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Posted in: Woman, daughter stabbed outside home; suspect hit, killed by train See in context

he'll need some time off after what happened.

One of my friends sister is a train driver for JR. It kind of sucks but she says that most drivers don't really get affected by it anymore since it happens so much during their career. Almost weekly on most large lines. Of course they get support from JR when it happens and get a few days off, but she mentioned it doesnt really weigh on most of the drivers so much. It's not really avoidable in most cases so they just chalk it up to part of the job.

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Posted in: Osaka plummets to 85th in WTA singles ranking See in context

Not surprising in the slightest. While Osaka is extremely talented as a player, she lacks the mental toughness to make her one of the greats. Said it from the beginning.

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Posted in: Strong quakes jolt areas near Mt Fuji, Wakayama See in context

And Fuji isn't a super volcano.

Hakone is a bigger threat to the Kanto area if it popped. Calderas are nasty.

Hakone hasnt had any meaningful activity for the past 2900 years.

Fuji-san on the other hand is still an active volcano. Its last eruption in the 1700s.

These patterns are starting to match what is theorised for the Hoei eruption. Not to be concerned is a bit naive

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo fall to 618; nationwide tally 2,764 See in context

As per yesterdays results,


The infection rate of all tests is 10%

As per todays results,

The infection rate of all tests is 11%

Reporting on only the amounts of confirmed cases is putting a bandaid over the issue at best. What matters is the infection trend. When you have only 7161 tests completed and compare that to over 10000 tests yesterday it really is meaningless...

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Posted in: ANA to use more small jets for FY2021 domestic services See in context

Except all loses are picked up by the Japanese taxpayer, so why would they care?

ANA is a fully private, internationally traded company. I think they would care a lot if investors started to shriek.

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Posted in: 'Wonder Woman 1984' stays atop U.S. box office See in context

I wonder if that's possibly because it was like one of 3 movies in the box office...

This metric can barely be seen as a success. It lost about 50% of its budget...

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Posted in: Rakuten launches 5G network for ¥2,980 per month See in context

Guy using Rakuten for a long time now,

Great sounding plan, but I'm wary of being lumbered by a "Rakuten Big" handset, LOL. I'd need one made by an established manufacturer: iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, LG, etc. How does one acquire one of those instead, I wonder? Thru Rakuten or independently?

Like any other carrier here, you can buy phones from Rakuten other than the Rakuten Big.


I'm sure they'll get more 5G compatible phones.

JJ says it, the issue here is coverage. So long as Rakuten is buying bandwidth from someone else, the user experience during busy periods in the city can be poor. Think thousands of students, OLs, and salarymen watching Youtube on their commute or in their 12-1 lunchhour.

As a staunch user of Rakuten, I haven't had any issues with their partner areas. They've partnered with AU, so you get the same speeds as AU customers for up to 5GB a month. If you go over that, you get throttled

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Posted in: Museum memorializing nuclear disaster opens in Fukushima town See in context

These elements have radioactive lives of thousands of years...

Well actually only uranium does.. Strontium has a half life of about 28 years and Caesium about 30.

On top of that you can actually clean up radioactivity if you remove the things that are contaminated. (Where to put it is a whole other question)

So to answer your question. They sort of have 'disappeared' from Fukushima since they've been mostly moved to new locations.

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Posted in: JR East to move up last train departure times in Tokyo from spring See in context

Coronavirus reduced rider numbers is occuring right now and the massive financial losses for them are also happening right now...

...but they will not shorten the schedule (which is supposedly badly needed for maintenance) for another 7 months from now, at which time Japan intends to start its mass vaccination program while also hopefully begin to return to "normal" life, start letting in the throngs of foreign tourists, and gear up for the Olympics.

JR, always on time.

You might be surprised to know that roughly 90% of JR's income doesn't even come from trains.

A good friend of mine works at JR East, even if they had 0 passengers they still need to run the trains, and even if they did that they would still be making a profit. The reasoning being, they don't make money off your tickets, they make money off the ads in the trains. Which is also why they always have to be running.

