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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

That’s an expensive prop and it is getting pricier all the time!

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Posted in: Radiation 'hot spots' near Olympic torch relay in Fukushima: Greenpeace See in context

If the only radiation we are exposed to came from one meter from the ground ,then then life would be very simple However,, it is not.

Radioactive particles can be found in food, house dust, smoke and even in the walls of buildings.

Even Shinkansen stations leading up and down to from Fukushima to Tokyo have a higher readings due to the accident.

And what about the radioactive package flown by drone that ended up on PM Abe’s roof?

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Posted in: S Korea to use radiation detectors, food from home at Tokyo Olympics See in context

The Koreans are right and it is NOT just Fukushima.

Other prefectures were also contaminated with radioactive fallout that lasts many many years!

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Posted in: Radiation 'hot spots' near Olympic torch relay in Fukushima: Greenpeace See in context

The Japanese government does not measure at ground level where people actually walk-Greenpeace does.

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

President Trump’s goal is to relieve the US of its high defense spending in NATO.

His actions have led to more European members contributing more than previously- a clear win for the US here!

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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

It seems that the PM of Japan is experiencing a decline in his mental faculties- early onset dementia?

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

Although, President Trump’s remark was not very diplomatic, it is clear that Trudeau was being two-faced...

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Posted in: No. of flights linking Shanghai, Japan cities to increase See in context

Any tourist with money comes direct to Japan and I never wish to set foot in China so taking the ‘cheap way’ won’t be an option for me....

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Posted in: Japan to OK sales of duty-free goods in vending machines See in context

Out comes my second passport to see if I can game the system..,,

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Posted in: No. of flights linking Shanghai, Japan cities to increase See in context

Quality Chinese tourists buying their own made in China vaping products and baby formula- no turnaround for Japan then...

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Posted in: Japanese labor federation to demand minimum hourly wage of ¥1,100 See in context

For sure, Japan is heading steadily down that deflationary slope...Abe should man up with Kuroda and get the inflation they want...

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Posted in: Gang leader arrested over August shooting in Kobe See in context

Terrible to see Japanese killing each other even if they are gang members...

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Posted in: Gunmen kill Japanese doctor, five Afghans See in context

So many trigger happy extremists high on drugs don’t care whom they kill....

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Posted in: Gov't preparing ¥13 tril economic stimulus package See in context

A dwindling aging population and an exodus of manufacturing companies to China and the givers wants to spend more money on what exactly?

Care homes?

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Posted in: KitKat Japan debuts world’s first cacao fruit chocolate as environmentally sustainable snack See in context

What a complete ripoff from an extremely mediocre chocolate maker...

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan unveils new Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino for Christmas See in context

How unexcited I am...

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Posted in: 'Mayonnaise Man' believed to have returned to his uniform-ruining ways in Hokkaido See in context

Dunk the perp in mayonnaise and put him in a cell for a week-instant cure!

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Posted in: 2010s hottest decade in history, U.N. says as emissions rise again See in context

The rich can adapt to climate changes better than the poor.

This is why no real action will come into effect anytime soon...

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Posted in: Trump barrels into NATO summit, clashes with France's Macron See in context

Isis members are responsible for threats, deaths and injuries on an ongoing basis.-many radicalized in Europe.

US forces have captured many and Macron doesn’t want them back-not a surprise that!

And Donald Trump knows that the Europeans should be paying more for their own protection.President Trump is fulfilling his campaign pledge to save US taxpayers’ money and he is doing just that!

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Posted in: U.S. Navy contractor may have dumped wastewater in Japanese ports: report See in context

The article is misleading and should be rewritten...

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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

Ms Ishikawa is battling against an ingrained do-not-question culture-good luck with that!

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Posted in: Johnson pressured on jail terms after London Bridge attack See in context

And what about the soldiers who have fought wars on completely false pretenses in Iraq, for example?

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Posted in: Zero-hour on climate, but U.N. talks in another time zone See in context

The best thing to do is to stop buying!

However, the desire to have the latest, newest consumer goods will eventually lead to a planet mired in waste and pollution- this civilization is going to fail...

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia takes over G20 presidency from Japan See in context

Punishments in Saudi Arabia include stoning, amputations, beheadings and street hangings-G20 members watch out!

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Posted in: China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users See in context

Soon, other governments will be doing the same...

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Posted in: Japan considers withholding tax system on casino winnings by foreigners See in context

This is not any type of sustainable beneficial model forJapan.

What a shame that TPTB In Japan are so bereft of any type of high level thought process....

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

Good to have safer roads if the J cops enforce these laws or not remains to be seen..,

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Posted in: Merry Clickmas: Black Friday online sales hit record $7.4 bil See in context

Anyone falling for ‘Black Friday’ consumer manipulation needs an IQ test-really!

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Posted in: Half of Japanese manufacturers operating overseas expect revenue falls See in context

Where’s 90% of Japanese companies have been, and shortly expect more excessive falls in the Japanese domestic market....!

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Posted in: Japanese beer exports to S Korea fall to zero See in context

Please don’t feel sorry for the Koreans as they produce several beers and one brewery produces some tasty craft beers which I can personally say taste great!!!

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