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Like the poster above mentioned, I don't understand how it could've already been going 280 km/hr. if it had just left the station.

I guess reading comprehension class is in session again.

The Tokyo-bound Hayabusa No. 46 train screeched to an emergency stop in a tunnel at 10:15 a.m. after leaving Sendai station in Miyagi Prefecture at 10:07 a.m.

The train had been running for 9 minutes already before stopping. That's why it was going 280km/hr already.

A bullet train hurtling along at 280 kilometers per hour ran for 40 seconds with one of its doors completely open on Wednesday, its operator said.

In other words, the train took 40 seconds to stop once the door being open was detected.

This is exactly what happened.

The door had been unlocked (via the "door cock" above the door) by the cleaner. He never actually opened the door in question, so he forgot to lock again it before leaving.

Once the train got up to speed, the vibrations eventually caused the door to open, and that is when the alert appeared.

E7 series trains can detect when a "door cock" has not been closed prior to departure; however, this was an E5 series train, and it was not equipped with such a system. I guess they will be retrofitted following this incident.

Thank you for actually explaining it. You beat me to it.

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what’s still surprising is that all major politicians, PM included, are also big on Yakuza’s payroll. Otherwise the Japanese Mafia would have been eradicated decades ago.

And your proof for this is? You clearly don't know much about the Yakuza if you think that's how things came to be. Japanese police realized that it's better to have a group that can control the petty thieves and stop foreign crime syndicates influence than not. Its a mutual toleration. Try and wipe out the Yakuza and watch the triads gallantly stride into Japan. The only people who can control criminals are criminals. The Yakuza provides this balance and the police leave them alone. That is, until it becomes something that affects normal citizens.

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This is just too complex to have a lot of vehicles flying around at low altitude without dramatic outcomes. The infrastructure and its associated technology needed to do that are just not there, and what we have now is just primitive. I mean getting to have autonomous vehicles moving on a 2D plane is turning to be already a nightmare to get right, let alone by adding a third dimension.

On bright side, if this was ever to become common place, going to work would be a whole new thrill! That would sure be dramatic, not knowing if you'll actually arrive, or crash into the ground in a burning mess. Oh the joys

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After 10 ,20 years of build up, cost overruns it turns out that for just one is millions of dollars and just last week (Department of defence) the Pentagon admitted spare parts are a problem as they haven't created a supply chain that can service theses aircraft. So if you buy one its fly time is severely limited. They admitted that a fleet of these is likely to be grounded 90% of the time due to servicing.

Unfortunate too, Japan had a promising start with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries X-2... Shame that they caved to a product with well known faults all around..

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

Ah yes... again very typically Korean. Instead of actually putting forward any constructive effort to fix the faults that Japan claims SK has with regards to trust and the white list, SK resorts to threatening the bi-lateral security agreement. That's really going to make the whole thing better.

They really can't seem to get it through their heads... they aren't entitled to that White list, addressing the reasons that they are being removed, instead of wasting Japan's time again, and perhaps this whole thing would get resolved... At least it would put a pause on the whole process..

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I figured this when she sacked her coach. That relationship was a little more than average coach/player relationship. For which I don't know, but it clearly wasn't a mutual feeling. That awkwardness leads to getting rid of the issue. Probably was the correct move, but getting over that is difficult, couple with not winning a lot etc and this happens. Tennis, as much as golf, is a very mental game and if you're out of it, you won't win. Unfortunately, Osaka seems to be the type that is weak mentally. Quick to blame herself etc etc.. I said it before, but I honestly think winning the U.S Open was a fluke caused by a perfect storm of things. Until she gets the mental aspect down, she won't be #1 again anytime soon.

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The addition of the war criminals was deliberate. It was callous and completely uncalled for. The situation is delicate given one's beliefs. However, private visits should be encouraged over wild spectacles that are clearly designed to feed the minority racists.

As much as I usually disagree with your points regarding Japan - SK relations. This is something I completely agree with. You're absolutely correct in stating they were added deliberately. However, that's slightly redundant now. They can't be removed due to the common interpretation of Shintoism by the current clergy. No use in beating a dead horse.

I also agree that private visits should be encouraged, however the prime minister and other high levels of office holders still have an individual right to visit the Shrine and pay respects. Due to their importance though, they're always going to be followed by cameras, which is ultimately what makes it a spectacle. People interpret things in ways that fit their beliefs. The right wingers are going to see these visits as support for their cause, and the people who want to continue hating on Japan over this are going to see it as supporting the return to imperialism. Then there are the people who see it for what it is, a religious practice that is as much a personal thing as is going to the bathroom.

