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Kuroyukihimeeee comments

Posted in: Microsoft delays new Xbox launch for 8 countries See in context

@SuperLib This is more due to the restrictions the 360 hardware has, try the same game on a more powerful platform like PC and you will see massive advances. Battlefield 3 is a great example for this.

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Posted in: Cherished 'Start' button returning to Windows software See in context

I love the speed and new features Windows 8 brings to the table, but at the cost of the start menu and loads of other services and features like Shadowcopy.... Hopefully this update will bring the features windows 7 had, to the faster windows 8

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Posted in: School flasher identified by semen left at scene See in context

what even...

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Posted in: North Korea crisis: How did it come to this? See in context

Very informative this article, excellent work

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Posted in: Could N Korea hit Japan, S Korea with nukes? No one seems to know See in context

I dont think NK would attack Japan, they have said to most embassies to evacuate and have not directly threatened Japan, only the US and SK so far from what i have seen.

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy unmanned spy plane in northern Japan See in context

I dont see why it must be launched from japan, why not a US aircraft carrier or from south korea?

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