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Kujok007 comments

Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

I understand it too well, I had a child with my Japanese ex-girlfriend, never been able to see him, every time I go to Japan she is running away to some family members somewhere in Japan(never the same place), I know we weren't married yet, but still it's my child too. I tried tribunal, I've even asked for paternity test(because not married, like it changes anything), still can't do nothing about it. I wonder if my child one day will want to know his father and if she will tel him about me...

Even someone from her area traveling to my city recognized me and told me about the child, when I've told her that she just stopped talking to me...

I'll never forget about him and hope one day I'll be able to meet him.

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Posted in: Trump says he won't accept blame if GOP loses House See in context

typical of him... can't expect much from a moron...

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Posted in: Mother accused of killing 2-month-old daughter by lacing her milk with drugs pleads not guilty See in context

What if the mother tells the truth ? How about the grand mother? Nobody asked if she could have done it ? Yes she is disabled but she is the one taking those pills and was she left alone with the child while the mother was going to work (was she still working)?

Was the grandmother tired to hear the baby crying ?

I mean they were living at her place, right ?

Was Shion's grandmother ashamed of the situation and acted on it ?

There's other possibilities than just the mother doing it... Many questions not answered yet....

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Posted in: High flying: Canada to let airline passengers pack cannabis See in context

sure Canada will begin to be a third rate country with the legalization of cannabis. That said I have nothing against it if it's for MEDICINAL purpose.

Also because it will be legal in less than 6 days now I will get sick every where I will smell that junk, yes I do suffer from that, I don't know if I can call that an allergy but I really get sick from just the smell of it(I have worked at a police station and every time they were seizing any from some dealers I had to take days off until there were no smell left) and if I have to inhale then I get dizzy and vomit every where, so to me it's gonna be hell. Thinking about moving to a country free of that.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Quebec City mosque See in context

meen!!! stop watching FOX news right winger, they are saying only a bunch of craps to make the decision of Trump to look really needed... the guy was a French-Canadian student at the city university and wanted to go into politics. The Moroccan person arrested was just a witness(from what we know now), the 27 years old killer on his facebook liked president Donald Trump, Marine Lepene and the Parti Quebecois a sovereignist party in the province of Quebec, he was also a fan of birds and chess. UNTIL NOW, there's is no information on why that individual has committed such act... NO, he wasn't Syrian descent, nor a refugee, nor from Morocco, It has also NOT been said that he was christian(catholic) he might even have been atheist, agnostic or whatever religious faith he could have had... So before spreading false information PLEASE do some PROPER researches... **

read by yourself about the real news : http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-city-mosque-attack/article33826078/

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Posted in: 'Mistress market' expanding in these hard times See in context

The basic problem with this is that those Japanese women only thrive on "brand name " for showing off around how successful they are it is really sad to see that come from social pressure it's same for men in a different way. I personally know a woman that wasn't working and was buying expensive pieces of clothing to her kids just to show off... the husband had to work close to 70 hours a week in another city being able to see his kids once a month so that SHE can buy those expensive pieces of clothing and more. When will they learn to live within their own means and to stop showing off...??? Another thing I also have noticed after a few trips there that the Japanese society is acting like spoiled little kids they want everything they don't want to be told no because it hurts their feelings and if their feelings are hurt then they run away and almost get into a depression... that country is just wonderful but its people has some big issues... and I don't say other countries don't have their own issues either but we're talking about Japan. For Miku sadly she fell in that issue of showing off big expensive brands to show a higher status to her surrounding so she decided to do prostitution to reach her goal...

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