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Posted in: Dismissal of Smollett case brings backlash, more questions See in context

To those of you interested in the truth, I suggest that you read the 4 page indictment of Smollette. Much more informative than the previous , uninformed articles by JT. This is so very troubling on so many levels. Though Jussie seems to have "slipped the noose" yet again, I'm confidant that he will eventually "hang from the gibbet" and be left to "twist in the wind ". Everyone wants Jussie Served. No honor. No shame. No apologies. Nowhere to go.

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Posted in: Hate attack hoax charges dropped against actor Jussie Smollett See in context

It is naiive to believe that someone doesn't need to defend their honor when challenged with a enormous amount of evidence to the contrary. Let alone,use influence to prevent any truths from being ascertained at all.

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Posted in: Hate attack hoax charges dropped against actor Jussie Smollett See in context

This is not going away. Jussie keeps making it worse. Seems to have "slipped the noose"....again. He has no honor. Once he is found to be the villian that he is, there will be no recourse except sepuku

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Posted in: Actor Smollett staged 'hate crime' hoax to advance career: Chicago police See in context

Please understand that Fox is bigger than its conservative outlet. If you want to have a real say, contact Disney. I understand, that they now own the production company responsible for his show. Since it remains unclear if he will ultimately profit from blatant racism and hoax. Might not be any worse than the self inflicted(alledgedly) scratches.

Call "Mickey" to let them know what you feel about this

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Posted in: Man kills sick wife; then jumps to death from nearby building See in context

So incredibly sad. The desperation needed to do something like that? Perhaps the last act of true compassion. To give your own life, so that your Love will not suffer. I refuse to judge

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Posted in: Trump reimbursed lawyer for payment to porn star: Giuliani See in context

Wow. 102 comments so far about the current Stormy Daniels and President Trump blather. Did anyone catch the photo of dear Stormy that originally accompanied the piece? She looked positively knackered! It didn't stay up for long, before being replaced by your standard " Hollywood" Stormy. Too weird. This it's so "non news". Can we please get over this rubbish? Its as interesting and thought provoking as yet another " comfort woman" story. Better to just ignore. The folks that promote stories like these will never be satisfied .

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Posted in: Here we go again: ABBA records first new songs in 35 years See in context

I'm glad that they will do something new. I was beginning to think that no one ever listened to me. It just goes to show you, that once you overcome fears, your natural talents will always shine through. Maybe more to come?

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Posted in: ABBA reunites -- with avatars -- for TV tribute See in context

Apologies to ABBA. I extrapolated something I heard years ago. It suggested that Frieda hated to travel and almost never left Stockholm. As with all things involving consensus, it was probably far more complicated. As we all know..it only takes one "spaner". As far as the"avatar" angle, it's pretty ridiculous. Why would anyone want to see computer imagery of songs and concerts using old music recorded decades ago? Why not just make an anime? They are just people. They are entitled to decide how to spend their time. They really don't owe their fans.

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Posted in: ABBA reunites -- with avatars -- for TV tribute See in context

Why don't they just get back together for a show? I'm sure they're just as talented and sing just as well. Hope that its not a few wrinkles stopping Them. They've turned down billions of dollars for new albums. Just do it for the fans..Frieda

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Posted in: Petition to dump Damon from 'Oceans 8' gathers pace See in context

I am so confused. What exactly did Matt do to elicit all of this abuse? Is Misandronistic a word?

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Posted in: France resumes foie gras exports to Japan See in context

I'll bet that if Japanese consumers ever saw the atrocity of force feeding these geese, they'd never take another greasy bite. Its really disturbing. They have it down to a frightening "science". Now that's a scary Halloween treat!

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Posted in: Child obesity grows tenfold since 1975: study See in context

Perhaps Japan will be spared this huge problem. I'm not sure that the rest of the world will be so lucky. Kids need lots of exercise and nutritionally sound food. Do I think this will happen? Fat Chance!

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Posted in: Pence leaves NFL game after players kneel during anthem See in context

Good for him. These protests are childish and devisive. I personally consider them disrespectful. These guys are paid millions to play football, not make social comment. Maybe the future of football, really means soccer?

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Posted in: 87-year-old woman in wheelchair dies after attack by swarm of hornets See in context

Suzumabachi. Very scary stuff. We have "killer" bees where i live. They're not so bad. Just don't anger them. Their honey is very good as well. I can't imagine a worse way to go,than being stung to death by giant flying bugs.

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Posted in: Getting the most from staff See in context

Well ,if the Spa treatment works, I'll be surprised. Karoshi very sad. Overtime And underappreciated. There has to be a happy place inbetween.

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Posted in: George Foreman challenges Steven Seagal to 10-round fight See in context

Oh please! Have you seen Steven Segal lately? To say that he's put on a little weight, is an understatement. Ever since he got Russian Citizenship from Vladimir Putin , it's been diet? nyet. As for George, he's huge I suspect ,as well. At least in Japan, Sumo wrestlers are trained athletes. These guys are just going to embarrass themselves. Instead , go to an "all you can eat" Buffett...winner has worst indigestion

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

Im afraid that nothing good comes out of San Francisco. If I see another " comfort woman" statue appear, I'll scream. Political correctness gone amok. Next thing you know some twisted librarian will call Dr. Seuss books racist! Wait. That was yesterday. Just ignore these people. Maybe they will go away.

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Posted in: Disgraced U.S. football star O.J. Simpson to be released from prison See in context

The reason OJ owes money, is because he was found guilty of "wrongful death". This is a civil matter. The legal requirements for which , are not as strict. Despite "slipping the noose"for murder, he will never be able to go through an airport without someone shouting "Murderer!".

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Posted in: U.N. refugee agency alarmed over attack on Rohingya refugees See in context

Please do Not rush to judgement. There are violent people and agitators on both sides. One incident, does not a trend, make. It is apparent that the Rohingya are Not completely innocent victims. Before judging Aung san suu kyi, look at the history completely. I have not seen any thing recently, as completely polarized as this issue. It will be very difficult indeed, to find common ground. No one wants the Rohingya. No one.

This is going to get ugly, I suspect

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Posted in: Video shows car speeding through Shibuya’s scramble crossing filled with people See in context

Please be careful when hitting speeding cars. Many years ago, I did this to a driver that nearly hit me running a red light. He immediately came to a stop and we exchanged words. Then, upon my walking away, got out of his car and came up behin me. He quietly "roundhouse" punched me in the face, ran to his car and drove off. Moral. Don't turn your back on violent idiots

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Posted in: Heart-breaking plea from kids looking for their mother convinces Tokyo subway station to bend rules See in context

There is nothing as frightened,as a child that cannot find their Mother. Moments like these follow them their entire lives and impact them in ways that few know. Let us never become so cold that we cannot hear a child's plea

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Posted in: Money dispute said to have led wife to break husband's 54 violins See in context

Not a music lover, I suspect. Perhaps her strings are "too tightly wound". Or perhaps she is just "highstrung" ?

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Posted in: 79-year-old hospital patient arrested for attempted murder of ‘noisy' patient in same room See in context

They say that snoring is bad for your health. Perhaps it is worse than believed.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner has 'productive' talks with Israel PM See in context

PLease give Jarred a chance. This guy is a class act. If the crass commentators will not prejudge him as they have his father in law, then perhaps there will be real peace.

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