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Posted in: It's not written in the Imperial House Law, but no divorcee would ever be considered a possibility. See in context

Give Japan another 200 years to wake up and all will be well......

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Posted in: Man stabbed on subway in Tokyo See in context

The stress that people feel in Tokyo is almost unreal!

I would never never work and live in Tokyo…

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Posted in: Paris knife attacker was French citizen born in Chechnya See in context

'God is Great!'

Why invoke the name of God when killing innocent people?

The Koran has all the answers......

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Posted in: Girl on bicycle killed after being hit by drunken driver See in context

Drunk from the night before?

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Posted in: Man dressed in black seen repeatedly near site where dead girl's body found See in context

Nobody thought that a man chasing a girl should have been a cause for concern?

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Posted in: Another nuclear reactor in central Japan to go back online on Wed See in context

The answer to where the spent fuel from these reactors has never been answered.

The radioactive debris from Fukushima is sitting up on mountains all over Fukushima where it is slowly leaking out of its plastic!

The government in conjunction with Fukushima prefecture has had the novel idea of using it as road fill!

There are future plans to transport it all over Japan for this use.

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Posted in: N Korea says Japan must adapt to join diplomatic fray See in context

Here’s a chance for Abe San to win the Nobel Peace Prize!

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Posted in: Golden Week U-turn rush peaks See in context

I’ll be lazing in hot spring waters tonight - that’s my holiday!

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Posted in: Japan's planned SDF dispatch to Futenma hits U.S. snag See in context

The true rulers of Japan refuse to cooperate....,

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Posted in: Otto Warmbier's mom seeks to embarrass N Korea at symposium on human rights See in context

Many tourists and journalists have visited North Korea and have safely returned, yet Otto Warmbier did not.

Why was that?

Well, as an American (especially) any transgression in the DPRK would be punished. The ‘sightseeing’ experience in North Korea is based on the US aggression undertaken where the US dropped many thousands of bombs, destroying many thousands of homes,hospitals,schools and government buildings.

Mr Warmbier, more than most, must have been acutely aware of this.

Otto Warmbier’s confession of theft on state tv and his pleas for forgiveness were distressing to watch.

However, why attempt such a foolish act knowing the history of North Korea?

His ignorance and stupidity led to his brutal treatment - unjust and heartbreaking for sure but preventable .......

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Posted in: Japanese gov't website allowed anti-Korean resident messages See in context


surely, it is up to the welfare office here to assess each case on its merits.

The majority of welfare is as you are well aware, claimed by Japanese applicants!

It is not as if there are boatloads coming here to receive welfare is it?

To label those born and educated in Japan as a ‘foreigner’ (most Koreans are) is more than a little disingenuous, is it not?

They might hold a Korean passport or none at all but Korea is as alien to most of them as it is to me.

And one more point.

If threats against Koreans not real then why do the Korean embassy and consulate here have a 365 days /24 hours a year police presence and the Japanese embassy in Seoul doesn’t?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't website allowed anti-Korean resident messages See in context

As Japan has not enacted any

anti-discrimination laws then any foreigner in Japan can be excluded,abused and berated on the basis of their race.

The perpetrators of such acts do not need to fear punishment or redress.

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Posted in: Man arrested after driving car into group gathered round motorbike See in context

Actually, the police here are quite efficient at dealing with noise here.A simple phone call would have been sufficient to remedy the problem.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for killing 2-yr-old daughter by dropping her from balcony See in context

It seems mental illness could be a factor here....

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Posted in: Akita town presented as a microcosm for future population decline See in context

I look forward to a Japan where people can have gardens and kids can grow up in decent sized homes.

When people are crammed into small spaces they will give up having kids, as they are doing now!

And why are people leaving Kochi and Akita and their populations shrinking?

Well, that’s a question for the inward looking LDP government to answer....,

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Posted in: Ume Sake Japanese KitKat features flavor of traditional plum wine…with a twist See in context

8 small pieces of chocolate for 700 yen-I’ll give it a miss thanks!

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Posted in: Tokyo could be paralyzed by Mt Fuji eruption: gov't report See in context

After the Kobe earthquake, there were people living in tents in public parks for many lmonths!

Where are the millions of people fleeing a natural disaster going to go?

How are they going to be fed?

Where will they sleep?

An earthquake is more likely than a volcanic eruption yet nobody has answered these daunting questions.....

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Posted in: Tokyo could be paralyzed by Mt Fuji eruption: gov't report See in context

It’s false pride thinking that earthquakes,typhoons and volcanic eruptions can somehow be managed by humans....

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Posted in: Abe praises relations with oil-rich UAE See in context

Meanwhile,Japan has been steadily decreasing the grid feed-in rates for solar energy-Shinzo doesn’t have much vision...

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Posted in: Man on platform hit by train after argument with commuter See in context

I’ve had threatening old guys in my face here shouting, I’ve been told to stop speaking English on a bus once (by a lady) and I have never thought to start a fight.

However, there are many bilingual Chinese and Koreans here that won’t be so reticent when abused.

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Many women from the Philippines are presently in clubs and bars all over Japan.

Some receive money for sexual favors and no doubt some are abused.Still, they have a choice.

However, Japan’s wartime government with connivance of its military abused and murdered civilians that had been coerced into service.

Present day politicians in Japan will strangely refute and deny such events took place.

Memorials to all and any war victims need to be openly displayed so we all don’t forget the past

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Posted in: 'Infinity War' opens with record $250 mil, passing 'Star Wars' See in context

Marvel characters have been around in comic form since the sixties- 21st century film making tech has allowed younger generations to enjoy the genre in a different format.

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Posted in: Man on platform hit by train after argument with commuter See in context

It seems as if speaking a foreign language led the Japanese to abuse the chef.

Why didn’t the Japanese man call the station staff if he had a complaint?

Sad that he was injured as a result but I’m sure that it was accidental.

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Posted in: France's Macron defends Saudi arms sales; to hold Yemen conference See in context

Schools, hospitals and thousands upon thousands dead, the aid being blocked from the ports - surely, this genocide being carried out?

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Posted in: Abe departs for Mideast, with focus on energy, regional peace See in context

He might make a plea for the Saudis to stop killing civilians in Yemen but I doubt it....

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Posted in: BOJ drops inflation time frame as it struggles to hit elusive goal See in context

How is that a good thing when people can’t afford a house or apartment because wages are stagnant?

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Posted in: Profits at ANA soar as JAL sinks further See in context

I’ve seen Ana’s cost cutting up close yet their ticket prices are double rival companies

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Posted in: Asia a bright spot for Japanese carmakers facing sluggish U.S. sales See in context

Mazda has reaped worldwide profits,with some of its vehicles becoming record beating sellers so It’s about time Mazda began to share its fortune with the rest of the world and become a true international company.

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Posted in: Travelers get going for Golden Week vacation See in context

I’ll pay half for my air ticket out of Japan after GW!

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