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Posted in: 2 Japanese, American researchers share chemistry Nobel Prize See in context

What happened to the people who said Asians aren't creative in science, and pointed towards the lack of Nobels as proof?

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In reality, the US system also seems to be very against foreigners as well. The mom in this case does not seem to be a druggie or an abuser of her children, in normal cases, in most western countries, the mother would be given custody. Why then did the mother lose custody, in the US, to her American ex-husband? Probably because he was American and she was not. I can see how Japan is wrong in this case, and the US is indeed better because they do allow visitation rights to the Japanese mother (hence how she got the chance to abduct them), but how much better is the US system?

This whole child custody thing is very unfortunate, but in reality it is a zero sum game. "Families" aren't torn apart. They already are broken. In these cases, when it comes to the children, they almost always lose. The only winners, assuming both parents are decent people who want their children in their lives, are the ones who get custody. If the father gets custody, the father wins, and the mother will lose her children. If the mother gets custody, the father loses, and loses out on being part of their lives. This is the same thing here. Don't lie to yourself that there are no women in the US who try to prevent their husbands from visiting their children, because there are. It's just to ex-couples who live on different continents the separation is much more apparent.

It's very unfortunate, but the only real win is shared custody, and across oceans, this is hard to do.

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Posted in: Kawasaki Heavy to develop high-speed train See in context

Japan is actually a world leader in maglev trains. But like many have already mentioned, it is simply not economically viable at the moment. The only reason why Shanghai even has it is because China wants to prove they can have one (kinda like how they wanted to show the world how they can host the best Olympics ever wasting over 40 billion). Fortunately, the rest of the world operates on economic principles and actually make sense and further development on maglev is underway before implementation. In 2003 Central Japan Railway Co achieved 581 km/hr (361 mph) with the maglev. So really, they don't really have to "get into maglev like the Germans," they were one of the pioneering countries along with the Germans. Technology is there, it just costs too much.

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