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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

What is it when politicians constantly dangle some flashy side show piece of entertainment in front of the jobless electorate whilst jobs are being cut and people are living in shelters?

In context, the Olympics is just a wasteful extravaganza...

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Posted in: U.S. base in Okinawa confirms 32 more coronavirus cases; Iwakuni base reports several See in context

The military don’t wear masks in many cases due to cultural norms or because masks don’t allow effective communication.

More cases are coming ...

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Posted in: Abe visits rain-hit Kumamoto to assess damage See in context

Hundreds of infections in Japanese hospitals and nursing homes-that is doing a good job?

Shutting down the economy and people can’t pay their rents and buy food?

Definitely a bad job!

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Posted in: Abe visits rain-hit Kumamoto to assess damage See in context

in the picture they all have clean boots!

The greeting group have Kuma mura written on their backs which suggests to me that they are local government officials posing for a photo-op...

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Posted in: Abe visits rain-hit Kumamoto to assess damage See in context


Teaching Abe to mop would take like...ages!

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Posted in: Half million Hong Kong people vote in pro-democracy primaries See in context

On Thursday, constitutional and mainland affairs minister Erick Tsang warned that those "organizing, planning and participating" in the primary might commit offenses of succession, subversion and colluding with foreign forces under the new security law, according to interviews given to a select few pro-Beijing newspapers.

Erick Tsang should admit that the security law is aimed at tramping down on the freedoms of the Hong Kong people!

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Posted in: Skin trouble on rise as face masks become essential See in context

Nurses and doctors have to constantly wear masks for 8 hours plus and they suffer from associated skin problems

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Posted in: 'Thieves' help themselves at Tokyo art exhibit See in context

No social distancing whilst the pilfering was occurring then?

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Posted in: Mixed reaction from Hong Kong expats to UK visa offer See in context

If I could choose a country in Europe to live in then it would be Portugal or Italy but for work it would be the UK over Germany anytime!

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Posted in: Mixed reaction from Hong Kong expats to UK visa offer See in context

I will be very happy to see Hong Kongers relocating to the UK!

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Posted in: Japan to begin Go To Travel Campaign on July 22 See in context

I’m working and saving because round 2 will be here soon and it will be ‘stay home!’ and no way to pay rent again!

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Posted in: Japanese candy shop Shalala-sha’s 'edible gems' make charming gifts See in context

Each jar costs 1,480 yen plus tax.

That is way too

high for a sugar fix....!

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Posted in: With one year to go, experts warn of high-risk Tokyo Olympics See in context

Err, no, there are many more than ‘a few’ cases of the virus in Japan.

Events which pose grave health risks must be cancelled not ‘considered’!

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Posted in: 35 years after Live Aid, Bob Geldof assesses personal toll See in context

Bob Geldof will also invest your money in Africa for you and promises up to a 20% return?

Not quite the saint he is portrayed to be....

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Posted in: War over words: U.S. Scrabble leader overrules panel to ban slurs See in context

What happens if a black person uses the epithet?

Is that allowable?

They often do with a high level of frequency!

Should we ban country names in Africa or Latin translations for black as having similarities with epithets?

And where does the censorship end?

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Posted in: If you got tested today for the coronavirus and the result turns out negative, that doesn’t mean you won’t get it next week. So should people be tested regularly? See in context

The presence of Covid-19 RNA in ones blood means infection which together with flu symptoms could mean that treatment is necessary ie hospitalisation.

The antibody test would confirm the presence of antibodies meaning that you have had it and have had no symptoms or that cough that was perhaps present in April was the virus.

It depends on which ‘test’ is taken.

For international travel, involving the crossing of borders then surely testing before and after travel is necessary?

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Posted in: Former Marines pitcher Jackson arrested for possession of cannabis See in context

Imagine legally being able to grow a herb in your own garden or kitchen that can sort out chronic pain and can relax and rid a body of stress?

That is illegal in Japan ....

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman dies after being stabbed as she gets off bus See in context

Instead of buying weapons from the US, the Japanese government must start to give back to the people !!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 206 new coronavirus cases See in context

Someone, I know has been to bars and snacks regularly over the pandemic period and he intends to continue.

I say good luck to him...

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Posted in: Recovery efforts continue in southwest Japan after heavy rain See in context

Unfortunately, it has t finished yet....

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Posted in: Japan's economy to shrink at fastest pace in decades this fiscal year See in context

Another stimulus package?

Just when I have gotten used to ramen and bread crusts!

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Posted in: Tokyo shopkeepers brace for another slowdown as coronavirus flares See in context

People on trains cannot keep any type of distance between themselves as they can in restaurants, bars, trains, libraries, supermarkets etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo shopkeepers brace for another slowdown as coronavirus flares See in context

Meanwhile please continue to use the crammed to breaking point trains!

Nobody on the trains has the virus nor does it spread there, right!

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Posted in: U.S. State Department OKs possible $23 bil sale of F-35s to Japan See in context

Japan, with very little natural resources except thousands of feet under the ocean, south of Tokyo is under absolutely zero risk of being attacked, except by Godzilla...

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Posted in: Telemedicine shakes up Japan's health care sector See in context

No, telemedicine won’t replace face to face contact for diagnosis.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

Obviously, this should have been done several months ago but there are not many clubs named Dentsu or JAL are there?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers on track to secure all venues for 2021 See in context

A pandemic is raging and the elites are still trying to waste money?

Its farcical...

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Posted in: Dancing robots replace fans at Japanese baseball game See in context

Some companies have way too much money to waste-Son Masayoshi has also lost a pile recently too!

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Posted in: Masks, disinfectant, social distancing: Japan responds to disaster amid coronavirus See in context

Kyushu has the worst flooding and infrastructure spend in Japan...

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Posted in: AirAsia's future in doubt due to virus: auditor See in context

57 minutes before the flight thinking I was ok to be checked in and the computer said no....

Good riddance to Air Asia the money sucker...

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