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Posted in: British police arrest 18-year-old man in hunt for London bombers See in context

The 18-year-old, a recent immigrant into the UK, being cared for by a very very charitable couple has been radicalized and has bitten the hand that has been literally feeding him!

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Posted in: Defiant N Korean leader says he will complete nuke program See in context

And he need never fear the assassins quiet tread nor the hangman's noose around his neck. With nuclear capability North Korea is now untouchable.....

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Posted in: 22 injured in London Underground bomb attack See in context

London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged Londoners to remain "calm and vigilant".

As attacks continue and Londoners are blown up and stabbed and run over-being calm and vigilant just doesn't seem to cut it......

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Posted in: Court orders Japan Post to close wage gap for contract workers See in context

Arguably the biggest capital holder in Japan, it is one of the miserly to its staff.....

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Posted in: U.N. seeks massive help for Rohingya fleeing Myanmar 'ethnic cleansing' See in context

The Rohingya are not Burmese and are not recognized as such.

What other countries would tolerate illegal settling of sovereign land like this?

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Posted in: EU parliament opposes bid to reduce testing of Fukushima food imports See in context

The MEP's were not furnished with any type of information, yet they were expected to vote to allow the importation of potentially radioactive Japanese food.

They rightly rejected the proposal!

This is an example of the dictatorial undemocratic reality The European Union imposes.

This is an example of the dictatorial mistaken policy that the European Commission tries to impose on millions of people.

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

Now that North Korea has nuclear capability there won't be any war.

Just as Russia downed a South Korean jet and Russia placed missiles in Cuba there wasn't any action taken by South Korea nor the US.

Escalation where all sides can annihilate each other is the deterrent......

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi to skip U.N. assembly to deal with Rohingya crisis See in context

The Burmese don't want a non Burmese speaking Muslim caliphate in their own country and who can blame them?

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Posted in: Gang leader's bodyguard shot dead in Kobe See in context

For a fairly small town (Kobe) there is a disproportionate number of bad guys. And it seems something of a contradiction that a country as safe as Japan should have so much organized crime?

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Posted in: Japanese firms step up measures to keep employees healthy See in context

Having come back from striving to lower their body temperatures they will then be faced with a mountain of work that piled up when they were gone.....

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Posted in: McCain to North Korea: Aggression will lead to 'extinction' See in context

Shooting down an ICBM has been likened to hitting one moving bullet with another.

In a word, impossible!

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Posted in: Mitsuoka unveils sleeping/funeral car See in context

Could even go camping in it!

What fun and so versatile...!

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Posted in: Abe urges stronger defense in face of N Korean threats See in context

If Abe were Inoki then there would be great rapport between the two countries.

Still, all would be in vain, as there would be some revisionist ignoramus of a politico who would put their foot in it......again!

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Posted in: Osaka medical center staff working under excessive overtime contract See in context

Not all hospitals pay overtime as in the example given here.

A doctor I know will visit patients on weekends and unless some procedure is performed will not put it on the payroll.

Nor do I see many nurses driving luxury cars,living in big houses.

Overtime is formally unpaid in Japan and that is the norm.

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Posted in: Japan aims to more than quadruple rice exports in 2019 See in context

Why not reduce the price of Japanese rice here instead of selling it for double in Hong Kong?

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy jumps to death from bridge onto Tomei Expressway See in context

This feeling of withdrawal is widespread enough that I personally know a student that refused to attend school due to pressure put on him.

Also, at this time teachers here also have a high degree of stress and anxiety due to any absent students.

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Posted in: Japan has few options to tackle N Korea's provocations See in context

Japan needs to send AK48 on a mission of peace loving J-pop diplomacy-problem solved..........

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Posted in: Japan most pessimistic about future among 4 Asian democracies: poll See in context

How contradictory to have 75% of Japanese happy with their lives one week, the next week almost 50% being pessimistic!

There is a big disconnect somewhere along the 'twisted' line

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Posted in: 'Marvel's Inhumans' to make TV history See in context

'Exiled' from the moon to Hawaii?

The scriptwriter definitely lost the plot......

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

On the other hand it might be helpful in allowing courtesy to be shown to those unfamiliar with the area?

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Posted in: Japan calls for int'l action after N Korea's 6th nuclear test See in context

When Abe talks abou' world peace' did he criticise America for bombing Syria?

Did he criticise Saudi Arabia for bombing hotels in Yemen?

Yet, when North Korea explodes a bomb on its own territory, he talks about world peace!??!!


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Posted in: Abe, Trump agree to pressure N Korea to change its policies See in context

And as all of us should know that trade wars can lead to real wars.......

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Posted in: Mattis: N Korean threat would bring massive military response See in context

'Mattis: N Korean threat would bring massive military response'

Up until now North Korea has issued many threats and the US has invaded and murdered hundreds of thousands searching for WMDs and in the name of regime change.

North Korea has been bombed and spied on by the US so the leaders of North Korea have done everything possible to prevent US aggression.

Mattis is correct that North Korea is a threat but the US will not act on that threat since the US would also suffer casualties and that is what the concept of MAD is all about....

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Posted in: N Korea says hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success' See in context

There is not much that can be done realizing that any aggressive action to North Korea could potentially result in thousands of American deaths............

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Posted in: Abe, Trump agree to pressure N Korea to change its policies See in context



Didn't an oil embargo on Japan in recent history lead to Japan becoming involved in the second world war?

is this really want Abe and Trump want, North Korea to become involved in another war?

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Posted in: U.S. sales of GM, Toyota stand out as others falter in August See in context

Buying a new car is highly damaging to the environment when there isn't a need to do so.I usually will keep a car for over 12 years.

its also much cheaper to do so!

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Posted in: Pursuit of parallel careers catching on among young Japanese See in context


Sorry, what I meant to write was 'most Japanese only have part time work'......

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Posted in: Debris to be removed from side of Fukushima reactors See in context

Of course it is out of the reactor vessel, at the at the very least.Why do you think there's so much radioactive contamination around the plant in Fukushima!

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Posted in: Food aid suspended as Myanmar state sinks deeper into violence See in context

Why are the Rohingya attacking Myanmar's police and border guards?

Violent action is not the way to safely reside in a country in which one is not even considered a citizen!

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Posted in: Pursuit of parallel careers catching on among young Japanese See in context

Most employed Japanese have more than one job but it would be a stretch to call what they do 'parallel careers'

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