There are going to be Japanese Prime Ministers who avoid going there. Then there will be ones that go there out of religious views and respect. I hardly think it's a simple matter though and the morality of it likely weighs on their minds. There isn't any win-win here. It's all a catch 22 with regards to Yasukuni, the sooner people understand that, the better.

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You could not be more wrong. Germany apologized sincerely and that is the difference. Here in Japan an apology is followed by bringing flowers to yasukuni shrine to honor the war criminals...

The only reason that Germany's apology is considered sincere is because the people they were apologizing to accepted it. Sincerity of an apology is unfortunately decided by the person being apologized too and SK won't accept anything other than Japan groveling at it's knees. They still have yet to put forward an acceptable resolution to this issue, among other things.

The issue with Yasukuni is that it will always be construed as honoring the war criminals. However that completely misses the point of Yasukuni. It "happens" to enshrine a few war criminals from WW2, however the Shrine itself is just a dedication to all the Japanese who have died in battle, regardless of whether they were the good or not, and regardless of what war. There are people enshrined there from the 1868 Boshin War. The Shrine enshrines 2,466,532 men, women, and children and only 14 Class A war criminals. In other words, people are getting bent out of shape because of 0.0006% of the people enshrined there.

Honoring the dead soldiers that weren't involved with atrocities is apparently a bad thing? If not at Yasukuni then where would they do that? You need to read up on how Shintoism works, and how Yasukuni itself is actually structured. Maybe then you would be a bit more understanding. It's regrettable that war criminals are enshrined there, however due to Shinto beliefs that can't be undone.

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And seeing as the SK government has zero integrity and accountability, it is absolutely understandable looking at the bigger picture why the Japanese government has zero interest in settling the war labor issue. It is not because Japan is trying to 'hide' the past or ignore it, it is solely because no matter what Japan does, it will never be enough, the SK government will soon enough negate any treaties or agreements and continue to lie that Japan has 'never' apologized for its past. We've already seen this over and over and over, including the 2015 treaty which was done in good faith by BOTH parties.

Exactly this. Before anyone brings up the whole way Germany apologized and everything to attempt to support the SK position on this. Apologizing only works if the people being apologized too are willing to forgive. Otherwise you may as well be yelling into sand. SK, at least the government and a few right wing nutcases, seem to be intent on prolonging this whole thing as long as possible. It suits their rhetoric and is a useful political tool. It's a shame to be honest.

My co-worker, who used to work in Korea; now working in Japan, and I had a conversation about this. He made an interesting observation: SK is like what I imagine Japan was 50 years ago. That says a lot.

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Why is cost an issue when the streaming sites are free? I don't understand why copyright is a problem either: surely the networks own the rights to their own programmes?

From someone who has worked in the industry here in Japan. Most programs aren't actually made by the companies who broadcast them. A lot of the variety television shows are produced, staffed, edited by 3rd party companies/studios who then sell them to the broadcasters. Of course there are a lot of shows that are produced in house. But most of them aren't. As such, the licensing becomes a bit more convoluted.

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Posted in: 70-year-old driver arrested after running over man on crossing See in context

Obtaining a Japanese driving licence is much like Japanese high school education. They spend many hours in intensive study to pass a test, but don't actually 'learn' anything.

Interesting take on this. Have you actually ever been to a driving school in Japan? This man is 70 years old. Don't even try to suggest that the road laws when he first got his license were even remotely similar to how they are now. American people in the same age group have the same issues. Drive like maniacs, completely and utter unawareness. This isn't just a Japanese problem man.

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What's not recoverable are 35 lives. Who's going to take responsibility for the building's nonexistent fire safety measures and pay compensation to the victims' families?

Its been mentioned many many times already, but the building was up to code and was highly regarded as quite safe. Fire safety measures are made to combat accidental fires, not incendiary bombs... Nothing short of automatic fire compartmentalization of the building would've saved those people. A sprinkler system would also have done zilch in these circumstances. A supposed 60 seconds before thick, noxious gasoline-fire smoke filled the entirety of the building.

So to answer your question:

The building has sufficient fire safety measures in place.

The accused will be the one to pay compensation to the victims' families

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That's just it, there's no right for South korea to be on that list. It was a gesture of goodwill from Japan, in conjunction with monetary compensation and loans etc provided to the SK government.

