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Posted in: Yumi Kazama: 15 years in the Japanese adult video industry and still going strong See in context

Wow, what a surprise to see her name on here. She's one of my favorite Japanese AV actresses. She definitely seems more genuine and confident in her scenes.

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Posted in: 'If I get arrested, OK,' says Ishihara on his upcoming visit to Senkakus See in context

This headline makes an interesting juxtaposition to the one directly below it on the JT homepage; "Noda calls on S Korea to end 'illegal occupation' of disputed isles".

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Posted in: Horror movies recommended to scare away summer heat See in context

'Jacob's Ladder' is my favorite American psychological horror.

For Japanese movies I would add 'Kairo' (Pulse).

The Korean film 'A Tale of Two Sisters' was also very good.

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Posted in: Jackson says 'Hobbit' to be split into three movies See in context

This is good news. Sure the book was short (and I didn't particularly enjoy it), but if anyone can stretch it out into an entertaining three movies he can. I was watching a blu-ray of The Two Towers for the first time last week and time is already taking a toll on that trilogies CG effects, I'm really looking forwards to seeing how things have developed.

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Posted in: South Korea protests Japan's claim to isles See in context

Nigelboy - the ATS doesn't discount Antarctic territorial claims but it does preclude making new claims, which I undserstand is what Australia did in trying to extend it's EEZ over the area which became the current whale sanctuary - so it's reasonable to criticize the validity of that, which I and probably many Australians do. But just because whatever country you like/are from doesn't recognize the pre-ATS Antarctic claims doesn't mean much - not until someone tries to violate them.

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