I assure you, they don't have "massive financial losses" lol

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Posted in: Gov't urges citizens to install virus-tracking app See in context

As someone who makes apps like these for a living the amount of misunderstanding by commenters on this platform is astounding. So let me explain some of these concerns.

Privacy Concerns

Unless you are running a stupidly old version of iOS or Android, unless you explicitly give an app access to your personal information it can't access it. When you install an app that's what all those little pop ups asking for permissions are for. And no, there isn't a way around it. Not unless you're running a hacked version of the operating system.

on the so called APP , the Bluetooth and the Wifi will be always on,,,ha ha ha

As other people have mentioned, unless your device has an already shot battery, you'll be fine. They are designed to have these functions on all the time.

That means, generally, they're going to lose users' data;

Even if they use users data to a data breach, the most likely scenario is the that device id and its location is the only thing that is recorded. Let alone the fact that it's going to be encrypted. EVEN IF someone managed to get this data it wouldn't do any good. All they would know is your devices IMEI number, and generally where you happened to be. That's even if they could decrypt it which would be extremely difficult. Modern encryption methods are pretty safe.

Though, I digress. The majority of people who are freaking out about privacy are the people who don't understand that they never had any to begin with.

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context


This is the video if anyone wants to check it.

The dude clearly didn't expect people to be on his side of a still open public highway.

You can make your own opinion on what happened. But it looked like he slammed on the brakes. Even has his hazards flashing. No one with intent to kill is going to be doing that.

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Posted in: Broadway's 'Frozen' first musical to permanently close due to virus See in context

Thank god. Can we all just let that thing die the death it should have done 4 years ago? Never should've made it to a musical anyways...

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Posted in: As Japanese gov't slow-walks stimulus, small businesses fear collapse See in context

On the brightside, I see a pretty high chance that the next government wont have Abe in it lol

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Posted in: Foreigners with stays until July again given extra 3 months to renew visas See in context

I was deported within 1.5 weeks a few years back at my own expense. Lost an apartment full of furniture, my job, bike, my yearly bonus and my (then) partner. Key money and rent deposit too.

Some people can't help but make this about themselves. You weren't deported for no reason. Let me guess, overstay? Illegal working?

How about those out of the country and can't return to Japan with visa expiring? How will they return if Visa are already expired?

Go to the Japanese embassy or phone the embassy in the country you are currently in. They will know. No one on this site will.

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Posted in: Japan to change location of missile defense system amid local outcry See in context

As much as I think it's a waste of taxpayers money, if they are dead-set on putting it in Akita, Oga is the most logical choice. Considering you have high ground that is on a peninsula into the Japan Sea, an early warning system there seems the most logical. Also, you have clear unimpeded coverage of the entire prefecture from there.

On top of that, considering it would need to be manned, it'd bring some economic activity to an otherwise dying area...

Araya was a stupid decision in the first place. It puts a military target next to a densely populated area and risks killing a lot of civilians if it's ever targeted.

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Posted in: 1st sumo wrestler tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Also a good chance that he is going to pass away from this... Obese people seem to have complications from covid-19.

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Posted in: 18 trainee doctors who ignored dining ban infected with coronavirus See in context

Why isn't it the fault of the trainees? There is nothing stating this was a work related event. Chances are it was just a gokon, or since they are resident trainees, a gathering of friends.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for killing homeless woman in Ueno Park See in context

While in this case it's a good thing, is there any public space in Japan that doesn't have surveillance cameras?

Very few. That's what makes Japan one of the safest places though so.... yeah.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context


@ksteer She can declare a 'state of emergency' but it would have no legal standing whatsoever. You really haven't read up or followed the news properly have you?

I have been following the news properly. Not sure where you got that. What I was saying is that Koike, in her role of Governor of Tokyo, has the legal authority and responsibility to call for (sic; request) a lockdown. Sure she can't legally enforce one, but she can legally request that the parliament does. That's literally part of her job. And as @Tokyo-Engr said, declaring a state of emergency like the Governor of Hokkaido did can play a huge part. Sure it's not legally enforceable, but she can still declare it.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

she is the mayor of Tokyo, what do you expect her to do? She legitimately does not have the authority to put the city into lockdown. At least she is actually showing up and pleading with the public as strongly as she legally can.

