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Posted in: M6.7 quake strikes off northeast Japan; at least 26 injured See in context

Fishermen should take their boats out to sea;they can ride over any incoming waves.

However, what is remarkable is that there are never any warnings of a quake preceding it.

The meteorologists can’t say with accuracy what the size of the tsunami wave will be-the ‘meter wave’ was only 10 cms in this case.

There is only one sure thing.

There will be plenty more earthquakes to come.

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Posted in: 'They slipped ¥10,000 bills into rice balls' — Bizarre election corruption in Aomori revealed See in context

How confusing!

The recipients wouldn’t know whether to eat the onigiri or spend it!

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Posted in: Man indicted for dangerous driving over high-speed crash killing 4 See in context

I usually know how fast I am

going by looking at my speedometer.

I hope there was one in the perp’s car?

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Posted in: Nearly 50% of Japan's singles have no dating prospects: gov't survey See in context

Plenty of dating apps out there to find a partner but unless there is financial ability to take care of a family then marriage is a daunting prospect.

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Posted in: Court rejects call to revoke approval for nuclear reactor restarts See in context

Unless Presiding Judge Moriharu Kurasawa is omniscient, in which case he would be a god and not a judge then he has no business being in the prediction business.

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Posted in: Hotel employee held for attempted murder after abandoning her newborn baby in toilet See in context

The posters above me have nailed it completely! The pressures on this woman, a 23 year old,would be almost insurmountable in her mind.

The confusion, the shock, the repercussions, the family criticism, societal criticism etc would most likely be terrifying for her to come to terms with.

This young lady should not be punished. She should be helped and given reassurance that she will be added.

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Posted in: Olympics bring human trafficking scrutiny to sport See in context

Any establishment offering sexual services does so to a mainly Japanese clientele.

The only thing that will increase in Tokyo during the Olympics will be the ‘no foreigner’ signs and the odd foreigner here and there committing some faux pas like not carrying a passport at all times.

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Posted in: What’s your impression of parental supervision of children when families are out and about in Japan? See in context

Before Japan I had never stopped a child walking into the road-I have here on three separate occasions.

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Posted in: Pompeo tries rallying foreign leaders in alleged oil attacks See in context

The US GDP 4.2 percent up under Trump’s administration-making Americans wealthier!

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate falls to 47.6% amid pension system controversy See in context

One thing is sure; surviving in Japan is becoming tougher and tougher!

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Posted in: G20 agrees on international framework to reduce marine plastic pollution See in context

Why is Japan waiting until next year?

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

Making rights for homosexuals is fine but not at the expense of children born to a married couple.Of course, an adopted child of gay couple should be treated equally.

However, allocating resources to promulgate our species must be the paramount priority.

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Posted in: BTS, Korean pop titans who conquered the West See in context


I never knew that hair dye could be so colorful and varied....

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Posted in: Fanta Socata!? now available exclusively from vending machines See in context

Oh really?

And here I am thinking that it was a Japan exclusive, being available from (only) vending machines-what a letdown!

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Posted in: Yemen's Houthis target two Saudi airports with multiple drone attacks See in context

“The Yemen conflict” ?

No, it is not!

It is a massacre and a genocide!

The number of deaths in Yemen currently stands at around 70,000-the number is likely to be much higher than that.

Yemeni ports have been under blockade preventing medical supplies and food from reaching the thousands and thousands injured by deadly bombings and shelling.

The truth is that their is a concerted effort to wipe a whole people out.

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader step down See in context

Anyone wishing to support Hong Kong can do so by boycotting Chinese goods-easy to end send a message.

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Posted in: Japanese companies oppose U.S. additional tariffs on China See in context

When container ships are full to capacity entering the US and empty going back, then obviously Chinese goods are in demand due to their low price.

Tariffs are the way to go!

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Posted in: Fanta Socata!? now available exclusively from vending machines See in context

The ‘flavor of socata’-a drink full of artificiality only available from a machine.

Ill pass!

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Posted in: 7-Eleven stores struggling in face of labor shortage See in context

There is no need to grapple at all-raise wages and problem is solved.

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Posted in: Parenting book author says school system, overprotective parents killing kids' creativity See in context

And how did Chan’s kids get into Stanford-through hard work, right?

Tell me another one because I ao t feeling it!

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Posted in: Lawson Tomato Latte drink See in context

I’m a great fan of plain tomato juice -I’m sure I’ll love it!

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader suspends controversial extradition bill after protests See in context

All people should be allowed to freely express opinions without fear of retribution or censorship!

If not, then we will revert to the rule of the sword!

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Posted in: Abe denounces attacks on tankers near Strait of Hormuz See in context

The crew of the ship witnessed missiles striking their ship which conflicts with the mass media narrative.

The owner of the ship Kokuka Courageous is on record as stating that the damage was well above the ship’s waterline

More information needs to come from the crew to set the record straight.

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Posted in: G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia See in context

I’d like to think that the Japanese care about the environment but is it really the case?

Other Asian countries aren’t taking Japanese plastic for recycling anymore so suddenly here is a new policy about to be enacted.

Still, this coming summer there will be tons of plastic dumped on beaches along with tables,chairs, barbecue sets etc.

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Posted in: U.S. says Iran took mine off tanker See in context

What navy takes limpet mines off ships after planting them a short while before?

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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader tells Abe Trump 'not worthy' of a reply to message See in context

Abe looks like he could use a beer or two-he’ll have to wait though....

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan expands Teavana range with Frozen Green Tea and Apple See in context


Well overpriced and uncompetitive with other establishments.

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Posted in: U.S. blames Iran for attacks on 2 tankers near Persian Gulf See in context

Where is the official Iranian response in the article?

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

If the article is examined for positive points then none can be gleaned!

Why not?

That is kind of anomalous isn’t it?

Inbound foreign tourism is boosting profits of many companies from dried milk producers to hotels to transport companies etc

I personally know companies both foreign companies both foreign and Japanese owned making big money from tourism.

So, where in the article is the ‘thanks’ that should be extended to the waves of tourists?

It isn’t there.

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Posted in: 2 tankers with Japan-related cargo attacked in Strait of Hormuz as Abe visits Iran See in context

Why would Iran seek to embarrass Abe’s visit by attacking Japanese owned tankers?

It does not make any sense at all.

This attack seems extremely suspect

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