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Posted in: Suspected ringleader of gang that stole ¥6 million from actress at her condo arrested See in context

Headline of the article:

Suspected ringleader of gang that stole ¥6 million from actress at her condo arrested

Opening sentence:

Police have arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of masterminding the robbery of the Tokyo apartment of porn film actress Yuria Satomi last October.

Headline reads "actress" so why just say "porn film actress" in the headline? I would think that would actually draw more attention to the article.

And why is there no mention of the name of the gang that this "ringleader" belonged to? Or were these three the "gang"? I also like how it reads "masterminding the robbery" - the way it is described in the article, it didn't seem that much thought or planning was really required. I was hoping to read that they bypassed some high tech security or something like that - nope, they just rang the doorbell.


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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on Peach plane in Sept arrested See in context

Junya Okuno was asked by cabin crew to put on a mask, which he refused to do while demanding that the request be made in writing.

I would have said "Certainly, just a moment" and then write on a napkin "Dear Passenger, Please wear a mask for the safety of others on this flight. Your cooperation is very much appreciated and thank you for choosing Peach Airlines!" and handed to him.

I assume he wore his mask the entire time he was in the airport before the flight? My guess is that he didn't and probably made a scene as well.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping teenage girl he met on social media See in context

What's not mentioned is whether or not he disclosed his age to her or if he was a guy. It just says that he used a social media site to lure a teenage girl.

He could have pretended to be a teenage boy (or girl) to gain her confidence.

But it is curious as to what he said (or did) to convince her to go to Tokyo by herself to meet up with him. She should also consider herself very lucky.

Anyway, the guy is a predator (aka: scum) and needs to be locked up.

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Posted in: Vaccines not prerequisite for Tokyo Olympics: Kato See in context

Ok - Ok - Ok -- Let's just say hypothetically that Japan was able to put on the summer Olympics this year and some Countries did participate. Japan being the host country will most likely have the most athletes so they would take home most of the medals.

As an athlete, I don't know if I would want to win a medal that way even if the country I was competing against was a strong one. The athlete's want to compete against the best in the world, not just some of the best. It sort of relate it to when Russia boycotted the Olympics in 1980. Events that they would normally dominate was won by another country - good for them, but wouldn't you want to beat the favorite countries?

Anyway, I still don't see how Japan can make these claims. Sure, they can open it up this summer but how many countries (aside from themselves) will actually come? I'm going to bet not a lot to none. I was looking forward to the 2020 Summer Olympics because Baseball and Women Softball was returning but in the larger scheme of things, I can wait for the Summer Olympics when everything is safe and everyone can compete.

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Posted in: Ghosn hid scale of Nissan salary, fearing dismissal from Renault, Tokyo court told See in context

Carlos Ghosn concealed the scale of his compensation at Nissan because he feared the French government would force him out of Renault if it discovered how much he earned

If you're a publicly traded company, aren't you required to disclose your salary? Or is that only for the US market?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic president tries to reassure doubting country See in context

Either make it a truly amateur competition again or just forget about it

Totally agree with your closing statement.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic president tries to reassure doubting country See in context

I don't see how the Summer (or Winter) Olympics can be hosted by any country this year.

It would be very irresponsible for any country to attempt or even hint of hosting the Olympics right now. Japan should just admit that it's not going to happen and they should just cut their losses now and plan to host again in the future.

I really feel for the athletes but in the larger picture the Olympics is not a world priority.

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Posted in: Japanese approval of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine unlikely until May See in context

borschtJan. 8  08:40 am JST


3600 dead Japanese would disagree that Covid-19 is “Just a cold.”

I agree with you. Speaking with friends and family that live in Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Akita), I can assure you that no one is viewing this just a cold.

However they did say that if COVID doesn't kill them, these shutdowns will. I know they mean that jokingly but it just reinforces the situation.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forging prized popsicle sticks to win Pokemon cards See in context

I say they should have sent him a dud or a really common Pokemon card for each one he sent in. It helps remove all of the dud cars from inventory and those that legitimately won would get a higher value card. Win-win! (^o^)/

Or better yet send some other non-Pokemon card. What's he going to do? File a complaint?

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Posted in: Suga pledges to improve coronavirus situation in 1 month See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga pledged to improve the coronavirus situation in Japan within one month as he declared a state of emergency on Thursday.

Suga asked younger people to refrain from making unnecessary outings to prevent the further spread of the virus and protect the lives of others.

He also said the government will provide up to 1.8 million yen per month to each eatery that complies with a request to shorten operating hours.

The emergency declaration, which will be effective from Friday to Feb 7, will entail asking residents to stay home and calls for restaurants and bars to stop serving alcohol by 7 p.m. and close by 8 p.m. Gyms, department stores and shopping malls will also be subject to the shorter hours. Entertainment facilities, such as movie theaters and concert halls, will be asked to reduce the numbers in the audience.

So basically he's telling people to stay home and he's throwing money at eatery's that comply - and the compensation is "up to 1.8 million" so you could only get 1 yen.

