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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

Honestly this is such a bizarre move by the government on so many levels as seen by the comments from netizens in the article.

Why are the voicing out for the milk industry specifically?

Why do they think people will just obey and go out and buy milk?

Just... why??? I have so many questions...

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Posted in: Japan rejects South Korean protest over school textbooks' descriptions See in context

Depending on the school and the teacher, history will be taught differently.

When I was a student, my high school mentioned about comfort women and Japan's actions during the war and my teacher was actually very passionate about talking about this topic. I learnt a lot about this area because there was a whole class discussion around it.

My nephew's school did not teach much about it at all, but the young generation is so in love with Korean culture these days that some seem to find out eventually on their own.

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Posted in: S Korean World War II sex slavery victim seeks U.N. justice as time runs out See in context

I feel so sorry for Lee Yong-soo. I hope she finds closure and justice.

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Posted in: S Korean World War II sex slavery victim seeks U.N. justice as time runs out See in context


I cannot roll my eyes hard enough at your comment.

Japan has repeatedly apologized and paid for its war crimes.

If Japan is truly sorry and regretful of their actions, then no amount of apologies will be enough. Germany won't hesitate to apologies for Nazi's war crimes, so why does Japan hesitate?

Instead of victimizing itself and blaming Japan for something that happened over seventy years ago

Korea isn't victimizing itself. It IS a victim. Their country was colonised. Their royal blood line murdered. Their national treasures and resources looted. Their people raped and slayed. All of this was done by the hands of Japan. Does this not make Korea a victim and Japan to be blamed????

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Posted in: Uniqlo operator, other Japanese companies to suspend business in Russia See in context

Too late Uniqlo. We know where you stand on this issue.

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Posted in: Uniqlo defends decision to stay open in Russia See in context

Remember when Uniqlo was proudly displaying that they use Xinjiang cotton while other companies stopped.

Uniqlo loves humanitarian crisis.

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Posted in: In South Korea election, future of foreign policy up for debate See in context

These two are not good candidates for Korea, which is also a big deal for Japan given that Korea is a close economic partner with sensitive relationship with Japan.

It's sad to see people becoming cornered into choosing a president of the lesser evil which is evident across the world not just Korea.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan family sues gov't over immigration detention death See in context


Just because other countries have stricter border rules doesn't excuse Japan's system for taking a life.

The system is flawed and it's poor treatment of human life. Period.

A visa issue should not cost your life.

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Posted in: Lee more hardline on Japan than Yoon in South Korea presidential race See in context

Unfortunately, the presidential candidates for Korea are looking quite grim. On one hand, there's Yoon who is a Korean version of Trump. On the other hand, there's Lee who seems to have shady background, connection with gangs and the Chinese government. Many Koreans are feeling discouraged to vote given that all the options are terrible.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

Nawww an unfortunate stumble but still so proud of these women! Congrats to Canada as well, they skated really well!

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Posted in: Japanese, S Koreans in China hold mixed views on Beijing hosting Olympics See in context

This article fails to mention the context around Korean people's anger towards the use of their culture in Chinese Olympics.

China for many years have been stealing and wrongfully claiming Korean culture as theirs. Some of most notable recent events include Chinese people claiming Kimchi as Chinese food and now Hanbok. You can see Korean celebrity Instagram being flooded with hateful comments from 50c warriors whenever they post a picture of themselves in Hanbok. It's absolutely ridiculous because these 50c warriors are spreading misinformation and flooding comments and posts claiming things as Chinese. Anyone with a single brain cell will know that Hanbok and Kimchi is Korean. Korea in ancient history may have received some influence from China just like any neighbouring Asian country but that is it, period.

So of course when China claims Korean people as a minority in their country and showcase some lady in Hanbok, it's definitely going to ruffle some feathers. China for some crazy reason, seems to absolutely hate mutual respect. They think relationship is a one way street. If China really wanted to do this diplomatically, they should've notified the Korean in advance for acknowledgement.

FYI - This is a major concern for Japan as well. China have previously claimed many Japanese cultures as theirs as well and if they succeed with stealing Korean culture, then Japan will surely be next.

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Posted in: WHO staff accuse Japanese director of racist, abusive behavior See in context

These are some serious allegations that shouldn't be taken lightly.

I'm not surprised at all about the racist and abusive behavior. It's really common among Japanese workplace - especially casual racism and looking down on "poorer" nations.

I think a more serious issue is about sharing sensitive vaccine information to Japan. This sounds like nationalistic behavior with ulterior motives and should be investigated seriously.

This man needs to be put on probation immediately with serious consequences to set an example for other corrupt members of the WHO.

