no greater symbol than nuke power, but with all of its hype all nuclear is just an over hyped steam engine. Uranium does not create energy for all it does is make large quantities of steam that drives a turbine; doing some complex to accomplish a simple task. Global Warming has forever changed the landscape of the and the rising seas will be a testament to this, how will Japan, and other island nations adapt to; this change? Will nuclear by the answer, or will it be its downfall? What will happen when there is another tsunami that took so many lives in Japan, could Japan's nuclear facility withstand another devastation which it has not fully recovered from? Another devastating tsunami will happen; for it is not a matter of if it it just a matter of when.

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Posted in: Personal drones launch in your skies See in context

What of racing drones for professional and amateur enthusiast? I am planning to purchase a drone for my photography and personal pleasures; along with a hexapod for my creepy crawly needs.

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Posted in: Over 1,000 ill as Japan tainted food scandal widens See in context

Food contamination occurs all over the industrialized and non-industrialized nations; which includes the US, too. Could mankind really go back to subsistence farming? I doubt if mankind could go back to the "good old days". The use of pesticides is a world wide problem and in the Gulf of Mexico there are dead zones caused by agriculture run off of. All foods manufactured has traces of pesticides on them; that is why we are told to; rinse fruits and vegetables before eating them.; although plain rinsing with water does not remove residue from foods that we all eat.

Remember. Better living through chemistry.

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki feeds 1,000 homeless in Shinjuku park See in context

Japan is not the only country that is suffering from people without a place of their own, it is a World Wide Thing (WWT) that seems only to be getting worse. With the invention of the Global Economy has come global poverty that has never been seen before. With the Global Enterprises searching for the cheapest labor available and to by-pass environmental laws in the major industrial countries, not only do we get global poverty on a grand scale; we, also, get global pollution on a global scale as well. The homeless in Tokyo should feel comfort that they are part of a world wide population of the disenfranchised. In New York they hand out coats instead of homes to the homeless, for a coat is a good substitute for a home in times when it is below zero.

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Posted in: Review: Reeves comes off bogus in 'Ronin' See in context

One more time with Dances with Wolves (Blue Aliens). There has come a point where there is a total lack of originality in the movie industry, and that there is a desperate need for new script writers. They should force these writers and directors to watch their movies that they are forcing other to endure.

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