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Wow, 'super-premium' eh?

Not secondary, not even premium (from 'premiere', the first grade). So 'super-premium' must be what, a negative number?

When I grow up I want to be a master franchisee too. Sounds much more fun than being a train driver.

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"Its very easy to be selective with the other guy's porn"

Not so easy to be selective when the pages are stuck together. The other guy is welcome to keep it, as far as I'm concerned ;)

My point was less to say that Japanese porn is 'worse' than western stuff (though I believe the UK at least has laws against depicting unconsexual sex in hardcore pornography), more the blithe way the author skimmed over the obviously difficult issues. The tone of this whole piece is off, and especially so in the porn bit. If you're writing a piece about how Japan is really weird (but not really (but yes really)) then why mention porn at all if you're not willing to deal with the darker stuff?

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There's quite a lot of schoolgirl porn. There's quite a lot of rape porn. There's far too much (i.e. any) schoolgirl rape porn. In the light of this you may wish to reconsider this question -

"Who’s really weirder—those who satisfy their urges, or those too embarrassed to embrace their inner freaks?"

Unless you're seriously suggesting people should embrace their inner rapist?

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It's not the girls themselves. They appear to be working hard to make the best of their (in some cases quite limited) talents. Good luck to them.

It's the whole concept and execution. It's just stunning in it's naked cycnicism. The blatant, shameless milking of mouth-breathing social misfits for cash. If your business model makes Simon Cowell look like a paragon of artistic integrity then it shouldn't come as a surprise if you catch a bit of flack.

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