Huh? No she isn't... there isn't a "mayor of Tokyo" considering Tokyo is actually made up of many small cities. That's why it's a special administrative zone. Shinjuku? That's a city. Chiyoda? That's another city and they all have their own mayors. (In reality they're special wards; semantics)

Koike is the Governor of Tokyo. She absolutely has the legal ability and responsibility to call for a lockdown.

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Posted in: Line admits over 4,200 accounts were hacked in February See in context

why I haven't done a Line in 25+ years and even then it was total crap

LINE was created in 2011 as an internal company communication network so people could talk to each other in the aftermath of the earthquake.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking police motorcycle in Kawasaki See in context

18,000 yen for a rear view mirror......

Don't own a motorcycle I see. That's about average for a decent one.

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Posted in: Japan torn over whether to test all on cruise ship for coronavirus See in context

I mean, this will sound harsh. But Japan doesn't have an obligation to treat these people. It's not a Japanese vessel so Japan is doing them a favour in the first place by testing even a few people. They could easily just send the ship on its way somewhere else.

So while it might suck, I understand the logic for these kits to be reserved for actual people in this country.

Regarding the accumulation of kits, one would think the crisis in China makes it difficult for the other producers ( whom likely have factories in China ) to create a sufficient supply for the market.

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Posted in: WHO names deadly virus from China 'COVID-19' See in context

A little late with this one. Everyone I know just calls it "The Wuhan".

Typical WHO, late to the game because of bureaucracy

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Posted in: Abe orders gov't to take steps to mitigate virus impact on economy See in context

Japan is now the #2 country in the world in terms of outbreak, and that's not including all those on the cruise ship.

Just to correct this statement. Actually Japan is #6. The 86 people infected IS including the people on the ship (which Japan isn't adding to its national count which stands at 21).

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Posted in: 3 Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus See in context

I can't be the only one who thinks this has all been blown up to ridiculously hysterical levels, just like SARS and MERS were. More people die from the flu than this each year. If you have a regular immune system, and are not elderly, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you get infected, so what? Looking at the symptoms, it's just like a bad cold or mild flu.

Thats not entirely true. The truth is we don't know the extent of the disease for otherwise healthy individuals. The only reason it seems like elderly people are only affected is because they die easier. It could just be that the younger people take longer to get to a critical level. The truth is that we don't know the ramifications for young people, but we do know that it affects old people.

It'd be a good idea to stop spreading falsehoods.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 3 injured after light car collides with bus in Chiba Pref See in context

People who are saying bigger is better just clearly do not know how physics work. Yeah, the kei is inherently more dangerous than say a hummer, but in either situation youd likely be dead or severly injured even with a volvo. I see the worlds science curriculum is letting people down again...quite sad really.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 3 injured after light car collides with bus in Chiba Pref See in context

Yeah, third world countries. There are no ‘modern’ countries that will accept these death traps. 

Huh, never knew that Australia, US, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia and many more are all third world countries. Here I was thinking they were at least second world.

You learn something new everyday.

Do the hustle, I suggest using google. Its amazing and lets you search things!

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Posted in: S Korean mother honors son who died trying to rescue stranger on train tracks See in context

No platform barriers at Shin-Okubo station? Even after all the suicides and now this horrendous accident?

Now?? This happened 19 years ago... Pretty much no where had platform barriers.

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Posted in: China building a hospital to treat virus; expands lockdowns to 25 mil people See in context

This is definitely more serious than China is letting the world believe, even though they are trying to show an air of transparency.

The fact that Beijing is indefinitely cancelling all public gatherings make me suspicious. That and they are making a field hospital (or multiple ones) that hold more than 1000 beds?

Not much of a conspiracy theorist but they know more about this virus then they are letting on... Possible research center breach in Wuhan?

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