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Posted in: Disaster-hit residents unimpressed by 'recovery Olympics': gov't report See in context

The main report focused on positives: how Fukushima-produced hydrogen was used in the torch relay, and how the athletes village served food from the disaster-hit region.


Surely, not the highlights?

What a monumental waste….

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Posted in: Gov't OKs return to part of Fukushima nuclear plant host town for 1st time in 11 years See in context

Those towns are set to wither and fade away as it is only the old people that are returning.

Radioactive areas are no place for children!

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Posted in: Britain to lift import restriction on food products from Fukushima See in context

Is there a point in sending Japanese mushrooms halfway round the world and what is the value of sending items from a region where there has been a breach of nuclear containment and where there is ongoing radioactive discharge into the environment?

Kishida is obviously trying to score votes from the country folk and Boris is hoping Japan will buy British military equipment!

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Posted in: Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain See in context

Tokyo will get hotter and hotter as the vast swathes of concrete absorb the heat-if you don’t need to be there then now is the time to move out...

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Posted in: As COVID fears ebb, Japan readies for more tourists from abroad See in context

Welcome to Japan.....

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Posted in: Relaxed mask usage guidelines barely spread among Japanese public See in context

There have been multiple cases of children who wore masks during gym classes being sent to hospital due to heat exhaustion or heatstroke.


When people start dying from heatstroke more than the virus then the penny might eventually drop.

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

My kid always got reminded to off the lights…always.

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Posted in: G7 leaders confer with Zelenskyy; prepare new aid for Ukraine See in context

Yep, the western leaders are rubbing their hands with glee thinking how much they can benefit from the continuing carnage.

The ‘support’ is never free but a chance to make money.

And nowhere in the article is there a word from Kishida.But he will have time to think about it on the way back to Japan how to involve Japan Inc in the rebuilding-he must be very excited…

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Posted in: Kishida warns G7 of danger of 'wrong lessons' from Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

Nor is Taiwan a place where freedoms are trampled on and people disappear to be imprisoned far from their homes or worse!

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after hitting and killing 6-year-old girl on bike See in context

I see kids on a bicycle and I slow right down-why not?

The constant desire to be on time in Japan does not bode well on the streets where there are vulnerable people.

The cops need to to do more in Japan than hang around stop signs and begin to enforce other road laws!

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Posted in: Rainy season ends in Tokyo, neighboring areas; earliest since 1951 See in context

The advisory could be upgraded to a stricter warning if temperatures rise further, leading to tighter supply and demand conditions.…..

And then what?

A sudden blackout?

I don’t trust power companies in Japan so I’m upgrading my solar battery storage a notch or two

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan’s new summer drinks deliver all the goodness of Matcha and Youthberry See in context

Starting with the matcha-flavored beverage, Masami found it hard to look away from the beautiful swirls of creamy green created by the matcha liquid, which is poured over the icy milk just before it’s served.

Surely, Masami needs to find a good book?

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell put on suicide watch ahead of sentencing See in context

She will be ended and it will be called a suicide …

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

Keeping the bath full of cold water might be a life saver too?

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

Today, the temperature, well before 10 am in this morning is 33°C in Tokyo-no one is going to endurethe heat and humidity so just expect blackouts in Tokyo this summer….

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Posted in: Pop-up cafes in Japan giving voice to young stutterers See in context

The time has come for Japan to adopt a slower pace of life or what some Japanese politicians are calling a “gentle society”

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

Turn off the aircon in the Gikai; there’ll be a massive power saving although the hot air continually expended will lift the building off the foundations!

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

The blind leading the sighted…

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Posted in: Kishida hopes to confirm Japan's unity with G7 over Ukraine, inflation See in context

Until leaders walk their talk then all our lives won’t improve…

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Posted in: Households becoming less tolerant of surging food prices: study See in context

Plenty of non middle class families in living close to central London with 3-4 kids on state supplementation too…

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,004 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 14,328 See in context

Had the infection in Japan which was a conscious decision (couldn’t be bothered anymore)and been out many times since sans mask; clubs, bars ,restaurants etc and no repeat infection.

Omicron is fading away and whatever is the variant won’t have a specific vaccine although we will still be told otherwise.

It is a gravy train that leaves a deep stain that we won’t be allowed to clean up anytime soon

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Posted in: CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines See in context

I’m off to Thailand next month; I’ll never try this ineffective overpriced tripe.

500 yen-it’s a bloody joke!

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Posted in: Households becoming less tolerant of surging food prices: study See in context

I’ve got beans and peppers coming up that I grew from seed.

Got partial solar power and ride a bicycle.

Cut price food is to be had for the patient and hard up; time your supermarket trips wisely.

Also, I make a massive daal curry every week that is cheap and I never tire of eating.

There are ways around this but by not adopting certain habits now, will mean confusion later.

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Posted in: Record numbers of Chinese graduates enter worst job market in decades See in context

> UK college graduates in 2021 had an unemployment rate of about 12%; not too far off from China's 18.4% this year. Anyone make a big deal about that?

It’s a major difference!

And very far off!

Give me a return of 6.4% on my investment and I’ll put up hundreds of thousands of US dollars

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand and UK form Pacific group See in context

I always want d the Uak to be a tad nearer to the Pacific-my wish has come true!

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Posted in: Kishida hopes to confirm Japan's unity with G7 over Ukraine, inflation See in context

Kishida is massively adding to climate change every time he leaves Japan.

When was the last time he walked or cycled somewhere?

He has absolutely no authority to lecture anyone!

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Posted in: Protesters gather as G7 leaders arrive in Germany See in context

Yet again G7 leaders show a callous disregard for their own citizens as they waste not only tax payers’ money but precious resources jetting around the world for their ineffectual meetings

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Posted in: Mercury climbs to 40.1 C in Japan; national record for June See in context

It’s summertime:it gets hot....

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

Is this the best that they can come up with?

Meanwhile Kishida and myriad fax pressersc will run around the world with two jet liners for one day conferences.


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Posted in: 5,000 peaches stolen from Yamanashi orchard See in context

No way the farmer would have received 300 yen a peach-that is the shop price

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