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Posted in: Ex-post office chief in Nagasaki may have swindled ¥1 bil See in context

kaimycahlApr. 7  10:44 pm JST

Is this fraud or pure theft?

It's both. He misled the customer (fraud) and pocketed the money (theft).

BlackFlagCitizenApr. 7  09:52 am JST

How is this fraud even possible? Don't they do any audits at J-Post?

My guess is that an audit isn't going to turn much up. The reason I say this is because if he was smart, he would have supplied a fake document for the "insurance" which, of course, there are no copies filed or kept.

Most loans do have some sort of insurance to help cover the balance of the loan should something happen to the customer (i.e. death, unemployment, etc.) which an insurance fee is applied to the over all loan. What this guy did was piggy back on that. Since most Japanese people pay in cash, it would be fairly easy for him to provide a receipt for the loan payment and a second (fake one) for whatever fake service he came up with.

Unless something happens with the loan in general, this fraud/theft would virtually go undetected. If the payments were done electronically then I don't think his scheme would work.

IDK, this is just my guess. I wouldn't expect the article to go into any details on how he pulled this off as it could taint the litigation.

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Posted in: Female teacher, ex-boyfriend arrested for voyeurism and child pornography See in context

According to police reports, Hamasaki said she was coerced by her ex-boyfriend to film the girls.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I really would like to know what he said that made her believe that this was a good thing....

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after woman clings to hood of car See in context

ToshihiroToday  05:52 am JST

This is just absurd, the woman should've been charged. He was the one who was attacked.

She probably will be but this article leaves out a lot of other details. It doesn't state how far or even how fast he was going when she was on the hood of his car. For all we know he only drove a few feet and then stopped.

We don't even know what the "trouble" was that caused all of this.

IDK -- at least no one was seriously injured or killed (#lookingforthesilverlining)

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

I don't see why it can't be both.

One of the best things about being behind the wheel are those impromptu moments. Many of our family treasured memories is when we see something along the way and decide to explore it further. This also includes getting lost. :-) There are many places we would have never knew about if we hadn't gotten "lost".

That being said, I can also see how enjoyable a road trip can be for all if the driving was left to "someone else" (i.e. the car). There has been many times where I had to focus on driving a mountain pass and could not enjoy the scenery until I could find a safe place to pull over.

My wife and I would also "tag-team" the driving duties but I can see how enjoyable a trip could be if we didn't have to do that as well.

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Posted in: ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo See in context

I think this is very clever and fun idea. A fun distraction and experience if you have little children. Even if the plan doesn't go anywhere, just going to the airport, boarding a real plane, has to be a really fun experience. This is also a great advertising campaign by ANA. It gives them the opportunity to show off their plane, staff service, etc.

This venue would also be a very unique "date" destination. Haneda airport is minutes from Tokyo so there are places nearby that one could visit to complete the "date". And the subway goes directly into Haneda too which makes it very convenient.

That said, the cost is a bit on the steep side for a family dinner, IMHO, and I think if they really want to attract more people then they are going to have to lower that cost a bit more. Unless they are given some other things (i.e. gifts, vouchers, etc.) then it may be worth it.

Again, I like the idea and I think it's pretty cool. I know I would probably try it at least once. :-)

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Posted in: Indictment dropped against 17-year-old boy whose suicide leap killed woman See in context

MeiyouwentiMar. 26  05:39 pm JST

I didn’t know that the prosecutors can indict a dead man.

I think he was indicted for manslaughter because it was not pre-meditated or deliberate (in other words he didn't plan to kill that girl, just himself). In some regards this is very important, namely for the girl and her family. For example, insurance reasons (it will determine any beneficiaries she may have declared) and other Governmental reasons such as her bank accounts, death certificate, and any other legal responsibilities she may have (i.e. loans, leases, etc...). The legal cause of death will effect the aforementioned.

I know it sounds stupid but I think they needed to indict him because his action took the life of another. Fortunately the Japanese Court saw that this was just a tragic and sad incidence that took the lives of two young people and dropped the indictment.

That said, cause of her death will most likely be recorded as an "accident" and not a result of manslaughter.

I'm not a lawyer, or an expert in law, so my comments are just my personal opinions.

