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If it was being sent illegally then the Japanese bank needs to be indicted? As they are the ones who performed the transfer? All he did was bring it in and had it sent? Now if he was charging a fee then of course he was violating some statute I'm sure, but he could not have sent it illegally because that's the banks job.

Sheesh, I guess I need to spell it out for all the scholars on JT.

He got money from people, put it in his account, sent to his account in Vietnam where it was then withdrawn by other people.

You can't do that without breaking a litany of laws. Mostly money laundering, failure to indicate income, operating a business without a license etc. Not to mention breach of contract with the bank he was using. That's a lot of money that should be going to Japanese banks, that isnt because the transfer is only being done by one account.

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I think your confusing the difference between a detention center and prison in Japan.

Also, I think we should base our assumptions and feelings about this based on this specific case. Yes, Japan rarely gives bail out. But, regardless of what it often does or doesn't do, is the refusal of granting bail in Ghosn's situation justified? Yes it is because he is a flight risk. End of story, bringing up the point of bail is moot at this point, because even in other countries that have similar systems like the US/Australia, Ghosn wouldnt be granted bail and would be in a Detention Center just like he is here.

Here is the thing, since Ghosn has been indicted, he now has to wait for his court date. Because he is a flight risk, he has to wait for that date in the Detention Center without bail. Its not a human rights issue or even a legal issue. No one is saying he is guilty, and his detention doesn't assume that he is guilty either. However, he has been indicted and that means being treated like any other person that is indicted and not getting special treatment.

If he is guilty after the court proceedings then he will be sent to Prison, if he is innocent he will be able to go home. In the mean time, because he has been deemed a flight risk, he has to suck it up and wait in a Detention Center.

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Well that made me laugh.

A bit of the "pot calling the kettle black" I see..

NO ONE in the world sides with Japan on the issue of WWII atrocities and sex slaves outside of Japan and non-Japanese (or wannabes). Every time Japan does this, another statue goes up somewhere and the issue gets even MORE notice when Japan throws a subsequent hissy-fit and even goes to those countries demanding statues be torn down or ties will be severed with the city, that world bodies change their mind or arrears won't be paid, or that nations be quiet or Japan will "consider retribution".

Umm... in the past when the same issues about the 1965 treaty arose, America sided with Japan. I think you'll find a lot of people side with Japan here. Money was given to SK with the expectation it was to be given to the comfort women, not used for industrial purposes and infrastructure (which is what actually happened)

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gf has the original LEAF. 120kms if you're lucky. And the article says they go on sale later this month, but a local Nissan shop near me is already selling them. And at 3 million, they're overpriced!

The original LEAF came out in 2011, way before battery technology was up to snuff, on top of that its 8 years old... The battery technology in this new model is light years ahead of the original leaf and would last anyone a day easily.

Boycott this company and dont buy this car. What a a disgraceful bunch, they threw Ghosn to the lions and are now taking the credit for his idea.

I HIGHLY doubt it was Ghosn's idea. Thats a bit insulting to the engineering teams who spent thousands of research hours and tests on developing the first leaf before it was even shown to Ghosn.

Does it run on leaves and bark? Just blow off the expressway like a leaf in a storm? Why the lame name? When this fails and the company starts going under again, watch them ask Ghosn to be a consultant.

Yep the leaf, a car that's been out since 2011 and has been, continuously mind you, the best selling electric vehicle in the world is going to "fail". Tell me, why do you always have negative things to say? Ive literally never seen you post a good comment.

Does anyone have details as to what that means?

It means the car was measured for range based on the testing methods employed in Japan. Every country has their own testing methods, all of them end with different results. Generally Japan employs two testing methods: the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism method which is generally start at a full tank and run until empty at a speed of 60km/h. It usually gives an optimistic result. And another method called WMTC (only for motorcycles) . In comparison, the e+ LEAF will go 226 miles on a single charge according to the US EPA testing method. In real world conditions this is likely to be less than the stated range, but can sometimes even be more.

Things like proper use of regenerative braking can drastically increase the range of the vehicle, as well can temperature.

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@Judy Itoh

His case brought my PTSD back up in full force. I was also an executive, arrested for 40 lousy vidocin pills which I had no idea were illegal in Japan.

