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The Kindle app for iPhone now has a Japanese/English dictionary function built-in, apparently, but I haven't seen any information about whether one is included in the software for the Japanese Kindle itself...

Thanks for the reply Stephen. I checked the for Paperwhite and they actually said that it will have a Japanese/Japanese and Japanese/English dictionary. FYI

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Does the J-Kindle have a good, built-in dictionary?

I currently have a US Kindle. Although I do not use its dictionary that often, there are times it is quite handy. Since I am still learning Japanese, a dictionary would be quite useful in this case.

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Posted in: Fighters manager says $112 mil too low for Darvish See in context

It is a mystery to me why people are protesting about compensation in finance and not about the compensation in sports. These salary levels are absurd. And these numbers do not even include endorsements. If $112 million is too low, how much is enough?

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Posted in: Difficulty in becoming accustomed to living in temporary shelters is causing sleeping disorders as well as a loss of purpose in survivors who have become unemployed. See in context

Very difficult situation. For those who are young and physically able, the best solution could be to leave and go somewhere else to start up a new life. However for those who are not young or retired, it is very very tough. Good luck to them all.

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Posted in: Japan says U.S. reforms could force its banks out of Wall Street See in context

So Japanese government is worried they will not be able to sell their bonds anymore? Well, maybe it is about time they did something with that debt.

Also I am a bit confused about this line in the article.

...and could lead to the exit from Tokyo of Japanese subsidiaries of U.S. banks...

So the risk Japan is worried about is Japanese subsidiaries of foreign banks leaving Tokyo - not the other way around as the title implies?

There is another sentence which also says

Some of the Japanese banks might be forced to cease or dramatically reduce their U.S. operations.

But I am not sure if they are too worried about that.

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The value of the gross assets included in the sale was approximately $2.7 billion at 31 October 2011

It says that HSBC sold the unit for $ 2.7 million. But the above sentence indicates that the gross assets are worth that much. It does not make much sense that Credit Suisse paid full price for the gross assets. I am sure this business had liabilities.

I do not think they disclosed the sales price..

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Posted in: Philip Morris sues Australian gov't over cigarette pack law See in context

Actually I support the Australian government on this. Adults may decide what is good or bad for their health but the major effect of this will be to prevent youngsters to get started and hooked up and that in itself is a great thing.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers wary of Japan joining TPP pact See in context

They may join but still keep the barriers up by working around the rules.

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Posted in: Nozomi Sasaki's beauty secret - living without stress See in context

I also tell my wife, every single day, she's the most beautiful flower in the garden!!!

So there are other flowers?

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Posted in: Thai flooding halts car production by all 9 Japanese automakers See in context

@ Spidapig

It is not about where you are, it is about being prepared. Underdeveloped countries have more problems with their infrastructure than developed ones. Japan has constant earthquakes, but they are also prepared against them.

I do not believe natural disasters were high up in companies' forecasts when they were relocating their production, though that might change soon.

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Posted in: Sumo stablemaster warned for beating wrestlers with golf club See in context

He is just warned? Life is cheap I guess..

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Posted in: Business people, when they make a decision about where to source a new project or where to source new parts or where to source a new car, well, at 76 yen to the dollar it’s very easy to come to the co See in context

And could Mr.Ghosn suggest how the government can do that?

Is he suggesting that the government should keep printing money, sell Yen but risk inflation? Or maybe he has some other suggestions. It would be grateful if he could share it with us instead of just complaining about it.

It is very tiring to see all these people talking crap about the high Yen and the J-Government but not suggesting any solutions.

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Posted in: Olympus shares plunge 24% following British CEO's ouster See in context


Yes, the purchases have been made between 2006-08. But I do not know how much Woodford knew or he did not know or what kind of person he is. It seems that you have some inside information regarding Woodford's character and his responsibilites in the firm.

In any case, it is not much relevant. I would also sell Olympus shares even if these details did not make it to the news. Hiring nad firing CEOs is not a child's play and indicates serious governance issues.

