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Posted in: Emperor recalls time with UK royals ahead of visit See in context

But the emperor said he wanted to refrain from commenting on the system.


At least, in public.

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Posted in: Russian food shop in Ginza to close as war in Ukraine drags on See in context

When violence based on discrimination occurs against foreigners it doesn’t make news in Japan.

Japanese laws are weak.

Now it’s too late for this blameless lady

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Posted in: Gate installed on Mount Fuji trail to control crowds, but governor says more measures needed See in context

Just go around the gate. What are they going to do, put you in solitary confinement in a Nagoya prison?


There are more than a few laws that could be used for an arrest.

Spending a night or two in a cell under the lackadaisical eyes of the local police might be more than the thrill of climbing to the summit of Fuji…

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

Been there more than a few times and the stairs to the top rooms would be easier on the legs if an elevator was in place.

Here’s hoping that addition can be added with the extra funding.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for trying to rob woman with necktie that says 'Police' See in context

The cops in a Osaka and Kobe don’t need impersonators; they do well as they are…

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run death of 91-year-old woman in Hyogo See in context

There was a lot of rain last night so the visibility and road surfaces were not the best

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Posted in: Add this Airtech Back Pillow to your wind-down routine See in context

I slept on a couch stuffed with pillows last night,

and it was great!

Who needs to spend more money?

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Posted in: Attraction starring Disney's first Black princess replaces ride based on film many viewed as racist See in context

I just hope Disney doesn't touch the Snow White's Enchanted Wish after the new feminist Snow White Live Action movie.


As long as Snow White isn’t ‘white’ but ‘black’ then it’s all fine….

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Posted in: Japan defense chief considers Britain trip in July to keep ties on track See in context

Tell us that Mr Kihara has aeronautical aircraft engineering skills?

Could it be another sight seeing, omiyage buying, tax-payer funded trip?

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Posted in: New Zealand prime minister's plane breaks down on way to Japan See in context

It’s tough to fly economy…

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Posted in: Debate on 'dark tourism' looms over Japan's quake-hit Noto Peninsula See in context

If there were such a phenomenon then the millions of Japanese that have visited the Earthquake Memorial Museum in Kobe are guilty of this cri…, er, tourism and yes that includes (shock, horror) young children!!!

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Posted in: Allowing foreign trainees to switch jobs stirs debate in rural Japan See in context

Perhaps the cost of confectionery products being much cheaper in Japan than it is in other countries means that the minimum wage of other countries doesn't apply.


What an erroneous example!

Although conflating the size of a pack of chocolates with the price in Japan might be more sensible.

Either which way, it’s all small and expensive…

My opinion is to have them eat cake…

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Posted in: Allowing foreign trainees to switch jobs stirs debate in rural Japan See in context

Allowing foreign trainees to switch jobs stirs debate in rural Japan

Why does it stir debate?

Isn't the right to change employers according to all Japanese citizens?

It’s time to everyone the same regardless of nationality. By not doing so means Japan will become a place to be avoided…

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Posted in: 5 activists suspected of graffiti in Tokyo's Jingu redevelopment area See in context

The lack of nature in and around Tokyo is surely the crime that needs more focus?

Destroying trees to construct yet more concrete steel towers is not the way to go…

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Posted in: Debate on 'dark tourism' looms over Japan's quake-hit Noto Peninsula See in context

Dark tourism?

What a foolish definition of a non existent phenomenon!

There is the ‘shame’ that governments don’t do enough to help their own citizens though…

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Posted in: 88 Vietnamese hired by Japan confectionery maker left idle without pay See in context

The company acknowledged that it has caused inconvenience and concern to the foreign workers. It also promised to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

How is rent paid, food bought and a myriad of other needs provided for without money?

This company needs to be censured as the directors have acted unconscionably!

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Posted in: Japan urged to lead G7 efforts to address closer Russia-N Korea ties See in context

Kishida is in charge of the LDP which is failing the Japanese people on GDP growth,services and a working immigration policy etc.

Something isn’t working right in Japan and foreigners expect Kishida (a failure in the eyes of the Japanese citizenry) to lead international initiatives?

Failure is assured…

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Posted in: Kishida calls for global efforts to achieve lasting peace in Ukraine See in context

So, why did Russia attack Ukraine?

Is it just for fun that Putin has sent Russian citizens to die in Ukraine?

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Posted in: Japan urged to lead G7 efforts to address closer Russia-N Korea ties See in context

Does Japan have democracy?

Could’ve fooled me…

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Posted in: Biden and Trump may forget names, but here's what really matters in assessing whether they’re cognitively up for the job See in context

Maybe Leo Gugerty can explain why Biden can’t focus on anything for more than a minute and why he keeps walking off when he should be standing still?

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Posted in: Japan enacts laws for new foreign worker scheme See in context

There is never, never anything that governments do to make life easier.

The Japanese government seeks to make life more difficult, especially for foreigners.

From filling out multiple forms to get a form that requires another form to get a single piece of paper to the multiple checks that government offices do and need to employ a legion of paper shufflers.

Well, Japan is not the only country in the world for workers and when the lack of workers in key industries are found to be lacking then there’ll be a panicky knee jerk response as per usual-it’ll be too late though.

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Posted in: Record 80,000 consumer complaints made over social media scams in 2023 See in context

So many crimes in safety Japan?


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Posted in: New Royal Park Hotel embodies 'Ginza pop' culture See in context

What floor is the swimming pool on?

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Posted in: Jamaica hoping to lure more Japanese travelers See in context

Why would I want to spend a day traveling to Jamaica when I can spend only 6 hours on a plane to Vietnam,Thailand,Indonesia etc?

I would not..

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Posted in: June 14, 2024: Streptococcus Bacterium, Maiden Names, the Mount Fuji View Controversy and Overtourism See in context

The antidote for overtourism might well be ‘flesh eating bacteria’

Nature solving Japan’s problems…

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Posted in: G7 leaders tackle migration, AI and economic security on 2nd and final day of summit in Italy See in context

Failure to agree,to secure borders,to prevent crime,to prevent war, to stop genocide etc.


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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. warn against N Korea-Russia military ties ahead of Putin visit See in context

The west warns Russia and the DPRK.

They should be minding their own back yards!

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Posted in: Senior U.S. diplomat warns of risks of accidental conflict sparked by China's moves See in context

"Because provocative actions are almost by definition dangerous. They run the risk of a miscalculation or an accident that could spark a broader conflict."


There is nothing more that the US establishment likes than killing and destroying in far flung places….

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Posted in: On warships in Cuba, Russia says West is deaf to Moscow's diplomatic signals See in context

Of course, these benevolent countries aren’t only thinking of Ukrainian liberty and freedom?


They have their eyes on what is on top of Ukrainian land ( fertile soil) and below fossil fuels.


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