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You're all missing the point....


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What JT has for some reason excluded from the source material is that Business Travellers will be restricted from using public transport for 14 days.

As a business traveller hoping to return to Japan soon myself, this (just like all the other "relaxations" of the rules so far) render the move completely useless.

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As many of us were saying yesterday, this is the real figure now that the 3 day weekend results are out of the way. And guess what, it's one of the highest recorded so far.

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24 out of 389 = 1%? Time to go back to elementary school rgcivilian1.

Thats over 6% or in your terms "6 for every 100 people".

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The results today come from tests on Monday. As Monday was still a holiday, test numbers were much lower than usual and hence the low result.

The first significant result of the week will be tomorrow.

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