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Posted in: Anxiety about Wuhan's isolation mounting among Japanese firms See in context

Having lived through a major disaster with little help myself, I imagine that the Japanese companies have the resources to help their staff survive at home...

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Posted in: Japan's refinancing debt issuance next year seen lowest in decade See in context

Isn’t it the case that more and more debt sales at low rates of return is just not considered viable or plausible anymore?

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Posted in: Japan's retail, tourism industries on alert against coronavirus See in context

The train stations in Japan do not always have soap or hand drying facilities-hot water is a dream!

Crowded trains and unwashed hands become a paradise for viral infections...

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Posted in: What to know about the viral outbreak in China See in context

Looking at videos online of 200% + overcrowded waiting rooms and the spill over into halls and ante rooms then I would propose that the numbers of cases is a lot higher and that the health system in Wuhan has been completely overwhelmed ...

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Posted in: No doubt e-cigarettes harmful: WHO See in context


I have no idea if you smoke but I have been around smokers and vapers,

I notice that the vaping fog of fumes is oily,clingy and heavy.

Definitely not something to breath into ones lungs....

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Posted in: French investigators to move ahead with Ghosn prosecution over palace party See in context

Unlike Japan, where crime is based on a confession and unlike the adversarial US or British systems, the French system is inquisitorial-meaning that the truth is paramount to the investigation....

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Posted in: Couple arrested for neglecting their four children, resulting in one death See in context

Pachinkk really attracts the dregs-

BTW Japan is going to build casinos?

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Posted in: With Olympics, world champ says surfing shreds image as sport for 'bums' See in context


it’s still a sport for bums...

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Posted in: Coronavirus spotlights Japan contagion risks as Olympics loom See in context


i’d be wary of the WHO’s way out of date information- several listed diseases haven’t been around in Japan for a long long time...

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Posted in: China building a hospital to treat virus; expands lockdowns to 25 mil people See in context

So, 18 million under quarantine and the WHO won’t declare a public emergency?

Meanwhile, more cases are popping up domestically and internationally.

At present, the virus has not been linked to any particular vector other than it was first detected near a wet market.

The proof of origin has not been accurately established.

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Posted in: Japan should ban confiscation of foreign employees' passports, lawyer says See in context

Anyone living in Japan with the opportunity to meet Asian foreigners know that they are treated badly!

Confiscating passports is the tip of the iceberg...

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context

The credibility of the Ministry of Justice (sic) has most definitely declined due to this case...

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Posted in: Downtown Tokyo's homeless fear removal ahead of Olympics See in context

How does a state ‘remove’ people?

It sounds ominous to me...

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Posted in: 24,000 items of undelivered mail hidden at postman’s home See in context

The increasing age of workers and a diminished sense of responsibility-the future of Japan looks to be radically different...

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Posted in: Japan has trade deficit for 2nd straight year See in context

China grows at around 6% and Japan is a basket case-no change there then!

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Posted in: Survey ranks Japanese prefectures by how much people want to continue living there See in context

I can be having an Onsen in 20 minutes by car, in the countryside;

I can have an authentic Indian meal 5 mins from my home;I can be in Osaka in 25 minutes.

Life is good and I want to stay...

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Posted in: Shop fearing Wuhan virus bans Chinese visitors in Hakone See in context

There aren’t any meaningful anti discrimination laws in Japan, so there ain’t nothing that can be done...

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Posted in: Japan to step up precautions against China coronavirus See in context

There is no stopping it if flights continue...

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Posted in: Gov't keeps economic assessment for January See in context

When my boss gives me a raise then that will be ‘proof’ for me...

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Posted in: Fukushima says radiation poses no threat to Olympic torch relay See in context

Why would anyone really want to go near the site of a nuclear disaster?

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Posted in: China locks down epicenter of virus outbreak; nearly 600 infected See in context

Interestingly, Japan was one of the first countries that reported infection...

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Posted in: Man arrested for animal abuse kept 73 dogs at his home See in context

Animals are treated extremely poorly in Japan...

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

The ministry of no-reform speaks...

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Posted in: Abe rebuffs opposition resignation call over contentious gov't event See in context

Or a couple of part time jobs...

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss handover of 3 robbery suspects despite no extradition treaty See in context

If I were one of the 3 Brits then I would be quaking in my boots...

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Posted in: New ANA air pass with unlimited Japanese house rentals, multiple flights now taking applications See in context

Over 500000 yen for a yen?

ii desu....

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Posted in: Japan faces decision over contaminated Fukushima nuclear plant water See in context

@Mr Kipling

Your comments are not in line with scientific observations...

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Posted in: Washington state man is 1st in U.S. to catch new virus from China See in context

As the virus spreads, please don’t panic!

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Posted in: New study shows wildlife thriving in areas evacuated after Fukushima nuclear meltdown See in context

There are studies out there that show low level radiation as being damaging to genes...

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