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Hmm, the old Cult/Religion debate... All religions begin as cults, and become more mainstream as they get bigger. I think Soka Gakkai is the same.

While I agree the SG has a creepy, us-versus-them mentality towards other religions and society at large, especially among the upper leadership, I have found most rank-and-file members I've met to be fairly normal people. I think they get the same sort of spiritual support from belonging to SG, as anyone does from any religion.

For me, the most interesting aspect regarding SG, is the negative attitude towards it held by Japanese society at large. This organization has been around since the 1930s. I can't believe they've never had a commercial on TV. I see their posters all the time on the subway...

Oh and regarding Komeito, I seem to recall that Japanese law on Political parties means that officials from SGI cannot simultaneously hold positions in the Komeito. Of course, everyone knows Komeito follows SG.

Personally, Komeito makes me sick. They are supposed to be a party representing a global Buddhist peace movement, but they support the right-wing, nationalistic LDP government? They have no principals, all they care about is gaining power. Makes me doubt the sincerity of SG high officials as well...

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