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CruisinJapanToday  09:56 am JST

I was not a caregiver in Japan, but I was an IT consultant. Despite holding JLPT N2, my Japanese employer wouldn't put me on projects with Japanese clients, only with foreign businesses operating in Japan. I guess not even the JLPT 2 is enough for a respectable bank or insurance company.

I tell you what though, if you're foreign and want to work in a restaurant, conbini, or kiosk for 750 yen / hr, the Japanese will snatch you right up even if you've only been in Japan for a week and can't spell konnichi-wa.

I hope the politicians, businessmen, and hospital owners realize the oxymoron they've put themselves in. They want people with a skillset that simple doesn't exist, and can't seem to find a way provide a path to get there!

I think this is the issue that most people have, foreigners and Japanese. Having a certification in something doesn't mean you are capable of using it. Having gone to a Japanese university, lived in Japan for going on 5 years, and consistently strived to improve my Japanese I don't even hold a JLPT certification, however I constantly get told by my co-workers I speak better Japanese than most of our clients, know keigo fluently, read and write fluently, and am constantly working with Japanese clients, BY MYSELF. (Im also white in case you're wondering).

Holding a certification in JLPT provides literally zero information on how well you can actually speak, people need to realize that its not something to be proud of. I know a few hundred Chinese students here in Japan that all hold JLPT1 but lack even a morsel of communication skills in Japanese.

Its not a skillset that doesn't exist, its a skillset that is required for the job at hand and not a particularly difficult one to learn. If the wellbeing of a human being is going to be in your hands, you better know all those obscure Japanese characters on those medical bottles, and you better be able to understand when a 78 year old person with no teeth ATTEMPTS to tell you what pain they have. Thats the job, take it or leave it.

The very fact that people are getting upset about the (realistically better pay than most people in Japan) pay, and the language requirements just shows how many disillusioned or "otherwise don't know the real world in Japan" people on JT there are...

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177people, government plan 5,000 so that means 4823 people have not grasped the opportunity to work long hours for little renumeration and study a language that is only spoken in one geographical area. Think a panel of experts might be needed to sort this one out!

If you read the article correctly, you'd realize that starting from April people can apply. The 177 foreigner caregivers is the CURRENT amount in the country. It has nothing to do with the relaxation of the law of the allowance of 5000 under the new visa category.

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How about the low salary of 280000 Yen on average per month. Seriously, $2480 a month in Japan isn't that really that much, even if you're splitting the rent and utilities with a roommate or a spouse. Maybe the low salary of a nurse in Japan is main reason why most folks pass it over as a career, when could earn just as much working as a shift manager at a McDonalds with less headaches and stress.

Its quite a bit, I dont see why people think it isnt a livable wage, there are people making less than this who live in Tokyo. Japanese companies are based on hierarchy, as in the longer you work there the higher your wage gets. Although nursing and nurses are not necessarily the same, they still receive quite a bit more than your average 1st year worker.

The thing to remember about jobs in Japan is not just the salary, but also the ceiling for that job. You MIGHT make just as much as a full time McDonalds worker, but you're never going to get more than that.

and now we've learned they haven't mastered this abstruse keigo or the 2000 kanji that every Japanese using in a given day. Show them the door!

Its not that difficult if you really try. Its like a year of studying.

They expect these young people achieve a JLPT2 (or higher) level of proficiency to work for a pittance and clean bedpans.

Generally when you're caring for humans you should at least know the medical terminology in the language that said patient speaks. JLPT2 is a bare minimum and, in my opinion, is too lenient.

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You'll have to forgive someone who rarely makes it to our beloved capital, but WTF? Exclusively for foreigners?

I dont think so. I think what they mean is that generally speaking, its really difficult for a foreign person to rent/buy a condo in Japan, so this development will likely offer financing etc specifically to make it easier for foreigners to buy.

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I mean lets be honest here,

saying he could not stand to make a false confession as doing so would harm his reputation,

Ghosn is known to be extremely egotistical, this just proves it. I can show you right now how Ghosn is guilty of false filings to the security commission. Regardless or not he did it with knowledge is up for debate, but the fact that the papers he signed off on it show one thing that isnt in line with the law just proves he's guilty or the fall-guy, but the end result is the same.

