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Too late. I can say the young boy killed by unusual society named Otsu Shiga.

One member's of parent of the bullying group are South Koreans in Japan, and they are occurred many problems between Japanese society.

Here is the detail of this case. A news of bullying in school, Japan.

A junior high school boy commited suicide last year,his family name is kouki Honda. He commited suiside cause of bullying, When the fact of bullying are vicious, its no longer just school bullying but crimes.

This problem has been discussed extensively in Japanese internet society. Focus of the problem is this case covered up (hide) by assailants, schools, the boards of education, the polices, and mayor of Otsu,Shiga, And Japanese media still never broadcasting details of this problem. Some brave students testifies for media for the actual condition of bullying of an applicable school, The bullyings never be sorry about the suicide of Honda. (2 of bullying students changed school at Kyoto after this incident.) At PTA meetings these parents of bullyings said to Honda's parents, 'We are victim to Honda's suicide. Your son is dead but our sons have future' (Testimony by more than one attendee the meeting) Then the gag rule came from the principal. The gag rule from a principal is recorded by a student, and the student provides the gag rule from a principal,media and internet. Honda's Family, the victim bereaved does not have an incident report received by the Otsu police Department. (The bullying group's parents are has strong influence of the town, One bullying student's grandfather has influence of the police department of Otsu. The bullying group came to the house of Honda, damaged the house, and stole the wallet several days before the death of Honda, There is a point unnatural for suicide in the dead body of Honda but the autopsy is not performed. ) Then Honda's family makes demands on the mayor for a meeting twice.,all were refused. One of family of the bullying group are Burakumin(Japan's feudal outcast group) The Buraku guroup appears and is donating money to Mayor Otsu and the Shiga governor. Honda and his family isn't Burakumin.

Fact of bullying (testifies by students) Honda is made to practice suicide with a height or a rope from bullying group. Honda was said to practice the way of suicide by the group. Honda is made(force) to eat the corpse of a bee and frog. The group blackmailed Honda, and also from the bank account of the parents of Honda, draws out cash and plays.

The group showedto Honda to the photograph of dead person's body and they asked to Honda that 'how dou you want to become if you gonna death'.

The group forced to do shoplifte to Honda and threatened says to the police. When Honda refused to do shoplift, Honda received the assault of kick from the group. The group calls with today's haircut and roasts Honda's pubic hair over a lighter.

The group applied the stimulus (mustard) etc. to the Honda's penis , and they laughed at Honda's pain. Honda had pressure adhesive tape stretched on his mouth, and was got a full nelson on him and knocked by the group.

The group was gang up on Honda and beat him up. threat to Honda by the school and extorted money from Honda by threats and violence. 400000yen( about 3 thousands and 7 hundreds dollars)

The police announced that Honda committed suicide by jumping down, by 14th froor of his apartment He was found in the state with the face upward by the first discoverer. There was no damage in the dead body,but there were marks which received violence, and Honda's cloth was torned. (Possibility of the fall from lower floor)

Honda's shoes and bag placed on the 14th floor. There were no his will. Honda's cell phone was operated (by someone) after the estimated time of his death.

Some students testifies for media for the actual condition of bullying was called from the teacher. Teacher said to those student 'If you want to get good grade and go to high school where you want, don't tell about this case to media' The school principal and teachers also said to all of students. 'If you want to tell about this case,then tell your teacher first , dont tell even your parents and don't discuss between students Trust us and protect our school' The school also said to all of student's parents. 'Please keep quiet, Don't tell about this bullying to media' The contents of bullying is ABC News is not written in detail in the ghastly thing http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/kids-and-laughing-teachers-bullied-suicide-teen/ About Buraku(dōwa problem) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burakumin

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