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Posted in: Johnson voices caution over next lockdown easing in England See in context

っThanks Boris for letting the virus into the UK!

And why are vaccinated Brits getting the virus?

Something is amiss ....

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Posted in: Goldman Sachs orders U.S. staff to report Covid-19 vaccine status See in context

Are there side effects to this vaccine?

For me, yes there are

Getting vaccinated should not be forced on anyone

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Posted in: Japan's wholesale prices rise at fastest pace in 13 years See in context

The Japanese consumer is already paying over the odds for just about everything!

Life is going to get way tougher...

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Posted in: Australian swimmer Groves pulls out of Olympic trials, citing 'perverts' See in context

Young girls in leotards and swimming costumes?

Middle aged coaches?

Lots of things to go wrong...

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Posted in: Heatstroke or COVID-19? Similar symptoms could confuse at Olympics See in context

Covid is not a problem until 8pm.

Heatstroke only during the day.

That’s easy to understand, isn’t it?

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Posted in: 2 Australian states on COVID-19 alert after infected woman's interstate travel See in context

The couple may face criminal charges for breaching COVID-19 border restrictions.

Criminal charges for getting a virus?


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Posted in: BOJ will not hesitate to ease further if needed, says deputy governor See in context

What pandemic relief programs?

We can be sure that all that we can expect is more cheap money for conglomerates...

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Posted in: U.S. eases 'Do Not Travel' advisory for Japan See in context

One week ok, another week not?

Putting thousands of people in confined spaces and millions of people using transport terminals in a single day in a pandemic?

When is that ok?

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers seek emergency clause for constitution to deal with crises See in context

The Japanese government should never gain one more iota of power over the people....never!

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Big brother is watching you..,

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Posted in: Local governments striving to minimize waste of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

When the Japanese government is taking money from citizens eg driving licence renewal or TV licence fess the efficiency is outstanding!

When the Japanese government has to organize to give part of the tax money back eg the Abe mask and this vaccine program then the cracks keep appearing...

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Posted in: Olympic swimming champ Chalmers admits COVID-hit Tokyo a 'bit scary' See in context

Mr Chalmers should understand that social distancing is not possible in Japan.

He should also understand that for all the SOE rhetoric that people are eating and drinking in restaurants and bars as well going to nightclubs!

As in Australia and the UK there are no penalties for breaking the rules.

Picking up Covid in Japan is more likely than in Oz ...

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Posted in: Organizers deny sponsors asking for postponement of Olympics See in context

Is this headline credible?


Most of the people in Japan do not want an overblown sports contest in a pandemic!

It’s commonsense...

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Posted in: Japan’s first smart ring for contactless payment developed See in context

18,000 yen ?

I’ll wait for the injectable chip( already developed) -it’ll be a lot cheaper!

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Posted in: New contraption lets you cook paper-thin egg omelets in your microwave See in context

Spending money on unneeded gadgets seems to be a thing?

Not me-no thanks!

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Posted in: Saitama police chief arrested for stealing rolls of toilet paper See in context

Instead of using the paper he could have defecated into his pants-I’d let him off with a caution...

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Posted in: American arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis oil See in context

Police said they suspect Melgarejo may be part of a smuggling ring.

Or he could have a lot of stress living in Japan?

I've had CBD several times in the last few weeks- great stuff!

Japan’s laws are so outdated it is unbelievable!

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Posted in: Japan considers sending coronavirus vaccines to Vietnam: report See in context

Any resident of Japan that can hack the quarantine should make a trip to Vietnam-priceless!

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Posted in: Local governments striving to minimize waste of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

In Hamura, Tokyo, officials were taken by surprise when more than 450 people aged 65 and over registered for a system it introduced to allow around five elderly people to wait on standby at the inoculation site in case of spare shots.

What is it with the inability to foresee in Japan?

Still, the comedy show continues

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Posted in: Green, orange or red: France eases summer travel rules See in context

"They have vaccinated lots of people but they haven't digitized it -- when you get vaccinated you often just get a sheet of paper," Djebbari told CNews television

Why isn’t the paper version acceptable?

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Posted in: Japan to extend quarantine for travelers from Britain to 6 days See in context

Not if the entrant has a connection with the Olympics they aren’t.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of vaccination passports for international travel? See in context

Will being vaccinated mean the end of PCR tests?

Try to argue that point in Japan where you’ll be the odd one out and it will still be a requirement to fly....

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Posted in: Osaka man charged with spitting in front of same pickle shop for most of 2020 See in context

And now the fool has a criminal record that no amount of spit can dislodge...

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Posted in: Japan to extend quarantine for travelers from Britain to 6 days See in context

So, even fully vaccinated people have to endure this prolonged quarantine?

Whats the point of the vaccine then?

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Posted in: Eco-friendly Tokyo Olympic podium, medals, music unveiled See in context

At least the medals are from 2020...

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Posted in: As teams pull out of training camps, Olympics buzz fades See in context

The Japanese people never quite felt the ‘buzz’- more mascots needed or something like that?

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Posted in: UK hits vaccine milestone; warns of 'deadly' misinformation See in context

It’s the weather-a cold May meant it was easier for the virus to spread-June will be different

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

How about the new variant found in Japan?

Never mind the games are coming....

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Posted in: Tokyo nightlife bustles despite state of emergency See in context


Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Unfortunately, the Japanese government would rather promote a false image to the world instead of facing reality.

The result is that the people of Japan are suffering

Although life in Japan has many benefits-

there are downsides.

Not only the myriad disasters that occur but the arbitrary use or non use of rules to benefit the ruling authorities.

Due to this, I have never been able to fully invest in Japan and have always kept sources of income outside the country., I suggest you do the same.

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Posted in: Japan to pledge $800 mil to int'l COVID-19 vaccine effort See in context

Too right, it is the tax paying people of Japan...

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