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The Australian government has gone officially insane.

This is Canberra - a city (not a country). It is not controlled by the 'Australian' government.

Here, in regional WA, where I live: We have not had a single lock-down since the pandemic began. Masks have never been mandatory. No army, no police on the street, nil restrictions. I'm a bit sick of hearing about how the 'Australian Government' is this/or that. Australia is a big country - if a city is in lock-down; it doesn't mean Australia is in lock-down.

I'm getting quite annoyed at people making completely uninformed judgements about an entire country from the briefest of news stories - particularly when they have never set foot in that country. Where I live: Life has been almost entirely un-impacted by Covid due to the actions of places like Canberra 'locking-down' in a timely manner.

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Posted in: Australia to ease caps on returning citizens; Perth exits COVID-19 lockdown See in context

Well said RK13

not having to worry about aging parents contracting this virus has been a huge peace of mind. Perthies not too worried about having five days off for the team either by the looks. 

Small inconveniences. People in Perth care about their Safety, and seek Direct Solutions - have done so since a Whileback! We have a Bond. Well said...

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NSW health authorities said more than 38,000 tests had been conducted in the past 24 hours, a new record.

That's a fairly good rate....

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Posted in: JNC to form organic EL joint venture in South Korea See in context

Good news indeed.

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Posted in: Australian airline Qantas to require COVID-19 vaccination for international travelers See in context

Qantas is obligated, under Australian law, to provide a safe working environment for it's staff (like every other workplace). Vaccinated / immune / CoViD-free clients might be considered a sensible move when you are trapped in close proximity for 12 or 16 hours.

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Posted in: Australia 'victim' of own COVID-19 success as more locals want to return See in context

Australians are even more PC and into big government nanny state abuse than the Euros.

"Oh lock me up big daddy government, please lock me up" Pathetic.

As someone who has been in Western Australia for nearly all of 2020; I need to point out that there has been no lock down, no significant loss of any liberties that I have observed, no mask wearing, just some sensible voluntary precautions. Not all of Australia has suffered any particular inconvenience at any stage. Melbourne had a lockdown and mask wearing requirements for a couple of months - which took them from 700 new cases a day, to zero a day (for the last two weeks) in fairly quick time.

Australia is a big country, and just because one city has had a lock-down for a couple of months, don't try and tell me that all of Australia did. Nothing draconian or inconvenient experienced in WA this year - minor inconveniences at worst.

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Posted in: Suga warns of coronavirus resurgence in Japan as temperatures fall See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga warned Friday of signs of a resurgent spread of the coronavirus in Japan as colder weather drives more people indoors.

Australia and New Zealand have just gone through their winter weather with fewer deaths than in normal years (fewer deaths caused by influenza and colds) - possibly due to better hand hygiene / social distancing and masks. Colder weather doesn't equal a certain increase in cases - sensible precautions should still apply.

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On the right-hand side in the middle row you’ll find some face masks and a pack of antibacterial wipes.

Hmmm. Antibacterial, might have been a good time to consider anti-viral wipes too...

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Posted in: Japan to let in 250 foreigners per day from Australia, NZ, Thailand, Vietnam under eased travel curbs See in context

Is that a plane from Thailand on Monday? A plane from New Zealand on Tuesday? From Australia on a Wednesday? Or just just 4 or 5 planes a day from various countries - with no more than 40 or 50 passengers?

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Posted in: Former Australian rugby league captain Arthur Summons dies See in context

I don't believe I've heard of the man - may he rest in peace, but it is a pretty good photo...


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

I'd really like to see 2022. I'm sure the wealthiest and best equipped countries will be up and ready for 2021. I suspect that some of the poorer nations, and less well-equipped to deal with the virus, will still struggle to produce teams capable of their peak performance. It might be good to have summer and winter games in the same year for once...

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Posted in: Australian home affairs minister Peter Dutton tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Please send him to Christmas Island. Please.

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Posted in: Ultimate way to treat otaku ashes: Cremation into a pencil? See in context

I think the idea of becoming a framed pencil-artwork to be quite appealing, and you can mostly produce more than one artwork with a single pencil. I like the idea of hanging around, being aesthetically pleasing, potentially tactile, and not taking up too much space. Sign me up! Where's my pencil?

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Posted in: Australia swelters through heatwave as records tumble See in context

41 degrees would be a delight. The coolest we've had in Newman in the last 3 weeks is 42. The coolest day in the last 10 days has been a 44. http://www.weatherzone.com.au/wa/pilbara/newman I feel the need for a Japanese winter, and soon!

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