All of that said, because he was a minor the family of the girl could potentially go after the family or his legal guardian but not for manslaughter but rather damages and pain and suffering (i.e. medical bills and any other financial responsibilities she may have had). IDK, hard to say... Again, very sad for both families and my condolences go out to both of them...

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥150 million in cash in condo sale scam See in context

“I took the cash, but I did not steal it or cheat anyone.”


He took the bag, telling the man he would look after it because it was dangerous to carry that much cash.

He was right about that...

He should consider himself lucky that they caught him.

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Posted in: TBS producer arrested after punching wife in face See in context

AbbeyMar. 9  10:28 pm JST

Awful, but why is it any business of his company ?

My guess is because he is (was) a Producer in the company - a "higher up" and it is a company in the media industry; they need to try to ensure that they don't lose any sponsors and viewers from this incident.

That being said, if this guy is "violent" or is known to display violence in the workplace, then it could cause some internal employees to speak up (though I doubt it) which could lead to employees filing a legal complaint which could further damage the image and confidence of the company.

The statement from the company as it is reported in the article seems very short to me. I suspect (and hope) there was more said. If not then that tells me that the company really doesn't care and they are just going through the motions to acknowledge that this event occurred --- which is sad...

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Posted in: 70-year-old nurse assaulted, robbed after finishing night shift in Kawasaki See in context

sensei258Mar. 1  07:03 am JST


I thought the same thing...

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Posted in: Mystery man donates bags of cash to local schools in Nara See in context

“It’s amazing, but the fact that he donated using plastic bags… is kind of scary.”

I hope the money is legit and not stolen.

“If he wanted to donate, he should have done using the formal procedure. He could just be doing this to avoid paying taxes.”

If that is the case, I support this type of tax evasion. Especially if the donation are for public schools and other public services.

If this was donated to a private entity then yes, I would agree and perhaps should be done through formal procedures.

Whatever the man’s motives were, fingers crossed the money gets used to benefit the children in Nara city, and that it will inspire other wannabe Tiger Masks to pick up the alter-ego (or any alter-ego, really!) and continue the kindness chain.

Yes! Doesn't even have to be a monetary donation. Any donation (personal services, clothes, food, masks, etc...).

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Posted in: Do you think hanami (cherry blossom viewing) gatherings in parks should be discouraged in order to lessen the spread of the coronavirus infections? See in context

I agree with everyone (at least the first 6 commenters). It should not be banned but delayed. This also goes for the festivals that are publicly held. It’s sad but it’s not worth jeopardizing people’s health.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

> Happy DayFeb. 28  11:09 pm JST

The stands should be full. The threat will be significantly diminished or gone by July

Totally agree! By July 2024 it should be significantly diminished. If not then we’ve got a much bigger problem!

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Posted in: Man killed after leaping from platform into oncoming train in Kobe See in context

Ricky SanchezFeb. 26  04:30 pm JST

I never understood why people do this!

It's a good thig that you don't understand. This means that you don't have thoughts of killing yourself.

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Posted in: Helicopters, firefighters battle forest fires in Gunma, Tochigi See in context

Seeing as I currently live in Southern California, we have our share of huge wildfires (man made and natural). Each time I have to commend the fire fighters. About two years ago we had one come close to our home and was close to having to evacuate.

Fortunately the fire fighters were able to contain it but I remember they had to battle high (dry) winds that was changing direction all the time -- and they did this by hand on the ground because the winds were too dangerous for the helicopters and plane dumps were too hard for them hit their target. It was crazy. We went down to the park where all the fire fighters were resting and delivered water, snacks and whatever we could to show our appreciation.

Thank you to all the fire fighters around the world for your service.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay scheduled to begin in one month — without cheering See in context

But the relay will be a much more sober affair than usual.

You think?!?

Spectators will be allowed to watch the flame pass, but will be required to wear masks, avoid crowding, and only attend segments of the relay near their home.

You can address the crowding by NOT going through with the Olympics this summer!

"They must support with applause or by using distributed goods rather than by shouting or cheering,"

Wow! You'd think this was being hosted in North Korea!

