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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

Someone once said that Japan hosting the Olympics is like having a house party with a plugged toilet because of Fukushima.

Now its almost literally true.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

nothing beats a good old smoke when you get home, as in home home, as in not here

I'll second that!

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Posted in: Health minister urges Tokyo to remain vigilant as virus cases soar in Osaka See in context

I think we are going to see a tsunami in the coming weeks. Hanami parties, entrance ceremonies, "drink with the new boss and coworkers" parties and new variants of Covid-19 are going to cause a significant ripple in the kiddy pool.

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Posted in: S Korea reports 668 new coronavirus cases; highest daily count in 3 months See in context

With all the variants, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, its looking like this pandemic is going to last not 1 or 2 years, but maybe 5 to 10 years.

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Posted in: Suga willing to establish 'children's agency' See in context

I'm pretty sure if you asked many Japanese children what would improve their lives, they would say something related to spending more time with their fathers.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia travel bubble to start on April 19 See in context

Japan needs a travel bub with Taiwan or South Korea.

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Posted in: Japan to extend ban on all trade with N Korea by 2 years See in context

Sanctions, bans, trade restrictions rarely work. In fact, its quite the opposite. Just look at the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall coming down, Nixon's visit to China. Although Trump's visit to Kim didn't accomplish much, the more trade and interactions you have, the more opportunities there are to ease tensions. The Iran deal accomplished that, but dark forces (Israel) had another agenda.

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context


I’ve kept my abenomask in its packaging, untouched. Will be a sign of the times and something to remember when I’m elderly (hoping I’ll make it, of course)!

@Vinke Good idea. I just saw an original sealed Mario Bros game went for 660k at an auction. Maybe there is something more to Abe dressing up as Mario.

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

Strange how I can see none of the Abe masks anywhere anymore.

Mine went straight into the trash and I don't think I ever saw anyone else wearing one. Someone made a lot of money though.

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Posted in: Suga aims to calm China-Taiwan tension on U.S. visit See in context

Abe and Trump played golf, what will Suga and Biden do together? Gateball?

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Posted in: Japan's commercial whaling season begins in coastal waters See in context

Whale oil beef hooked!!!

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Posted in: Police officer overtakes athlete as top profession for Japanese boys See in context

I think firefighter beats out police officer in North America. I'm a little surprised police officer is so popular given there isn't much crime in Japan, although young boys probably don't have any awareness of that, just like how unrealistic being a professional athlete is for most of them. Curious where 'teacher' is in the rankings.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

I think 'urging' people not to walk or run up and down would be more successful.

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy hit, killed by train in Tokyo See in context

I have a ten year old boy. This is really sad.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work, with many ceremonies held online See in context

Hopefully these new recruits don't feel too much pressure to work overtime and then go out drinking with their bosses everyday. Ganbatte!

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Posted in: Osaka leg of Olympic torch relay should be canceled, governor says See in context

The strange thing is that this time last year, or just before the torch relay was scheduled to begin, several countries said they would not attend. But this year, not one country's Olympic committee has said they won't be coming. Australia unveiled their team uniforms yesterday, so they are coming.

The athletes want this. Most of them have been dreaming of this for a long time. Although, it won't be as special without many fans, they want to compete.

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Posted in: Manga artist in limelight for her frightening prophecies See in context

Sylvia Browne also predicted in her End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World. She wrote "In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes resisting all known treatments".

I think for every major world event, there are probably a few who get it right given the amount of predictions that are made every year. There is probably someone out there that predicted a ship blocking the Suez or the rise of Bitcoin.

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Posted in: Britney Spears says she cried for weeks over documentary See in context

Hey Britany...Cry Me a River!

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Posted in: Couple pretending to inspect apartment rob real estate agent See in context

but it only had 200 yen in it.

Imagine the looks on their faces though after they opened the wallet...priceless!

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Posted in: ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo See in context

If they let me sit in the cockpit for a few minutes, take a few selfies, and it included a new release movie it might be worth it. All you can drink wine too and Wagyu steak. Mmmm.

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Posted in: 4 dead, including child, in Orange, California office building shooting See in context

Thoughts and prayers...again.

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Posted in: Man charged over online abuse after 'Terrace House' star's suicide See in context

As a general rule, anyone on television, athletes, celebrities, YouTubers, social influencers, politicians, Reality TV stars etc are going to be critisized or insulted at some point by both known and unknown people. I think if you are going to read the comments people leave, you better have thick skin.

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Posted in: Some medical experts unconvinced about holding Tokyo Olympics See in context

Cancel or postpone the Olympics, or else accept Tokyo 2021 will be the worst Games since 1936.

I think the '72 games in Munich were probably the worst. If you were an athlete or spectator at the '36 Berlin Olympics, you probably thought they were quite successful. Its only now that many people say '36 was the worst because they were "Hitler's Olympics" and people feel obligated to say anything Hitler did was terrible and the worst. However, some consider the games to be the most visually spectacular and impressive Games in sporting history. Moreover, some of the Nazis’ flourishes would go on to become regular fixtures at future Olympics. So, I would say they were the second worst Olympics. Tokyo 2020 could still top them both though.

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

Former CDC Head believes it was made in a lab among other scientists worldwide. Neither side has proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt so why bother trying to convince the public one way or another? Fear of CCP retaliation?

The big mystery is why virologists still haven't figured out how the PRRA polybasic furin cleavage site got into Sars-Cov-2.

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Posted in: Megaship refloated; Suez Canal reopens to traffic See in context

I'm looking forward to finding out what caused this accident and hopefully they terminate the crew members that were responsible for this disaster.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

I'm curious how the app works. If I test positive or negative for the Covid-19, how does the app know this? Do I need to take my phone to the hospital or city hall to get some kind of confirmation? If I get vaccinated, does the inoculator fill out some digital certificate that the app recognizes?

As a foreigner in Japan, I'm going to assume this process is going to involve a lot of hankos and running around town on a work day. I'll probably also have to update my mobile device and get the latest version of whatever. No thanks.

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Posted in: Kono says inoculation pace to accelerate in May See in context

Its just a hunch, but it wouldn't surprise me that some other coronavirus or mutant strain will come around in the near future. If that happens, it would be nice for Japan to have its own vaccination production facility or program.

Not just for Japan, but for the rest of the world too.

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Posted in: Filipino in Japan forms labor union for overseas workers See in context

Good for her. A Filipina Cesar Chavez. Japan is going to need only more and more foreign workers (and residents) over the next few decades and you can bet that the Japanese aren't going to be the ones forming unions for their employees.

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Posted in: British citizen arrested for dumping bento trash in mailbox See in context

Its not uncommon in Japan to see people put their garbage in the recycling bins where the pet bottles go because there simply is a lack of garbage bins in this country.

What this guy did was wrong, but had he just left his bento trash to blow into some river and end up in some dolphin's throat, well thats worse.

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Posted in: People in Tokyo enjoy cherry blossoms despite virus warning See in context

They should let people celebrate the country's victory over the virus. Just keep the foreigners away and things will be fine.

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