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The 106 people who disappeared were also checked at the point of entry, just like the other 410,000 people who arrived by ship. It is impossible to know who will overstay, but whether someone overstays or not has nothing to do with the probability of them "causing havoc", as you put it.

No, the people who have disappeared were recorded as having entered the country. Being recorded and being vetted are two entirely different things. When you apply for a visa to a country there is a process and due diligence on the part of the issuing nation to make sure the person is who they say they are etc. Thats why visa wait times are usually, at the minimum, multiple days or more.

I never said they would be "causing havoc" I was quoting you. And yes, while they might not create havoc, they are already breaking the law by living and likely working in the country illegally. I highly doubt they'll have qualms for doing other illegal things.

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What about the other 410,000 visitors? Couldn't any one of them also "cause havoc" whilst they are in Japan legally? Or any of the other 30,000,000 visitors who arrive legally for that matter.

Well yes, the people who legally come can also "cause havoc", however at least the government has vetted them before allowing them to come in, knows who they are, what they look like etc etc.

Whataboutisms isn't a particularly good way to make your case, it makes you sound less intelligent..

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EU can’t exist without UK*

Yes, it can.

The EU, as you said, will be perfectly fine without the UK.

UK can’t exist without EU*

Yes, it can.

Well... here is where I disagree with you, yeah the UK will exist without the EU, but not in anywhere near the same degree. The UK economy is going to contract around 9% according to some generous estimates. It could even be worse than that. The border implementation between Northern Ireland and Ireland could see a resurgence of violence likened to the Troubles of the 70's and 80's again...

But then again, the only way to convince an idiot is to show them what happens... so, good luck to Britain, you guys are gonna need it..

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Posted in: Liam Neeson denies racism after hunting black men to attack after friend was raped See in context

I think people area also forgetting that this was during the Troubles... Rational thinking went the way of wind and violence was pretty much a daily occurrence for people living in Northern Ireland. Basically being part of a war zone for the majority of ones life is going to lead to some violent thoughts some of the time. This isn't racism, its want to for revenge against a certain group of people because one of them committed a heinous crime and he had no way of knowing which one. The want for revenge and hate can paint all people, regardless of race, with the same brush. It just so happened that this case ended up painting black people with the same brush.

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I'm curious how many house fires there were in total over the same time period... are house fires in Japan more likely to be fatal, and by how much, than in countries where smoke detectors are more commonly used?

Its not that house fires are necessarily more fatal to do lack of smoke detectors, as most new houses built have them installed, however older buildings tend to lack them. The more pressing issue though is the use of quite flammable building materials and lack of insulation and central heating. This means that people, especially in Northern Japan and areas with heavy snowfall tend to use kerosene heaters in their homes and when people aren't paying attention these heaters can sometimes fall over, or things are put too close to them.

Should a fire actually happen in a Japanese home built anywhere before 2010, it's likely to consume the entire thing relatively quickly.

I live in the Tohoku region and the winter always sees a sky rocket in house fires...

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Its a huge loss for women's rights around the world and her legacy of pushing for Japan to acknowledge it isn't going to be forgotten. Of course she deserves a heros funeral.

Japan has atoned for it, and at this point can't really do much more than it's already doing. It's apologized countless times, provided almost 1 billion dollars in economic aid (which was supposed to be divided up for the survivors anyways).

What SK is trying to do is akin to someone making a deal, walking off with the benefits of the deal, and then coming back to the table to demand more. That's not how relationships between neighbors work, you don't constantly try to milk the situation like a spoiled brat.

You don't see people making a rile about what Germany did in WWII and demanding more compensation from Germany. Let history be history, acknowledgement that it happened and a pledge to mutually cooperate on the international stage should be enough. SK can't seem to let anything go. Its like a vindictive little kid.

The sad part, is that the general population of SK is so brainwashed that they just follow it. In my opinion, SK is scarier than China. At least in China you know the government is trying to use you and mold your way of thinking. In SK everything is done under the facade of democracy and free thinking and its the complete opposite...

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A total untruth! The Japanese legal system and police are much more strict on foreigners than on Japanese. I know of many cases involving foreigners being unfairly detained and treated as criminals for no reason. I also have a personal experience of unfair treatment. About 8 years ago, I caught a creep taking a video up the skirt of a high school girl on an escalator at a train station. I grabbed him at the top of the escalator and told the girls to get the station staff. They were actually my students at the private high school I was working in at the time. 


