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Posted in: Japanese sweet potato frappuccinos from Starbucks See in context

Again massively overpriced drinks full of sugar and fat-no thanks!

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We already know that Japanese companies do not allow their staff much leeway when it comes to personal freedoms.

Annual leave prohibited,unpaid overtime and intrusive company practices ie no tattoos or limits on personal relationships etc are all facets of the corporate culture here.

Do you really think that their foreign staff will put up with the same exploitative mindset?

No, they will just leave.....

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A large number of foreigners coming here will be met with discrimination and racism.

The Japanese have little idea of how a Vietnamese really feels the need to go home for Tet (and will) or that the family unit in the Philippines and Thailand is as important as the company is to a Japanese.

No laws protecting foreigners as a group are on the books.

Are the Japanese going to build ghettoes? I am sure that it has been mulled already

I see many problems ahead....

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Posted in: Kansai airport reopens runway flooded in typhoon See in context

The staff in the picture seem to be ANA employees.

Maybe, they are thanking the thousands of customers that used their services to get to Kansai from Tokyo recently....

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

If I had only known decades ago that being a good tennis player would have led to a golden life in Japan.....

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Posted in: New marvelous McDonald’s matcha dessert drinks have more Kyoto green tea powder than ever before See in context

I’ll usually spend all of around 200 yen on a coffee and a burger at McDonalds-400 yen up for a drink is something I can leave....

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Posted in: IWC backs Brazil project to protect whales See in context

It’s not the ideal situation for a whale where “co-existence” means having a harpoon exploded into oneself, is it?

Ask any Japanese about consuming whale and they will go back in time to Junior High where the state included it in their lunches.

Ive met very few Japanese adults choosing whale to be part of their diet

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Posted in: Japan's household spending rebounds as wages rise, trade woes cloud outlook See in context

@Mike Wyckoff

What do insurance companies do after a big disaster?

Thats right!

They increase premiums thereby taking disposable income away from consumers.

That isn’t good for an economy is it......

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Posted in: Suu Kyi defends court decision to jail Reuters reporters See in context

The bottom line is that the ‘lady’ doesn’t want a Muslim state in Myanmar - most Myanmarese obviously feel the same.

The jailed journalists were reporting the truth but the truth is always secondary to political considerations..,

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Posted in: Probe into foreigners' health insurance abuse stirs controversy See in context

‘But in the time since the probe was launched, no confirmed cases linked to fraudulently-obtained residential status have been found, prompting calls for the investigation to be terminated.’

the number of cases warrants absolutely no action!

Whoever ordered that tax-payers money be wasted like this should have their employment terminated.....

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Posted in: Airports near typhoon-hit Kansai airport to increase flights See in context

I’m visiting spots around Kansai that are usually full of tourists but at this time,it is pure heaven........

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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

Serena totally over blew the situation!

An umpire should apologize to a player for making a call according to the rules?

The caricature is mild, the reality much worse.....

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Posted in: Sharp's humanoid robot to guide tourists in taxis in Kyoto See in context

Why speak to a human when an expensive machine is ready to do the same job!

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Posted in: Abe expresses support for better Trump-Kim ties See in context

An Abe u-turn?

Looks like a hypocrite to me.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

Indeed,many tourists were able to divert to other airports but would not have done so due to the cost, change of hotels and other transport costs.

The point is that without fortifications around the airport then the same thing is likely to reoccur.

I’ve lost some faith in KIX due to this massive oversight.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit Kansai airport partially resumes int'l flights See in context

All international flights into terminal 1, as of yesterday were cancelled.

i paid out for a ticket to get back to Kansai from Tokyo because KIX didn’t have adequate sea defenses.

KIX is already sinking and this typhoon will have a damaging impact on the economy of Kansai that will be many times over what a good defense would have cost-a foreseeable tragedy caused by inadequate planning.....

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Posted in: New iPhones aim for momentum in sputtering smartphone market See in context

I’ll be upgrading to the iPhone 8 after the latest launch-no 1000 dollar phones for me...

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Posted in: Osaka charms Japan with her manners — and broken Japanese See in context

Better to be a fluent English speaker-fluent Japanese is not needed on the international tennis circuit........

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Posted in: Putin says it is naive to expect quick settling of island dispute with Japan See in context

Putin is not likely to concede the islands to Japan.

He knows that there was a lot of Russian blood spilled getting those islands....

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Posted in: Japan's household spending rebounds as wages rise, trade woes cloud outlook See in context

With a massive downturn in tourism on the way-associated clean-up costs for the two latest disasters then this trend will soon be reversed....

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Posted in: Osaka to provide multilingual disaster information for foreigners See in context

Governor Matsui should be cleaning up KIX with a broom instead of closing the barn door! How about he lays on free buses for all the people returning that can’t use KIX?

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Posted in: Businesses in western Japan reeling from after-effects of typhoon See in context

What with the earthquake in Hokkaido there’ll be more than a few tourists delaying trips here....

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Posted in: Osaka offering free 2-day subway and bus pass to foreign tourists See in context

When are international flights being restarted?

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Posted in: The strangest gadgets at Berlin's IFA tech show See in context

Or particularly useful.....

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Posted in: Enjoy a fresh taste of Spain as brand new Gazpacho arrives on Japanese shores See in context

Make your own with a tin of tomatoes costing around 80 yen.......

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

Also, looking at various sites for KIX there seems to be a scarcity of information on the airport’s condition.

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context


There are various sea transports linking KIX with various destinations.

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Posted in: Going to an 'onsen' while on your period: Cultural taboo or well-prepared OK experience? See in context

Look it’s a conscious decision for a menstruating female to go to a public bath or not.

And any female with amodicum of common sense wouldn’t......

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll reaches 11; thousands being transported from Kansai airport See in context

It’s extremely dangerous in cities to be out during high winds as signs and awnings are liable to take off-I was almost killed by a sign whipping through the air and landing behind me...,

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Posted in: 2 dead, many injured as typhoon hits western Japan, shuts down Kansai airport See in context

I checked the situation at the airport,Kansai is closed up until the 5th-after that I’ll be in contact with them again

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