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Agreed. This is like awarding the builder of a better horse carriage when the automobile is already in its 3rd or 4th generation. Move on already.

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Posted in: What do you think about Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's proposal to create an East Asian community, to promote what he calls fraternity in the region? See in context

I wish the Japanese the best of luck in their efforts to square things with the Chinese and the Koreans. They will need it. I also agree that Chinese language classes may start replacing all those English language classes they dont study for now.

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The author of this piece has no leg to stand on. GET IT???

Lady, you cant have it both ways. Either be equal, or dont. Pick.

Personally, I choose chivalry. Thats how I was raised. But, Ive also been subjected to a generation of women who just dont care for that. Funny how they might cry "chivalry is dead!" once subjected to men from a culture that hasnt had it for centuries.

Try reading BUSHIDO by Inazo Nitobe. Its got its share of some self-hatred and Anglo-worship, but its main premise is sound. The character of the Japanese male has declined over the centuries.

Now, having known many great Japanese guys (who lived abroad), I've come to see what Japanese people will be the first to tell you. "Japanese people who live abroad are NOT the same as those who live here." I'll go one step farther to say: "Japanese people who live abroad OR LIVED ABROAD are NOT the same as those who live here."

Its not the Japanese male... its the culture and its acceptance of "might equals right". Those with a more global perspective understand. Problem is that too many people here are happy never understanding the world outside this tiny island. Then again... they arent the only people we can say that about eh?

Bottom line is... men physically coercing women is wrong. BUT, a woman who preaches equality should be prepared to fight for herself, WITHOUT protection of men.

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Just yesterday I saw a guy in a suit knock a woman with a cane to the ground in his rush to catch a train. He made the train, and I helped up the lady. I was forced to wait 3 whole minutes for the next train...

Thing is... that would shock me no matter where I went. What kind of animal does that? I dont condemn the whole nation of people. They are not "one" no matter what their politicians might say... But there are enough of them that have strayed so far away from what we might arrogantly call "human decency" that Japan is the only place they can function.

So what does that mean?

As for your friends found watch, I left a wallet on a counter at a supermarket, and it was stolen. Then the clerk looked me in the eye and said he didnt see it. The police did not help. so... whatever. Im glad your friend "knows what time it is"...

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This topic deserves far more investigation and reporting than one story soon-to-be-forgotten. Japan is largely a mannerless free-for-all where ignorance and bullying are the order of the day. Im not suggesting that other societies are much better, but you HAVE to wonder how the heck Japan got a reputation for being such a well mannered society.

Clearly from a stream of foreigners who came and left before their first hot tea got cold. It doesnt take many train rides here before you spot people picking noses fervently and openly, men physically pushing women to get into trains, people coughing and sneezing right into each others faces with no effort at all to cover their mouths...

Does anyone want to mention the general lack of soap in public restroom sinks or the popular move by too-many people here to simply skip even the water, or hand washing of any kind at all??

Its an honest fright fest.

I like to laugh at the shows of Africa here where they show dirty refugee camps and unwashed people... As if it were generally any cleaner here!

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I find the shortcoming of the contemporary Japanese male to be cultural. Not physiological. When I started making JPN male friends in college, many of them looked like men. comparitively broad shoulders. Short hair. facial hair... After moving to Japan I am hard pressed to find guys like that. Most guys look like girls. Not because they arent as physically big as thier western counterparts, but because they NURTURE this look!! Look at SMAP, or any current Johnnys pop group, or most all TV personalities in their 20s. When I ride the trains most of the guys are frail and waiflike! It honestly looks like if a fist fight broke out between the men and the women of any given train... the women would clean up handily!

Whats more is that most JPN women seem to like that. They buy the CDs, they watch the TV programs... they seem to support this!

I dont have issues with homosexuality. If a guy wants to be with a guy, or a girl wants a girl... hey, you do what works for you.

But I dont see how or why hetero people want to ride the fence. guys who looks like girls and girls who look like guys (breastless, hipless women being the JPN standard of beauty...)

JPN people wanna say they are unhappy in the bedroom? Reap what you sow.

Wait until you reach old age and theres no foreigners to help with labor. Better start studying Mandarin now...

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"You get what you pay for"? Really? IMO thats typical elitist BS talking. Understanding goods is how you find quality. Not by leaving a trail of spent monies behind you. Its that "quality equals price" mentality that buoys a lot of "name brands" that cost enormous sums while they simply farm work out to the Chinese anyway.

Understand what constitutes a quality product, and you will be far better suited to know for yourself what a good price is, and what price is simply paying for the makers kids orthodonture, and kids 4 dogs obedience school tuition.

You want to follow "timeless" advice? You can go with "you get what you pay for" But I find "a fool and his money are soon parted" to be so much more applicable. It would seem as much in Japan as Europe and the US...

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They say money cant buy you happiness... But Itll pay for the search!

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I had a "baby" on a leash before! His name was Rex and he was The Worlds Best Rottie! As far as human kids on leashes. Meh, lots of parents these days raise their kids to be animals. Why not treat em like one?

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Im just shocked at Japanese behavior period. I cannot understand where the stereotype of "mild mannered Japanese society" comes from. People here knock each other over, shove each other, yell at each other, spit, pick noses, cough in each others faces, sneeze in each others faces, dont bathe, stare, ignore, and a host of other ill mannered behaviors not the least of which includes waltzing out of bathroom stalls and sashaying past bathroom sinks where they cant be troubled to WASH THEIR HANDS after wiping!!!

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All I heard before I got here was how non-existent crime is in Japan. 1st year here my wallet was stolen. In the authors defense, although I see his intent as naked intent to twist facts to show how wonderful Japan and the Japanese peoples are... AT LEAST he DIDNT resort to the popular stance which holds that real crime is only committed by foreigners...

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Gonna disagree wildly with the author of the piece.

Driving is a terrible experience here, but he KNEW that going into it. Why spend so much money on (not just one, but TWO cars) knowing the pain they bring. It seems to me that masochistic tendencies coupled with a healthy dose of complaining about the resulting pain is as loony as the drivers he shares the road with.

Riding the train is no picnic either, but it eliminates all of the hassle he writes about. As well as a greenhouse emission or two.

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Im from SoCal and have owned cars and motorcycles since I was 16. Back home a car is as requisite as shoes. Yeah, you dont NEED shoes to live, but you wont get real far without em. Same goes for a car.

Here in Japan, the train system is all too efficient. I own a K-car because I dont need my car to tell people who I am. I just need to get from A to B. When I take the train, I get to my destination on time and without the hassle of crowded parking, poorly engineered roads, and pathetic drivers.

When I give in to my wife who LOVES driving, we are ALWAYS late. She gets lost, or traffic is horrible, or parking is horrible AND expensive, or the roads arent as described on Navi/paper mapple.

Ive driven in the sticks, and Ive driven in Tokyo. When I took the drivers test I passed on the first try. I dont have a problem driving anywhere, but I have a problem with the state of driving here.

Ill just renew my Suica train pass and call it a day.

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