They checked my ID, called the school I was working for, called my wife and requested a copy of my passport, even though they had my gaijin card. They detained me for two hours at the train station. Then at the end of it one of the cops came up to me and said to me in English, "Stay out of Japan business."

So 8 years living in Japan I assume? The cop is right though you made the biggest mistake you could in this situation. You grabbed the Japanese dude. That's not how Japan works and as such made the situation more difficult for the police. His attempt to speak to you was more likely a warning, as to save you from the trouble of your own actions and less of a threat, which apparently you seem to have interpreted it as.

That's not to say that the police in Japan are all angels, of course some people don't like foreigners very much. But in the eyes of the law, you are equal to the Japanese guy sitting next to you on the train on the way to work, personal experiences or not.

As for the passport copying? They are obligated to do so, as well as your residency card. A residency card doesn't necessarily mean a valid passport. That is something they have to check as per the Immigration Act of Japan.

Like I said, I live with a police officer as my roommate. I also have about 8 police officer friends. They are all great people and don't treat foreigners any different. The only difference that YOU seem to not be able to get through your head is that this is Japan and as such, you need to live here like a Japanese person would.

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Not really you, should check that actual law or check debito.org .

Considering I know Debito personally, I don't need to check his site. Also, it is the actual law.

Immigration: http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/english/tetuduki/zairyuu/ryoken.html

Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Article 23: http://www.japaneselawtranslation.go.jp/law/detail/?ft=1&re=02&dn=1&x=60&y=6&co=01&ia=03&ky=passport&page=16

A Foreign National staying in Japan must carry their Passport with them at all times (for a Foreign National listed in one of the following items, the document specified in the respective item); provided, however, that this does not apply if the Foreign National carries the residence card as provided for in the following paragraph: .

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Pardon me for going slightly off topic here but, why does Japan have such draconian laws and why are they super strict on foreigners? If a Japanese broke that lamp, he'd just use his "i was drunk and couldn't remember jack" card and he'd get off with a light fine whereas god forbid if it was a foreigner. To answer beerdeliveryguy's question, maybe the beer had something more than beer in 'em, you know, being in Tokyo and all that.

Japan isn't any stricter on foreigners than it is on Japanese people. Its strict for everyone. The difference being that Japanese have a tendency to admit guilt rather than foreigners who have a tendency to question everything. If a Japanese person was arrested for Obstruction of Official Duties and also punched a police officer they would be in the same boat. We just wouldn't hear about it. Considering my roommate in Japan is a police officer, I hear tons of stories about these things.

When the police arrest you in Japan, its because you have done something wrong (the perception in Japan), where as for foreigners if the police arrest you its not necessarily because you've done something wrong and you have a duty to question it (the perception outside of Japan). Therefore, Japanese people apologize and accept what they did is wrong before trying to fight it.

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and as for demanding his passport, I don't think that the police are entitled to do this as the passport is a government document that is owned by your government. 

The Japanese police can and do have every right to ask for your passport according to Japanese law. Its illegal to travel in Japan without a passport being on your person. That means, every time you leave your hostel, you have to legally bring it with you. OR if you are a long term residence, a residency card. Failure to do so can lead to a big fine or jail time ( though it rarely does). Better to be informed before saying any nonsense like this.

I feel like there is a lot to this case that his mother isn't telling the world. They won't arrest you just for breaking a light if you pay for it. My guess is drunk American doesn't understand how the rules work in Japan and breaks them. Again, ignorance of the laws and rules of society isn't a get out of free card.

He made some mistakes, he needs to deal with them as an adult. 22 years old, he should be more than capable of that.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting police officer in Toyama says he wanted gun to kill himself See in context

What is going on in Toyama?

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

If any of you have any evidence that Ghosn would try to or has tampered with witnesses or destroyed evidence, post a link. You can't post a link be ausevyou have no evidence of this.

Regardless of whether he has or hasn't, the job of the bail hearing is to decide whether there is reasonable instance to suspect that he MIGHT do it, not to decide on the legality of bail conditions.

To address it:

24/7 ankle bracelet, the Japanese court has no precedent for this, so the bail hearing has no legal framework to decide that its relevant and should be allowed. That isn't up for them to decide.