Ghosn's ego wont let him confess and the Japanese prosecutors are probably just waiting around until he does as they'd likely not want to go to trial anyways (just a waste of time).

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The Japanese working class should take a lesson from this, and take to the streets.

They absolutely should not do that. No one wants to be like the French who have violent protests for literally everything they dont like. You guys need to chill out.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 2 policemen in Hiroshima See in context

Yeah right... when it comes down to it j-cops are just as corrupt, of not more, than other countries. You think they wouldn't force themselves into a middle aged woman's house without a warrant? What planet are you on. She reacted so violently to a fraud charge? Sure, they had a warrant...

Yeah..... You do realize that fraud in Japan is pretty serious and that a criminal is a criminal. Just because you hate the police doesnt mean they are corrupt.

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Posted in: Ghosn allegedly shifted personal investment loss of ¥1.7 bil to Nissan See in context

"Shouldering" these losses cannot occur unknown to the Board of Directors and personnel within Nissan. Did Nissan agree to do this?

It absolutely can, with the investment industry collapse of 2008 it would be easy to hide that $15million in the billions of dollars lost.

This cannot occur without the knowledge of the Board of Directors and Representative Director.

Again it absolutely can, if you dont think that the CEO AND Board Chairman has to power to do that you're misinformed as to how corporate back dealings work.

Ghosn is done.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

So I just watched a video on the news showing the accident scene, and it seems as if the driver was driving a BMW X2(?) maybe which has a long nose (decreasing visibility). The family had come out of their mansion entrance and were going to the car park when the car hit their kid on the front right of the car.

The sad thing though, is that right where the accident happened, there was an electrical pole. I guarantee that he didn't see the kid because the kid was likely walking behind the pole, lost balance, and stumbled into the road as the car was approaching the pole. With that visibility on the front of the car, the dimly lit road, and the pole, there just wasnt a chance for the kid, and the guy literally had no way to see the child.


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I knew it.. it was all a set up, he magically wants to destroy the merger.. and exactly how will you be doing that to your majority shareholder little man??

Renault isnt a majority shareholder. That would be over 50% stake, they are the largest single share-holder though, but they still wont get their way.

They can not understand that merging 3 companies will become like GM and selling multiple different brands, bigger company, more money, more investors, more future vision, why would you want to go back to being bankrupt a third time around with your zero management skills.. you are an utter joke.

A disgrace would be handing one of the biggest Japanese companies to the French, (Since the government owns 15% of Renault with double voting rights). Japan won't let Nissan fall to the French, even if they dont expressly say so. And you dont want to become like GM, its an aweful company that needs corporate bail outs from multiple countries to continue to survive lol

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Now come on for a second, while its tragic that the child was killed, why was he walking behind his mother, unattended, when he is just 1!? Even if he was a quick learner he had only been walking for like a max of 6 months before this, even 3 year olds arent stable for long periods of time.

Case of negligent parenting not necessarily bad driving. A 1 year old is like the height of a 14 inch tire, there isnt any way to notice that if it just walks out in front of you. Especially at 6:15pm at night, when its already pitch black outside...

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Posted in: With Ghosn in rear-view mirror, Nissan faces new tests See in context

Message to foreigners thinking of coming to Japan and working for a Japanese Corporation: Don't. Work for an international firm or start your own.

This coupled with what happened at Olympus shows how Japan feels about "highly skilled foreigners"


Now come on, this isn't necessarily indicative of Japanese firms as a whole. My Japanese firm is wonderful. The difference being that I know how not to stand out. If you understand the corporate culture/rules and dont stick out like a nail, then you'll be fine. The difference with a lot of people that have these issues is that they don't fit in, because they haven't spent enough time in Japan to understand the nuances and those people are most likely going to have an issue.

