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Posted in: U.N. nuclear arms ban treaty leaves Japan in a dilemma See in context

In 20 years, it will be the 100th anniversary of the start of WWII. Everyone who fought in that war will be dead, including those that fought in the Korean War. Yet, nothing changes. When we look back at those long wars between France and England or between the Moors and the Spanish, we think of how crazy that was but here we all are today basically at war for a likely 100 years. The US is still in Afghanistan too. What a crazy world we still live in. The only positive is that there hasn't been a nuclear weapon used since WWII, but we're still a long ways from total denuclearization. Even Israel won't admit it has nukes.

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Posted in: An apple a day See in context

I think it would be more appropriate for Suga's image to be engraved on an old sock or a dusty piece of chalk.

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Posted in: Girl injured by 17-year-old boy's suicide leap in Osaka dies in hospital See in context

Remember the good ol days when people would just jump infront of a train to kill themselves? Now with all the safety barriers, people are now jumping off buildings and stabbing people.

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Posted in: New Pantene commercial interviews Japanese trans individuals about difficulties of job hunting See in context

Japan is already ultra-conservative and is becoming more conservative each passing year, bucking the global trend.

I would think that has something to do with the aging population and political polarization increasing within Japan, but I think if you look at what is trending with the younger generations, they are not becoming more conservative. Its quite the opposite. There is even growing anger and resentment among the younger generations. Still sad though because its going to take 20-30 years before we'll see any significant political change.

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Posted in: JR East to bring forward last train departures on 17 lines in Tokyo See in context

"Demand for the services will not return (to pre-coronavirus levels) even after the pandemic ends," he said at the time.

I guess that means even during the Olympics, things won't go back to normal. Good news for the taxi companies at least.

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Posted in: 150 pears stolen from orchard in Saitama Prefecture in latest fruit theft See in context

Fruit ninjas! They gotta eat something.

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Posted in: Japan to join forces with U.S., Europe in regulating Big Tech firms See in context

I have no issue with Big Tech being regulated, but what worries me is the censorship from Big Tech not being regulated. Being openly critical of Israeli policies in the West Bank or in Gaza for example is something that shouldn't be interpreted as anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial which is what Facebook has decided. Also, its not just Big Tech that needs regulation, its the entire US Health Care Industry and Big Pharma. Even Wall Street is heading off the rails again. Japan should be skeptical about joining forces with the US on anything, as it could effect its "smawt powa" status.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

I am not an American and I am not living in the US, but I am 99% sure, that he will win again!

According to an Australian think tank, he isn't likely to win re-election.

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Posted in: Japan to use cyberattack countermeasures to protect Tokyo Olympics See in context

Russia should be careful when it messes with a "smaht powa" like Japan.

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Posted in: University baseball powerhouse Tokai suspends activities due to illegal drug use See in context

With many countries like Canada and many US states like California, Washington, and Colorado legalizing cannabis, many Japanese are wondering what could possibly be harmful about the drug? The government must either have a convincing reason why cannabis is harmful or it should decriminalize or legalize it. With all the alcohol promotion that goes on in this country, many Japanese are left wondering whats the big deal about cannabis? Why can't responsible adults enjoy that too? Why must alcohol or tobacco be the only vices? Last time I checked, cannabis didn't cause lung or liver disease.

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Posted in: Japan's populist, pragmatic new PM Suga pushes Abe's vision See in context

In the US, its Health Care or LGTBQ rights, minority rights, or police behaviour. Lots of issues. In Japan, what is it? What are people demanding from their leaders and politicians? I don't really see any enthusiasm from any of them. Just stay in power and pretend everything is fine. Maybe thats a good thing. Maybe the aging and declining population is a good thing. Either Japan is just kicking the cans down the road or its driving off a cliff.

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Posted in: New tomato yoghurt divides opinions in Japan See in context

Well, yogurt is almost cheese (cream cheese) and the tomato with cheese taste is delicious. I don't see why not give it a try. Heck, if you can stand the taste of natto and other stinky foods the Japanese eat, I don't see the problem with "toma-yo".

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Posted in: Biden campaign finds 3rd virus link; Harris suspends travel See in context

especially considering the bombshell dropped by the post.

Bombshell? I'm more concerned about Trump's tax returns than photos of Biden's son.

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Posted in: Man loses 200 times at crane game, calls police to investigate; staff member loses 300 times too See in context

I know someone who will sometimes spend ¥2000 - ¥3000 winning a plush toy for his daughter thats probably worth under ¥500.

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Posted in: Video shows shirtless New York judge shove police officer See in context

I'm not sure whats worse. A shirtless judge pushing a police officer or getting into a neighborly dispute where the police need to be called. I would have thought judges would make good neighbors. I wonder what the dispute was about in the first place. Loud music?

