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Posted in: Police shoot at vehicle after driver takes off during questioning See in context

Police revolvers in japan do not carry six rounds. The first chamber is empty, the second chamber is a blank firing round just for noise, 3,4,5,6 are the only chambers with an actual bullet.

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Posted in: Scary faces See in context

Perhaps the scariest most evil creatures present.

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Posted in: Face me See in context

I wanted to go see this with the wife, we ended up staying home playing ps4 and watching supernatural.

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Posted in: Dentsu's 'power harassment hell' See in context

I want this company to be made an example of so damned badly. I want it fined, sued, audited whatever it takes to scare other companies straight and see that treating your employees like inexhaustible machines is bad for business. I see what my wife's company does to her and it makes by blood boil.

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Posted in: Trump rejects 'phony' polls; insists 'we are winning' See in context

I truly hope this is just ego bluster talking.

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy dies after being beaten by teens on Oct 10 See in context

Nasty young adults. Blame on them for being worthless and their parents for not raising better.

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Posted in: J.J. Abrams talks about 'Star Trek,' the moviemaking process See in context

It has been downhill for trek since tng and ds9 ended. Voy and ent tried to keep it alive. Jj trek perverted it, the new show is definitely in the wrong direction.

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Posted in: What you'll be wearing next spring See in context

She looks like a borg drone.

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Posted in: Samsung offers financial incentives to stem Note 7 bleeding See in context


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Posted in: Japanese fishermen say they are portrayed as 'sadists' in Oscar-winner 'The Cove' See in context

There is no voice from Japan because 99.9 percent of Japanese had/have no idea this takes place. The few that have learned in my experience do not like it as well. It really for the most part is all on this one little town shading the majority of Japan in a negative light.

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Posted in: Samsung struggles to limit damage from smartphone recall See in context

Just me but I still only stick with Japanese and Taiwanese products when it comes to electronics. Never had an issue.

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Posted in: 47-year-old man gets life in prison for murder of 10-year-old girl See in context

How lenient society has become....

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Geez people really do enjoy spending time looking for racism in anything don't they.

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Posted in: Japanese horror icon Sadako collaborates with Snickers in TV commercial See in context

Ahh Sadako, you beautiful freak you.

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Posted in: China warns Japan not to 'play with fire' in South China Sea See in context

China it is absolutely you who would get burned and you would have brought it onto yourself.

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Posted in: Dalian Wanda, Sony to partner on multiple big-budget movies See in context

Not something I am glad to read about. China has manipulated itself enough into Hollywood.

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Posted in: Japan swimsuit teen's eel ad pulled over sexism claims See in context

Geez, it was a typical Japanese commercial, no need to get bent out of shape over nothing.

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Posted in: Divided UK Labour struggles with Brexit See in context

As everyone knew there would be when half the country did not want to leave

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Posted in: Cows in Fukushima radiation zone find new purpose: science See in context

I see absolutely nothing wrong in what they are trying to accomplish or doing.

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Posted in: Unable to keep pace with change, salarymen over 50 'destroying their companies' See in context

The wife talks about this constantly and how they slow the whole system of her office down.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $2.8 billion in refugee aid over three years See in context

I agree japan has absolutely no obligation to let in immigrants who do not understand or reject the culture they are being brought into. Yet again this money is better spent at home, for relief after all these earthquakes and typhoons.

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Posted in: 40% of young Japanese single adults are virgins: poll See in context

Really, what does it matter if people are doing it or not. Not anyones business if someone is or is not a virgin. Just because people are not into casual relationships is absolutely not a bad thing or really newsworthy.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $2.8 billion in refugee aid over three years See in context

Would this money not be better spent on issues here in Japan? Like building more day care centers or helping Kumamoto rebuild etc?

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Posted in: Clinton returns to campaign trail after pneumonia See in context

Absolutely no idea if she is going to pull off a win. Trump just has too much impetus and seems to be driving a head. I do not like Hillary, but I hate Trump and fear he will be the next president. I hope I am horribly mistaken.

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

Ohhh gods, big deal...

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Posted in: Actress Mika Mifune files property division suit following divorce from rocker Joji Takahashi See in context

That girl had the worst case of daddy issues I have seen publicly. That is the only reason why that guy filled the role of not just being a husband but a father she never really got to know, she admitted that much in an interview about ten years ago. It is a little bit on the bizarre side but taken in that context I suppose I could see her and her mother's way of thinking.

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Posted in: Japanese firms wage war on 'smell harassment' See in context

Bought darned time, each of those described is something I can not stand being next to on the train.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context


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Posted in: Samurai sword in new Japan Self-Defense Force emblem causing controversy See in context

Swords have been a part if military culture the world over. These are seriously some very bored whiney people.

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Posted in: Pokemon pond See in context

Absolutely useless stupid thing. Making the zombies of the 21 century.

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