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Posted in: K-pop sensation BTS releases new summer single 'Butter' See in context


You sound pretty hateful of Kpop. If you don't like it, then just ignore it? Why are you wasting your energy on it? What are you trying to achieve by claiming they pulled some click farm trick without any source of evidence to back your claim?

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Posted in: Chinese spacecraft lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program See in context

Whether you like China or not, it's an impressive feat nonetheless.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

I don't care what people say. I love wasabi so I'm going to add it into my soy sauce.

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Posted in: WHO approves China's Sinopharm vaccine in potential boost to COVAX pipeline See in context

I can't trust WHO anymore after their whole fiasco at the start of the pandemic... it was clear that they were being influenced by China, so my trust in China's vaccine is quite low even if WHO approves of it.

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Posted in: S Korean fishermen protest See in context

The ocean is connected. Just because Japan dumps nuclear waste in their part of the water doesn't mean it will stay there.

These fishermen have very good reasons to protest and I'm honestly surprised that other nations aren't voicing their concern more.

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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

I know their actions may seem extreme but I think it's to bring international attention to the matter.

I agree with them that Japan shouldn't dump the water into the ocean. If it's so safe, dump it in your own forest and drinking water.

I remember so many commeters here were against Japan's move to dump the water in a previous article but as soon as Korea comes to light, the anti-Koreans arise...

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Posted in: S Korean electric vehicle battery firms settle trade dispute See in context

Notice that they didn't state who LG stole those secrets from. But that's not the point being made here. South Korean companies attempts at corporate espionage are already expected, factored into R&D planning and to a certain extent, encouraged, to let them steal the "right" secrets. The last laugh is on the Korean companies though, when they (like in this case) start to compete among themselves like enemies rather than cooperate like Japanese companies.

Notice how you yourself also didn't state who LG stole it from? Perhaps you're confusing it with Chinese firms but Korean companies are leading in batteries at the moment.

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Posted in: Hyogo Prefecture to give 320,000 fans to restaurants for customers to cover mouths, dine 'safely' See in context

An alternative title to this article - "How to waste money and resource"

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Posted in: Japan urged to outlaw LGBT+ discrimination before Olympics See in context

Outlawing is a start but it won't change the mindset, the stigma, and cultural discrimination against the LGBT community. That takes years if not generations of open discussions and good education that sexuality is not limited to being straight.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

So despite every stakeholders saying "DO NOT DUMP IT INTO THE OCEAN!!!" they still decide to dump it.

The government claims that the radiation level has been treated but this also accumulates as you go up the food chain and eventually will end up on our plate at a dangerous level. The complete implications and consequences on our society and the environment is also unclear.

Don't forget - Japan had already dumped radioactive water into the ocean before and it was later found to have flown all the way to the west coast of USA.

The Japanese government should dump it into their own forest and lake instead of the ocean which will affect the entire world.

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Posted in: LinkedIn China suspends new sign-ups to 'respect law' See in context


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Posted in: South Korea agrees to 13.9% increase in its share of cost for U.S. troops See in context

Interesting... I feel like the US should be paying the hosting nation for allowing their army to be stationed there.

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Posted in: Fukushima fish, rice sellers still struggling to overcome consumer concerns See in context

Unfortunately radiation doesn't disappear overnight or in a few months or even in a few years.

It takes a really long time to break down and due to accumulation of radiation as you go up the food pyramid, it really isn't safe to eat anything from Fukushima even if it contains trace amount.

We all know the Japanese government is a blatant liar as observed from the way they fudged their COVID-19 numbers last year so I definitely won't be trusting their advice.

I hope these farmers can claim compensation or start anew in a safer area. Sad... but it's the reality of the situation.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context

There are literally old Japanese maps that illustrates Dokdo / Takeshima as Korean territory...


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Posted in: Japan urged to link private, public testing to better grasp extent of pandemic See in context



In Japan, it means to take no action


"I urge you to do something about this situation before it spirals out of control!!!!!"


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Posted in: Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands See in context

I wonder how fast some of these commenters will "get over it" if their families were raped and murdered, their royal bloodline ended, their culture destroyed, gun pointed at their head for speaking their language, and experimented as human test subjects?

5 years? 10 years?

Or maybe you'll remember it forever because you'll have STD from 100s of men that raped you on a daily basis? Or the tattoos that were forced on to your body whenever you disobeyed? Or that missing limb that was chopped from you being naughty?