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Posted in: Prosecutors likely to build new criminal case against Ghosn: report See in context

Has it been confirmed where he pays his taxes, he might not come under the jurisdiction of the Japanese taxation authorities. We don't know the wording of any contracts referring to his employment or the benefits he receives, or where those benefits are paid Everybody seems to have made up their minds about his guilt, how quickly he has been replaced at Nissan without even a conviction of any crime. The timing here , maybe the upcoming proposed merger , which Nissan was objecting to, could come into the equation.

It has nothing to do with his taxes.

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I understand that Ghosn was planning to merge Nissan with Renault.

If it had been successful .... well, maybe some jealousy was also involved on the Japanese side?

I mean, who wants to have a gaijin collect all the credit for such a success, right!

What success? Merging with a failing car company that can't stay afloat by itself without payments from Nissan is a success? Of course there is bad blood involved here, Nissan outperforms Renault in every single way and yet is still a prisoner to Renault. Its nothing more than a parasite, and you better believe that Japanese board of directors would never let that happen.

Its a corporate coup d'etat that's probably been in the works for some time now, and thanks to Japans plea bargain law introduced in June, the whistleblower made the entire thing extremely easy. Ghosn will be found guilty, but not because he is a foreigner but rather because he is guilty of it. Nissan is just going to leverage this to gain a better foothold in their dealings with Renault.

Basic corporate governance, nothing to see here, move along.

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If anyone is wondering what the article 361 says :

Article 361 (1) The following matters with respect to the financial benefits received from a Stock Company as a consideration for the execution of the duties, such as remunerations and bonuses, (hereinafter in this Chapter referred to as "Remunerations") of directors shall be fixed by resolution of a shareholders meeting if such matters are not prescribed in the articles of incorporation:

As such if he actually receives more than the amount that the shareholders decided its ILLEGAL.

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Posted in: Prosecutors weigh bringing charges against Nissan over Ghosn case See in context

Even if he did what is alleged, I am very surprised and concerned that they arrested him. I do not recall a Japanese CEO of a major corporation ever being suddenly arrested.

Two words: Olympus Scandal.

The President, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, Executive Vice-President Hisashi Mori etc, were arrested after there was enough evidence of their involvement.

This really won't help Japan's goal of bringing in world class professionals to work here knowing that the Japanese will envy them and take an opportunity to get them.

Why is that? The Japanese wont take an opportunity to get them as long as the follow the law, follow Japanese corporate cultural norms and don't attempt to undermine the power of the Japanese company to a foreign entity. You do realize Ghosn was setting the groundwork to merge Nissan with Renault. RENAULT, a company that is literally just a parasite on Nissan's success. If that merger went ahead, Nissan would be a slave to a company that performs worse.

He has been arrested specifically because he did NOT clearly state his remuneration.

Nissan is obligated under Japanese securities regulation to annually report the total compensation paid to all executives earning in excess of 100 million Yen. It reported his earnings last year as being 735 million Yen. According to the news reports, his actual compensation was much higher than that and this was deliberately hidden so as to avoid reporting it. Likely this is because the actual amount he received was higher than that authorized by the shareholders meeting (which under Art. 361 of the Companies Act are required to approve limits on the compensation paid to the board of directors).

Its okay rainy, you and I are probably the only logical people on this board that actually understand the legalities behind it.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi CEO says it will be tough to manage car alliance without Ghosn See in context

I think we all need to stop trying to connect lines to the whole "he is a gaijin so we hate him thing". This wasnt particularly fast by Japanese standards and while, yes, it is moving quite fast its likely because he is such a big name in the business world, doing nothing would basically be abetting his crimes.

As to the whole, Japanese people werent involved in it? Its true there are likely some Japanese underlings who were in charge of filing and drafting the report to the TSE but they won't know if what he reported his income as was true or not.

Instead of everyone hopping on the big Japan hates foreigner band wagon, how about we use some logic. Nissan has literally nothing to gain for signalling out Grey and Ghosn. Their stock fell 5% in one day, and is still falling.