That's your own fault then. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. Any person that travels abroad with half a brain cell should research things, especially drugs whether they are legal for sale in said country or not. Importing them is usually a felony. I literally have zero pity for you.

Regardless, this thread is about Ghosn and what people who cry about the possibility of no bail for 6 months fail to realize, is that the justice system has other things to do in the meantime. Ghosn will have to wait his turn, like all the other criminals waiting their turn for trial.

The judge today told him he is arrested and detained because he poses a flight risk. This is the same everywhere in the world. America does it, Canada does it, Britain does it.

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No, you listen to the voice of P-1's captain yourself and tell me you can comprehend. I can't. Let's be honest here.

I must be amazing then, because I understood it all without looking at the subtitles lol. Like has been mentioned before, anyone with experience in international aviation or maritime would understand this. @Samit Basu you clearly just don't know anything you're talking about.

@Samit Basu

Indeed, where is the P-1's record of detecting STIR radar emission?

Thats not how RWR's work... And unless you were on the ship, how do you know it was OFF as you claim?

Regardless of whether it was off or not, the ROK navy has an obligation to respond to any communications request like that. The fact that they didn't shows extreme negligence or incompetence on the part of the ROK.

Here is the information: The P-1 RWR system shows that the ROK ship is using FCR. Whether or not that's true, the P-1 crew attempt to contact the ROK ship to understand their intentions. They can only go off the information that their system is giving them. The ROK ship has an obligation to respond, whether it was intentional or not. the ROK f'd up. Stop trying to defend it... petulant child.

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This is not even 3rd world stuff!

Look, I don't know if Ghosn is guilty or not, so prosecutors, IF you got anything on him CHARGE HIM & go to trial like a CIVILIZED Country would!!

The reason the prosecutors are playing one card at a time is because they clearly HAVENT gathered enough evidence & they are going for the FORCED CONFESSION

This is shining an extremely unflattering light on ole Nihon, another embarrassing day to be living here.

Prosecution, if you got the GOODS then CHARGE HIM!!

White collar crimes take a long time to investigate, they are charging him (hence why he's being detained) but they need to have a 100% airtight case.

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Yes, but they don't need to keep him detained while the investigation is ongoing - they could indict him, then release him on bail pending trial while evidence continued to be gathered. The purpose of detention per se is in 99% of cases to obtain a confession from the suspect, which isn't really necessary in this case since he obviously isn't confessing and the evidence they need to be examining and collecting doesn't require him to be locked up while they examine and collect it.

He is potentially a flight risk, but they could easily confiscate his passport and impose other conditions on his release to keep him in the country.

Having a passport confiscated for someone as wealthy as Ghosn wouldn't make a single shred of difference. If he wanted to run he could do it in MANY illegal ways. Private jet, private airport, freedom. Conditions on travel and passport confiscation doesn't work the same way for wealthy people as it does for the other 99%.

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The executive, who formed a carmaking alliance among Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors Corp and France's Renault SA, said he is not a flight risk and wants to be able to travel abroad

Umm... isn't that the definition of a "flight risk". If he travels abroad what's to make sure he's going to come back?

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So just to put my experiences out there:

Apamanshop isn't necessarily the problem, they are a franchise, i.e all the stores that use the Apamanshop name are generally privately owned companies that franchise the brand. To say all Apamanshop are bad is a bit much.

When I rented my apartment in Sendai, I used an Apamanshop franchisee and it was a great experience. I had literally no problems with them, they were extremely helpful, not pushy and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't want or need.

Rental agencies here really are all a massive scam. They are usually all searching off the same central database, and end up costing both the lesser and the lessee a bunch of money for nothing.

Like everywhere else in the developed world, all rental agencies and real-estate companies search off a centralized national database. Sometimes they have ones that are exclusive though.

The real estate agents are even worse when you are moving out.

They will typically charge you close to 2.5x rent for some random damages, some of which already existed.

I was charged absolutely nothing when I moved out because I made sure not to damage anything. Be nice, be friendly when they come to do the inspection, make sure to take any photos of damage that already existed when moving in and present them if they ask for clarification.

