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rlperez@hotmail.com.auToday 05:59 pm JST

Kuro: 1. He is not expected to die- don't put it on. 2. It is normal to be charged for an offence even if in hospital. 3. He will be allowed legal representation and defence - don't put it on. 4. The police have been doing their job and trying to stop RIOTING, the damage to infrastructure, and protecting the public and private business-don't put it on.

There is a difference between protesting and RIOTING which you apparently are not aware of. Protesting is legal, RIOTING is not. When the people involved were protesting the police were tolerant, but when the RIOTERS starting to attack police with metal bars, petrol bombs and started to vandalise then they reacted appropriately.

1) he got shot point blank next to the heart, i'm not MD, just being careful with what i'm writting.

2) that depends a lot on the countries.

3) I hope so. Will he also have a fair trial ?

4) Was the police doing their job when they disapeared for several hours while people got beaten up by the triad ? then coming back, arresting nobody. Was the police doing their job when they started firing rubber bullets at the crowd at the beging of the movemt, when all was peaceful ? don't forget all that the police did.

Protesting is legal ? why do they keep forbidding the demonstration and firing rubber bullet and smoke bombs at the legal protests then ? why do they ignore millions of people in the streets ? in this situation, shooting him was clearly not appropriate, stop being the devil's advocate.

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yes he should face the court. But 1) he should be allowed to defend himself in front of the court, so they should wait until his discharge to be charged (if he recovers, charging a dead person is not really a good idea). 2) lot of policemen should be charged for this and other incidents in HK and none of them has been yet. They don't even release names.

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okay, so which point is inexact ?

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the police guy had 2 guns and was threatening other protesters, the 18 yo kid just tried to disarmed him, got shot. Why is a police guy even brandishing 2 guns in the middle of protesters ? isn't it his job to deal with these kind of situation ? There are no excuses for everything the HK (or w.e. is behind the masks) police is doing for the past months !

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exactly what @zones2surf said !

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Posted in: Starbucks becomes latest target of Hong Kong protester rage See in context


it's about the 5 clear points they are demanding for months... it's very clear why. And it's fed up HK people not "supported" or "manipulated" by anybody.

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Posted in: Face masks to decoy T-shirts: The rise of anti-surveillance fashion See in context


true, also ears are enough for AI to recognise someone nowadays. It isn't a good time for anarchy and against-state activism.

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That is a non-sequitur. - true, but science says there is a climate change and the ones putting money and effort to denigrate it are the richest companies and countries in the world... and apparently it works because you believe them. On the other hand, it's emerging companies without back up or money, a market in which Exxon or Shell could easily jump with all their capital, but they don't because it doesn't make enough money... The main thing supporting all this are not companies, it's science. And science is science, it's not religion or taste... it's facts, and facts are we are f*** up big time, and that you believe it or not won't change anything to the fact we are changing the climate. The question is when will you finally see/admit it, kids understood already...

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@Raw Beer

I see... but this is a common misconception: climate has never ever changed that quickly... even when there were major events, it took thousands of years to change as much as in the last 150 years and it’s even getting quicker now. Oceans are acidifying because they absorb most of the CO2... then oxygen is depleted... algae won't be able to take care of all of it, it still holds for now but not for long.

I think you should pray I won't be reviewing your kakenhi...

now for the second point “I think some people are getting very rich (richer) with this climate change hysteria.”

This is so ridiculous… look at top 20 richest companies in the world: Exxon is 12, Shell 18… i'm sure Total, BP are not far after. Where are the solar panel companies or wind turbines?? The rich are definitely on the  side of Co2, pollution and status quo !

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@raw beer

Thanks for answering. So what are you more concerned about ? and why you don't think CO2 and climate change are a problem ? this is very interesting to me...

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Out of curiosity, to people commenting that these kids are all manipulated and they don't know a thing about life:

Is any of you under 70 years old and actually care how the planet will look in 25 years ?

bonus point : is any of you a scientist ? or someone with a higher education degree relevant to the matter ?

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What is wrong with all of you people (from the comment section) ??

the human race activity is destroying the planet, we see it already and it's getting worse... kids are alarmed because they also wanted to enjoy our planet. And you guys are calling them stupid or brainwashed, even though you are the ones who vote for and believe your 70 years old favourite politicians, who are getting lot of money from all their friends from the polluting companies, waging wars for the sake of oil ??

