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Posted in: Japan diving shop sorry after customers pose on sunken U.S. warship See in context

That’s rich lol coming from the self righteous Americans

As one who has dived the Emmons many times, I have personally witnessed active-duty US military personnel in a "guts pose" at the wrecksite.

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Posted in: 'Sopranos' star Tony Sirico dies at 79 See in context

The irascible Paulie Walnuts, perhaps the most memorable character from the greatest TV show of all time.

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Posted in: 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' creator’s body found floating in ocean off coast of Okinawa See in context

Quite possible some sharks got him, but all the time I spent in the water there, I never saw a single one, but I have seen sea snakes. Extremely poisonous.

WRONG. Seasnakes are venomous, not poisonous.

If something bites you and you die, it is venomous. If you bite something and you still die, it is poisonous.

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Posted in: Mixed-race Okinawans begin to find voice amid tensions over U.S. bases See in context

My haafu kids were raised on Okinawa and went to local schools their entire lives. They both had lots of friends and were quite popular. I don't recall a single instance of them being bullied about their heritage, although to be fair, they are half-white, not African American...

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Posted in: Social network Grindr going public at $2.1 bil value See in context

Social network Grindr says it has hooked up with a special purpose acquisition company

Ahh, I see what you did there...

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

Will Smith and Chris Rock have been feuding since 2005. This is the second time CR has cracked a joke at the Oscars about Jada Pinkett Smith, who publicly suffers from alopecia (female pattern baldness). Like Hollywood itself, the joke was tasteless and unnecessary. #careerover

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to pay more for hosting American troops See in context

Droll QuarryToday  08:24 am JST

Japan spends 0.93 percent of its GDP on defense. The U.S spends 3.4 percent. Japan is renting a world class military at a fraction of the cost of standing up its own. The noise pollution bemoaned by another poster costs $33,000. dollars for one hour of F35 operation, and that does not include the purchase price.

That 0.93% equates to nearly US$50B annually, ninth highest in the world. Not bad for a country with a relatively small defensive force that doesn't project power beyond its borders...

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hints at more racial justice activism See in context

Not a criticism per se, but I do wish she would also use her celebrity to highlight the very real discrimination faced by racial/ethnic minorities in Japan, the country she represents...

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler's retirement offer rejected despite breaking COVID-19 rules See in context

Call me cynical, but I wonder if the result would be different had one of the Mongolians pulled the same stunt...

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Posted in: University of Washington forecasts 300,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths by Dec 1 See in context

I always wanted to see my alma mater in a JT headline, but not for this reason...

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler rebuked for eating out during coronavirus crisis See in context

Surely his oyakata knew of this, shouldn't he be "rebuked" as well?

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context


Orion may only have a 1% market share nationally, but it absolutely dominates beer sales in Okinawa (something like 90%). I suppose people want to demonstrate their pride by buying local products.

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

I will do my utmost to support #5 on the list of Japanese breweries...Orion Beer!

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