Who are you to tell an entire nation to get over it? If you do a quick Google search into what Japan did during that war, you will NEVER forget about it.

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Posted in: Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands See in context

This is so unproductive by the Japanese government.

Obviously, Korea won't stop until it receives the proper recognition of the events of war and proper compensation for war victims (and rightfully so).

As Japan is the aggressor of the war, they need to do better than simply urge Korea to drop demands...

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

Caught off-guard?


It doesn't take much to realize low testing rate and slow actions from the government is a recipe for disaster...

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Posted in: Abe says sorry over political funding case See in context

He's sorry that he got caught

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Posted in: Sydney imposes lockdown on beach suburbs as COVID cluster grows to 39 See in context

This just shows that even 1 rogue case can potentially spiral into another wave. Good thing Australia is acting quickly and taking it very seriously.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach says Tokyo bid payments to former Dentsu exec did not break rules See in context

Let me rephrase this for ya'll:

"Rich corrupt guy says bribery for other rich guys is not wrong!"

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Posted in: Japan explains 'comfort women' stance in German after statue set up in Berlin See in context

There are literally comfort women still alive today, yet Japan will go around saying there was no such thing. Seriously Japan...if you're trying to save face, let me tell you that this is just more embarrassing and shameful than admitting to past crimes and providing closure to victims.

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Posted in: Japan urges S Korea to present solution over wartime labor row See in context


Yes, I'm aware of that.

But what does Japan hope to get out of that? Is it for Korea to never speak of this event again? Is it to remove all statues of comfort women so people will forget about them?

As I have said in my previous comment, I think Japan wants Korea silenced (this is just my thoughts btw) and that in itself is the wrong approach.

Also, using the argument that saying x amount of apology is enough is not a good argument. As we are the aggressor, we should be prepared to say sorry as many times necessary if we were truly sorry. But it seems that we think there should be a cap to the amount of apologies that needs to be said for the murder of countless people, destruction of culture and ending their royal bloodline.

I'm ethnically Japanese myself so I want to believe that our government is doing what's best, but I can't help but doubt that our government genuinely feels sorry for what they've done and I don't think they ever will.

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Posted in: Japan urges S Korea to present solution over wartime labor row See in context

Here's my 2 cents:

Japan seems to want to settle this and it's great they are directly asking Korea for their solution. However, I think what Japan wants in return is for silence around this matter. And that is where the issue lies. History shouldn't be covered up. By silencing the victim, Japan is not being apologetic. Until we own up to our history, this will never be resolved. I think a good example to follow is what Germany has done to acknowledge their war crimes.

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Posted in: Suga vows swift decision on release of Fukushima radioactive water See in context

I will also make the swift decision to stay clear from Japanese seafood for the next decade.

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Posted in: Cyberattacks on coronavirus vaccine projects confirmed in Japan See in context

Those hackers are a fool! Don't they realize that everything is probably written down with pen and paper!

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

@ saisku

Japan did some incredibly horrible things during the war, unit 731 comes to mind, but SK is not one to speak as they let crazy NK exist to threaten the entire world due to their lack of action.

Correction - They WANT to stabilize and even unite with NK. It's the larger global powers (US, Soviet Russia and China) that split the country in half. Global powers (especially Japan) don't want Korea to reunite because it will only make Korea even more economically powerful and competitive.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

As a Japanese ethnic myself who have many Korean colleagues at work, I have to say that my experience has been really different.

A lot of my Korean colleagues loved Japan, it's people and culture. They relate to Japanese people a lot in terms of mannerism and values. But one thing they dislike is how the Japanese government approached the Korea-Japan relationship. They know that their government has been corrupt as well, resulting in poor approach to the situation.

I know it's easy to hate from reading these articles, but hate on hate really doesn't improve anything. I wonder if any of the commenters above have Korean friends...

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Posted in: LGBT groups in Japan launch petition seeking equality law See in context

Being gay is normal.

LGBT may not be as common as straight, but MANY people identify as LGBT and homosexuality has always been present throughout history and in other animal species.

Good on these people for fighting for what's right and they deserve to have the same privileges as any members of the society.

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Posted in: Berlin allows 'comfort woman' statue to remain for time being See in context

Can someone please explain to me why so many people in this discussion are against the statue?

I thought the statue was to remember the victims and act as a reminder of the atrocities so that it can never be committed again in the future.

People say that Japan has apologized but what good is an apology if you're trying to silence the victims and stopping them from acknowledging the victims?

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