Paying of personal guards: That sounds like bribery to me, or an attempt to do some. As such, the bail hearing would properly disregard that as well.

I don't think Ghosn realizes that he isn't going to get special treatment here, and why should he? All the other people in detention centers who don't have the money that he does don't receive bail either. The bail hearing has to remember not to set a precedent and they're doing a very good, legal, just, and non-partisan job of it. Just because it isn't the result people want doesn't make it the wrong one.

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Why do they put a mosaic on the face of these delinquents! IF they are supposed to be adults, then treat them as such. Even news reports showed some places where guys where literally beating up on one other guy and all the cops and adults had their faces showing but not the "new" adults!

Because Japan has strict personal information and privacy laws and that means you have control over your personal image as well. If you don't consent to it being shown, it can't be. Since I worked in television here I know, but the default stance is just blur the faces unless you want to potentially face a slander charge.

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Actually the new Gulfstream has a range of 7,500 nautical miles and the distance from Canada to a major Chinese airport is just over 5,000 nautical miles. Seems she could easily make it back to China without stopping, I think you mentioned Russia, N. Korea, etc in Ghosn's case, or anywhere else for that matter.

Ghosn should be granted bail! There is no reason not too!

Absolutely true, I completely fudged my numbers there. Read it at 5000 km. That being said, the Gulfstream requires a runway length of 5858 ft, minimum. The only airports in Canada that have a runway at that length are international ones. There isnt a place she could take off from, especially not a field with a jet aircraft.

Ghosn on the other hand can skip to any country willing to help him with a rather long farm field and a single engine aircraft...


ksteer, I see your point with regards to being a flight risk, however, if that's the only reason for him being detained, why can't his family visit him or his lawyer be present during interrogations?

As for the family, that makes a bit of sense. Asking to destroy evidence would be one thing. As for lawyers? No idea, and its not my place to say. But, in my opinion, western ideals where a lawyer can do all the talking for you isn't particularly fair. All it takes is a particularly wealthy individual to hire a particularly intelligent lawyer and they end up walking because they defer all responsibility to said person. If you are accused of committing a crime, you should have to be the one to answer questions. Not someone you're paying

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Seeing as I've mentioned neither, nor even consider them to have any relevance to anything I've said, I don't think that I have that confusion.

Well you SEEM to be under the impression that he is imprisoned when in fact he is being detained. There is a big difference between the two.

Ridiculous. He's a world-known figure. You think he's going to go hide in some non-extraditable country for the rest of his life? This isn't the type of thing one can run away from. And that's the whole point of bail - you place a large enough financial burden on the person to ensure that they won't run. There is also monitoring such as ankle bracelets.

Its absolutely the type of thing one can run away from. Many people have done it in the past before. You think Brazil or Lebanon is going to extradite him back to Japan? I HIGHLY doubt it.

You're definition of bail is correct: you place a large enough burden to ensure they won't run. However, Ghosn is ridiculously wealthy and the Japanese legal system has set limits to bail amounts. He wouldnt even blink at the cost of it, Japan doesn't use monitoring bracelets. And lets be honest, you can easily get around that.

Look at the Huawei exec in Canada. She's an extremely wealthy individual. Her Vancouver homes alone are worth nearly $20 million dollars. And she has more than enough motivation and money to be able to run. Yet she's still in Canada, and it's not like China would ever give her up to the Canadians if she went back to China.

As a Canadian ex-pat in Japan, I know the case fairly well. The difference being this. In the case of her, she CANT be a flight risk because she would have to use an international airport to go to any country that would support her. Lets theoretically say she would run. The largest personal business jet on sale, doesn't have the range to make it past Hawaii. That means if she fled from Canada from a personal airport, or even a grass field, she would end up in America, or the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean before she could get anywhere.

So she was deemed not a flight risk because the only place she could flee too, realistically, is the place that wants her extradited to begin with.

In the case of Ghosn, if he took off from a private airport/field with even a small Cessna twin-engine he could easily get to Russia/China/South Korea/ Singapore/ many other places. Thats the difference between these two cases. The Huawei exact literally can't run anywhere, Ghosn theoretically can.

I just pointed out where you're wrong, with the Huawei exec in Canada.

