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Posted in: Lenny Kravitz cancels tour of Asia, Australia See in context

Of COURSE he cancelled. He cancelled his Tokyo show for the last album too after I bought tickets! Strut wasnt that great. He can do better.

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@gogogo... For those that cannot grasp that there is a world outside the island... Their default position is that foreigners cannot speak/read/write/understand Japanese. Whether you actually do or not is irrelevant. Facts have no bearing on this sort of mindset. I think it was Twain that said you should never argue with idiots. Theyll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

In my former office my old boss got in my face about a form that had to be handwritten. He wrested the form from me before I put pen to paper. His reasoning was that the handwriting MUST be good. I offered to write it and he told me "Dont be silly". I suggested that he write a sample and that I would. I would allow HIM to judge whos handwriting was best. The look of shock on his face said it all. I wrote the form, and word of my ability got out.

...until new people came to work in the office and once again I had people telling me what I couldnt do because I wasnt Japanese. Youll be able to convince close friends, and family... But sweeping back the tide of willful ignorance... Would be like trying to erase racism in America. Youll never resolve the whole problem. Just live your life as an example to others.

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context

I dont see any good outcome here. Did anyone here see Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone? Remember how the two serial killers Mickey and Mallory were treated as celebrities and idols? Well... OS was out of his mind on drugs during that project, but Ichihashi was given the same star treatment as those fictional characters when he was caught. Girls swooned and offered themselves up to him citing his cleverness and undeniable charm. The media covered it all and glorified this rapist-murderer. It made me wonder if I was on drugs...

So... For the same culture to make a movie based on his book... Unfortunate yes, but I think the true shock here is how unsurprising this is. Particularly for foreigners who live in Japan for any real length of time. There is beauty in elements of Japanese culture, but like amakudari, black sound trucks, ijime, celebrated racism, and "little emperors"... This ISNT it.

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Posted in: Is this the shortest escalator in the world? See in context

Seriously... Im betting most people here citing "laziness" have never lived in Japan and dont understand that you DO walk everywhere everyday. Its not like the US at all where you can drive fom place to place. (well, rural japan is) but as for the Tokai area... You are going to walk your ash off. You better enjoy that 5 step escalator.

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@Motytrah Most Japanese salarymen have become so entrenched with their thinking of the suit jacket that they simply don't know how to live without one.

I'm betting its gonna take a televised rash of heat stroke victims before people start embracing this stuff. The first reaction of course will be to crank the AC back up. That will last until the brownouts and blackouts begin. 2011 Summer will be a challenge.

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Posted in: Kan to forgo PM's salary until nuclear crisis brought under control See in context

I thought this was a huge move, but hes doing it AFTER TEPCO did it. Also, hes still drawing salary as a public employee. So hes not exactly going hungry.

Still, I think its a move in the right direction. As for calls for his resignation. I think those people would be happier with NO Prime Minister at all. After Koizumi (Not my fave PM) Japan has been through... what? like 17 Prime Ministers in 5 years? These guys have no sack whatsoever, and no ability to withstand the tough stuff. When the going gets tough... The Japanese PM resigns.

I hope that trend comes to an end. This guy Kan seems to have to stuff! He may not make all the right calls, but neither does he quit at the first sign of adversity.

Everybody else wants his job, but I DOUBT they'd do any better than RESIGN under whats hes been under. Everybody wants a JOB, but nobody wants to WORK. Not only is Kan willing to WORK, but willing to do it for less money!!

Hang in there KAN!!!

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Posted in: AC Japan makes new ads with SMAP, others after viewers complain See in context

While the "AC" jingle might get old... thos Public Service Announcements are of great service to the community!! Who here riding a train HASNT watched as perfectly able-bodied men will avert their eyes and otherwise IGNORE a pregnant lady on the train while she stands unable to find a seat? What about people riding bicycles at speed down crowded sidewalks with no regard for pedestrians?

I think viewers are complaining because the AC spots hit a nerve. The repetitiveness serves to drive the message home.