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Posted in: Harris, Pence clash over Trump's coronavirus record at VP debate See in context

The Fly on Pence's head

Remember the little birdie that landed on Sanders awhile back? Well, tonight you saw the Republican version of that.

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Posted in: Japan to exempt business travelers, returnees from 14-day quarantine See in context

My school is still waiting for 2 UK teachers to arrive. They were supposed to start work 2 months ago. WTF is going on???!!!

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Posted in: Trump stirs controversy over COVID-19 death toll, halting aid package talks until after election See in context

Trump is finished. He is behind Biden by double digits in most election polls. His handling of the pandemic has been heedless (to say the least), not to mention his recent idiotic behavior around the White House. Can you imagine if Obama was POTUS and he was running around like this madman? GOP would be calling for impeachment. Trump is by far the most incompetent President, not only in the history of the United States, but of any modern democracy.

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Posted in: Trump returns to White House See in context

MAGA = Making America Gasp for Air.

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Posted in: Fujitsu still investigating cause of Tokyo Stock Exchange outage, says CEO See in context

I think their back-up should be having traders in the pit doing it the old fashioned way (open outcry).

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Posted in: Japan science body asks Suga to retract member appointment rejection See in context

"The government would be admitting that its judgment was wrong if it reviews the decision as requested"

Admitting guilt or poor judgement isn't something the Japanese are known for.

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Posted in: Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara set to marry within the year See in context

is set to marry her non-celebrity boyfriend

Why can't they just say boyfriend? What exactly qualifies someone as a celeb anyways? Maybe he has an Instagram page.

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Posted in: 'We're all hackable' warns ultra-violent body-swap horror creator See in context

"If you look at Russian interference in the U.S. elections"

Honestly, what did Russia do that the US hasn't done in some foreign country's elections? Heck, the US invades other countries and installs dictators or whoever they please. I always get a good chuckle when they try to scare people about this Russia hoax.

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Posted in: Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for 6 months; attends classes at top high school See in context

There is no benefit for B-kun as any diploma would have been in A-kun's name.

Not really, but he can tell people he went to Kaisei, take some photos wearing the uniform, maybe fool a few future employers, girlfriends. I wonder if he also made a fake social media profile to convince his friends he was someone else. Or, maybe he talked to absolutely no one to help prevent the truth coming out. It kinda feels like B-Kun did this to make his parents believe he was going to Kaisei, or maybe his parents wanted to tell other parents he was going there. What would be the end-game though? They must have known their cover would eventually be blown.

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Posted in: If you live in a house in Japan, is it Western style, Japanese style or a bit of both? See in context

I'm renting an older Japanese style house. Its quite large for just a single guy like me, but I have lots of stuff so it works. It has a large tatami room on the main floor and upstairs it has two bedrooms. Wooden floors and lots of sliding glass doors. Only one bathroom, but a large shower area. I also have a backyard garden that keeps me busy. I grow my own veggies and some fruit. Its about a 15 minute walk from the station, but I drive to work. It has room for two small cars to park. Recently, both houses on either side of me had been torn down and two new houses are being built. So my house is kinda like an island right now on my street. Soon it shall be torn down also I imagine by the owner when I move out. Quite a popular area to build a new house at the moment.

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Posted in: Suga considering October visit to Vietnam, Indonesia See in context

I wonder if there is any real benefit to visit and meet face to face during a pandemic. Sure, they probably have some trade deals to talk about, but I assume that its more likely a case of Suga thinking: "I'm PM now, I should probably travel and visit some foreign countries because thats whats leaders do."

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Posted in: 'Will you shut up, man?' Repeated interruptions, insults mark fiery debate between Trump and Biden See in context

I thought I should get my comment in about the debate before comments get turned off in 5 minutes.

My 2 cents...

I thought Biden did ok. He could have been more assertive, but all he had to do was maintain some composure and he would look Presidential next to Trump who clearly acted like a madman, not the POTUS. Biden may have had trouble making sentences now and then, but he does have a conscience and I'm sure that when it comes to making tough Presidential decisions and policies, his sentence making isn't going to be an issue.

Being a Canadian though and living far away in Japan, I would enjoy watching a Trump second term from afar. Perhaps Americans still need to learn a thing or to about history.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes holding crown prince proclamation ceremonies in November See in context

I wonder how much that totally meaningless and wasteful ceremony is going to cost the tax payer. Imagine how many people you could help with that money. This ceremony is just giving an insanely wealthy and privleged individual another notch in their belt they didn't earn.

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

Prosecutors have not explained how trying to avoid disclosure of unpaid compensation constitutes a crime.

Exactly. This trial is an enormous waste of money. However, it encompasses everything the Japanese legal system represents and it cannot suffer a defeat. Its all or nothing.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji gets season's 1st snowcap, 24 days earlier than last year See in context

This will be lauded as proof of climate change.

Yes, of course! Summers will get hotter, winters will get colder and start earlier, or they won't happen at all. Something like that.

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