That Japan has removed South Korea from the list as a reult of South Korean government abuse of the relationship to the point of lunacy; in South Korea's eyes it is tantamount to the worst of all public disrespect Japan could do to South Korea, for these reasons: ....

Very brilliantly put. So many people seem to miss these points...

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Aegis Ashore doesn't work without an early warning. The GSOMIA was the mechanism that provided that early warning necessary to operate the Aegis Ashore.

Once again, you're incorrect. The Aegis system doesn't work without an early warning. The Aegis Ashore system is a version of the Aegis system that includes highly advanced radar systems providing a packaged system of sorts. GSOMIA while still a good idea to have, isn't required to Aegis Ashore to operate.

Curious why JT allows this kind of crass overgeneralization? Why must language that denigrates a whole nation be accepted? And why do most gaijin on here continue to wear blinders when it comes to Japan and SoKo? It truly baffles the mind. If any other country had shunned responsibility for it's actions during the war, you'd all rightfully condemn it. But not japan. Oh no. Every single time I bring up the need for a German like model of contrition for the very well documented acts against humanity perpetrated by japan, I receive alot of downvotes. How come? Why must japan skirt through unscathed? Why must the supportive gaijin continue to ignore the blatant abuse of power through misinformation and disinformation exemplified by historical revisionism in japan? Seriously, why?

No one I know is ignoring the historical revisionism that happens in Japan. Everyone is painfully aware of it, even the Japanese. The issue with what you're seeing is that in the case of Germany and the Jewish for example, is that there was large groups of people on both sides willing to find an agreement and willing to accept apologies. Korea on the other hand won't settle for anything else than Japan on a silver platter. Also, Japan never shunned responsibility for its actions. It settled fairly and quite significantly with SK in the past. The current SK doesn't want to respect that though, that isn't anything on Japans shoulders..

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Posted in: S Korean cities suspend exchange programs with Japan See in context

How to be a Korean university student:

Step 1: Get a bowl cut

Step 2: Blindly follow the rhetoric of the Korean government that Japan is evil and always will be.

Joking aside though, burning a Japanese flag and blindly protesting Japan without even thinking of the cause as to why this whole thing is happening in the first place is so very Korean, and does absolutely nothing to fix this issue. SK is acting even more like a spoiled brat than usual. Doesn't like being put into a time out I see..

This whole thing has a very easy solution: Grow up, start treating your neighbors respectfully, fix the issues that Japan highlighted in its withdrawal of expedited procedures for these goods, and then maybe stop stoking anti-Japan rhetoric.

It seems to me that a lot of people protesting don't actually understand anything here. Japan isn't blocking sales of these goods to Korea. It's just stopping preferential treatment. Like all the other 75+ countries that want to buy these goods, Korea still can. They just have to submit export requests 3 months earlier than usual. And it's perfectly within the rights of Japan to do this. I don't kick and scream and annoy my friends and than expect them to drive me around for free. Why should Japan have to give Korea a good will gesture if Korea isn't being reciprocal.

That's a shame. I just finished checking a high school girl's essay about visiting S. Korea.

The majority of the people she interacted with probably are very nice people. That being said, still quite young with a slightly naive outlook on life; however rightfully so.

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

The cops wasted hundreds of thousands if not millions of yen, on a raid for marijuana possession. If they were really interested in looking good, they'd go after the sellers and not the end users. It's a pathetic waste of money! 

I see this comment a lot and I don't believe that anyone who says it has any idea of how police investigations work. What money is spent other than the salary of the police officers who would've been paid regardless of whether they were doing this raid or not. It's not like once an investigation is opened it suddenly costs a huge amount of money. They don't hire investigators on an hourly wage when an investigation starts. So tell me please, how is this a waste of money? Beats them doing absolutely nothing and still getting the same amount of money...

Also, how do you think information about the sellers is found? Use your head man.

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Posted in: Air Canada passenger falls asleep on plane, wakes up alone See in context

Quite a few news sites in Canada are raising the suspicion flag on this. Sounds a lot like she hid and is probably trying to get money out of this whole deal. A Quebec to Toronto flight is like 1.5 hours.