There are spots in Japan where people do treat each other with great courtesy and respect... but in the city... you take your chances. They NEED this. They should have a few more about washing your hands after finishing in the restroom, or perhaps about NOT coughing or sneezing without covering ones mouth?

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Posted in: Women file suit to keep their surnames after they marry See in context

I think these days Japanese women have bigger fish to fry than what last name to use. Honestly... whos getting MARRIED? Is this generation of youth even DATING? Every other headline talks about boys holing up in their rooms with computer games and manga. Meanwhile the girls are too busy dyeing their hair orange and focusing on sad-clown makeup techniques.

Japanese society has some great qualities, but focusing on whats important doesnt seem to rank at the top of that list...

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Posted in: Why must Tokyo’s railways engage in aural assault? See in context

Aural assault is all part of the Japan Experience. Might I suggest earplugs or better, a music player. IMO the only announcement of any value is to announce the approach of a train, or the station the train is approaching. I even like the jingles that are signature to each station (I believe OP forgot to mention that part)

But since on many lines the announcer either has a mouth full of marbles, eats the microphone, or simply doesn't enunciate... I just plug in my iPhone and I'm good to go. For those not willing to spend money on a music player, ear plugs can be bought for about 300 yen.

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Posted in: Homeless getting younger and younger See in context

I dont know what happened to Japan. Im not THAT much older than most of the posters here, but the Japanese guys I went to college with were for the most part CLASS ACTS. Great guys with a sense of responsibility, and the ability to SOCIALIZE, with others.

But, that was a few years ago. After moving here, Ive met some great people, but for the most part, its just people who cant see beyond their own skin. No ability to interact socially on any level. No ability to hold a job. Society in general doesnt seem to see this as a problem because HEY, they are JAPANESE! Unless something is done to teach these people to interact well with others both from outside Japan AND inside Japan... the future cannot bode well. Not for those who cant be bothered to hold a job and contribute to society, nor for the society which becomes smaller and more fragmented with each individual lost.

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Posted in: Pop group Exile sign contract with adidas See in context

@MrDog I dont think this is about sports figures actually. I think (now that I've thought) that its just about money. Bottom line is that they are in business not to support sports culture, but to make money. If that meant selling purple-dyed hard boiled eggs to the French... thats what ADIDAS would do if it meant more money than sports.

As much as we may or may not like Japanese boy bands (Im certainly no fan)the fact of the matter is that women and some men do. Too many men in JP spend their money on manga, and virtual girlfriends. Even if there were an honest to God Japanese 6 Million Dollar man that was sponsored by ADIDAS, it wouldnt motivate them to excercise or buy gear that make them look as if they would.

Women however, DO workout. They do their little runs, and get busy in gyms. I think its more about being pencil thin, than it is about being healthy... but thats another topic.

The point is... You market "Exile x Adidas" in Japan... chicks will drop that Yen to get it. Even if only to match clothes with their Daschunds and Chihuahuas...

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Posted in: Pop group Exile sign contract with adidas See in context

Never been a fan of exile. I hear all this talk about "grass eating boys" At least exile sport facial hair and dont rock the "I might be a girl" look. Im no homophobe, so if a guy wants to act feminine, whatever.

I just dont think sports brand that endorses sports figures is making the right move endorsing a boy-band. UNLESS thats the new move...

ADIDAS - Selling out is Not Impossible!

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Posted in: How should airlines handle obese passengers? See in context

Body nazis are a joke. You guys poke fun at overweight people then want take up all the seats with leg room even though your legs dangle as they are too short to reach the floor. I am not overweight, but at 190.5cm with a swimmers build, my backside doesnt take up the whole of the seat, but my shoulders do spill over the width at the top. I DONT fit in airline seats.

So what should the airline do for ME when some wisp of a human in front wants to stretch out as if on a living room couch and lean their seat right back into my knees? (although my knees were ALREADY pushing into the back of his seat when it was UPRIGHT!)

How about all the big people on the plane stick the small people into the overhead bins and then use what space were able to reclaim as a result.

Does that sound pretty freaking unfair??? It SHOULD. But its no LESS fair than the crap you whiners propose. Americans are big people. Airlines should realize this and build seating accordingly.