You want a reason things are moving fast in this case and not in other cases? The Nissan case has direct impacts to the stock holders and you don't screw over stock holders. The other cases mentioned by a few people above had no direct impact on stock evaluations etc. (Granted stock did fall afterwards but thats a bit different)

Correct me if I'm wrong but the CEOs of the following companies were never arrested when PROOF of their corporate corruption and fraud was exposed:

What proof? The only way these CEOs would be arrested is if they were directly involved and ordering people to do those things. Thats the difference in this case. There IS proof that Ghosn intentionally under-reported his earnings, because he is the only person that could report and sign off on those numbers. In the case of KYB/Subara/Takata/Toshiba -- the CEOs didnt expressly sign off on the issues with the intent and knowledge that would lead to legal action being successfully taken, if they even signed off on them to begin with.

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Guilty until proven guilty. Without a shred of evidence yet presented. Sad.

You know, other than the fact that he admitted to the charges already. And the fact that the misreported income can be found on the FSA filings that were submitted by Nissan by Ghosn to the TSX and Securities commission.

Do you guys even know what he did? I highly doubt you do. He isnt guilty until proven guilty, he just plain an simply IS guilty.

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This also isn't quite correct. Or actually it is correct but slightly besides the point. This isn't a tax case so whether or not he misreported income from sources outside Nissan/Renault isn't what is at issue. The issue is that he specifically took more remuneration from Nissan than what was reported (via disclosure documents submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange) to the shareholders of the company.

The specific document he is in trouble for is this one (and previous years' versions of it), which was submitted to the TSX and filed with the Securities regulator and claimed that his remuneration was 735 million Yen last year (on page 43), which is apparently much less than what he actually received.

You sir have just made my day. Thank you for the educated and informative response. As I didnt really want to delve into the exact reasons behind the charges I just assumed (as most of the information floating around is really poorly worded) that it was related to tax under-reporting. This is arguably an even worse breach of trust for Nissan and would be entirely on him for reporting it.

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All his books are handled by accountants at the company. He doesn't fill out tax forms with a ball point pen every year like we do.

Mitsubishi wants to run the show and he was in the way.

Thats not entirely correct. While yes Nissan will report his earnings for him that are earned from Nissan, he still has to report earnings from overseas remuneration. Thats on him, not Nissan to report. Mitsubishi also has no benefit to this, as they dont even own a significant share in either Nissan or Renault.

Remember, they are an alliance, not a group company. Each company has to do accounting and book keeping separately. Since Ghosn is the CEO of Nissan, as well as Renault, he has to report earnings from abroad as well as any personal undertakings: i.e Lectures, Speaking events etc.

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Regardless of the motives behind the whistleblowing, if he under-reported his income by a significant amount then that's on him. Coup d'etat or whatever cant be used as a reason for this. Its not a witch hunt when the person is actually a witch.

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Posted in: 2 megabanks in Japan to share ATMs to cut costs amid fall in users See in context

Only weekdays?

And why is there still a transaction fee on ATMs during nighttime hours (21.00-08.45), even though I'm using the same bank? ATMs in so-called "third world" countries are better in this regards, always open 24/7 and always free of charge.

It astounds me how many people use these important financial services without actually understanding how they work. You get charged an ATM fee because that is one of the few ways Japanese banks actually make money, most banks around the world charge a monthly fee to have an account in the first place, Japanese banks do not. Most banks around the world lend money at high interest rates to make money and then pay a fraction of that amount back to the accounts in interest. Japanese banks don't lend at high interest rates (comparable) as such, thats why there is no accrued interest for personal accounts.

I wouldnt complain so hard, or you'll find that you'll end up spending more in the end if they adopt the industry practices. The ATM fees might seem high and unneeded, but at least they are upfront about it. Thats literally the only time you pay the bank, as opposed to having your fees hidden in various legal jargon regarding your high interest rates, required deposit minimums, card charges etc.

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Our objective is to starve the Iranian regime of the revenue it uses to fund violent and destabilizing activities throughout the Middle East and, indeed, around the world," Pompeo said. 

Ironic coming from the US, one of the biggest sources of funding for violent and destabilizing activities through the Middle East and, indeed, around the world...