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Posted in: NASA chief says security needed to explore space safely See in context

This doesn't make sense... the whole "we need to defend ourselves, it's only for garantee safe space exploration that's why we installed nuclear heads and missile launchers on the moon" rethoric. It's just like SDF boost...

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Posted in: U.S. House to launch Trump impeachment inquiry over Ukraine controversy See in context

Is he going to release the transcript the same way he released his tax returns ?

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Posted in: Police issue arrest warrant for driver over air gun incident on expressway See in context

And, a nutcase from Kobe. For once it's not Saitama. :)

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Posted in: Man arrested over drinking companion's death in Kawasaki See in context

I spent quite a while wondering what it meant to drink (your) companion's death...

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In all this circus, nobody is even wondering if EU would give another delay to UK. You triggered the article 50, you deal with it. You negociated a deal, you don't like it anymore, you don't want this deal, you don't want no deal, you don't want to stay... will you ever make up your mind UK ?

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Hong Kong people cannot trust their police anymore and the movement won't stop until a serious step is made to garantee a fair police protecting HK and its people and not the big neighbour flags and interests...

If policemen would all show their HK police card / identification to start with...

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SilvafanToday 01:44 pm JST

Maybe, he doesn't want another Sharknado on their hands!

With the radioactivity the sharks in the tornado will probably mutate and start firing laser with their eyes... that's probably how discosharktornado starts...

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Posted in: Man arrested in road rage case assaults victim, threatens ‘I'll kill you’ See in context

@Norman Goodman

Not all men try to justify road rage incidents... and thus you realised you were wrong in the first place, instead of walking away the tail between your legs you still blamed him AND became violent. You are clearly part of the problem, follow HBJ advices...

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> Vince BlackToday 06:08 pm JST

Overworked elderly drivers strike again!

From what we know, he could have been playing Pokemon...

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So, the 2018 catch was low due to depleted stocks, so they set a catch limit far above the catch of 2018? What is wrong with these fools?

Money ! they like money and don't care about the rest... i guess that's quite a common problem.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing officer denies charge; carries mental disability certificate See in context

A pay phone about 800 meters south of the police box was used to make the call, which police said turned out to be a hoax.

@Sam Watters : indeed, not a coincidence. Feeling better ?

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> But he will keep offending until he's caught in the States and imprisoned. I hope that happens before he graduates to more violent crimes.

Sexually assaulting / molesting 2 to 7 years old girls (or boys) is not a violent crime ????? this is an horrible trauma.... this is so sick :/

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R.I.P. Katia, Maurice Krafft, and all the other victims.

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I was answering to

I don't understand how they're figuring the altitude gain. 7,942 meters? When Mt Fuji is only half of that?

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it's the total gain in altitude... same on Rokko whole-mountain trail, from Suma to Takarazuka in Kansai. The highest peak of Rokko mountain is 930m but the total gain of the 56 km trail is close to 3,500m.

Japan has very nice trails ! I whish i can do the Fuji Ultra-marathon one day :)

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wonder if people here don't understand how government works. I've been doing work with both the Australian and Canadian governments over the past year, and crazy meetings is a standard across both their governments as well. Japan doesn't seem any worse when it comes to planning.

true, but 1) how many times are meetings useless because the decision is already taken, but they need to hear the comitee results to be able to officially announce it (whichever way the comittee goes, it doesn't matter).

2) how many times does the person taking the decision actually understands what the comitee says ?

In a few cases, it is actually useful. In lot of cases, it's just a huge waste of time and money. (ask all the people who worked on the brexit deal the last 2 years in UK and at the European parlement, how useful they feel now).

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Posted in: Docomo to lower mobile phone fees by up to 40% from June See in context

French mobile company: 100G per month for 2500 yen (600 yen per month for the first 6 month).

And they still make money...

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Posted in: OECD says Japan's consumption tax rate should be more than doubled See in context

For example, renovation of perfectly good roads each year or stop making new committees that don't serve any purpose etc.

well, I think you are a bit harsh on them about the committees... they realised the problem and made a committee in charge of assessing how to reduce committees. Just wait for their results.

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