And its not 2.5x the rent for some damages, its usually around 1万 if you dent the flooring or stuff. Or you could just fix the thing yourself before they come and see it. Learn some life skills.

The thing to remember is this; the Apaman Network has over 900 stores across the country, add that to the other brands like Able etc. and you'll find that there are thousands of real-estate companies in Japan. They can't all be good. And lets not try and pretend that real-estate in other countries is any better. The US will rip you off even more, same with Britain, same with Canada. That's why reviews and personal experiences are important when selecting a good agent.

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“Intended to falsify”, where these people when Olympus and Toshiba scandal surfaced. Those companies have done more then “intended” it’s proven and those companies execs have confessed but they just let it go.

I dont get why people always bring up Olympus? The execs weren't "just let go" Three of the Japanese execs involved were found guilty and sentenced to 2.5 - 4 years in prison.

And Saikawa signed it so lock his smug arse up pronto

Why? He did nothing wrong by signing it. Its an acknowledgement of the remuneration for Ghosn. His signing states his approval of the agreed upon terms. If Ghosn decided to not follow those terms and under-report how much he was earning, thats on him. Not Saikawa.

"Settled" also means to pay. So even tho it is determined, it has not been paid yet. Hence, not settled.

That's just a bit grasping at straws isnt it? Settled in the general sense of the word means "to resolve or reach an agreement".

[Ghosn] has admitted to prosecutors that his pay was not entirely stated in the reports but claims he had no obligation to do so as the amount of his pay after retirement had not been settled.

News flash, in Japanese law you still have to report it. You can't just NOT report it at all. You report what has been decided at that time of filing.

The former Nissan chairman has told prosecutors that whether he can receive the post-retirement pay depends on the performance of the automaker at the time of his departure

"Whether he can" Not how much he receives. Basically he had a set amount that he would receive, NOT stock options, that would be released or not depending on the position of the automaker at his departure. That's a settled amount of pay, not a fluctuating one.

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Why are so many people talking about city gas and gas tanks etc? The article clearly says they are deodorizer cans. What's more, puncturing them is now prohibited (for blindingly obvious reasons).

The article was updated to include that information. Puncturing them is prohibited in Sapporo, but its up to local ordinances to decide what is okay and what isn't

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@ksteer, on the likelihood of this being spray can related: NHK World has as its main headline that investigators think the cause was a room full of aerosol ignited by the water heater of the real estate office next to the restaurant. A single soda may explode through its aluminum container if put in a fire, so imagine the explosive power of several dozen cans going off together.

Fair enough, however if they were tasked with removing the aerosol from cans, one would assume that they're now empty. I.E they arent likely to have enough gas in them to make that much of a difference. Then again, Im thinking of spray cans, they could be really big I suppose...

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What a mess, Buildings to the rear, left and right side are all smashed up, jees, and NO one was killed?, some was looking down on these people last night, and was looking after them, it looks like the two building on the left will have to be pulled down they must be structurally impaired.

The "two buildings one the left" is actually the building that exploded and subsequently caught on fire, so I think its safe to say itll be torn down..

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TV news is saying an employee of the real estate agent next door to the pub was engaged in removing the gas from 100 spray cans. I suspect it might have been part of the year-end cleaning activities. But it seems like a lack of common sense to do such a job indoors.

100 spray cans of what? Paint? If so chances are the residual propellant would be minuscule even if it was a hydrocarbon based propellant. That would in no way cause a building to explode, even if it was done inside.

If it was City Gas, the propane would already be in a gas state when piped to the building, resulting in a much less violent explosion had it been liquid propane tanks.

What? All city gas in Japan is Liquid Natural Gas, not propane...

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There is nothing Japanese can do. Renault owns 46% of Nissan, and this happened due to Japanese mismanagement of Nissan.

There is a lot the Japanese can do, Renault owns 43%. Nissan could employ various techniques to make the proposed merger a bad deal for Renault. Ever heard of poison pills with regards to investment? Or, they could put a limit on the amount of shares owned by Renault. https://www.biryuklaw.com/hostile-takeover-defenses/

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Make the visitors pay more tax for what?

