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Posted in: Trump stands by Saudi prince despite journalist Khashoggi's murder See in context

Who ordered the death?

Why did Saudi Arabia have a death squad and bone saws in its Turkish embassy?

What messages has the US intercepted from the embassy to Saudi Arabia?

Why did the Saudis deny the death and have embassy staff wear Khashoggi’s clothes and parade around outside the embassy?

Where is Mr Khashoggi’s body?

And why do the Saudi Arabian authorities condone such

barbaric methods of dealing with people?

President Trump should ensure the answers to these questions are answered before selling more deadly weapons to such a regime.....

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Posted in: Transport ministry eyes inspection of JAL, ANA over pilots' drinking See in context

The London case involved a severely inebriated pilot.

Why would a pilot drink so much,much more than is normal for anyone?

It points to some other underlying problem ......

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Posted in: Mitsubishi CEO says it will be tough to manage car alliance without Ghosn See in context

What are the criminal charges?

And who is the whistleblower ?

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Posted in: Naked man found in coin locker at Sendai Station See in context

The capsule hotels are out!

Lockers are IN!

New trend happening.....

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Posted in: Japan to beef up Ebola testing system amid rise in foreign tourists See in context

It’s not worth the risk with regard to the low number of cases seen in Asia.

The money would be better spent installing barriers on platforms as more Japanese meet their maker on the tracks.....

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

His salary might have been high by Japanese standards but still low by international ones.....

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi control room revealed 7 years after meltdowns See in context

The ‘room’ still requires full suits and industrial face masks after seven years.....

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Posted in: Doing it right and being polite: An interview with writer Amy Chavez See in context

Pondering the minutiae of Japanese manners is possible in the middle of the Inland Sea but the reality of life is found elsewhere.

Try living with most Japanese in large cities-most foreigners do and this is where most visitors come.

Imagine, 10 people behind you at the 7-11, I don’t think lining up money in a neat row would endear anyone to most Japanese here.

Also,Japanese people, are also guilty of not following their own etiquette, such as not washing adequately before entering the onsen bath.

And the new one of eyes down, ploughing into others whilst on mobile phones!

How about smoking,texting and driving?

And the times I’ve had doors swing back on me-countless!

Or not stopping at red lights?

Hopefully, these ones might get some etiquette change in the future.....

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Posted in: Nearly half of dementia patients in Japan put in restraints: study See in context

Restraints are not the best way but unless there is a staff member with a patient 24/7 then there is no other way, apart from drugging the patient

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Posted in: Tijuana protesters chant 'Out!' at migrants camped in city See in context

So, it isn’t just the Americans protesting then....

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Posted in: Spat over WWII brothels shows Japan's trouble in facing past See in context

What young girl ever wants to be a prostitute?

I’ve yet to meet one that does!

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

Let’s make a law that forbids train companies to fill their trains 200% above capacity and make buses free for commuters!

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Posted in: Crazy in love? The Japanese man 'married' to a hologram See in context

May they live happily ever after....!

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Posted in: Japanese, S Korean trawlers collide in Sea of Japan; 13 rescued See in context

Both captains need to be censured...

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Posted in: Gov't puts Subaru under guidance after series of wrongdoing See in context

Got a WRX and it is one of the best, most exciting,dependable cars that I have ever had.....

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Posted in: Japan's cyber security minister admits never having used computer See in context

The blind trying to lead the sighted...,,

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Posted in: Cuban ambassador denied room at Hilton hotel in Fukuoka due to U.S. sanctions See in context

Following American laws in Japan, why?

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Posted in: CNN sues Trump, demanding return of Acosta to White House See in context

Acosta is now on the sidelines looking in,with himself to blame........

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Posted in: Expensive APEC summit sows division in host Papua New Guinea See in context

The more corrupt and lawless it is, the better it is for the multinationals to pillage it!

Who in the country can afford a Maserati?

Only the corrupt!

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Posted in: Japan to ensure students accessing research reactors are screened See in context

I’d want to be screened for radiation too -Japan has a lousy record on safety....

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Posted in: 340,000 foreigners may flow into Japan in 5 years under new visa system See in context

For the jobs that they need to do there really isn’t a great requirement to know a lot of Japanese.

Even nurses here have little need to do much, only take patients to the bathroom, wash and feed them-that’s it!

I see foreigners getting on very well here especially once they get organized and demand better conditions...

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Posted in: BOJ's total assets exceed country's GDP for first time See in context

The BOJ has a mountain of under performing assets-what could go wrong?

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Posted in: N Korea hiding at least 13 missile bases, U.S. researchers say See in context

The US has around 4000 missles operational at present, Russia the same)

Why is North Korea even a news feature??????

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Posted in: Nissin comes out with new Cup Noodle using … 'almost real sea urchin' See in context

So 93.1% is something artificial-I got it!

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Posted in: Abe calls for public works spending plan to help economy See in context

Tokyo doesn’t really need more concrete, does it?

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Posted in: Israeli air strike destroys Hamas TV building in Gaza See in context

“The flare-up came after a deadly Israeli special forces operation in the Gaza Strip on Sunday that left Hamas vowing revenge.”

And that was a group of Israeli soldiers illegally entered Israel to commit murder.

What a great pretext for war that is......

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Posted in: N Korea hiding at least 13 missile bases, U.S. researchers say See in context

And how many nuclear misale bases does the US have?

It’s more than NK isn’t it.....

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Posted in: A highly contagious African swine fever virus has been detected in pork filled dumplings brought by a traveler from Shanghai at Tokyo's Haneda airport on Oct 14. See in context

The edict from above now seems to be to let the foreigners through asap !

Do customs speak to the quarantine office here or is it too much trouble to interrogate the Chinese?

This case will be one of many and an outbreak will be an event in the. Ear future.

Either way a policy change is in order.....

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Posted in: Macron leads WW1 Armistice commemorations See in context

When President Trump attends a ceremony, gets soaked and has discourse with other world leaders then still the negative comments continue-pathetic!

Well, I personally look forward to the Dons second term in office which will surely happen.......

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Posted in: Freddie Mercury biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' soars at box office See in context

Rami Malek does the part justice and there are more than a few very interesting insights into how the songs were written.

Dont believe the critics.

Go and see it!

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