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Posted in: Get your fax right: Bungling officials spark nuclear scare after quake See in context

It does make sense to use faxes though. They are a redundant system, meaning the message will still get through in the event of power failure, internet outages etc. Phone systems and fax systems are slightly different and I believe separated networks.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy says limpet mine in Japanese tanker attack bears Iran hallmarks See in context

They also displayed a magnet - one of six apparently used to attach the unexploded limpet mine to the ship's hull. Sailors said it took two of them and a crowbar to pry it off the ship.

Well, the Iranian sailors on that patrol boat must have super-human strength because they managed to remove it pretty damn quickly. This stinks of a lie. The "why we have this evidence? The Iranians were unable to remove it" claim that they are asserting here makes no sense. If this was the case, why are there no "fragments" from the other ship?

I guess they want the world to believe that Iran is the only country capable of creating a limpet mine...well, I guess the U.S. military is a bunch of idiots. Because anyone could build one using google.

Not only that, I highly doubt it would be impossible to get your hands on the exact one that Iran makes. Furthermore we are just going to disregard what the sailors said?

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As I was watching the TV and the announcers were repeatedly urging people to stay away from the ocean and rivers, you could see people driving and even walking around the ports even during the exact times of the expected tsunami.

Just like the Tohoku earthquake 8 years ago, people still haven't learnt their lesson; they ignore warnings and take huge risks of getting swept away.

That's not exactly the case, most people in and around the ports are fishermen. When a tsunami advisory is issued they have to go get their boats out of the harbor. On some channels you could see them preparing their boats to leave. The majority of people heeded the warnings I think.

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These aren't "measures", they are proposals at best. Promoting safe cars isn't going to prevent accidents because people will turn them down. There have to be better tests, conducted yearly. If the elderly fail, it should not "optional" to give up their licenses.

My friend in the National Police Agency, and who works in the traffic division says that they are already getting ready to introduce this new license requirement. I believe most officers are going to probably be briefed on it at some point in the near future. So that one at least doesn't seem to be a proposal. It also seems to be the most logical solution to the issue.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. agency will begin removing millions of illegal immigrants next week See in context

Wow! He's gone nuts. No president ever has been able to do this. I speculate that he saw Germany overrun and wants to avoid that.

I suspect that it's because no other president was dumb enough to do it. By removing all the illegal immigrants all the low paying jobs that make America work will become empty. Construction will be absolutely the hardest hit, followed by plumbing etc etc. All those jobs that Americans think are below them? Yeah, wanna take a guess at who actually does those?

Good on him, the Presidents job is to protect America from threats - illegal immigrants are one of them

Illegal immigrants are one of the foundations of the American way of life. They aren't anymore a threat to America than your commander in idiocy.

He has not gone nuts. Aboit time a President was able to do this. I speculate he sees how Japan eals with illegal immigrants, and has learnt from this.

I HIGHLY doubt this has anything to do with Japan.

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes over Aegis deployment survey errors See in context

I sincerely can't see how you could say that given, to take a recent example, what the government did to the people in Okinawa. The people there have opposed the plan to relocate a U.S. military base within the southern Japanese island for years. There have been a referendum recently where over 70 percent of voters opposed relocating the base. Yet, the government decided to push ahead with the plan despite the referendum result. Saying the government will change its course because people aren't pleased with their decisions is just naive and so disconnected from the reality of Japan. 

This is Japan we are talking about. Since when its authoritarian and oligarchic regime has ever listened to his population?

Equating the Okinawa base relocation to the construction of one missile battery is extremely naive. Okinawa already has a large presence of US military troops, moving the base from one location to another within the same prefecture isn't even remotely the same as constructing a missile battery in a location that has previously never had a military presence. As far as I know it won't be manned by US personnel either but rather the GSDF. The "training" facility mentioned in the article is actually just the ruins of the old Akita airport, anyone can go there anytime. It's not a military base or otherwise a military location.

The Okinawa base relocation happened regardless of the referendum because there isn't any other place to put it. Not saying I approve of it, however the politics surrounding it are completely different. The Aegis system doesn't need to be in Akita.

Akita Mayor Motomu Hozumi said after meeting Iwaya later in the day that it is likely to take two or three years for the city to make a decision on whether to approve the Aegis Ashore deployment.

Considering the mayor is quite in tune with the local population, and as I mentioned, the city gets final say. The LDP isn't going to risk upsetting the hordes of farmers and pensioners in Akita that keep them elected.

