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Posted in: Basketballers who spent night with prostitutes get 1-year suspensions See in context

They were in the entertainment district with women. Doesn’t mean they were prostitutes. It would be the same as if they were out with women in Kabukicho. Just because the women may have been dressed sexily, doesn’t pin them as prostitutes.

The biggest problem is that the players were wearing their uniforms and they shouldn’t have been out flaunting that they were on the team and picking up women that way.

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Posted in: These are the 11 most crowded trains in Japan…and they’re all in the Tokyo area See in context

I hate taking the Marunouchi line from Ikebukuro around 8:30am. They periodically close off platform access at the ticket gate because no more people can get down to the platform and have people exit.

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Posted in: Airbnb says new law regulating short-term rentals 'stinks' See in context

This will suck for tourism expectations for the coming years: 40 million people by 2020 is not gonna happen if they have no place to stay.

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Posted in: Akihabara marks 10th anniversary of deadly stabbing rampage See in context

Why was the Ikeda killer executed within 1 year of sentencing being finalized, but the Akiba guy is still rotting on my tax dollars 3 years later??

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Posted in: Lower house passes bills to lower adulthood age See in context

but people under 20 will still be prohibited from drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling.

So still not adults...

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted smuggling of rare animals into Japan See in context

Why did it take a year to arrest him? If it was gold, he would’ve been arrested on the spot.

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Posted in: Gov't to unveil era name for new emperor's accession next Feb or later See in context

There are still many Japanese who still don’t know about Mountain Day in August; and that was announced in 2014 and has been a holiday since 2016. I don’t think they have to worry much about the confusion of two era names.

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Posted in: Emperor likely to abdicate at end of March 2019: report See in context

What do they do if he dies before that date? He abdicates early; he dies early; same thing when it comes to them rushing to fill his role. Can’t they just treat his abdication in the same way they did when Emperor Showa passed? I’m sure they had a lot of calendars they needed to reprint when that happened as well.

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Posted in: Cambodia bans Hollywood's 'Kingsman' for country's portrayal as crime hub See in context

Well, Cambodia does have a high crime index rating and a huge corruption problem in the government and law enforcement. So yeah... you don’t want a movie to depict your country as such, do something about the crime problem first.

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