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Posted in: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter isolate people from reality, according to some sociologists. Do you agree? See in context

what are social skills if you can't type an email?

Are you having a laugh? If you have social skills, it's not difficult to use it in it's written form. Where as having perfect email etiquette does not always convert to face-to-face interaction.

old farts

Proper old farts would know how to write letters... which would traslate quite easily to emails... it may however, take extra time to be typed out, as they will possibly use the "hunt and press" type typing technique...

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Posted in: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter isolate people from reality, according to some sociologists. Do you agree? See in context

Interacting on the internet is not socialising... Kids these days have no social skills because they do not learn these important life skills using the internet.

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Posted in: Prices going up See in context

pfft. Prices in Japan is not expensive. When I was growing up in tokyo 20 years ago, it was around 110yen. It's now 25-30% more. At least Japan gets like a 96 Octane fuel as standard. In Australia, 20 years ago, it was 45-50cents a liter and now, it's $1.40. That is a price rise! And it's only 91 OCtane as standard. 95 or 98 Octane stuff is like $1.60.

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Posted in: Japan protests over Chinese chopper that neared warship See in context

China is now getting a bit cocky because they have superior economic powers?

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Posted in: Scotch Brite dry sheet See in context

LOL 'Subtle'...

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Posted in: For many Japanese, laid-back overseas vacations a one-way ticket to nowhere See in context

I don't remember any pot head blowing up buildings or starting wars in the name of the hemp

You may not, but "assassins" derives a name from 'hashish eater'... No, they did not fight in the name of hemp, but they did fight for power and money, and the mind control was done utilising canibis. another story...

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Posted in: Ebisu Muscats form 'sexpendables' to promote Stallone movie See in context

Only in Japan can porn stars be used to promote a big-ticket Hollywood movie.

Funny that, considering Stallone started off his career as a porn star.

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Posted in: What’s really at stake in Japan’s revised pornography laws? See in context

Maybe this is a source of income for Yakuza groups.

It is...

Just disgusting.

Sex industry is the oldest industry in the world. Let's face it. Everyone has sex and everyone has libido... unless in very special cases.

As for porn on trains, may be there should be some discretion. But "anime" and "manga" are art. Like modern day "Ukiyoe". Besides, what is legal in one country is not in another. The legal system is based on the moral judgement of the masses. It should be up to the voting member of the country to decide. Not some foreigner with no cultural understanding to say what is wrong and should be illegalised.

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Posted in: What do you think of school uniforms in Japan? See in context

Back in the days, things like these actually did instill some solidarity amongst the students. Now days, with the over protective ways that Japan has been infected with (from the Western world of crazy political correctness gone wrong), it doesn't really matter. Kids are going to grow up being little brats anyway.

And the Randoseru is selling for 9800yens. That is TRUE despite the fact that some schools may not allow the use of them. There is no disputing the fact that it is. I'm sure even if the school specified shops, they would not expel your kids from the school for having a wrong one... What if you were a "tenkousei"? Expect you to buy a new one?

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Posted in: Senior Chiba police officer arrested for indecent exposure on train See in context

I have no memory of this... i.e. "Kioku ni gozaimasen" has been a very old trying to get out of jail free card used by politicians for years...

I prefer police doing silly things like this than going around beating people senseless like they do here in Australia and many other parts of the world. The bad thing about excessive use of force by police is, they never get done for it.

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Posted in: Man's body discovered in toilet following apartment fire See in context

He was in the bathroom with a electric cooking stove? That is mysterious...

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Posted in: Buddhist crossing See in context

It's a bit like the Abbey Road thing by the Beatles :)

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Posted in: How to not make a fool of yourself at a Japanese wedding See in context

Most Japanese weddings are a rather extravagant affair. The money envelope is to cover the costs... 20,000 yen is about going rate, 30,000 if you want to show a bit of extra respect, more if you really think highly of the person. What? That's about equivalent of $200 US for a going rate? not all that much for a fancy dinner and a bottomless bar. After all, you are there to celebrate someone's wedding. It's not like you are pissing it up against the wall. Anyway, I can sympathise that the author of this has been a little embarrassed, but trust me, you can get away with it because you are a foreigner. They will give you a lot more leniency for not knowing. Too bad if it was me. I'm a Japanese grown up in foreign soils. If I did something wrong, people would judge me so harshly.

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Posted in: Smartphones foster dumb habits among pedestrians See in context

It's like that lady on the youtube video who fell in a shopping mall fountain because she was texting. It's her own fault. But too bad if one steps out in front of a car and some innocent person is charged and jailed for manslaughter...

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Posted in: Robots: The future of Japan? Maybe not See in context

I am not buying one until I can get my personal Astro boy or "tetsuwan Atomu"!

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Posted in: 81-year-old man foils telephone fraud attempt See in context

Preying on the elderly is one of the worst crimes of all. Yay! for sticking it to them!