I think you'll find I just pointed out where you're wrong. My argument still stands

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If it was being sent illegally then the Japanese bank needs to be indicted? As they are the ones who performed the transfer? All he did was bring it in and had it sent? Now if he was charging a fee then of course he was violating some statute I'm sure, but he could not have sent it illegally because that's the banks job.

Sheesh, I guess I need to spell it out for all the scholars on JT.

He got money from people, put it in his account, sent to his account in Vietnam where it was then withdrawn by other people.

You can't do that without breaking a litany of laws. Mostly money laundering, failure to indicate income, operating a business without a license etc. Not to mention breach of contract with the bank he was using. That's a lot of money that should be going to Japanese banks, that isnt because the transfer is only being done by one account.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says he is suffering 'harsh' treatment in detention center See in context


I think your confusing the difference between a detention center and prison in Japan.

Also, I think we should base our assumptions and feelings about this based on this specific case. Yes, Japan rarely gives bail out. But, regardless of what it often does or doesn't do, is the refusal of granting bail in Ghosn's situation justified? Yes it is because he is a flight risk. End of story, bringing up the point of bail is moot at this point, because even in other countries that have similar systems like the US/Australia, Ghosn wouldnt be granted bail and would be in a Detention Center just like he is here.

Here is the thing, since Ghosn has been indicted, he now has to wait for his court date. Because he is a flight risk, he has to wait for that date in the Detention Center without bail. Its not a human rights issue or even a legal issue. No one is saying he is guilty, and his detention doesn't assume that he is guilty either. However, he has been indicted and that means being treated like any other person that is indicted and not getting special treatment.

If he is guilty after the court proceedings then he will be sent to Prison, if he is innocent he will be able to go home. In the mean time, because he has been deemed a flight risk, he has to suck it up and wait in a Detention Center.

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Posted in: Moon urges Japanese leaders not to politicize forced labor issues See in context

Well that made me laugh.

A bit of the "pot calling the kettle black" I see..

NO ONE in the world sides with Japan on the issue of WWII atrocities and sex slaves outside of Japan and non-Japanese (or wannabes). Every time Japan does this, another statue goes up somewhere and the issue gets even MORE notice when Japan throws a subsequent hissy-fit and even goes to those countries demanding statues be torn down or ties will be severed with the city, that world bodies change their mind or arrears won't be paid, or that nations be quiet or Japan will "consider retribution".

Umm... in the past when the same issues about the 1965 treaty arose, America sided with Japan. I think you'll find a lot of people side with Japan here. Money was given to SK with the expectation it was to be given to the comfort women, not used for industrial purposes and infrastructure (which is what actually happened)

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Posted in: Nissan unveils new Leaf car after Ghosn's arrest delays it See in context

gf has the original LEAF. 120kms if you're lucky. And the article says they go on sale later this month, but a local Nissan shop near me is already selling them. And at 3 million, they're overpriced!

The original LEAF came out in 2011, way before battery technology was up to snuff, on top of that its 8 years old... The battery technology in this new model is light years ahead of the original leaf and would last anyone a day easily.

Boycott this company and dont buy this car. What a a disgraceful bunch, they threw Ghosn to the lions and are now taking the credit for his idea.

I HIGHLY doubt it was Ghosn's idea. Thats a bit insulting to the engineering teams who spent thousands of research hours and tests on developing the first leaf before it was even shown to Ghosn.

Does it run on leaves and bark? Just blow off the expressway like a leaf in a storm? Why the lame name? When this fails and the company starts going under again, watch them ask Ghosn to be a consultant.

Yep the leaf, a car that's been out since 2011 and has been, continuously mind you, the best selling electric vehicle in the world is going to "fail". Tell me, why do you always have negative things to say? Ive literally never seen you post a good comment.

Does anyone have details as to what that means?

It means the car was measured for range based on the testing methods employed in Japan. Every country has their own testing methods, all of them end with different results. Generally Japan employs two testing methods: the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism method which is generally start at a full tank and run until empty at a speed of 60km/h. It usually gives an optimistic result. And another method called WMTC (only for motorcycles) . In comparison, the e+ LEAF will go 226 miles on a single charge according to the US EPA testing method. In real world conditions this is likely to be less than the stated range, but can sometimes even be more.

