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Posted in: China, pandemic, energy top Japan's leadership race debate See in context

Underground compact fusion reactors?

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Posted in: Man arrested after urinating in drink bottle of woman coworker because 'he liked her' See in context

It never occurred to him to just ask her out on a date?

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Posted in: Kishida to run against Suga in LDP leadership race See in context

Kono got the shaft?

Kono put his own head in a noose by agreeing to become the vaccine Czar.

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Posted in: Drug recovery facility in Kyoto arouses mixed reactions from local community See in context

I agree with zichi. People who are making sincere efforts to work on their problems should be offered support.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of junior high school girl in park toilet See in context

What a gross guy.

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Posted in: Japanese companies opening vaccination sites amid slow national rollout See in context

Private sector to the rescue! I love capitalism!

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Posted in: Foreign business chambers urge Japan to speed up vaccine rollout See in context

Some JT posters like to slag off "the West" at every opportunity but, mark my words, the West is going to emerge from this pandemic long before Japan does. Western countries have been much more effective at getting their people vaccinated - my friend in California got his injections at his local supermarket. That's a far cry from Japan which has a vaccination program moving forward at the speed of a tectonic plate.

The West is the Best! LOL. Back to you.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after asking police for advice on how to deal with smell of son’s corpse See in context

Truth is stranger than fiction.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing deer with hatchet in Nara See in context

It sounds like he needs help with both his drinking and controlling his anger. Maybe the court should have ordered him to seek treatment in addition to the suspended sentence.

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested for spitting on woman’s face See in context

Maybe not a danger to society, but definitely a jackass.

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Posted in: 1.4 bil but no more? China's population growth closer to zero See in context

China's retirement age is 55!? Wow. That's, uh, pretty cool. Maybe I'll get a job there when I'm 54.

Just don't breathe the air or drink the water and you'll be fine.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

"If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through."

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Posted in: Girl's death in Hokkaido prompts probe into alleged bullying See in context

Bullying often goes unnoticed at Japanese schools...

Unnoticed? Or ignored?

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

Dirty 'ol man + gold-digging young woman = a match made in Heaven!

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Posted in: As tech faces a reckoning, what you do offline can get you banned See in context

These tech companies really need to have their wings clipped.

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Posted in: Beijing cozies up to Russia, Iran to fracture U.S.-led 'clique' See in context

The Biden administration doesn't have to do anything. The Chinese government's bad behaviour is already more than enough.

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Posted in: China's Xi calls for fairer world order as rivalry with U.S. deepens See in context

"Xi the Justice Warrior!"

Too funny!

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

Sometimes the worst advice you can give to someone is "Just be yourself."

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Posted in: Restaurant chain operator sues Tokyo gov't over COVID opening hour restrictions See in context

What a great publicity stunt from Global Dining! A masterstroke!

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Posted in: Man arrested for sending 37 death threats to Square Enix because he couldn’t win at a game See in context

I think it's safe to say he's a loser at more than just video games.

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Posted in: The good, the bad, and the ugly of half-price stickers at Japanese supermarkets See in context

The store manager needs to get involved and ban the troublemakers. You can't reward bad behaviour and then expect it to change.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

They could control their "urges" no more!

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Posted in: Trump's presidency not just a blip in U.S. foreign policy See in context

That's a great picture. It looks like Biden has a halo!

C'mon, man! Support Biden!

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Posted in: OPEC+ meeting to decide production levels See in context

They should cut production. Hopefully the resulting price increase will encourage people to be less wasteful and more energy-efficient. That would be better for the environment and the climate.

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Posted in: Scientists focus on bats for clues to prevent next pandemic See in context

Bats aren't bugs!!

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Posted in: Country singer Charley Pride dead from coronavirus at 86 See in context

More bad news. I hope 2021 will be a better year.

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Posted in: Indy's last crusade? Harrison Ford to reprise iconic role See in context

Indiana Jones & the Enchanted Adult Diapers

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Posted in: UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use; 1st in the world See in context

I'm a Pfizer shareholder and I approve this message!

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Posted in: Mother arrested for drowning her 2 children in bathtub See in context

Why don’t family or friends spot the signs of depression earlier and offer help?

I agree with you but that's easier said than done because some people hide their depression very well.

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Posted in: Man wounded in gang shooting outside Nagano ramen restaurant See in context

Yak Lives Matter will be out in force over this!

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