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Posted in: Tokyo moves away from numerical targets to fight coronavirus See in context

This is so ridiculous that it's actually hilarious. This is actually a meme.

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Posted in: Japan to delay 'womenomics' target for female leaders by up to a decade: report See in context

That's another one for Japan-not-progressing bingo!

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Posted in: Japan pandemic jobless data mask problems for millions: experts See in context

We all know how much the Japanese government loves fudging numbers, just like how they fudged corona virus case numbers before cancelling the Olympics..

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Posted in: Japan conveys objection to Trump's plan to add S Korea to G-7 See in context

Does anyone else think the concept of G7 and G20 is an outdated concept that only promotes exclusivity?

If Trump wanted to reflect current global situation then change the name and members to promote inclusion and diversity!

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Posted in: Japan conveys objection to Trump's plan to add S Korea to G-7 See in context

I think the reasoning behind Japan's objection is quite weak, and only reveals their desperation to hold on to their status.

As mentioned in the article, the potential inclusion of other countries into G7 is to reflect current global situation to tackle global challenges. The size of economy itself does not indicate a nation's ability on tackling global challenges - e.g. Japan demonstrated poor infrastructure and slow response to the pandemic, as opposed to Australia and Korea.

Korea may have a different stance to Japan regarding North Korea and China, but shouldn't all relevant stakeholders/opinions be involved to resolve global issues?

It's disappointing that the Japanese government is putting their pride and status before global progression.

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Posted in: Online disruption of Trump rally highlights K-pop's political muscle See in context

Kpop has a huge global fan base. It's good to see that they are uniting for good causes and activism.

Whilst some people may see this as a prank, it speaks volume that a large demography of kpop fan base are against Trump and his policy.

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Posted in: Virus cases surge in U.S., worldwide, but slow in China, Korea See in context

Too many people have died from this virus. I don't think these news articles are trying to invoke fear, but rather for everyone to be vigilant as this virus will be around for quite some time so we need to do our best to prevent another life from being lost.

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Posted in: Japan's virus contact-tracing app gets 2.7 mil downloads in 3 days See in context

It's a step in the right direction but it won't work efficiently unless everyone has the app.

Australia launched a similar app a while back but the majority of the population didn't download it making it pretty much pointless.

I think the government should just make the call on whether to enforce it on everyone or not for the safety of the public health.

I know there are concerns for privacy however. But then again... have you checked your privacy policy with Google and Facebook app lately?

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

I don't know if it should be removed if it has historical significance. If Japan makes it clear about the tragic history of the place then I think that is okay.

Oh, and don't tell a nation to "get over it" when their culture and land was destroyed and their people murdered and raped. Do you think the Jewish people would "get over it" if Germany never acknowledged what happened in their concentration and labour camp?

Korea definitely needs to be more mature about their approach but they have a good reason to remind Japan of its history.

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