Things like proper use of regenerative braking can drastically increase the range of the vehicle, as well can temperature.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says bail very difficult before trial See in context

@Judy Itoh

His case brought my PTSD back up in full force. I was also an executive, arrested for 40 lousy vidocin pills which I had no idea were illegal in Japan.

That's your own fault then. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. Any person that travels abroad with half a brain cell should research things, especially drugs whether they are legal for sale in said country or not. Importing them is usually a felony. I literally have zero pity for you.

Regardless, this thread is about Ghosn and what people who cry about the possibility of no bail for 6 months fail to realize, is that the justice system has other things to do in the meantime. Ghosn will have to wait his turn, like all the other criminals waiting their turn for trial.

The judge today told him he is arrested and detained because he poses a flight risk. This is the same everywhere in the world. America does it, Canada does it, Britain does it.

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Posted in: Japan releases video of alleged radar lock-on by S Korean warship See in context

No, you listen to the voice of P-1's captain yourself and tell me you can comprehend. I can't. Let's be honest here.

I must be amazing then, because I understood it all without looking at the subtitles lol. Like has been mentioned before, anyone with experience in international aviation or maritime would understand this. @Samit Basu you clearly just don't know anything you're talking about.

@Samit Basu

Indeed, where is the P-1's record of detecting STIR radar emission?

Thats not how RWR's work... And unless you were on the ship, how do you know it was OFF as you claim?

Regardless of whether it was off or not, the ROK navy has an obligation to respond to any communications request like that. The fact that they didn't shows extreme negligence or incompetence on the part of the ROK.

Here is the information: The P-1 RWR system shows that the ROK ship is using FCR. Whether or not that's true, the P-1 crew attempt to contact the ROK ship to understand their intentions. They can only go off the information that their system is giving them. The ROK ship has an obligation to respond, whether it was intentional or not. the ROK f'd up. Stop trying to defend it... petulant child.

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This is not even 3rd world stuff!

Look, I don't know if Ghosn is guilty or not, so prosecutors, IF you got anything on him CHARGE HIM & go to trial like a CIVILIZED Country would!!

The reason the prosecutors are playing one card at a time is because they clearly HAVENT gathered enough evidence & they are going for the FORCED CONFESSION

This is shining an extremely unflattering light on ole Nihon, another embarrassing day to be living here.

Prosecution, if you got the GOODS then CHARGE HIM!!

White collar crimes take a long time to investigate, they are charging him (hence why he's being detained) but they need to have a 100% airtight case.

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Yes, but they don't need to keep him detained while the investigation is ongoing - they could indict him, then release him on bail pending trial while evidence continued to be gathered. The purpose of detention per se is in 99% of cases to obtain a confession from the suspect, which isn't really necessary in this case since he obviously isn't confessing and the evidence they need to be examining and collecting doesn't require him to be locked up while they examine and collect it.

He is potentially a flight risk, but they could easily confiscate his passport and impose other conditions on his release to keep him in the country.

Having a passport confiscated for someone as wealthy as Ghosn wouldn't make a single shred of difference. If he wanted to run he could do it in MANY illegal ways. Private jet, private airport, freedom. Conditions on travel and passport confiscation doesn't work the same way for wealthy people as it does for the other 99%.

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Posted in: Ghosn vows to restore his honor in court, lawyer says See in context

The executive, who formed a carmaking alliance among Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors Corp and France's Renault SA, said he is not a flight risk and wants to be able to travel abroad

Umm... isn't that the definition of a "flight risk". If he travels abroad what's to make sure he's going to come back?

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Posted in: Sapporo blast occurred after 120 spray cans were emptied See in context

So just to put my experiences out there:

Apamanshop isn't necessarily the problem, they are a franchise, i.e all the stores that use the Apamanshop name are generally privately owned companies that franchise the brand. To say all Apamanshop are bad is a bit much.

When I rented my apartment in Sendai, I used an Apamanshop franchisee and it was a great experience. I had literally no problems with them, they were extremely helpful, not pushy and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't want or need.

Rental agencies here really are all a massive scam. They are usually all searching off the same central database, and end up costing both the lesser and the lessee a bunch of money for nothing.

Like everywhere else in the developed world, all rental agencies and real-estate companies search off a centralized national database. Sometimes they have ones that are exclusive though.

