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Posted in: Trump promises huge boost in military spending See in context

The absolute last thing that needs a spending boost.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

In all the schools I have ever taught with all the half Russian kids, half Filipino, half French, half Canadian etc. I have never once seen any of these kids treated as if they were a germ. Not once. I have seen from elementary through to highschool and while sometimes something is said along the lines of ohh look he/she is foreign too like me, they were never treated as. On human or outcasts. I honestly wonder if these people exaggerate a bit for the lime light.

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Posted in: Firepower See in context

For all those who mock Japans military there is no denying it is a capable force.

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Posted in: Uproar as Australian state bans greyhound racing See in context

Good, animal cruelty should never be allowed.

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Posted in: Driver, playing Pokemon Go, hits and kills pedestrian, injures another See in context

Make an example out of him as a warning to others.

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Posted in: Back to the past See in context

Japan is a free country. You are allowed to display your ideas or feelings in a non violent manner just like in the United States. So as long as no one is being hurt they are allowed to dress up in anachronistic military uniforms.

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Posted in: American Ledecky, Australian Chalmers shine in the pool; Japan's Hoshi gets bronze See in context

Geez this article makes it sound that getting bronze is a big deal or who cares kind of matter. Tired of hearing the athletes that receive bronze belittled in some round about way for not getting one slightly shinier medal.

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Posted in: Trump suggests Nov 8 election could be rigged See in context

Great scapegoat to use in case he losses. Just more ways to stir up anger and resentment.

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

Big deal, show your card get on with your day. I do not get nervous in japan around law enforcement like I do in the states and I used to be in the sheriff's department for two years.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested for strangling grandfather to death See in context

No good. No rehabilitation, no mercy for such a young psychological defunct individual.

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Posted in: Letter by suspect in stabbing rampage carried a warning See in context

I read that he was taken into custody and questioned but was released two weeks later when a psychological screening saved he was fit to be released. If that is true those in positions above did act on the letter but he either tricked or lied his way out. We will just have to wait for more information.

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Posted in: Honda co-develops first hybrid car motor free of heavy rare earth metals See in context

Good for Honda using home grown tech. Nice job.

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Posted in: China tells Japan to stop interfering in South China Sea See in context

Or what?

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Posted in: 'Carbon nanobrush' expected to improve battery performance See in context

This is what I like to see, Japan still being inventive and adding to the future.

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Posted in: High school student murders 42-year-old woman, dumps body in Ibaraki river See in context

Hang the punk. There is no help for people like him. All these teens that murder for thrills are broken and you cant fix crazy. Much easier to remove the disease from society so it does not do more damage later.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan over "dangerous" jet scramble See in context

Go home China your drunk.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa See in context

Love how some are defending drunk driving as "only human". Like to see how some would feel when a drunk service man/ woman creams your daughter against a road sign because they are "only human". I can look in the mirror and say I have never once in my life been behind the wheel when inebriated on alcohol. Guess that makes me better? Unlikely.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa See in context

Good gods what a bunch of weak willed individuals. It is really honestly that hard to not drink and drive.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl hit by train while using smartphone on platform See in context

Good thing she learned her lesson without paying the ultimate price.

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Posted in: 17-year-old student arrested for cutting woman’s hair on train See in context

I understood the meaning as the ladies hair aroused him not the act of cutting the hair.

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Posted in: 2 police officers arrested for drunk driving in Hokkaido See in context

Now more than likely ex police officers. They were green and probably very new and still on their probationary status. Hope the drink was worth the loss of the career.

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Posted in: Ubisoft to let game players join 'Star Trek' crew See in context

You are not alone there guy been a fan since the golden age of TNG. This would be amazing to try, really wonder how subversive it really will be.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor submits resignation effective June 21 See in context

Good I hope this scares more of these types onto the straight and narrow. The fact that there are crooked political people in japan is obvious but kudos to those for doing the right thing and taking out the trash. People tend to forget if japan was so crooked this would have never been found out and dealt with in such a manner.

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Posted in: Man arrested for rigging brick to fall from 10th floor of apartment building See in context

Dude was just hoping that someone would walk under his timed bricks and be killed... Not too hard of a stretch to call this attempted murder or at least manslaughter.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan's military (Self-Defense Forces), which have not taken part in actual combat abroad since World War II, can protect Japan from an attack by a foreign power, or mount an operation in See in context

Absolutely capable of defending home country. No doubt in my mind. It has been designed, engineered and set up in such a way that that is its strongest ability, defence. Offensive is another point all together, the JSDF has limited options in an offensive campaign against another modern military off soil. I believe the Navy and the Air force can hold its own against nearly anything but when it comes to the ground forces of the JSDF that is the weakest link in the chain., But again whole heartedly know Japan could and is capable of defending this island against an aggressive outside force.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Florida nightclub; at least 20 dead See in context

More fuel for the pro trump crowd. Terrible.

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Posted in: Florida police seek motive for killing of 'The Voice' singer See in context

Not just Japan but the US has this same disturbing problem as well. Mentally deficient people in every country.

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Posted in: Japan is safer than other countries, and people tend to let their guard down and think, ‘There’s no way I’ll be assaulted.’ But that’s a big mistake. See in context

According to that list that came out Japan is the nine safest place on earth. I can see why people would let their guards down.

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Posted in: Sadako and Kayako team up with police to scare you for a good cause See in context

How about people just not do drugs? What is the point of such garbage?

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Posted in: What did you think of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park? See in context

Go read the comments on breitbart and they will make your stomach turn. Those comments are vile. Thousands of posts using terrible language to describe the speech as well as obama and the Japanese people in general. A lot of the online newspapers have some pretty terrible anti japanese comment sections. I thought the speech was just fine for the times we are in, a balance that what was done was done but never should be done again etc.

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