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Posted in: 'Herbivore' men misunderstand what marriage arranging parties are all about See in context

J guys these days dont drink, dont bathe, dont earn, dont care to talk to women... Is there any wonder J girls are losing interest?

Having said all that... back in the 90s, it was all about clothes, cars, and music... no real substance there.

Meh, being single sucks.

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Posted in: Obama's star fades in Muslim world See in context

People expect President Obama to clean up EIGHT YEARS of Bush-it in two years... Support politicians who DONT support the cleanup effort, then assign blame because the jobs not done yet.

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Posted in: Things Japanese girls do that make guys go, 'Huh?' See in context

Im amazed that the OP thinks these traits dont apply to all women.

(Except for the "kawaii" thing... but if you translate that into (fawning) then yeah, that applies too!)

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Posted in: Keisuke Kuwata resumes work on album after recovering from cancer surgery See in context

disculpame... did you say "help the CHINESE value peace??" Because the JAPANESE treasure harmony so dearly? Peace and love are the theme at the Yasukuni Shrine right...?

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Posted in: In Japan, the customer is not king See in context

Its not a matter of service or no service. There are two points you overlook.

1) By asking for something "off menu" you are asking for something the clerk has not been trained to do. However silly and obvious the request may be, it involves actual independent thought on the part of the person you are working with. THAT is what is "muri" (impossible).

2) You are foreign. Without getting into the ethics of it, locals are usually simply not as willing to go as far outside the lines for someone who is not local.

Ive heard and experienced firsthand local inability to serve a FULL coke with no ice, or a hamburger with light mayo instead of a mayo patty bigger than the beef beneath it. But these stories are lost on locals when you try to talk to them about it. Because it doesnt happen to them (usually) unless they are WITH YOU.

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Posted in: How does your workplace deal with the issue of passive smoking? See in context

In my office smokers take all manner of breaks. I just equal it out by taking non-smoking breaks. Thing is, when I come back from break, I dont stink of tobacco. Our office has a pretty good no-smoking policy, and the rooms are separate filtered and away from work offices, but when people come back from the smoke room... you could dump a full ashtray on my desk and it would stink less.

I figure I should start smoking fat cigars in the smoking section and wait for people to complain. (I do smoke cigars, but not indoors except for cigar bars...) Anyway. If anyone complains about the cigar smoke, I'll just tell them to ^%$#( d^%$. When HR gets involved, I'll tell them I'll stop smoking cigars when the building becomes TRULY smoke free.

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Posted in: Rakuten's decision on English not welcomed by everyone See in context

I applaud Mikitani. I work for a US company here in Japan and the amount of pushback given to English is quite scary. English as a competency is mainly only lip service. Lower grade employees with strong English skills are held back out of fear they will overshadow their bosses.

It has been my experience that Japanese who are serious about learning English will leave the country to do so. I think when met, they tend to stand out by having a far stronger global view than their peers.

IMO a Japanese company that is serious about international business will take English seriously. Good Luck Mikitani!!! Dont listen to naysayers! They are just jealous of your initiative, and scared of the outside world. Its people like you that will lead Japan into the future.

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Posted in: Internet service company to show 'The Cove' in Japan See in context

This movie isnt what you think it is. It is not the Japan bashing propaganda people report it as. It never ceases to amaze how people with an agenda will watch a film with one message and report incorrectly on the content of the message.

The core message of this film is that abuse of dolphins is wrong. Thats everything from Taiji senseless spearfishing of dolphins in a blocked cove, to locking dolphins in a box in the US and prompting them to do tricks for a living.

Of course, the movie puts a negative slant on the fishermen... if people were threatening YOU with weapons... and brutally butchering animals you loved, I bet you wouldnt be to glowing in their praise, now would you?

The film makes sense to anyone who sits down to actually WATCH IT from beginning to end. Forget what the fishermen, the Japanese, the Americans... forget what they all have to say and listen to the dolphins screaming as they get speared to death. Anyone that grew up within travel distance of a Sea World, or even a television... has probably heard dolphins clicking and whistling. Heck, Ive heard in while surfing with them in San Diego!! But how many hear have heard dolphins screaming as they are tortured to death. Listen to what THEY are saying. Try to look past all the human agenda driven bull$#%@ and listen to THAT.