"Individual relay segments will be suspended if there is a risk of overcrowding," the guidelines add.

see and insert my second comment from above

Attendance at celebration venues along portions of the route will be by reservation only to limit numbers,

(( OMG ))

and information on which torchbearers will run which sections of the route will be released only at the last minute to avoid crowds gathering to watch celebrity runners.

I'm sure there are going to be many people waiting anxiously to learn where and when it will be announced.

In all seriousness - WHY is Japan still being so stubborn about this? They more effort you put into this, the more money is being thrown away. Face it Japan -- the Summer Olympics is a no-go. Cut your losses now and help your country (and the world) recover from this pandemic! Use the Olympic stadium and village to help administer the vaccines so people are not having to be crammed into hospitals and clinics. That, to me, would be much more of an event watch than a forced Olympic.

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Posted in: Sponsors, volunteers welcome Hashimoto as Tokyo Olympics head See in context

Hashimoto, a seven-time Olympian, has said preparing effective measures against the novel coronavirus is the "most important" task and pledged to stage a "safe and secure" games this summer.

That's easy ... don't have a games this summer! Anywhere!

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Posted in: British PM Johnson backs Tokyo's hosting of Olympics See in context

Danny NguyenToday  12:23 am JST

My opinion regarding this statement is that Japan are already receiving information from the United Kingdom on how to host sporting events safely and perhaps even more. If there is no such information sharing, I don't think the British government would have committed this far out forward. Furthermore, the UK is currently on course to meet their very ambitious vaccination goals within the next few weeks.

I have been watching how they got things working out in the Premier League since last summer and more recently in the Australian Open. I think the Olympics can work something out even though I remain somewhat skeptical because of how lax some countries may be when it comes to testing their own athletes before they get on the plane. That being said, it's all about how tight a country wil apply control protocols.

Good points, however, Japan (and all other Countries) should concede and not go forward with attempting to host the Summer Olympics this soon. I don't care how other countries are slowly bringing back sporting events - that's great - but I still feel that it's 100% irresponsible to try and host the Olympics now. It's too soon, the vaccine is just getting out to people. Japan's COVID-19 numbers are going up everyday and now you want to introduce external foreigners into your country? I say "No!" - wait for Japan to contain and control the pandemic in their country first.

That being said, I would be glad if competitions take place because it would be a good reminder of fundamentals on what Olympics should be all about: sports and celebrating the best of humanity.

Nobody is saying that cancelling the Olympics is going against this statement. I've stated in a number of comments in past articles on that I want to see the Summer Olympics happen - but only when it's safe for everyone to take part. Forcing the event when it doesn't need to be is very irresponsible and not best for humanity.

I'm not trying to belittle the Olympics but in the larger picture and scheme of things, it's just a sporting event. I was so looking forward to the 2020 Olympics because of the return of Baseball and Women Softball. But I don't feel that it's worth forcing the Olympics just for that. It's not worth jeopardizing another outbreak.

I'm curious to see if the 2022 Winter Olympics is going to happen. In theory we should all be vaccinated by then but you never know. If it too gets cancelled because of COVID-19 then we have a much larger issue at hand - COVID-19 would have been with us for nearly 3 years!

Again -- JAPAN and the IOC! STOP TRYING TO FORCE THIS EVENT! Here, this is from one of my earlier comments to another article that you can use to send to the media:

"Japan and IOC! Here, copy and paste this:

"The 2020/2021 summer Olympics is cancelled. We are disappointed that it has turned out this way but in the larger scheme of things this is the best decision for everyone. We feel for all the athletes and fans that were looking forward to attending but it would be irresponsible of us to try and host the event this year. We are hopeful that the 2024 summer Olympics will go on as scheduled. Thank you again and please be safe! Japan and the IOC."


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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died in overheated car while she went drinking goes on trial See in context

No words to describe my feelings regarding her actions.

The meteorological agency said the temperature on Sept 3 reached 37.6 degrees, but it would have been much higher inside the car.

That doesn't even take into account the humidity level.

I am so angered (outraged) reading this. RIP little ones...

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Posted in: Tips for avoiding dreaded 'bento stress' See in context

Since students are required to wear a uniform, and there are very strict rules on how to wear them, I guess the only thing they have that can be used to "show off" is their lunch.

