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Posted in: No trace of 7 Japanese divers missing off Bali See in context

@ tmarie

I checked the diving company's website and I also think one of the instructors was a man (picture is on the website) but the news keep on saying all of them are women.

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Posted in: No trace of 7 Japanese divers missing off Bali See in context

It is very strange that all seven are missing.

According to the Japanese news, all seven of them including instructors had a lot experience in diving. So I am really curious about what happened.

According to a local Japanese diving shop owner interviewed by the Japanese press, that location is famous for drift diving, and he points out that it is possible that there may have been a miscommunication between the divers and the boat captain for the dive. But still all seven of them?

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Posted in: What do you think about the way Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan? See in context

Another money making scheme. It seems there is some sort of event almost every two months.

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Posted in: Vogt takes first women's gold in ski jump; Takanashi 4th See in context

What I feel is not pressure. But I feel the expectation from a lot of people

Actually, that is pressure.

Thanks for your efforts Takanashi-san. Looking forward to seeing you jump in the coming competitions.

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Posted in: Stocks close 1.62% lower See in context

Sad thing is Nikkei is highly affected by foreign investors' trades which shows that domestic investor demand not strong (or has flattened). No worries though. Once Abe forces the Japan Pension Fund to buy stocks and ask BOJ to print more money, they will rise again.

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Posted in: Under Carlos Ghosn, Nissan has been aggressively forming overseas joint ventures, locating new plants and R&D outside of Japan, to a degree that threatens to dilute and weaken the Japanese stylistic, See in context

Interesting comment from Mr. Harner.

It is really debatable whether with only 20% of production in Japan and majority of the executive positions held by foreigners, Nissan is truly a Japanese company, albeit what the Japanese might think. They already have plans to increase their capacity abroad (especially in Mexico) substantially. They have already been quite global but whether this will impact the quality and image of their products any more than it already does, time will tell.

I, for one, believe that Mr. Ghosn's shine has worn off recently after his wrong bet that electric cars would gain market share quickly and his aggressive project 88 targets. I would be very interested to learn who his successor would be. I highly doubt he/she would be Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan's solar dream shatters as projects fail See in context

Softbank was aggresivly renting people's houses' rooftops for its solar panels. I wonder if that project is succesful..

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Posted in: How religious are Japanese people? See in context

Personally, I am quite happy with the fact that Japan is not under the effect of other main stream religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc...). Those bring nothing but headache. I hope Japan never falls under the sway of such religions.

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Posted in: JAL eyes legal action against gov't over Haneda landing slots See in context

The government punished JAL for not choosing Boeing.

Is it not the other way around? I thought the JAL's decision to purchase Airbus came after the government's decision over Haneda spots. Perhaps it was JAL's response to the Haneda decision.

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Posted in: Japan’s banking industry needs top talent See in context

All the positions listed here require a very high level - if not native level - Japanese skills.

For compliance positions, you almost always have to be Japanese since there is lots of interaction with the Japanese Financial Services Agency. You should also be able to knowledgeable in the local compliance, labor laws, etc... Quite though for a foreigner.

The comment regarding return of operations functions back to Japan may be true for Japanese banks (if it ever happened) but foreign banks / securities companies are still heavily invested in shared service centers in Hong Kong, Singapore and India. I know some headhunters who are seeking for people with Japanese skills in Singapore back offices to serve Japanese clients in Japan. Perhaps language barrier became too much of an issue. However I would not expect a huge influx back. Talent is still much cheaper outside of Japan.

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Posted in: IOC played safe for 2020, committee members say See in context

Honestly speaking, it was very difficult for Turkey to win due to its recent doping scandals and the tremendous amount of spending they had to make on their infrastructure.

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Posted in: 10 simple ways to ruin a Japanese wife’s day See in context

Another item to add to the list: Husband takes control of the money.

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Posted in: Consumer prices rise at fastest pace since late 2008 See in context

Spin doctors.

According to BBC, consumer prices actually fell 0.1 % when rise in fuel prices are taken out (fuel, water, gas - 6.4% increase in July from a year earlier)


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Posted in: 'Barefoot Gen' comic stirs history controversy See in context

@ Chamkun

Nakazawa-San does not have to be a historian. He wrote the manga based on his experiences of the atom bomb and what he has witnessed personally during those times. I think the fact that this manga is unique in describing what actually happened during those times is commendable.

I think it is arguable whether this manga should be accessible to elementary school children considering its graphic nature. But I would also argue it should be available starting from classes where students start learning Japanese history.

As for brainwashing, re-writing history books to exclude what the Imperial Army actually did in WW2 is just another form of it, don't you think?

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Posted in: Gang rape of photojournalist shocks Indian financial city Mumbai See in context

I just cannot get my mind around this. These are the rape news that we hear of. I'm sure there are many others that we don't know about. Not only that, the rapists either do not get caught or get away with light punishments. Is rape part of Indian culture?

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Posted in: Woman found bound at home tied herself up to avoid going to work See in context

I give her points for originality.

Boss : Why were you late? Woman: I was tied up.

