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Posted in: Yes or No? Vital vote on Brexit plan set for Saturday in UK See in context


The perception in the UK (of British indigenous people) is that it is becoming overrun with foreigners that have little allegiance to British values.

The effect of this mass influx is that British institutions such as the ‘local’ are closing down.

There are also many visa overstayers in the UK.

Any big city in the UK has a large number of foreign born people that the mass media promotes as having ‘values’ that must be promoted and respected at the expense of the indigenous population.

Brexit will hopefully secure against the above....

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Posted in: Tokyo governor surprised by 'sudden' marathon switch See in context

Koike needs to get out of her air con office and car and experience Tokyo’s heat island effect a little bit more

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Posted in: Kansai police pursue manic minicar driver in a not-so-merry 45-kilometer chase See in context

2 hours to stop a mini car?


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Posted in: 3 high school students arrested for assaulting, robbing man See in context

And here I thought that Tokyo was awash with jobs?

Getting a criminal record for such a petty amount is pure stupidity!

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Posted in: Man runs toward car on street and smashes windshield See in context

Mental illness is in the rise here...

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

So, let’s boycott goods made in China!

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Posted in: Yes or No? Vital vote on Brexit plan set for Saturday in UK See in context

The last time I was in the UK I encountered more foreign born people than native Brits.

Immigration policy in the UK has been a failure.

Brexit will enable a more strict policy on immigration.

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Posted in: Women make up 80% of cancer patients aged 20 to 39 in Japan See in context

How about breaking down the figures by region?

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Posted in: Cathay woes pile up as passenger figures dip again in September See in context

Yet, the fares I looked at to Europe were not competitive enough to book.

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Posted in: Heavy rain forecast as recovery, repair work from typhoon continues See in context

I got a leak in the house somewhere...

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Posted in: LDP exec apologizes for calling typhoon damage 'so-so' See in context

Again and again the politicians in Japan show how out of touch they really are....

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Posted in: China irked by Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Hong Kong See in context

C’mon China, just join in the celebrations!

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

A bar near me is known for violence and assaults on both men and women but it never makes the news due to the victims and assailants being natives...

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for kissing teenage girl during medical examination See in context

It takes a year?

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Posted in: School bullying cases hit record high in Japan in FY2018 See in context

It is no surprise that bullying occurs as schools focus on preparing students for years of intensive study placing students in a n ultra competitive environment,.

And it is it just not students bullying students that is the problem.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

What a great idea!

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Posted in: Japanese Winter Olympic medalist admits causing collision See in context

Time to repeat his driving test....

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

‘pulled apart a stuffed bear’

Oh , the shame...

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context

It is a really obvious idea which may prevent athletes collapsing and dying from heatstroke.

And if Evan Dunfee had ever run around in Tokyo in the summer then he would be saving money to get to Hokkaido....

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Posted in: EU: Brexit deal in sight but UK must still do more See in context

The Republic doesn’t want the 6 counties....

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Posted in: Demand for Japan World Cup jerseys reaches fever pitch See in context

What a business opportunity!

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpse of newborn son See in context

As long as Japanese society stigmatises births out of wedlock then we can expect to see repeats of these types of incidents.....

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Posted in: Typhoon victims felt worst was over; then floods came See in context

Time to stop building so close to rivers...

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

Thanks to the Canadian rugby team for helping clear up the mud on the roads!

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Posted in: Human pyramids continue in Kobe schools as injuries mount to 51; mayor’s pleas to stop unanswered See in context

Placing children several meters up in the air with a chance of falling is a dangerous act....

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan offers Red Night Masquerade frappuccino for Halloween See in context

The source is my high school chemistry classes...

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Posted in: Turkish-led forces advance into Syrian border town See in context


And ISIS, which was being destroyed under President Obama, now grows and becomes a greater threat to the US and Europe under Donnie the Dimwit...


Please read up on your modern day history...

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Posted in: Japan considering release of video showing N Korean fishing boat collision See in context

Previously to, or during the encounter, the NK vessel was being power hosed by the Japanese.

This is not conducive to safety.

Whichever way we look at it, Japan is responsible for the damage.

Also, why were the Japanese preventing the starving, ill nourished North Koreans from being able to fish-it is not as if they are going to wipe out any fishing stocks with several small fishing boats is it?

Poor moral judgement IMO....

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

Let’s see the video....please?

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

What’s the problem?

Still won’t endure me to paying for the NHK subscription though...

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