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Pay cut is meaningless,

Instead, Pay back the people you robbed with penalties.

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"but got life in an awful racist Japanese prison for lifers."

Still, it would be 5 stars hotel compared to prison in the Philippines.

He should be sent back to his home country with an according sentence over there.

Local Tax money to feed foreigner criminals ? When will people wake up ?

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My prayers go to this girl and her recovery.

I recently moved next to Niiza and immediately revised my driving habits which avoided me the following:

-2yrs old boy crossing the street escaping his mom attention

-Teenagers on a bike ignoring lights and crossing an intersection in front of me while I was turning

-Other "close to drama" situations

Driving is about adaptation. But there are environments that make it more difficult like Niiza / Asaka / Shiki (South).

The streets are poorly designed (90degrees angle turns), traffic regulation are bad (many streets should be one-way only but aren't) and some simply lack of lighting. Schools there are in profusion and streets are as narrow as in dense area like Nakano (Tokyo). We don't know much about the circumstances, but for sure I would go easy on the driver without more information.

To me, local administration bears its share of responsibility by not ensuring a proper traffic signalization / optimization in these areas.

I mean, don't look much further "at a three-way junction with no traffic lights".

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