The real estate agents are even worse when you are moving out.

They will typically charge you close to 2.5x rent for some random damages, some of which already existed.

I was charged absolutely nothing when I moved out because I made sure not to damage anything. Be nice, be friendly when they come to do the inspection, make sure to take any photos of damage that already existed when moving in and present them if they ask for clarification.

And its not 2.5x the rent for some damages, its usually around 1万 if you dent the flooring or stuff. Or you could just fix the thing yourself before they come and see it. Learn some life skills.

The thing to remember is this; the Apaman Network has over 900 stores across the country, add that to the other brands like Able etc. and you'll find that there are thousands of real-estate companies in Japan. They can't all be good. And lets not try and pretend that real-estate in other countries is any better. The US will rip you off even more, same with Britain, same with Canada. That's why reviews and personal experiences are important when selecting a good agent.

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Posted in: Nissan document signed by Ghosn said remuneration 'determined' See in context

“Intended to falsify”, where these people when Olympus and Toshiba scandal surfaced. Those companies have done more then “intended” it’s proven and those companies execs have confessed but they just let it go.

I dont get why people always bring up Olympus? The execs weren't "just let go" Three of the Japanese execs involved were found guilty and sentenced to 2.5 - 4 years in prison.

And Saikawa signed it so lock his smug arse up pronto

Why? He did nothing wrong by signing it. Its an acknowledgement of the remuneration for Ghosn. His signing states his approval of the agreed upon terms. If Ghosn decided to not follow those terms and under-report how much he was earning, thats on him. Not Saikawa.

"Settled" also means to pay. So even tho it is determined, it has not been paid yet. Hence, not settled.

That's just a bit grasping at straws isnt it? Settled in the general sense of the word means "to resolve or reach an agreement".

[Ghosn] has admitted to prosecutors that his pay was not entirely stated in the reports but claims he had no obligation to do so as the amount of his pay after retirement had not been settled.

News flash, in Japanese law you still have to report it. You can't just NOT report it at all. You report what has been decided at that time of filing.

The former Nissan chairman has told prosecutors that whether he can receive the post-retirement pay depends on the performance of the automaker at the time of his departure

"Whether he can" Not how much he receives. Basically he had a set amount that he would receive, NOT stock options, that would be released or not depending on the position of the automaker at his departure. That's a settled amount of pay, not a fluctuating one.

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Why are so many people talking about city gas and gas tanks etc? The article clearly says they are deodorizer cans. What's more, puncturing them is now prohibited (for blindingly obvious reasons).

The article was updated to include that information. Puncturing them is prohibited in Sapporo, but its up to local ordinances to decide what is okay and what isn't

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Posted in: 42 people injured after suspected gas explosion destroys buildings in Sapporo See in context

@ksteer, on the likelihood of this being spray can related: NHK World has as its main headline that investigators think the cause was a room full of aerosol ignited by the water heater of the real estate office next to the restaurant. A single soda may explode through its aluminum container if put in a fire, so imagine the explosive power of several dozen cans going off together.

Fair enough, however if they were tasked with removing the aerosol from cans, one would assume that they're now empty. I.E they arent likely to have enough gas in them to make that much of a difference. Then again, Im thinking of spray cans, they could be really big I suppose...

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What a mess, Buildings to the rear, left and right side are all smashed up, jees, and NO one was killed?, some was looking down on these people last night, and was looking after them, it looks like the two building on the left will have to be pulled down they must be structurally impaired.

The "two buildings one the left" is actually the building that exploded and subsequently caught on fire, so I think its safe to say itll be torn down..

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Posted in: 42 people injured after suspected gas explosion destroys buildings in Sapporo See in context

TV news is saying an employee of the real estate agent next door to the pub was engaged in removing the gas from 100 spray cans. I suspect it might have been part of the year-end cleaning activities. But it seems like a lack of common sense to do such a job indoors.

100 spray cans of what? Paint? If so chances are the residual propellant would be minuscule even if it was a hydrocarbon based propellant. That would in no way cause a building to explode, even if it was done inside.

If it was City Gas, the propane would already be in a gas state when piped to the building, resulting in a much less violent explosion had it been liquid propane tanks.

What? All city gas in Japan is Liquid Natural Gas, not propane...

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