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Posted in: Pop culture portrayals of Japanese and Korean heroes make for interesting contrast See in context

And the secret of his longevity?

I thought I’d be educated a little but…

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Posted in: 7-Eleven’s new Ebiten tempura shrimp rice ball is premium in both taste AND cost See in context

What Ahiruneko and Kate fail to mention is that the product is to be found in the chilled food cabinet.

Reheating fried food is definitely not the best and

300 more yen and I can find a cheap hot lunch set.

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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context


You need to read the article again

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

Wearing a mask should be up to the individual.

Walking on a street here and 90% are masked up unnecessarily but they feel ‘safe’-it’s not a problem for me

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Posted in: U.N. member states urge Japan to improve treatment of migrants, asylum seekers See in context

I’d propose that the Japanese that left for Brazil, the US, Peru etc were economic migrants

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Posted in: Ex-UK leader Truss to urge tougher China stance in Tokyo meeting See in context

100% China (CCP) is a danger and countries around the world have to share info on China’s tactics.

Why invest in a Chinese totalitarian state when that investment could be made at home?

Any EU delegation should not need to visit China

In defense of Liz Truss…

In the UK Liz Truss had a plan for growth.

Cut taxes and invest more.

What was wrong with that?

Under Sunak how are things?

The UK is wallowing at the bottom of the G7 heap and prices are still rising.

Striking public workers all over the place


Because they can’t afford to live

Her plan was to increase oil supply in the North Sea and invest more in renewable and alternative energy

Theres plenty of room for growth in the UK;it should be happening!

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

Revolting and extremely immature

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Posted in: 3 people found dead in parked car in apparent joint suicide See in context

They obviously had no hope about life in Japan and really it does look bleaker by the day…

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Posted in: More delicious additions to Toshi Yoroizuka collaboration donuts at Mister Donut See in context

Whilst they look appetizing be sure to know that under the frosted coatings and cocoa powder that they haven’t changed much from their long lost cousins which started at 100 yen or less.

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Posted in: Electric car sales gain pace despite hurdles See in context

Chinese manufacturers like BYD or rival carmaker NIO are "the most competitive in the world, work harder and smarter", Musk said himself in January.

With no trade unions nor freedom of speech;dissent is easily quelled by the CCP.

The Chinese can outproduce and undercut others,countries and foreign producers with a view to dominating the market.

Buy Chinese at your peril..

Aftermarket customer service is not a concept easily found in China

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Posted in: Electric car sales gain pace despite hurdles See in context

China is a leader in the electrification of cars, with favourable policies helping sales to double in 2022.

All is state owned in China by the CCP and funded by them-be happy to know that there are components in Chinese cars made by slave labor.

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Posted in: South Korean court says stolen statue must be returned to Japan See in context

The statute was made and Korea and owned by Koreans exore making its way to Japan.

How and when did it come to be in Japan ?

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Posted in: California seeks new gun restrictions following shootings See in context

With the sheer numbers of guns, legal and not in the US already then those with criminal intent won’t be fazed at all

Also, the article gives the Monterey shooting space but that weapon was not concealed

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Posted in: 'We love you, Tyre': Mourners gather for Nichols' funeral See in context

What a shocking racist incident it was….!

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Posted in: Half a million join mass strike in Britain on 'Walkout Wednesday' See in context

"I am clear that our children's education is precious and they deserve to be in school today being taught," he said.

As Rishi has opted out of sending his children to state school schools then he has got his wish.

Like most Tories Rishi Sunak is happy to see the

state system in the UK underfunded and crumbling, teachers unable to receive a proper wage whilst paying around 90,000 UK pounds to a private school for his two daughters.

When he talks about “our children’s (sic) education” he isn’t involved…

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Posted in: Chemicals found in Tokyo residents' blood may be due to contaminated water from U.S. base See in context

"The state and local governments must deal with the issue from the perspective of what to do with the source of contamination," Harada told reporters.….

It is more likely that worries residents will need to vacate the area before anything is done

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Posted in: Japan, Greece step up security ties as 'strategic partners' See in context

If only there wasn't so much historical baggage between the two nations, the most logical strategic partner for Japan would be South Korea.

Then Kishida wouldn’t be able to waste our tax money traipsing all over the world wasting our tax money

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Posted in: Kishida grilled in Diet over son's excursion during overseas trip See in context

Kishida has been trying to provide an opportunity for Shotaro to eventually become his successor by exposing him to different scenes of the political arena, a source close to the premier said.

Shopping in high end establishments is certainly an opportunity to lead to Shotaro becoming a high end politician.

All Shotaro needs to do now is to memorise the menu of a Kobe beef restaurant and he’ll be set!

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Posted in: Mt Fuji chocolate cake lets you eat the mountain instead of climbing it See in context

It’s a lot cheaper to actually go and climb the mountain then eat the cake! Also, there aren’t any bragging rights with eating a cake but climbing Japan’s highest mountain, there certainly are

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Posted in: China coast guard drives away Japanese vessels from disputed waters in the East China Sea See in context

Yeh, the Japanese should just cede them to China-easy option!

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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

Even now the SDF has a recruiting problem and this case will exacerbate the negatives.

The Japanese had better up their AI investments as nobody will choose the military as a career here

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Posted in: Net population influx into Tokyo accelerates for 1st time in 3 years See in context

More people, more problems

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 73-year-old mother at home in Tochigi See in context

Happening more and more in Japan -taking care of needy parents is a full time job with little reward

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Posted in: Police, tech firms hold response drills to counter attacks ahead of G7 summit See in context

Tha bag is going to have a tough time in detention.

The Japanese politicos need to be proactive re their security and that means wearing protective vests during speeches ….all year round!

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Posted in: China resumes issuing ordinary visas for Japanese citizens See in context

I wish I were ‘ordinary’ but I’m far from it…

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Posted in: Hollywood has become 'completely dysfunctional': Shyamalan See in context

Unbreakable was the only film that I was so disappointed by that I walked out of the cinema halfway through the film…

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Posted in: National treasure-class mirror, sword found in 4th-century tomb in Japan See in context

@Elvis is here

It is also very ‘common’ for burial chambers to be opened too.

This is the 21st century not the 18th where we have have robots and camera miniaturization so that tomb interiors can be viewed in detail.

Also, there is Ground-penetrating radar which can give a detailed image of areas to be excavated so that damage can be limited.

There aren’t many excuses not to investigate….

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Posted in: Japan remains global laggard in fight against live animal testing See in context

There is a case for animal testing in some cases.

Still, bad as it is there are sometimes

no alternatives.


I wonder why there is such a plethora of wild animals in Japanese pet shops?

Monkeys,Fennic foxes and Meercats are just some of the animals that just shouldn’t be here!

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Posted in: National treasure-class mirror, sword found in 4th-century tomb in Japan See in context

Why, for such a curious people haven’t the Japanese authorities opened up the kofun in Sakai?

Are they afraid of what lies beneath the earth?

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

> Russia is going to be too busy trying to keep it's people from starving to death after being cut off from humanity to be able to help China with anything. Basically North Korea part two.

Not a valid comparison in the slightest.

Russia is many times the size of NK.

I don’t notice many emaciated Russians on my trips to SE Asia nor do I see any North Koreans.

Note that Russia is in the midst of fighting a war right now

Oil and gas and the infrastructure to move those precious resources ensure that Russians are doing better than most and will do better i the future

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