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Posted in: Olympus shares plunge 24% following British CEO's ouster See in context

For those who are interested in details. From Wall Street Journal

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Posted in: Olympus shares plunge 24% following British CEO's ouster See in context

Actually there are more details in the press. Michael Woodford was investigating payments made to a shady financial advisory firm for purchases of Companies made by Olympus. Apparently substantial amount of payments were made and then the financial advisory company disappeared into thin air.

The Board did not give him a proper reply regarding the money. He wrote a letter asking the board members to resign. Then got fired.

It is no wonder the investors are selling off the stock.

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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book, movie or TV superhero? See in context

Jesse Custer from Preacher series, John Constantine, Batman from Alan Moore's "Dark Knight Returns", Neil Gaiman's Sandman

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

Are the rights to iPhone 5 up for grabs as well? i.e. is Softbank's exclusive hold on iPhone distribution over?

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Posted in: Mixi spokesman gives views on Facebook, Twitter & social media in Japan See in context

Re: Privacy

I think the fact that you can use aliases in Mixi goes a long way. I still have my real life friends on my friend's list, but I do not want to publish my every detail on the internet for the world to see.

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Posted in: Mixi spokesman gives views on Facebook, Twitter & social media in Japan See in context

I like Mixi's privacy. I prefer Mixi over FB anytime.

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Posted in: What is the best way to help rejuvenate the economy in Fukushima Prefecture, considering that many people are reluctant to buy produce from the area due to radiation fears? See in context

I do not believe economy should be priority. First thing that needs to be done is to prove that there will be no health risk in living in Fukushima. If the radiation levels are harmful - considering the long-term effects as well - then what is the point of encouraging growth in a region which will harm its population?

First the people, then the economy.

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Posted in: For two, almost three, generations Japanese agriculture has been essentially 'socialized,' that is, sucked into the maw of the bureaucratic, administrative state. Japanese farmers think and act like g See in context

I am not exactly sure what the comment is referring to. Normal subsidies or specific hand-outs?

Governments usually set base prices for agricultural produce so that if the farmers cannot sell their good in the market, government buys them. This is to support agriculture which is an extremely vital sector in every country although many people seem to forget it. Sometimes these "base" prices, which can be affected by political decisions, can be set too high so that it is better for the farmers to sell their goods directly to the government rather than in the market. Governments are usually (or should be) very active in price control in agriculture since this sector cannot be left to predatory pricing or extreme market fluctuations.

But the point is, this is not specific to Japan. There are many other countries in the world who follow the same practice.

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Posted in: If hospitals force out 70,000 patients immediately, we must be ready for several thousand of them to be homeless on the street. See in context

Cost-cutting measure for J-government. But I am not sure if it will work after encouraging psychiatric hospitalization for all these years.

The original article is below for those who want to read the details.

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Posted in: Can Yahoo's luster be restored? See in context

Yahoo should have accepted Microsoft's offer when they had the chance. The problem with Ali Baba did not help them as well. Shame but I do not see them getting on their feet anytime soon. Too many competitors out there.

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According to this article in Bloomberg, Sony is counting on its contents to have an edge over their competitors. Let's wait and see.

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I am not sure what Sony is counting on to get a decent market share.

If they are thinking people will rush to their products just because they are "Sony", then I am afraid they are delusional. My father's generation maybe would but the curreny generation is aware that it does not have an edge over their competitors.

They may achieve some sales because Japan is their homeground but I highly doubt they can significantly dent their competitors' market shares.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate climbs to 4.7% in July See in context

@ cleo

You got the food expense spot on it seems.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate climbs to 4.7% in July See in context

If anyone wants details on the spending and incomes, they can refer here. It also says that the average monthly income per household is 572,662 JPY

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Posted in: Bolt is human; his sport's rules are not See in context


There was abuse then as well. Some racers were using that extra chance to put psychological pressure on their opponents. Ironically, this one-chance rule was put in place to eliminate that and protect people like Bolt.

I would not support a change in the rule. I think it is nice to see even the most professional athletes can make mistakes. I enjoyed the race even if Bolt was not there.

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Posted in: After the earthquake, there's been a prevalent feeling among people that you can make do with replacements... It doesn't have to be beef curry, it could be pork, or chicken, or the beef could come fro See in context

Well, let's wait until the rice gets contaminated. Then we can see if Japanese think of a substitute or not..

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