Here in the States, public schools in particular, kids are judged by their peers on the brand clothes and shoes they wear. Sadly this is also seen with adults.

I was raised by my Japanese grandmother in Hawaii and she didn't go out of her way to make me a "pretty" bento lunch. But she at least made it look neat and tidy (the only way I can describe it).

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Posted in: Driver on Seibu Railway train falls asleep while at controls See in context

However, the driver continued to operate the train until a replacement was arranged.

Wait... Whut?!? I hope that an attendant was at least with him until the replacement arrived!

The Saitama-based railway company said in a statement: “We will firmly instruct our crew of the tremendous responsibility to take accountability for our passengers’ lives.”

Why does that sound so insincere? I have to believe that there is more to that statement than the article is sharing.

I suppose on the bright side - no one got injured or killed as a result of this.

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Posted in: Ex-bank employee arrested for stealing ¥52 mil; blames it on stress See in context

bokudaFeb. 9  04:26 pm JST

Just say the computer was broken,

the mouse and keyboard where moving by themselves

hm.. almost.. close.. however:

Ichinoseki falsified loan documents and withdrew cash in the customers' names.

The Japanese banking system is still very much paper based, though some do it online. It's the later verb which would make it hard to pin it on fat fingering it and a mouse that has gone crazy. :-)

I sort of have to give her some credit. Straight withdrawal or transfer of funds would be noticed by the customer immediately. A loan wouldn't be noticed for some time. It could have a deferred payment as stated in the loan documents that she authored and faked. Even if she did that, she would have to know that doing it as a loan is just delaying the inevitable.

But... as everyone has already said. Her reason was a very lame. Just blame it on pandemic. At least that would give you some cred.

Or not...

(( sigh ))

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Posted in: Foreign volunteers for Tokyo Olympics stuck in virus limbo See in context

Judith Gurney is desperate to know if she is going to the Tokyo Olympics, not as an athlete, but one of thousands of foreign volunteers left in limbo by virus uncertainty.

Uncertainty?!? It's certain that it's NOT going to happen! And even it it does, I don't think I would want to attend!

organizers insist will go ahead this year despite raging infections worldwide.

OMG!! How can they "insist" that it will happen?!?

But they now face an agonizing wait for news as tough decisions are made about how to hold the event safely, or at all.

OMG again! It's not a tough decision!

Japan and IOC! Here, copy and paste this:

"The 2020/2021 summer Olympics is cancelled. We are disappointed that it has turned out this way but in the larger scheme of things this is the best decision for everyone. We feel for all the athletes and fans that were looking forward to attending but it would be irresponsible of us to try and host the event this year. We are hopeful that the 2024 summer Olympics will go on as scheduled. Thank you again and please be safe! Japan and the IOC."

omg #unbelievable

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Posted in: Uncertainty for Tokyo Olympic volunteers, torch bearers See in context

It would be very cool if they could some how include the torch bearers from this Olympics with the next. Or something along those lines.

That is what Japan and IOC SHOULD be focusing all of their efforts and attentions on; NOT trying to force an Olympic to take place in 6 months . I think that would help build morale and support.

To be a participant in the Olympics whether as an athlete, a torch bearer, etc, is still a very special thing and I don't know if I would want to be a part of a forced Olympic where not everyone is in attendance; it just wouldn't be the same. That would be like hosting a party and only your family shows up and maybe 1 friend.

Japan, IOC - I don't think people will hold it against you if you just stopped your efforts on trying to force this Olympic and focus your attention, efforts, money, etc. to the next one which hopefully will happen in 2024.

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman arrested after trying to kill son with hammer See in context

MirchyFeb. 2  03:55 pm JST


What was her husband doing at the time of the assault?

...he held his legs...

LOL! I know I shouldn't laugh but I just couldn't help myself.

kyushubillFeb. 2  10:28 am JST

So what did the son do to her before? Important piece missing.

This is a form of "clickbait" and it's very unlikely that there will be a follow-up article because it probably was just a domestic violence/dispute. They bloated (sensualized?) the title and parts of the article to get views. This is common with just about all news sites.