140,000 lodgers a year aren't an insignificant amount of people and that puts strain on the towns resources. Roads need to be cleared, fixed and maintained. Sewage and Water needs to be kept in operating order. Garbage collection etc.

With a population that is declining the income to cover these expenses is getting less every year, so the town is adding a very small lodging tax that will contribute to those funds because ultimately, the visitors still use these facilities.

Most all major tourist areas do this in the world, you just might not be aware of it since its usually included in your hotel bill.

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Nissan offered last week to brief Renault's board about findings on what it considers proof of wrongdoing by Ghosn, said a second source who has knowledge of the matter but declined to be identified as it was confidential.

But Renault advised Nissan to brief its lawyers instead, which led to a meeting between the Japanese firm's officials and Renault's legal teams early this week in Paris, the person said.

The Japanese automaker later invited Thierry Bollore, who was named Renault's deputy CEO with the same powers as Ghosn a day after his arrest, as well as board members, to examine the contents of the findings, said the source.

Bollore, though, told Nissan on Tuesday to "refrain from contacting the board", the source said.

The more I read this the funnier it gets. So Renault is basically sticking its fingers in its ears because it doesn't want to hear that their darling was doing something bad? Typical French attitude at things I guess...

How is Nissan running around in the shadows? They are publicly offering to do what Renault wants them to do

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Renault told alliance partner Nissan to stop contacting the French company's directors ahead of a Thursday board meeting as the Japanese automaker tried to share evidence of wrongdoing by its ousted chairman Carlos Ghosn, two sources said.

Ever since Ghosn's Nov 19 arrest in Japan, Renault and the French government, the automaker's biggest shareholder, have demanded to see the findings of a Nissan internal investigation that include allegations of financial misconduct by the 64-year-old executive.

So the way I read this is that Nissan tried to share evidence of wrongdoing by Ghosn to Renault who has been asking for the findings from the investigation, and Renault basically said they don't want to see what they've been asking for?

Out of sight, out of mind I guess? XD

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Serious mishaps like this don't happen all that often if you take into account the large number of U.S. military aircraft around the world and the sheer amount of flight hours they operate around the clock. Other militaries probably have comparable mishap rates but you don't hear about them because they're not as transparent as the U.S. DoD, or because their mishaps simply aren't newsworthy because they don't operate globally as much as we do. Do you really expect the PLAAF of PLAN to tell us about any of their mishaps?

This is true, but I meant more along the lines of "accidents" serious or otherwise. Not just Class A ones. I dont expect the PLAAD or PLAN to tell us, but the JSDF, CAF, RAF, etc would likely make news. And true, they happen still, but just not as much as it seems the US is having lately. Could be due to aging equipment though.

Marines that pay with their lives overseas or on U.S. soil or any other part of this world performing their duty for country.

PAID THE ULTIMATE SACARAFICE. They are dead. What other scarfice can they make?

No matter what crafty come back you decide to write back with. Will never resonate or change what this Marine thinks feels and knows.

They died doing what they loved. Serving the American people and the Corps.

You're entitled to your opinions. But considering they were part of the USFJ arent they technically serving the Japanese people on behalf of the Americans?

Its all semantics anyways, but a sacrifice entails that you give something up willingly... Jumping into war? Yes. Protecting your country? Sure. Flying a training mission? Not so much... Still, its a shame it happened, any loss of life in any accident sucks.

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What is it with some Japanese, who never miss a chance to bash the US military, and make inflammatory statements based on their bias more than fact?

Well he does have a point. Why do these accidents happen so often? And rarely happen with other military forces?

Very sad that six Marines paid the ULITIMATE SACRAFICE keeping Japan safe and of her citizens.

It is very sad that six people lost their lives in a training exercise. It's hardly an "ultimate sacrifice" to keep Japan safe though... If I get killed in a car accident was it an" "ultimate sacrifice" trying to get to work " ?

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*And its completely justified in doing so. The US military is one of the most inept forces on the planet and these accidents happening this much is just proof of it.** Inept? Really?*

Being a big military doesn't mean your guys are good. For example, the Canadian forces are exponentially smaller and yet manage to always be relied on to get the actual job done. In terms of effectiveness, numbers doesn't always mean better.

