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This is Japan, a sovereign state. Japan does not belong to the IOC. It is for the Japanese government to decide the Olympic question, and the Japanese people have made their opinion plain: CANCEL!

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@ Toasted Heretic

You flew over everything I said about the injustice under which the Okinawans are forced to live with the huge US military presence on the island to twist the meaning of my last statement. That was a challenge to the Japanese government to do something about the economy, not a justification for retention of the overwhelming US military presence in that small corner of the nation while most of the rest of the country hosts none of the American presence. Compared to Okinawa, the other US bases are infinitesimal, and that is grossly unfair to the Okinawans.

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As a former US Army officer who was stationed on Okinawa in the early seventies, including beyond reversion to Japanese control, I sympathize profoundly with the Okinawan people. It is reprehensible that they are forced to bear the overwhelming burden that they carry for all Japanese. They suffer simultaneously from the massive US military presence and from the Japanese government's refusal to provide meaningful relief from the burden. On the other hand, one has to feel alarm at the prospect of removal of a large part of the US contingent and the change that would wreak on the Okinawan economy.

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This idea ignores the inevitable: vandalism. Solar panels are fragile and highly vulnerable to damage from impact by hard objects such as rocks thrown from one side or the other of the border. Furthermore, to have the solar panels in the best attitude for energy collection would require building structures on the wall that would nearly double the capital outlay and cause complications such as a wider stand-back easement inside US territory, eating up even more of the land that ranchers in the border states are already opposed to losing to the wall. Then there is the cost of maintenance and amortization.

This is just so much trumpery.

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Same here, Bertie. Bought a Daihatsu strippo "hakoban" new five years ago 4WD the only option, as we sometimes need it where we live. Amazingly useful, dependable little utility vehicle. When my wife's Fielder is finally retired, we'll get a Daihatsu for her.

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