Not to sound morbid but because there was no homicide or serious injuries (i.e. coma) is most likely why there isn't much detail. There was an arrest so the event has *some *bite but not if it had been a homicide.

Since no reporter is listed as taking credit for the article tells me that they just needed to get something out to fill space and violence of any sort sells. If something major develops latter then JT will take credit as reporting it when it happened.

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Posted in: Fans or no fans? Tokyo Olympic organizers still mum See in context

TOKYO - One of the biggest unanswered questions about the Tokyo Olympics deals with fans.

I beg to differ. The biggest unanswered question is "why" are they trying to put on the Olympics this year?!?

I personally love the Summer Olympics and was really looking forward to the 2020 Olympics because Baseball and Women Softball was returning. But that alone is not enough to where I feel they should try and force the Olympics to happen on 2021 or 2022 for that matter. I say wait for 2024.

I understand that the Olympics is a big deal for a lot of countries (especially when you are selected to be the host country) and I really feel for many of the athletes, especially for those where this was to be their last, but it's not the end of the world if it was cancelled. Life would go on...

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympics to unveil rule book for beating pandemic See in context

A major unanswered questions involves fans. How many fans will be allowed into venues? Will fans from abroad be permitted?

.... or would fans even come? Think about it. In most countries (and most airlines) require you get tested first which means subjecting yourself to having a cotton swab jabbed up your nose to where it touches your brain (joy!) then spending lots of $$$ for the flight (for us it's a good 12-14 hour plane ride - fun!), then when you get there the entire country closes by 8p and you'll be treated to only seeing less than 10% of countries competing - if that many at all. Sounds like the ideal Summer Vacation! Sign me Expedia!

Oh, and good luck with enforcing foreigners to wear a mask the entire time! Have fun with that...

Seriously, I can't believe the IOC is still thinking that a 2021 Summer Olympic is going to happen! I think a better use of the venue would be to use it to help administer the vaccine. It's very spacious, outdoors, and can hold a lot of people comfortably rather than trying to jam them into clinics and hospitals. In an earlier article, they were looking for 10,000(?) Medical people for the Olympics? I say recruit these Medical people an repurpose them to assist with the vaccination. That to me would be a much better plan and use of their time.

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Posted in: ¥15 mil stolen from elderly woman’s home See in context

Police said the woman told them that a few days earlier she had received a phone call from a man identifying himself

I'm going to go on a limb and say that if he left any sort of business card with her that it's 100% bogus as well. But how did he get her phone number?!? Did he just dial randomly? I assume the Police has traced the phone number to it's owner?

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on plane refuses to wear mask in custody See in context

ScepticalJan. 25  07:36 pm JST

Why don't they give him what he wants. If he catch covid-19 then leave him unattended in a cell. There are 15,000+ people waiting in line to be admitted in hospitals.

But what if he already has it and because his refusal to wear a mask passes it on? Wearing a mask or some sort of face covering is no guarantee that you will not catch or pass it to others. It will, however, reduce the likelihood of catching or passing it onto others.

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Posted in: Suspected ringleader of gang that stole ¥6 million from actress at her condo arrested See in context

Headline of the article:

Suspected ringleader of gang that stole ¥6 million from actress at her condo arrested

Opening sentence:

Police have arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of masterminding the robbery of the Tokyo apartment of porn film actress Yuria Satomi last October.

Headline reads "actress" so why just say "porn film actress" in the headline? I would think that would actually draw more attention to the article.

And why is there no mention of the name of the gang that this "ringleader" belonged to? Or were these three the "gang"? I also like how it reads "masterminding the robbery" - the way it is described in the article, it didn't seem that much thought or planning was really required. I was hoping to read that they bypassed some high tech security or something like that - nope, they just rang the doorbell.


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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on Peach plane in Sept arrested See in context

Junya Okuno was asked by cabin crew to put on a mask, which he refused to do while demanding that the request be made in writing.

I would have said "Certainly, just a moment" and then write on a napkin "Dear Passenger, Please wear a mask for the safety of others on this flight. Your cooperation is very much appreciated and thank you for choosing Peach Airlines!" and handed to him.

I assume he wore his mask the entire time he was in the airport before the flight? My guess is that he didn't and probably made a scene as well.

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