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Posted in: City in Saitama Prefecture to require multilingual trash rules posted for foreigners See in context

I just moved out of a house I was renting in Saitama and had an enormous pile of burnable and non-burnable items that needed to be tossed away. Of course, the garbage (incineration) center isn't open on most weekends, so I had to put everything into plastic bags and take it all to the corner in the morning. 15 bags later it was all done, but the non-burnable things had to be taken to the curb on a special day. If it wasn't for my Japanese wife helping me, I'd have no clue what to do with all the garbage I had to get rid of.

Its not just foreigners though that have a difficult time understanding the garbage rules. I often find piles of trash beside the road when I'm jogging. Its often non-burnable items like old clay pots and porcelain wares (plates, mugs) that (lazy Japanese) people decide to just dump the old fashioned way.

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Posted in: Food aid reaches north Gaza for first time in weeks; Israeli hostages' families push for release See in context

While its sad and disturbing to see this genocide taking place in Gaza, public opinion around the world (and especially the United States) is finally turning against Israel. Time will tell how this crisis influences US politics, but if the world can unite and do something similar to what was done against the South African apartheid government (boycotts, protests etc.) there is hope.

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Posted in: South Korea's fertility rate drops to fresh record low in 2023 See in context

Sounds like SK is a more extreme version of Japan. More traditional gender roles, wider gender pay gap, strong cultural norms to be married to have kids etc. On top of that, there is the issue with SK women being confident, and have adopted feminism, leading to discrimination against men from what I understand. I don't see how SK can reverse this trend without a mass immigration policy.

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Posted in: Brazil calls for U.N. overhaul at meeting of G20 ministers in Rio See in context

Yup. The US has used its United Nations Security Council veto power 42 times against resolutions condemning Israel, out of a total 83 times in which its veto has ever been used. Its time for a change!

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Posted in: Air Force knows what failed on U.S. Osprey in Japan crash, but still doesn't know why See in context

Pilot error most likely. Ospreys are safe. Safer than helicopters and fixed wing aircraft the pro-us military commenters will tell you.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

That MAY BE difficult, because the school year for most countries but not all start in September and most young people the same in Japan start university right after graduation. How many students will put their academic year on hold for 9 or 10 months?

Exactly! Most college students in the West also take 4 months off from May-August to work. I'm not an expert on the Japanese University yearly calendar, but I assume its not as accomodating, especially to foreign students. Looks like two 2-month breaks (August/September & February/March) between semesters. That could work for some I guess. A 5 year degree with Masters sounds busy and expensive if you are not counting on a decent part-time job. With the Yen so weak right now, could be a bargain for some.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy says Israel has not presented evidence that Hamas diverted U.N. aid deliveries in Gaza See in context

Israel continues to show its true colors. Will be very difficult for them to dig themselves out of this hole they have created for themselves.

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Posted in: J.Lo uses first album in a decade to poke fun at her romantic past See in context

54! She could be the next Tina Turner.

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Posted in: Thailand looks set to crack down on legal pot market with ban on 'recreational' use See in context

Many Western tourists are on weed trips.

You wouldn't believe how many Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Russians go down to buy.

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Posted in: More Japanese women buying Valentine's Day chocolates for themselves See in context

I don't blame them. Most Japanese men would rather give each other kachos and watch baseball.

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Posted in: Israeli forces intensify Rafah strikes as diplomats seek to salvage Gaza truce See in context

You’re right. Israel’s goal is to takeover Gaza which is why in 2005 Israel left Gaza…

Since when have Jews had a problem returning to territory they left and reclaiming it as rightfully theirs?

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Posted in: Israeli forces intensify Rafah strikes as diplomats seek to salvage Gaza truce See in context

This is how Israel tries to apply pressure on the US to get its way. In the Yom Kippur War (1973) vs Egypt, the IDF was losing badly in the Sinai and threatened to use nukes on Cairo if it didn't get replenished with weapons. Nixon conceded and sent Israel its needs to push Egypt back. Netanyahu is trying to twist Biden's arm in order to get either an enormous aid package or something else. Otherwise, Netanyahu will order the IDF to kill thousands more innocents in Rafah who are already starving and living in tents.

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Posted in: Hamas weighs Gaza truce as deadly fighting nears fifth month See in context

The IDF is targeting tents and kindergartens now I see. Did Hamas build tunnels under the tents or something? Now that almost all of the Palestinians have been herded into Rafah, they just need to build a fence around Rafah and not let anyone out.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbers from Yamanashi side to be charged ¥2,000 as tourism rises See in context

Still cheaper than hiring a sherpa and less garbage at base camp.

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Posted in: Israeli forces dressed as women and medics kill 3 militants in West Bank hospital See in context

This is Ben Gvir's specialty, minister of security. I expect to see him behind bars in the Hague one day, along with Netahyahu.

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. 'shall respond' after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 U.S. troops in Jordan See in context

Terrorist savages cannot be backed down to.