*Compare the track record of "routine" activities and their ratio to accidents that the US military has to ANY other G8 nation and you'll see its hilariously terrible.-** No such study has ever been made. Night time refueling is anything but routine. If I may give an analgy its like trying make par on 600 yard plus par 5 in pitch black in 30 MPH wind swinging one handed. Seeing you are an expert in Avionics ksteer. How many G8 countries have mid air refueling capabilities?*

While I wasnt specifically referring to this instance as "routine" evident by the fact that I used quotations, there have been many documented routine flights of US aircraft in Japan that end in an accident. More than 10 this year.

G8 countries with mid-air refueling capabilities: USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, France --- That'd be all of them. You make it sound like its only a thing the US can do. Newsflash, it isnt.


If the U.S. Military was not a guest here working with our Japanese counterparts. Seeing Chinese aggression over the Senkaku islands. Imagine being kicked out of your house under Chinese occupied Japan and a Chinese officer moving in your house while you are sent to a prison camp. We are here to keep Chinese aggression as well the DPRK/ Russia in check with our very vigilant counterparts and partner the Japanese. And it is a partnership.

Yes, you're correct. You are mainly here as a deterrent to keep other hostile countries at bay. That doesn't change what I said, I have a better chance of being killed by a US aircraft than China invading and killing me. Doesn't mean you shouldn't be here.

*that your military service members have adequate training (which, evidently they dont)-** First off. How dare you stain the memory of Captain Jahmar F. Resilard, 28, of Miramar. This man was U.S. Marine and one of the finest and brightest men to serve the Corps. This is what his Lt. Col. James Compton had to say about him,*

How am I staining the memory of Captain Resilard? Did I say HE doesn't have training? No. Is he the one to blame for the accident? If that's why you're getting defensive than you must be privileged to a lot of information about the accident.

Im sure Captain Resilard was a very good person and its a shame what happened to him. But at the end of the day, someone screwed up here = generally a sign of inadequate training on the part of SOMEONE. And yes, training is not full proof, its a mitigation technique to stop errors. People make mistakes, it happens. But at the rate that the US military in Japan makes mistakes, it makes me think that the training in inadequate. Either that, or the attitude towards safety by the members of the service is severely lacking. [ Ergo, the time when you forget to bolt in a helicopter window and then have it fly over a childrens school. ]

As for arguing for the US military track-record, I don't generally engage in it with people like you guys, because you're not taught anything other than the US military is amazing, all hail it. If you know history than you'd know what Im talking about, if you don't then... well that just sucks I guess.

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they also urged Japan to remove nontariff barriers including what they refer to as a practice of not accepting vehicles build to U.S. safety and environmental standards.

Heaven forbid that a country has its own safety and environmental standards! Oh how unfair it is....

When are American car companies going to realize, if you want to sell in Japan, make a car that the Japanese people would buy.

Japan has to export/build cars that meet US environmental and safety standards, but the US doesnt have to meet Japanese ones? Yeah....

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Posted in: U.S. Marine accident off Japan categorized as severest 'Class A' See in context

this particle serves no other purpose than to stir up fears about aircraft accidents involving u.s. military

And its completely justified in doing so. The US military is one of the most inept forces on the planet and these accidents happening this much is just proof of it. Compare the track record of "routine" activities and their ratio to accidents that the US military has to ANY other G8 nation and you'll see its hilariously terrible.

Im more scared of a US aircraft falling on my house than China attempting to invade Japan. Its really not that hard to make sure your equipment is up to snuff and that your military service members have adequate training (which, evidently they dont)

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CruisinJapanToday  09:56 am JST

I was not a caregiver in Japan, but I was an IT consultant. Despite holding JLPT N2, my Japanese employer wouldn't put me on projects with Japanese clients, only with foreign businesses operating in Japan. I guess not even the JLPT 2 is enough for a respectable bank or insurance company.

I tell you what though, if you're foreign and want to work in a restaurant, conbini, or kiosk for 750 yen / hr, the Japanese will snatch you right up even if you've only been in Japan for a week and can't spell konnichi-wa.