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Posted in: Do you think the Japanese government should go ahead with the planned sales tax hikes? See in context

Initially, the rise in the consumption tax would cover the shortfall in the national pensions. Is that still the purpose?

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Posted in: Summer bonuses up by 4.99% among major companies See in context

"bonuses" are simply delayed salary. Not real extra money bonuses. Scrap this stupid system and just include with the monthly salary


Not really. I believe until the financial crisis in 2008, there was a belief in Japan that bonuses were guaranteed and part of your salary. Even in the mortgage loan documents, there is the option to make double payments at bonus times. However it is still technically a bonus and in the firm's discretion. My Japanese wife's department's 2009 average bonus was something like 3 man JPY in 2009, which was practically nothing. But yes, they still got a "bonus".

Firms love to keep these payments as bonuses since it gives them the flexibility to adjust their costs. But still it is money where employees do not know how much they will get until they see it in their bank accounts. And you cannot make a budget or plan big cash outflows when you do not know how much money you will get.

If Japanese firms are really serious about supporting the Japanese economy, they really need to increase the wages substantially and need to hire more permanent employees. Until then "bonuses increased by xx%" news really do not mean much.

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Posted in: Long wait See in context

Go somewhere else and come back when there is no or less line.

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Posted in: Summer bonuses up by 4.99% among major companies See in context

If the aim is to keep an increased and sustained consumption level, then not bonuses but salaries have to increase.

There is a big difference between getting an increased salary every month rather than waiting for a periodic bonus, which - being a bonus - may fluctuate depending on the performance of the company and is not guaranteed to be paid as many have found out in the financial crisis.

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Posted in: Nippon Life Insurance to provide childcare leave to all male employees See in context

Good initiative but a week may not be enough. The burden is still on the mother.

Perhaps a good way to share the burden and also help the work force is to give 2 years of child leave to be shared between both parents e.g. the woman can take a year off and then replaced by her husband. This can also help keep the woman in workforce as well.

I also keep wondering while companies of a certain size do not have any in-house childcare facility. I guess it is because of the cost and the red tape in Japan.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ fined $250 mil in U.S. for illegal transfers to Iran, Sudan See in context

BTMU employees routinely removed information from wire transfer messages that could have identified the government and business entities involved as targets of sanctions, the department said.

That sounds like obstruction of justice to me. I wonder if anyone went to jail for doing this. As far as I am concerned monetary penalties have become a cost of doing business and are easily reflected to customers and shareholders. I do not believe they are deterrents.

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Posted in: Stocks close 2.80% higher as yen further weakens See in context

The yen hit its lowest level in nearly four years against the dollar in Asia on Monday as traders continue to sell the unit following the Bank of Japan’s sweeping monetary easing announcement last week

Someone care to explain this to me? If the traders are selling JPY, who is buying the stocks? You need JPY to buy Japanese stocks. Are purchases done by domestic investors who already have the cash and do not need to convert into JPY?

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Posted in: Sharp to suspend tie-up talks with Hon Hai, reports say See in context

It is a shame that a company like Sharp came to this. I really hope it pulls through. But if there is no viable plan to salvage the situation, then perhaps it is better to let it die instead of losing more money on a zombie.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to spend Y10 tril on public works in 15 months See in context

Time for growth seems to be over. Maybe it is time for Japan to get used to the ideas that being stable or shrinking in a self-sustainable way are not actually bad things.

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Posted in: A Chinese perspective: Some surprising cultural differences upon coming to Japan See in context

Hopefully those Chinese traveling and living abroad will take some of the good things they see in other countries back home.

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Posted in: Sperm donor offspring call for privacy law changes See in context

Being a father is not just about providing the sperm but being there to raise and mentor a child as he/she grows. Thus Kato-san's real father is the one who raised him and not the one who is the provider.

To add to this, what is he going to do if he know who the donor is? Knock on his door and say that he is his son and expect that the guy will take him in? That also is not fair for the donor. Perhaps the donor would also like to be anonymous.

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Posted in: More Japanese choosing fertilizer as burial option See in context

Just out of curiosity -

Are there any cemeteries in Japan where the body can get buried instead of getting cremated? There are quite a number of foreigners living in Japan and consider it as their home. Not all of them may want to get cremated when they pass away.

The article also mentions vast majority of people get cremated which - to me - implies that some people actually get buried.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' second most-viewed YouTube video after Justin Bieber See in context

What is this aggressive marketing campaign about this worthless song? Franky, we could do without one less stupid "artist" around. There are so many already.

Hey JT! What is the agenda here? Are you officially supporting this guy?

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Posted in: Amazon to launch Japanese-language Kindle See in context

@ Lowly

I am not sure. Perhaps you would like to send it back and give it yourself some more time to think about it? I agree that it does not make sense to have two devices.

I currently have a US Kindle (not Fire - simple version). I was thinking of buying a Japanese Kindle Paperwhite since I am studying Japanese but I think I will hold back a bit. I got a bit of a different concern about what will happen once I merge my US and Japan accounts. Can I still shop from the US Amazon with US prices or will I be forced to shop with JPY equivalent prices. Or it will have no effect at all? I will search some more.

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