From a US Military point of view, I understand your point of view. From the other side, I understand why they would want to attack the United States for supporting a genocide in Gaza.

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Posted in: U.S. promises consultation with Japan before Osprey flight resumption See in context

I guess this means the camera guy at the Kakazutaka Observatory tower will go back to work.

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Posted in: Rifts within Israel resurface as war in Gaza drags on See in context

The IDF lost 24 killed in action in Gaza on Monday. Not all going their way.

Yes, and thats just how many deaths Israel admits to. Probably couldn't lower the casualty rate on this one since there were hundreds involved in removing the collapsed buildings. But sources (such as Israeli hospitals) say Israeli government has been misleading (if not outright dishonesty) the public about the true casualty/deaths of the IDF. Some say the real number is much much higher.


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Posted in: EU pushes for Palestinian statehood, rejecting Israeli leader's insistence that it's off the table See in context

Im pretty sure they were offered a state in 2000 at Camp David

Spend a few minutes reading the Palestinian Response to the Clinton Parameters.


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Posted in: EU pushes for Palestinian statehood, rejecting Israeli leader's insistence that it's off the table See in context

Palestinians are not a people.

Only according to Zionists that want their land.

No, because in 1947 the UN Resolution 181 suggested creating another independent Arab state, and an independent Jewish state. There was no mention of the creation of a "Palestinian State"---because both the proposed Arab, and Jewish states would both be states in Palestine.

The Jews didn't know what they would call their state either. "Israel" just came up around the time they declared themselves a country. Many thought the country would be called "Judaea". Just because "Palestine" isn't mentioned is a rediculus argument. Its like saying that Native Americans aren't a real people because "America" is a European name.

No, Palestinian Arab leaders have rejected proposed Palestinian states for over 50 years.

The Arabs do, however, agree to the complete destruction of Israel.

Palestinian Arab leaders have never been offered a state, only a "roadmap" that doesn't give them any soveriegnty.

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Posted in: EU pushes for Palestinian statehood, rejecting Israeli leader's insistence that it's off the table See in context

If any peoples deserve statehood, its the Palestinians. Some countries were created without any type of force or fight. Just lines on a map. Palestinians have fought for almost 80 years for self-determination. Every year the UN votes for Palestinian statehood, and its only the US, Israel and a small handful of Pacific Islands that vote no.

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Posted in: U.S., British militaries launch massive retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen See in context

Houthis are just doing whatever they can to help stop the genocide taking place in Gaza (which the ICJ is currently making a judgement on). The US and the UK are just aiding and abetting in the Israeli genocide.

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Posted in: Blinken urges Israel to engage with region on postwar plans that include path to Palestinian state See in context

Israel has done a great job of minimizing human casualties

Right. Just like the US did a great job minimizing human casualties by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki because we know a land invasion of the Japanese mainland would have cost even more lives.

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Posted in: Blinken urges Israel to engage with region on postwar plans that include path to Palestinian state See in context

Historically Israel has used superior fighting strategies to defeat eleven different Arab countries

If by superior fighting strategies you mean illegal "preemptive warfare" and subsidized US made weapons I'll give you that.

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills elite Hezbollah commander in latest escalation linked to war in Gaza See in context

Just more of Netanyahu baiting Hezbollah into starting a war so he can stay in office. Once the Gaza War ends, so does the war cabinet. Bibby's days/hours are numbered. Its also important for Israel to change the subject and focus elsewhere. Its losing in Gaza. The IDF just suffered its worst day.

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Posted in: Still standing: Unique houses survive quake in Japan village See in context

I took a road trip around the Noto peninsula in '22. Such a beautiful area of Japan. Not many foreigners or tourists travel out to that part of Japan, but instead stick to the touristy areas. Sad that so many of the older buildings got destroyed in the quake.

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Posted in: Palestinians stream into southern Gaza town as Israel expands its offensive in the center See in context

So once they have them all herded into one tiny corner, what then? They imagine they will deliver the coup de grâce to worldwide acclaim?

Yup, but don't forget about the West Bank.

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Posted in: Depardieu accusations expose divide in France over sexism See in context

I've only ever watched one Gerald Depardieu movie and that was "My Father the Hero" starring Katherine Heigl. I hope the accusations are false.

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Posted in: Pierce Brosnan in hot water, accused of trespassing in Yellowstone thermal area See in context

I recall just a year or so ago a college kid went out-of-bounds in Yellowstone and fell into a hot spring and disintegrated. Apparently "hot potting" is a thing for risk takers trying to get that impressive selfie for their social media. Wonder if "Fierce Pierce" was trying to do the same thing.

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Posted in: Israel pounds central Gaza, as thousands of Palestinians try to escape See in context

All signs point to Israel losing this war, which is why the IDF is resorting to these brutal tactics. Israel is lying about the number of IDF casualties and is embarrassed to admit that it can't defeat Hamas, especially in urban combat. Things are not looking good for the IDF and Netanyahu.

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