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Posted in: Japanese maker of train in deadly Taiwan crash finds design flaw See in context

India needs to rethink the train contract it signed with Japan, since "Made in Japan" these days is tantamount to "trash falsified to look better". Now we see what happens, as with Takata, when a company fails to do it's job. I hope the people of Taiwan get the more detailed explanation they demanded, and the company can't just hide and seek protection from the government here when they rightfully go under.

Nippon Sharyo noticed they discovered a minor flaw that didnt even contribute to the crash, this happens, no one system is perfect. How many accidents did Boeing or Airbus have before they fixed those flaws? And even if this system is perfect, what would happen? The central control center would have been notified. The driver still has to turn the system back on, its not a remote system by any means for security issues.

If the flaw was something that contributed to the crash than sure, but this being fixed wouldn't have saved the train from derailing or even minimized the chances of it derailing. This is 100% on the driver, not Nippon Sharyo.

In regards to the bullet train contract, the e6/e7 series are the safest trains in the world and have had no incidents attributed to them. Hitachi is one of the leaders in rolling stock manufacturing and is trusted around the world. Just because they are a Japanese company means they shouldn't be trusted apparently. Get a life man.

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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context

Ludicrous overreaction from elderly men frightened by the youth having a good time. I was there 2 years ago (much against my will, I can't say I'm interested) but it was great fun and I'd gladly go again. I've seen more trouble at dominos night in an old geezers pub in the UK. Why do they have to suck the joy and spontaneity out of everything in this country?

Probably because they are not respecting the area at all and already flipped over a truck just going about its business, ruined a stores ticket vending machine by putting water into it etc. Shibuya is a place that people live in, work in, generally have lives in. Its not a giant club and its not even a sanctioned event; its just congregation of people getting in the way, getting drunk, and inevitably someone is going to start something.

The Halloween festivities in Shibuya has been getting worse and worse every year. I just hope that local ordinance will be put in place to stop it from happening again next year.

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Posted in: 3 dead after car goes into sea in suspected murder-suicide See in context

Whats not to say the grandmother was driving the car. Nice to say the "immediately blame the wife" train has left the station.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

People dont realize that by using a passport to enter a country you are still bound to the laws of the issuing country. You're a citizen of that country and absolutely must abide by the rules of your host nation, as well as the nation that issues the passport. Its legally been that way since the introduction of passports, just the common person is unaware of it. There is also precedence for it.

As a Canadian in Japan this does affect me... but its not that big of an issue, I still won't do it, and I dont think people realize its only legal to smoke it in a personal residence.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

Here is what most people dont understand. Legally speaking, while you have to follow the laws of the host nation while on visit, you still are bound to the laws of the nation for which you have a passport as well. You are a citizen of "X" country first and foremost, and are still bound by the laws of that nation when you are entering a country using "X" country's passport. By receiving a passport and using it, you're essentially agreeing to those terms. Its not a get out of free card.

So yes, Japan has absolutely every right to enforce their laws on their citizens for anything they do outside of the country. As does any country in the world.

As a Canadian in Japan this does ultimately affect me... Ultimately the legalization of it is an attempt to stop organized crime and it'll likely work. I still wont do it though. And its also, not legal to smoke it anywhere other than your personal residence lol

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Posted in: Fukushima wind turbine, symbol of disaster recovery, to be removed See in context

This. When I visited Germany, I could see many wind turbines as far as eye can see along the Autobahn. Sure there is some too in Japan, but they seem inadequate.

If you don't go to the Japan Sea coast then you won't see many of them. Akita prefecture has tons of them, and Ive seen them all the way down to Niigata. The winds in Japan are generally West to East, so there isn't much reason to build them on the Pacific coast line.

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

A 737-MAX 8 doesn't just fall into the ocean. That's one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery and computer power ever assembled.

I'm very curious about the backstory of the people in the cockpit.

Sophistication doesn't mean safety. Especially since we're talking about Indonesia here, I'm willing to be the maintenance history of this aircraft is a bit sketchy.

Does it? Or have I watched too many movies where the airplane is able to sort of stay afloat and some people can escape? With that said, I also rather crash on land.

If its not a controlled ditch then yes its pretty much a 0% chance of survival. Its like crashing into a concrete floor at 500km/h

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