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Posted in: WikiLeaks: Espionage? Journalism? Something else? See in context

If wikileaks can get a hold of these info, I'm sure it's not that hard for a terrorist organisation to access them either. If the states want to keep a hold of their secrets, put more emphasis on security. don't blame wikileaks for exposing what they have been able to access.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for using spray on bus passengers in Chiba See in context

These are the rules in Japan... No phone conversation on public transport. Just obey it.

They are trying a "quiet carriage" in Brisbane, Australia at the moment. Which is one carriage in every train is designated "quiet", where you are not supposed to talk loud on the phone, talk loud in general or listen to loud music. It is not exactly policed, but the idea is starting to infiltrate. I prefer these trains because I don't have to listen to some idiot talking about their sexual exploits or have to listen to some crap music in a really tinny sound.

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Posted in: Plum liqueur with blend of lemon and ginger See in context

My mum used to make it every year when I was little. It matures nicely upon storage. I have some 30yo vintage now. very nice. The Ume is called Ao-ume (blue plums). If you pickle it in salt and dry it in the sun, it becomes ume-boshi. Preserve it in sugar and white liquor and it becomes Ume-shu. you can do the same thing (preserving in sugar and alcohol) with virtually any fruits. You can use sho-chuu or vodka if you like, but it will have to have higher alcohol percentage than 30% for it to work well. I prefer to use 40% or more, because it will sterilise, nullifying the need to sterilise the jar.

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Posted in: Fridge gives food longer life See in context

"Fridge gives food longer life compared to other fridges".

I know. I was just taking the piss.

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Posted in: Fridge gives food longer life See in context

Most fridges I know will give food longer life than if it was left outside. I thought that was the basic function of fridges :S

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Posted in: What makes Japanese women say, 'I never want to see that jerk again!' See in context

I'm a Japanese guy living in Australia... I think Aussie girls are the same as the guys mentioned above in a lot of sense. Except for some, of course.

1. He’s always bragging about what car he drives or what school he graduated from.

They are always going on about shoes and dresses they bought from some high fashion place... Channel, Versace, Prada, Louis Vitton etc... or some exclusive clubs or restaurant they hang out at. Who cares?

2. He acts superior and critical of others and makes comments like, “That guy is completely useless.”

The girls are often talking about other girls commenting things like "she has no fashion sense" or "she's a b#tch" etc

6. He tells pointless stories that make you think, “So what?”

I have that with a lot of the girls I hang out with.

There are probably more, but I can't be bothered listing them all...

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Posted in: Japan looking to sell 'smart' cities to the world See in context

"Global warming" has been proven to be a hoax.

Where do you come up with a statement like that?

Global warming is not a hoax... Earth's average surface temperature has been rising consistently for the last 45years or so. Global warming is not a hoax. It is purely the cause of the rise that is in question, and no one can prove.

was tried in Australia already in the late 1980's

I think the level of intricacy involved is a little further ahead in this project than the one in Australia.

the government monitors your power usage

It is not the government providing you with power. It is the electricity company.

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Posted in: Domino's Pizza launches English website See in context

There's a Pizza Hut that will deliver to the house 10 meters to the right of mine, but not to me because my post code is different.

You'd have to draw a line somewhere... If someone kept going "you deliver to the house 10m away, why not me??", one store will have to deliver to the whole nation. Surely you would have thought of this already? At least post code is an already established system that is clear cut and consistent.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's tourists are the least well-behaved whenever you have seen them out and about? See in context

Australians and Americans. Islaeri and Germans are bad in SE Asia as well...

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly molesting schoolgirl in Saitama See in context

yeah, TV invented molestation and rape.

Of course it did. There were no rape and molestation before 1930s. When the TV became widely available.

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Posted in: Do you think a man holding a door open for a woman, holding her chair for her when she sits down, or giving up his seat for her are outmoded gestures of politeness or do they still have their place in See in context

I hold the door for both men and women. It's just good manners. What the hell is wrong with American society? You can't file a sexual harrasment charge for that??

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Posted in: FIFA praises Japan's 2022 World Cup bid See in context

Samsung being the number one electronics company in the world right now

Most revenue. Yes. Revenue equal No.1? probably not.

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Posted in: Michael Owen premium watches See in context

Obviously has potential, comes prematurely then breaks down over and over until it disappears from everyone's radar. It's probably a bad investment option for all owners.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune gets suspended prison term See in context

The reason why anti whaling becomes anti Japanese is because of the close traditional ties with the culture and whaling. There are a variety of arts and crafts (which I suspect you guys would never have even heard of) that stems from whale parts, which would die out if no whaling is to be done.

Also, in most nations, traditional hunting is accepted outside of banned hunting (aboriginal australians hunting dugongs, turtles etc, eskimos hunting seals and other examples around the world), but when it comes to whaling, even a negotiation for legalising reduced quota for any purpose is not an option. I am yet to fully understand the reasons of keeping the status quo myself, but...

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