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Kuruki comments

Posted in: S Korea in shock, grief after 153 die in Halloween crowd surge See in context

Absolutely tragic. This is so sad and horrifying and my heart goes out to all the families and friends who have lost a loved one.

I've been to Itaewon and the charm of that place are the small alleyways along the hilly areas, but due to its popularity it does get really crowded.

I think this accident could definitely have been prevented with proper crowd management... the local authorities should've been well aware of how busy the area ca become during Halloween... I just hope they learn this time and enforce some proper measures.

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Posted in: Agency says BTS members will serve in South Korea's military See in context

It's definitely a big blow to the Korean economy and Kpop industry in general for BTS to go on hiatus for a while, but knowing their fan base, they will be met with much love upon their return.

Although I wish they didn't have to serve the army, I guess it goes to show that the Korean law system shows no special treatment for anyone and no one is exempt from the law.

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Posted in: Micronesia denounces Japan's plan to release Fukushima water into Pacific See in context

Wow even Japan's BFF, Taiwan, voiced concern. That really is saying something and Japan should reconsider how to handle the waste water.

If it's safe, just dump it in our own land.

No? Then it's not safe.

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Posted in: Japan’s biggest K-pop fans might just be senior citizens, survey shows See in context

Senior japanese citizens are the OG kpop and k-drama fans. My parents and grandma still re-watches Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven and Dae jang Gum to this day. Japanese fans are really loyal so it's no surprise there!

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Posted in: TikTok adds authenticity feature that mirrors BeReal See in context

BeReal's feature was bound to be copied soon. Not surprised Tik Tok copied it...

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Posted in: Japanese government wants to encourage wealthy foreigners to travel deeper into Japan, NHK says See in context

So what's in it for the wealthy tourists?

They claim they'll use wealthy tourists to direct them to less popular areas to revive those economies, but why would the wealthy tourists even care about that?

Clearly this is just for Japan's own interest...

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Posted in: Japan to penalize hospitals not accepting infectious disease patients See in context

We should also penalize the government for not reporting numbers correctly

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Posted in: S Korean Netflix hit 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' sparks autism debate See in context

Can't wait for season 2!

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Posted in: Japanese governors seek change in COVID reporting to help hospitals cope See in context

Now this is just dodgy....

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Posted in: Back to the past See in context


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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

Let's not forget that a bunch of ministers visited Yasakuni shrine recently. Before throwing complaints at Korea, let's fix our own approach first.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

Today is Korea's liberation day. They celebrated by putting up street performance of Koreans beat up Japanese soldiers using taekwondo or destroying Japanese flags. Typical Korean liberation day. Bashing Japan, hating on Japan, show performance that's anti-Japan, then 2 minutes of nice speech about cooperation with Japan which the media will swallow up and ignore the other 98% of Japan bashing.

No, they're not. Link us the evidence or else its just misinformation.

I'm currently based in Seoul and all I see is people just enjoying the public holiday. I'm Japanese but the people around me aren't threatening me or harrassing me. People are simply reflecting on the past... AS WE ALL SHOULD.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

South Korea.

Yesterday with China and the 3 promises to Beijing under Moon.

Today when USA Nancy visits, we are with you America!

SKorea swings from left to right with no consistency!

SKorea never joined Quad Alliance to balance China!

SKorea never made promises to support Taiwan or come to Taiwan rescue.

SKorea is not reliable! Shady! Squid Games! Lies and misdirection!

SKorea lets the criminals out, pardon from president Yoon himself if it benefits the economy. Don't matter the crime for Korea, as long as you benefit the country.

This comment shows really poor understanding of Korea's place in geopolitics. Korea has historically been squished between major powers (China, Japan, US) so they can't please one without facing consequences from the other. The following comment from EdwardCanada understands the context.

It would serve both countries to align themselves, especially with the way China is acting, and whatever future ambitions of global takeover they have, lol.

South Korea seems to walk a fine line between China and the US.

I can understand their position.

I don't think South Korea is by any means on China's side by any means.

But they're very quiet about it because they don't want to upset the very fanatically sensitive CCP.

The main thing S Korea cares about, highest priority.. is North Korea and that situation.

And they know that the only way to deal with N Korea is through China..

S Korea doesn't want to destroy that bridge.

Not to mention China being their biggest trading partner.

But, props to South Korea standing up to the China on their recent visit. China was trying to pressure Korea on the 3 nos. Particularly S Koreas missile system.

