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kupapa comments

Posted in: I pledge See in context

Typical Japanese. Wear the same shirt & tie in all 3 shots, but the jacket & lapel pin make it "a totally different" photo shoot pose.

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Posted in: White Day See in context

Whoever coined the Japanese phrase, "The nail that sticks out gets hammered." probably started a small sand storm in his urn after seeing this.

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Posted in: Predators See in context

That crotch guard is disturbing... not to mention about 7 segments too long.

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Posted in: Erika's comeback See in context

What I just love is watching fallen stars claw their way back in to the limelight. Always an eye-candy treat!

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Posted in: Toy Story 3 See in context

The gal on the far left can buzz my lightyear any day.

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Posted in: Hanami rush hour See in context

Another "Only in Japan" moment -- A crowd of 10s to 100s remains politely within bounds of a single-strand nylon rope because some bozo in a non-tailored uniform with a sew-on badge, the obligatory 'White Gloves of Authority', and a walkie-talkie is shouting announcements in to an Anpan-man bullhorn.

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Posted in: Play ball See in context

At least she's wearing a ball cap and glove.

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Posted in: Maple taffy summit See in context

If Shoichi Nakagawa was there I bet Hillary could totally drink him under the table. Labatt's Blue w/ Crown Royal chasers.

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Posted in: Sweet anniversary See in context

A woman looks at an installation shaped like a shortcake, at Tokyo Midtown.

Uhh, what other shapes do "installations" come in?

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino retires from the races See in context

Retired or put out to pasture?

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Posted in: Numero Uno See in context

Wow, a first in the game of Hate-F$%k-Kill. All subjects scored votes of 'All The Above'.

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Posted in: Santa cleaners See in context

Obviously an immigrant working a job nobody wants. He did not follow proper Japanese photo-subject manners by flashing the the obligatory 'peace sign' for the camera.

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Posted in: Robbers in disguise make off with Y100 mil from Osaka residence See in context

Can't wait to watch the CGI re-enactment on the news.

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Posted in: Nozomi Ohashi and Seishiro Kato to lead kids on NHK's 'Kohaku' song contest See in context

~Ohhh no. When does these kids 15 minutes run out...?

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