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes over Aegis deployment survey errors See in context

If you think a bow, accompanied by an verbal apology, is accepting responsibility here, you are being fooled by the showmanship. This is all just appeasement for getting caught, the construction will go on, the Aegis Ashore will be built, and in Akita

I highly doubt it will. The city has final say whether or not it gets built in city limits. And since I live here, I can tell you that the citizens aren't exactly pleased by the idea. Unless the mayor wants to commit political suicide, it won't happen.

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Posted in: 87-year-old driver in fatal Tokyo car crash to be referred to prosecutors See in context

How many people need to die at the hands of elderly drivers before the government acts?

If you watched actual Japanese news, you'd know that the government is currently acting. An amendment to the license laws is going to be introduced next fiscal year that requires all drivers over 75 to drive a vehicle with active safety measures (automatic braking systems).

Is it legally right to convict him, though?

Sure, he made a mistake and caused deaths. But can you really equate a mistake, even a fatal one, with negligence (failure to meet duty of care). He presumably had an active licence, so he was not (at least officially) assessed as unacceptably dangerous to permit as a driver. So as long as he wasn't driving under further degradations (fatigue ... etc), is it right for a mistake to be interpreted as failing to meet a duty of care?

Yes it is legally right to convict him. Whether or not he made a mistake, the onus is on him to prevent that mistake from happening. He is the person in control of the vehicle, as such the responsibility falls on him not on the state for licensing him.

If I mistakenly drive the wrong way down a 1 way road and hit a car, the mistake was my fault. Therefore I'm at fault. If I mistakenly drop a piece of wood off a roof and it hits someone below, it's my fault. Someone is always at fault, unless it's an act of nature, and this definitely doesn't qualify as one.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

It will be fun to dox people during the Olympics. Rather, it will be fun to watch the police hurry to arrest somebody who is actually just smoking a cig.

I wouldn't attempt it. Contrary to popular belief the cyber crimes division of the National Police Agency is actually pretty capable at doing their job.

Are you for real? Please educate yourself on the health benefits of Cannabis and CBD oil. Researchers are now understanding it is a kind of miracle drug.

Anyone who thinks any type of substance is a miracle anything, just proves they shouldn't be handling it.

Great, now they are starting to threaten people before they arrive.

Locals may tolerate being treated like children but its offensive to start this sort of nonsense as Japan starts to get watched on the world stage.

Its not threatening people. You don't get special treatment just because you're visiting the country. Japan has laws, however Draconian, and they have to be followed.

Since there haven't been anything proven that marijuana is any more useful than a placebo, and the fact that is smells to high hell, I'm glad Japan is strict on it. It smells like a bunch of sweaty dudes stuck in a box in the middle of July..

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Posted in: Gov't to require mobile phone operators cut cancel fees by 90% See in context

Impose is still not mandatory. It’s just a strong urge.

impose verb - force (an unwelcome decision or ruling) on someone.

Force sounds pretty mandatory to me.

Was just going to post that...

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Posted in: New York Times to cease political cartoons after anti-Semitism row See in context

Man people are thin skinned in this current day and age. Having seen the cartoon, its a pretty good take on actual policies surrounding Israel... But then again, anything criticizing Israel is going to be seen as anti-Semitic...

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Posted in: French gov't hopes to fortify Renault-Nissan alliance See in context

Not "one" of the largest, "the" largest global automaker, with sales of over 15 MILLION vehicles yearly, bypassing Toyota and Volkswagon by nearly 5 million vehicles.

I think you'll find you're absolutely wrong.... Considering every single news outlet says that they would've been the 3rd largest automaker. Forbes, Bloomberg, etc...

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Posted in: Elderly driver, passenger die in Fukuoka 5-car crash; 9 in hospital See in context

Automatic braking sensors on all cars.

Start with auto brake licence limitation from the end of this year for all under 25s and over 65s when buying next car.

Over 75s to get automatic braking fitted on present car by early next year.

As I've mentioned before this is the most logical approach. Make it a requirement to drive on their license, just like glasses. It's practically the same thing, a requirement to make sure you can safely operate the motor vehicle. Once you renew your license at 65 or so, this now becomes a requirement. You must drive a vehicle that has automatic braking systems installed.

Don't have one? Tough luck, install a system on your vehicle, OR the government could offer incentives and rebates based on needs of the people. Have a kei truck because your a farmer? Its a requirement for your work so the government will give a rebate of 80%. Live in Tokyo and just want to drive because you like it? Tough luck, it's on you to make it happen. There are many other ways to get around the city.

Pretty fair I think. Driving is a privilege not a right.

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