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Posted in: Japan mulls delaying controversial Sado mine list for World Heritage See in context

The Japanese government seems to view these locations associated to slave labor and torture as places to be marveled and celebrated.

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Posted in: 4 found dead in car in apparent group suicide in Saitama Prefecture See in context

Really sad to hear young people driven into a situation where they want to end their life.

I hope they're resting in peace now, and that society will work towards a better world for everyone.

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Posted in: S Korea, Taiwan expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028 See in context


Yeah you keep telling yourself that.

Whether it's true or not, the reality is that Japan is seriously falling behind due to its lack of digitalization and strong urge to stick to conventional (but inefficient) ways. Japan in my opinion is a bit too slow due to bureaucracy and not adaptive to a fast-paced, tech era.

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Posted in: Man arrested for locking 2-month-old son in freezer See in context

Some people are so messed up

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Posted in: Tokyo changes age limit for kids going into opposite sex’s bath at hot springs and sento See in context

If a child needs supervision from a parent/guardian, then I don't think it really matters what bath they enter.

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Posted in: Ratings for NHK's year-end 'Kohaku' music show hit record low See in context

One of Japan's many many traditions that is no longer relevant in today's society.

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Posted in: China marks 84th anniversary of Nanking Massacre See in context

Such a dark time in human history. It gives me chills that some people are capable to do such evil things.

Also, smh at the comments that goes "yeah but China did insert horrible act". Yes we get it... China also did horrible things but it doesn't justify what happened in Nanjing and it's like these commenters are trying to divert attention away from the actual topic of the article.

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Posted in: Ghibli Museum asking for donations from overseas fans to help it through hard times See in context

As much as I love Studio Ghibli, there are other non-profit organisations fighting for worthy causes that actually need donations from the public.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50 See in context

Correction to my above comment - 6 cases refer to Tokyo, not Japan. But it's still suspiciously low.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50 See in context

These numbers don't make sense at all. Infection numbers do not just steeply drop like this when barely any measures have been taken. In comparison, Australia (which has higher vaccination and testing rates and which also closed off international borders AND state borders) have higher case numbers than Japan.

It would be good to see the numbers of tests reported in future articles otherwise these numbers really don't mean much.

FYI, Japan has one of the lowest testing rates in the developed world (0.37 per 1000), which probably explains how Japan "miraculously" reduced COVID numbers to 6 cases.

Source: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-testing

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Posted in: Japan to hold off on sanctions against human rights offenders See in context

Just an FYI:

Muji continues to use cotton from Xinjiang and in Australia (where they have a huge amount of Chinese customers) they proudly labelled a lot their items stating it was sourced from Xinjiang.

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Posted in: K-pop band TWICE basking in global popularity; plans U.S. tour See in context

For those unfamiliar with Kpop, Twice is definitely popular. So much so that they can do global tours, not just the U.S. They've already done multiple concerts at the Tokyo Dome and Osaka Dome... sadly I couldn't get tickets because it sold out!

Twice and Kpop in general recruit non-Korean members because interest in Kpop now goes well beyond Korea. Plus more non-Koreans talents are attracted to Kpop because of its global audience. You can take a look at Planet 999 where a lot of Japanese and Chinese talents went to test their skills in a survival show. Another good example is Sakura Miyawaki (one of the most popular member of AKB) recently left the group to join the world of Kpop.

Of course, you don't have to like Kpop if it's not your thing.... but if you're curious and want to give Kpop a shot, Twice just recently released their new single called 'Scientist'. It's a BOP (in my opinion) and it's been on repeat on my shower play list.

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Posted in: Australia stumbles to 1-1 draw with China in World Cup qualifier; Japan beats Oman 1-0 See in context

Yep... definitely not Australia's best performance this time round

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Posted in: Toyota defends skipping COP26 emissions pledge See in context

Hmm what could possibly be more important than the existential crisis of humanity?

My guess is that they're prioritising profit to please shareholders and avoiding the need to change what they already have in terms of supply chains and logistics. I'm sure it's a bit of a nightmare to make the transition but it's a necessary change.

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Posted in: Get ready for more games: 'Squid Game' readies for Season 2 See in context

To be honest I would've been quite satisfied with the show ending with the open-ended conclusion of season 1... but I can't wait for season 2! So many unanswered questions!

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Posted in: Japan issues new ¥500 coins for 1st time in 21 years See in context

Waiting for the day when coins will be phased out

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Posted in: Tokyo TV station skips ugly controversy over Mako’s marriage; shows 'Blade' instead See in context

It's only a controversy if you make it one.

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