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Posted in: A few Whoppers See in context

Nope, Burger King isnt the lunch youre dreaming of, by any stretch of the imagination. But as almost any American living here will tell you, live in Japan long enough, and food from BK, Taco Bell, will sound good to you.

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Posted in: Jero tries a new look for latest song See in context

Agreed, Jero does dress like an idiot. I understand he wants to differentiate himself from other enka singers... but as a Black guy who sings enka... I can tell you firsthand, Black enka singers dont need outlandish costumes to stand out.

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Posted in: Salarymen (and women) reveal their most embarrassing moments while drunk See in context

I'm already an old man in all this. I like to go and get my drink on like anyone else... but I know when I'm reaching "the edge". You know what Im talking about. That, if I drink one more drink I will: (miss work tomorrow, get sick, not make the last train home, get sick, get sloppy drunk, get sick, insert-your-undesired-consequence here..) So you know what magic trick I use? ...ready? ...I stop drinking.

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Posted in: 8 bullet trains delayed after 14-year-old boy walks onto tracks See in context

It's not impossible, I uses to bullseye womp rats in my T16 back home they're not much bigger than 2 meters!

All BS aside though, there's a difference between securing every inch of rail on this rock, and just doing nothing. Of the some 36000 people that killed themselves last year, how many of them went out by train?? Do YOU remember how many times you were train delayed by suicide last year? I stopped counting after 10.

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Posted in: Back to the 'eikaiwa' drawing board See in context

Eikaiwa is done. It has been for years now. Of COURSE it makes sense from an international perspective to learn English! But, simply stated, most Japanese people DO NOT CARE. Most have never been outside Japan, do not care to go outside Japan, and have little interest in what transpires outside Japan with the exception of things like foreign foods, fashion, or entertainment. Most "students" take up English because it is fashionable to do so. Most have no interest in pursuing any real competency at it.

Eikaiwa sets up its teachers for failure. Too many work to establish themselves in a system they forget is temporary AT BEST. Honestly, what are they hoping for when they leave Japan? To teach ENGLISH back in the US, England, Australia, or NZ? Let me know how that works out for you!

Japanese people who are SERIOUS about learning English will leave the country to do so. How many here know Japanese people who speak strong English that have NOT ever lived abroad? I dont know any. Those with conversational level or greater, have all lived abroad.

Honestly, let this Eikaiwa thing die a deserved death already. IMO there is a stronger business case for pet rocks, hula hoops, and mood rings.

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Posted in: Man steals 4 rings from Tiffany store See in context

A FOREIGN thief??? Well OF COURSE he was!!! Happy New Year!

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Posted in: Video games -- the best Japanese teacher money can buy See in context

Reflections... be careful about committing real time to "learning Japanese" from video games and anime. It wont take you long to offend the locals and make an ass of yourself in front of those who took real courses. Learning in a formal environment is IMO a required foundation. Your friends will help you with the "living Japanese" Japanese spoken in real life. But, video games, anime... that stuff is pure entertainment. Can you imagine a Japanese person learning all their English from watching Star Wars, or from playing the "Grand Theft Auto" series??? It wouldnt take long before someone asked; "Where did you learn English???" They would lie, and the English speaker would know it was a lie. Dont expect learning Japanese from Mario or Zelda will produce very different results.

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Posted in: Wendy's closes its doors in Japan See in context

While its obvious that the world doesnt need more junk food... theres something to be said for the occasional burger.

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Posted in: The KFC-Christmas connection See in context

Right, OK so...not a lot of turkey here now. They cant put some turkeys on a plane and spin it up? I find the whole KFC thing sad and pathetic. I wont argue the nutritional benefit of their chicken... its just NOT Xmas dinner. Its like saying, hey we got no fish, so where gonna eat raw hot dogs and call it SUSHI!!! It isnt sushi, and KFC is NOT Xmas dinner.

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