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Posted in: Japanese firm seeks halal approval for non-alcohol udon soup stock See in context

Whilst the dietary requirement of some religious groups may seem ridiculous to some people, it's also a big consumer group that will be a lucrative opportunity for some companies. As the article suggest, there's 2 billion Muslim people in the world so to ignore this massive group and exclude your products to them is a massive missed opportunity.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Not a fan of Abe... but what?! This is quite shocking.

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Posted in: Court rules in favor of French man's wife over child custody rights See in context

What an absolute joke of a court system.

So they recognised that no domestic violence occurred (potentially false accusation made by the wife which should be a crime on its own), and then kidnapped the children away from the father. The wife is literally on an arrest warrant in France, and yet the father still loses.

I shouldn't be surprised that the court sided with the Japanese person but this is just sad...

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Posted in: Doctor arrested over alleged sex act with minor See in context

What was the minor doing on a dating app?

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Posted in: Kore-eda tells Cannes he felt 'pressure' working with Korean all-stars See in context

I'm seeing a lot of good talent being attracted to Korean entertainment nowadays and rightfully so. I can't wait to watch his film! What a lineup of talented stars!

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

put all of their account information on a floppy disk

Oh Japan...

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Lol at the people going "Who?" because they don't know him or watch Youtube.

Not sure if PewdiePie moving to Japan is a news-worthy article, but he is quite influential and famous particularly amongst the younger generation people who are into gaming. I think he has the most Youtube subscribers as well so he has a massive outreach of audience.

Unlike Logan Paul, PewdiePie is actually really respectful. He's a bit of a troll so sometimes his jokes won't be well accepted but his intentions are usually good.

Him coming to Japan is good news I think because he'll be able to showcase Japan to a wide audience, and there's a lot of interest for him to come here as gaming as huge in Japan.

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Posted in: S Korean delegation meets Japanese foreign minister in bid for warmer ties See in context

Remove the comfort women statues first.

How about we learn to face our past and acknowledge what we have done?

Once we acknowledge and teach in our history books about the brutality that comfort women had to endure, then the statues will naturally go.

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Posted in: Ukraine apologizes for juxtaposing photo of late emperor to Hitler in video See in context

I mean... Ukraine wasn't wrong... but probably not a smart move to say while they need support and aid from Japan.

Also... LOL at the reason Japan wanted it removed:

"It is inappropriate and extremely regrettable,"

What exactly was extremely regrettable? That the truth was out that Japan was part of the Axis and allies with the Nazis?

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Posted in: Australian leader warns of resurgence in asylum seekers if opposition wins election See in context

FYI - Morrison wasn't even voted in to be Australia's prime minister.

He doesn't care about the general population of Australia, and only serves for his rich corporate friends and the racist conservative population.

When the entire east cost of Australia was on fire, he took a trip to Hawaii with his family.

When countless scientific reports condemned Australia for their lack of actions against climate change, he only pushed even harder for coal. He became infamous for holding a piece of coal in parliament telling people not be scared of it.

When women in parliament started stepping forward about allegations of bulling and sexual harassments, he did nothing.

He is also a deeply religious man that pushes Christian agenda.

Australia did not vote for him, and he needs to go. He is non-progressive and not fit for his job.

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Posted in: One simple ingredient that makes bland carbonara totally delicious See in context

Carbonara was never bland to begin with unless you're eating one that is poorly made.

Not too sure about adding vinegar directly into carbonara...

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Posted in: Pregnant workers in Japan's controversial intern program face abuse See in context

I wish more people knew how disgustingly exploitative this program really is so that they wouldn't apply for it in the first place.

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Posted in: Fisheries remain opposed to Fukushima water discharge See in context

The government should recycle these water as their drinking and bathing water if it's so safe according to them.

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Posted in: COVID in UK at record levels with almost 5 million infected See in context

This is just based off my UK co-workers and friends but they still don't seem to take COVID very seriously... all of them have had covid (luckily with mild symptoms) but they have had people around them die from covid.... yet they still refuse to wear masks, refuse to avoid crowded place, still demand to go out to bars and clubs... I just don't get it...

I feel like there is a huge difference in how Western society and Asian society view covid and take precautions around it.

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Posted in: First day on the job See in context

After working in Australia, UK and around Asia, I've realised how there's little to no room for individuality in the corporate environment of Japan.

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Posted in: How China's TikTok, Facebook influencers push propaganda See in context

I see so many Chinese Youtubers pushing this narrative painting China as this dreamy fantasy land.

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Posted in: Japan enjoys cherry blossom season despite COVID-19 worries See in context

Ah I miss this so much. My relatives went to the country side where's there's less crowd to view the country side.

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