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The sides have reopened talks about revamping the posting system so it will get done sooner or later. That said, I can't really blame the NPB owners from balking at a system that promises to cut into their ability to get fair compensation for giving away their stars to deep pocketed MLB teams. Then again, the system as presently constituted, allows teams to effectively block other teams (i.e., division rivals, etc.) from signing Japanese players by submitting a disingenuous bid. Finally, the worst thing is that the player is inevitably screwed as most MLB teams will use the bid as a bargaining tool to negotiate a lower than market value contract.

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I'm not exactly sure how that proves your point. If your point is that CBS had the pull to get exemptions for Ishikawa and Wiratchant, then I would beg to differ. In fact, CBS doesn't even own the worldwide rights for the Masters, which I believe is held by ESPN outside of Europe and Canada. That said, if your point is that Ishikawa and Wiratchant don't deserve to be there, then my answer is "Why not?" But why stop there, do the US and British Amateur champions deserve to be there? How about the US Mid Am or Public Links champion? What about former champions like Larry Mize or Tommy Aaron?

Augusta Nat'l more or less writes its own rules when it comes to the tournament. I'm not going to single out Ishikawa and Wiratchant when it comes to how they use their special exemptions when they are plenty of other reasons to complain about the field.

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hoserfella -- The Masters is the rare tournament where sponsorship and broadcast fees have little or nothing to do with who gets in or out of the tournament. In fact, that is exactly why Augusta Nat'l is able to exercise so much control over the content of the broadcast--so much so that many have claimed that they are guilty of censorship (e.g., the Martha Burk protests). If the Masters is guilty of anything, it's being an old boys' club.****

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Sponsorship has nothing to do with his exemption to the Masters since they only have 3 sponsors (IBM, AT&T, Exxon). You all need to get off your high horse of who "deserves" to be there, particularly as it relates to the Masters Tournament, which has more or less operated independent of the PGA since its inception. After all, this is the tournament that basically gives its winners a lifetime exemption, even if they aren't tour exempt.

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