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Etihad flies out of Abu Dhabi. Not Dubai.

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My friend who also lives in Hakodate also witnessed what follows at a different time and place. I was astounded when he told me.

A year later I was approaching a bridge near where I live when I saw a car stopped on the bridge. It drove off as I entered the bridge. Suspicious after what my friend had told me the year before I stopped, got out and looked over the railing. Sure enough, there was a bag of plastic garbage floating away, 500 meteres from where the river empties into Sugaru Straight.

I tried to take a picture but as it was too dark and my phone's flash couldn't make it. I took off in pursuit of the culprit. Yes, I sped. Bite me.

I caught sight of the offender just as he turned a corner. I went after him, took a picture of his car then gave him high beam before doing a u-turn and going back to cool off. Unfortunately his number plate was glared out in the picture.

It is common to see men and women empty their ashtrays on the ground while they're stopped at traffic lights. On the 10km country road between my house and work nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY there is a bag of rubbish that has been tossed from a car.

You make your own conclusions as to where this country is going. I look forward to moving back home.

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