But this is obviously a stall tactic, to show the public (world) that he's doing something about the pandemic in Japan. And if the numbers don't drop then he can blame the public for not doing what he says. For him it's a safe "win-win" sort of declaration -- which is pretty lame IMHO.

What he probably should have done was to continue to urge the people to please reframe from going out if not needed and for those eatery's that comply with the request of shortening their hours they will be compensated - for those that don't comply could face fines or something along those lines.

But honestly the pledge he made is laughable to me.

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Posted in: Man arrested for entering Akasaka Estate, says he wanted to meet imperial family See in context

Police have arrested a 29-year-old man on suspicion of trespassing on the grounds of the Akasaka Estate where the imperial residences are located, on Saturday night.

According to police, the man climbed over the unmanned west gate at around 9:40 p.m. Saturday, Fuji TV reported.

Umm... Suspicion of trespassing?!? :-\ The dude climbed over the gate, at night, uninvited. I think you can safely say he was trespassing...

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy pushing baby stroller hit and killed by car at intersection See in context

First, condolences to the family for their loss. I was relieved that his 2 year old brother was not injured. I can only image the horror the driver must have felt after realizing what had happened.

Very sad...

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Posted in: Japan Post employee arrested for stealing ¥70 mil from post office safe See in context

Why was there so much money in the safe?

If not mistaken, some (most?) post offices can also function as banks which a lot of foreigners use when they first come to Japan on work visa's. It's very difficult for a non-Citizen to open a bank account in Japan.

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Posted in: Police officer caught downloading dirty videos from suspect’s phone See in context

“You have to delete the chat, man!”

Sorry... That comment in the article made me laugh for some reason...

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Posted in: Typhoon expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds over weekend See in context

Why would anyone be outside in the middle of a typhoon?

There's always going to be that ONE person that HAS to record it for their YouTube channel.

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Posted in: Father arrested over death of one-month-old daughter in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

I'd like to give the mother the benefit of the doubt and that she perhaps ashamed for not doing anything sooner which is perhaps why her comment was very short. Again, that's what I would like to believe.

That being said, I can honestly say that if someone was beating my child that I would not hesitate to put my life ahead of hers. If that meant leaving and being homeless with my child, so be it. We'd be better off.

We only have one child, a 19 year old daughter, who we have never raised our hand to. She got into trouble when she was a child but nothing warranted striking her.

As a father, and as aforementioned, I (and my wife) would not hesitate to put my life ahead of hers even to this day.

I get it. Being a parent is not easy but it's also so rewarding at the same time. I just can't understand something like this happening. There is just no excuse, IMHO.

This guy needs to go away.... For a long time....

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Posted in: Prepare to get rid of 'hanko,' Suga tells government See in context

Sort of sad to see the Hanko go, but I agree with a lot of the earlier replies in that "it was time". As I've gotten older, I've started to treasure old customs and traditions, but this doesn't mean that they should be kept in use indefinitely. They should be retired where and when applicable and they should never be looked back upon as something negative; it served a purpose.

Wonder how long before a Hanko app for the iPhone and Android devices appear? :-) Or is there one now? I have a US iPhone so when I search for Hanko I get a bunch of games that come up. :-/

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Posted in: 19-year-old student arrested for attempted rape of woman in unmanned police box See in context

@JJ Jetplane - I was thinking the same thing.

Good thinking by her, unfortunate no-one was there at that time, but even if there was, what was this guy thinking? Oh, right! He wasn't!

Even if he knew that it was unmanned at that time, he had to know that there would be some sort of video surveillance in there. Oh, right! Forgot, he's an idiot.

Glad to hear that she wasn't severely harmed and they actually caught him.

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Posted in: Kabuki performances go online on paid site See in context

Much of the Kabuki experience is to witness it live. I remember when I was 4 (1973) and attending my first Kabuki. It was performed outdoor and it very interactive. The audience would "boo" the villain, cheer the hero, laugh and gasp as the play went on, even an occasional heckle (but always in fun). The performer also play off of this too.

It's been many many years since I last went to a real Kabuki. Every time we go back to Japan, we never seem to be able to find the time to attend one ( sigh ). I've attended a few here in the States, and they are good, but it's not the same. Hard to explain...

Streaming it live is not the same, obviously, but at least the art of Kabuki is still going on amidst COVID-19.


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Posted in: An Olympic first: Cardboard beds for Tokyo Athletes Village See in context

hm... since they're already supplying a mattress of some sort, why not just supply that and forget the frame? When we visit family in Japan that's how we sleep - just bedding on the floor.

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Posted in: You can send email from pay phones in Japan. Here's how See in context

@Serrano "Does anyone actually do this?"-- probably not very often but I can see if someone forgot their cell phone, had a dead battery, problem with their service, etc.... using something like this to get a quick message to someone.

@Blacklabel "You would think you could speak the message and it be converted into text..." -- it could, however, there are so many dialects of the Japanese language from the various prefectures and you have Japanese slang that seems to grow everyday. What about foreigners such as Americans, Chinese, Korean, etc.? I suppose they'd have to know to only speak in proper Japanese :-)

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