I hope the politicians, businessmen, and hospital owners realize the oxymoron they've put themselves in. They want people with a skillset that simple doesn't exist, and can't seem to find a way provide a path to get there!

I think this is the issue that most people have, foreigners and Japanese. Having a certification in something doesn't mean you are capable of using it. Having gone to a Japanese university, lived in Japan for going on 5 years, and consistently strived to improve my Japanese I don't even hold a JLPT certification, however I constantly get told by my co-workers I speak better Japanese than most of our clients, know keigo fluently, read and write fluently, and am constantly working with Japanese clients, BY MYSELF. (Im also white in case you're wondering).

Holding a certification in JLPT provides literally zero information on how well you can actually speak, people need to realize that its not something to be proud of. I know a few hundred Chinese students here in Japan that all hold JLPT1 but lack even a morsel of communication skills in Japanese.

Its not a skillset that doesn't exist, its a skillset that is required for the job at hand and not a particularly difficult one to learn. If the wellbeing of a human being is going to be in your hands, you better know all those obscure Japanese characters on those medical bottles, and you better be able to understand when a 78 year old person with no teeth ATTEMPTS to tell you what pain they have. Thats the job, take it or leave it.

The very fact that people are getting upset about the (realistically better pay than most people in Japan) pay, and the language requirements just shows how many disillusioned or "otherwise don't know the real world in Japan" people on JT there are...

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177people, government plan 5,000 so that means 4823 people have not grasped the opportunity to work long hours for little renumeration and study a language that is only spoken in one geographical area. Think a panel of experts might be needed to sort this one out!

If you read the article correctly, you'd realize that starting from April people can apply. The 177 foreigner caregivers is the CURRENT amount in the country. It has nothing to do with the relaxation of the law of the allowance of 5000 under the new visa category.

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How about the low salary of 280000 Yen on average per month. Seriously, $2480 a month in Japan isn't that really that much, even if you're splitting the rent and utilities with a roommate or a spouse. Maybe the low salary of a nurse in Japan is main reason why most folks pass it over as a career, when could earn just as much working as a shift manager at a McDonalds with less headaches and stress.

Its quite a bit, I dont see why people think it isnt a livable wage, there are people making less than this who live in Tokyo. Japanese companies are based on hierarchy, as in the longer you work there the higher your wage gets. Although nursing and nurses are not necessarily the same, they still receive quite a bit more than your average 1st year worker.

The thing to remember about jobs in Japan is not just the salary, but also the ceiling for that job. You MIGHT make just as much as a full time McDonalds worker, but you're never going to get more than that.

and now we've learned they haven't mastered this abstruse keigo or the 2000 kanji that every Japanese using in a given day. Show them the door!

Its not that difficult if you really try. Its like a year of studying.

They expect these young people achieve a JLPT2 (or higher) level of proficiency to work for a pittance and clean bedpans.

Generally when you're caring for humans you should at least know the medical terminology in the language that said patient speaks. JLPT2 is a bare minimum and, in my opinion, is too lenient.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo's Yamanote line to be named Takanawa Gateway See in context

You'll have to forgive someone who rarely makes it to our beloved capital, but WTF? Exclusively for foreigners?

I dont think so. I think what they mean is that generally speaking, its really difficult for a foreign person to rent/buy a condo in Japan, so this development will likely offer financing etc specifically to make it easier for foreigners to buy.

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I mean lets be honest here,

saying he could not stand to make a false confession as doing so would harm his reputation,

Ghosn is known to be extremely egotistical, this just proves it. I can show you right now how Ghosn is guilty of false filings to the security commission. Regardless or not he did it with knowledge is up for debate, but the fact that the papers he signed off on it show one thing that isnt in line with the law just proves he's guilty or the fall-guy, but the end result is the same.

Ghosn's ego wont let him confess and the Japanese prosecutors are probably just waiting around until he does as they'd likely not want to go to trial anyways (just a waste of time).

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Posted in: Paris assesses injuries, damage after worst riot in decade See in context

The Japanese working class should take a lesson from this, and take to the streets.

They absolutely should not do that. No one wants to be like the French who have violent protests for literally everything they dont like. You guys need to chill out.

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