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Posted in: 'Mad Men' 2011: Japan’s gender equality debate See in context

It's always interesting reading the half-baked comments on articles like this. It seems that many Americans -- and probably Europeans too -- have a very basic need to feel superior to other countries. Read through the article and the comments -- none of this has anything to do with womens rights. No specifics are actually discussed.

Every single thing here boils down to: "how far behind America is Japan?"

It begs the question why so many Americans are insecure about these things. Does coming onto a forum and bad-mouthing another culture in a language few of them speak make you feel better about yourselves?

Here's a newsflash for you -- Japan, and Asia in general, have different values. You can't compare one for one. If you want to play that game, I could just as easily say "Japanese women control the checkbooks and household -- in America, women are still largely subject to men in the house. It's the man's castle. But Japan has figured it out and has better equality. If the man is working, it makes more sense to give the responsibilities of managing the household and all it's bills to the woman. And Japanese, unlike Americans, trust women to handle the household checkbooks. Thus Japan is much more liberal and forward-thinking than America."

... yea, there's a lot of stereotypes and misinfo in there. But then, it's the exact same thing you're all doing. What's the difference?

PS My wife is a career woman in Japan. Solid job, solid opportunities for advancement, and her company highly values her skills, along with all the other women in her work place. Maybe her field is just forward-thinking. Or maybe it's just that trying to boil down all of your half-baked preconceptions and comparing them to America doesn't yield an objective viewpoint. Japan has a different value set. Appreciate diversity for what it is, try to identify situations that actually are unfair, and address those. Do that, and maybe you won't all look like fools desperate to feel better about yourselves.

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