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Posted in: Japan says it, not S Korea, should have taken action on Russian plane See in context

And regarding “joint missions” between Russia and China, they just sent Washington a pretty clear message about how they will take full advantage of the US being “busy” in the Gulf again.

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Posted in: Japan says it, not S Korea, should have taken action on Russian plane See in context

Not on your side, Elephant, but agree with your interpretation. Japan and South Korea both need to understand that it is in both Russia and China’s interest to dump gas on these embers.

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Posted in: Japan says it, not S Korea, should have taken action on Russian plane See in context

Alex80, you made an interesting point regarding Bolton and “convenient timing,” though I would draw the opposite conclusion. Bolton is here for 2 reasons: to armtwist commitments regarding a naval coalition against Iran and to try to mediate the Japan/South Korea fracas. I would argue that this “intrusion” was designed to torpedo that mediation by causing a midair “encounter” between the Japanese and South Korean Air Forces over territory they both claim as their own.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

Not to say I’m rooting for Abe in any way, shape or form. I’m not. But Abe has twisted himself into knots to be Trumps “bestie,” and this is what he gets out of it? Supercharging his opposition 2 days before the most critical election of his political life? If he and like minded parties don’t get 2/3, Constitutional revision is dead! I thought the US wanted this? Were there no “experts” in the administration to tell Trump/Bolton that they needed to wait 3 days to blab their mouths? I mean, I’m glad they did, so the Japanese voter can actually grasp what is at stake in this election, but I’m just stunned by just how bad they bricked this...Abe must be livid.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

Colossally stupid for Trump to drop this live grenade in Abe’s lap just days before the upper house election Abe hopes will grant him his long-cherished mandate to move on the Constitution. Brilliant...

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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

Trump had nothing to do with it. Someone on his staff thought he might like that done, and that staffer was right. Just like someone on the staff thought he might like a double cheeseburger for lunch. 

Now its not clear whether it was actually done or not to purposely cover up the name or not, but great proactive thinking by the staffer to ask someone to do it.

You start with “Trump had nothing to do with it” and then tell us he had everything to do with it. Well done!

I’d love to see you repeat this on the messdecks of the McCain...you have no shame.

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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

Blacklabel, the USS John McCain has a CREW! A crew instructed by someone at the White House who you claim was “doing his/her job without instruction” like a “good employee” to hide wHO THEY ARE lest they annoy their Commander in Chief! What could possibly be better for crew morale? You guys can talk all the smack about Senator McCain you want, but this was an insult to an entire command to protect Trumps ego, something Navy brass obviously understood. It’s beneath the dignity of the office. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. .

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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

Because a good employee knows the likes and dislikes of their boss and takes action as needed without being told.

Yippee, 3 cheers for sontaku.

Thank you for admitting that your beloved President is that petty and vindictive. Not that we didn’t already know, but good to hear you admit it.

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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

To all the Trumpers saying “He didn’t order it,” someone on his staff DID!


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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

I don’t believe for a moment that he had anything to do with issuing the directive to “get the McCain out of sight.” Even He understands how badly that would play with his base. But that it still happened says something damning. This is the only way I can make sense of something so utterly idiotic and petty: Someone in his staff was very worried about his pottymouth. That someone feared him looking out into the crowd on the Wasp, possibly seeing a McCain ball cap or seeing “McCain” on the fantail/bridge and having that trigger a “loser McCain” tirade in front of Navy personnel and tv cameras on Memorial Day. That person/persons saw this as such a political risk that they took the outrageous step to order that the ship and it’s crew be “out of his sight” in order to protect Trump from his own big mouth. What exactly does that say about our “stable genius” of a President. Is he actually THAT petty? Appears someone who works for him AT BEST couldn’t rule that possibility out. Any of you Trump fans have a better explanation for why someone from the White House would undertake something so obviously toxic if made public? (this is your chance to say it was a Deep State scheme intentionally leaked to embarrass a President who would NEVER sink to something so despicable as publicly talking crap about a deceased Navy hero on a Navy warship on Memorial Day)

Good on the Navy brass for saying “hell no!”

As a former Yokosuka squid, I’m deeply offended by this insult to the crew of the McCain. It’s beneath the office of the CIC that this was even considered. Perhaps he has and I’ve missed it, but I want to hear the honorable senator Lindsey Graham condemn this without qualification.

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Posted in: Japan beats MLB All-Stars 4-1 to win series 5-1 See in context

Perhaps this result should be taken into account when Ohtani’s high school sempai Kikuchi is up for “rookie” of the year honors next season...or do AAA squads just routinely embarrass MLB All Star teams?

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Posted in: Ohtani, 2 Yankees finalists for AL Rookie of the Year See in context

Ohtani is awesome. Truly a special player. That said, he’s no more a “rookie” than Ichiro or Matsui were. NPB is not the minors.

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Posted in: Mayweather ready for Japan MMA fight on Dec 31, whatever the rules See in context

Don’t see it going to the ground too often as both are stand up fighters. Floyd can handle Tenshin’s hands but I doubt Floyd has trained with anyone who kicks like Tenshin. Floyd’s vaunted boxing defense ain’t gonna hold up against the barrage of kicks he’s gonna see. As funny as this sounds, Floyd’s best shot is to take it to the ground fast and hope his size advantage is enough. Have no idea if Tenshin can fight on the ground.

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Posted in: Mayweather ready for Japan MMA fight on Dec 31, whatever the rules See in context

Whoops, that should read “Tenshin...”

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Posted in: Mayweather ready for Japan MMA fight on Dec 31, whatever the rules See in context

Smith, this kid Kenshin is a karateka not a boxer, and he’s no joke. The kid is good. Real fast. I wouldn’t pick Floyd if the fight was in Vegas.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used for product, brand or company names that you have seen in Japan? See in context

Arrrgh beat me to “Sanity.” Actually snapped a photo of a jug atop a urinal and sent it back home. Mom got a kick out of it. My reading on the diapers was “goo-in...” Nothing like vivid, realistic advertising!

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Posted in: Paul Stanley says Kiss farewell tour could include ex-members See in context

Don’t think Paul and Gene have ever forgiven Ace for his Tom Snyder show antics. There lays the basis for the original split. Gene and Paul were real big on being consummate pros, while Ace and Peter thought it ludicrous that dudes in 6 inch platform boots, wild costumes and makeup would take themselves so seriously.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

It depends. If for example you believe that revision of Article 9 is necessary for Japan, and Abe is the only guy who has the mix of motivation, resources, position ... etc to have a serious chance of doing it, then every time the media reports a scandal it weakens him and thus his ability to get that revision done. Even though they are doing their job, they are also indirectly harming Japan.

A truly excellent post, Kazuaki! You just summed up the past 6 years,and especially everything going on now, in one succinct paragraph.

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Posted in: Senior SDF officer rants against opposition lawmaker on street See in context

Yup Lincolnman, this is no big deal...just an SDF Major in civvies exercising his right to free speech, perhaps a little “hard.” Ask Stanley McCrystal about free speech in the military...BTW, nice word association. Opposition, fascist. Got it! Please explain how demanding accountabilty from those in authority is fascist? Don’t you think “over the top” or “overzealous” would suffice? Why “fascist”, Linc?

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Posted in: Abe sticks to denials as scandal doubts keep swirling See in context

Ganbare Japan

Enough of these allegations.Show proof, or keep quiet.Let PM Abe continue to rule,so much crucial work to do to ensure safety in Japan,return of the Abductees, big meeting with Pres. Trump in Mar-a-lago etc. 

The most dangerous era since 70 years ago needs a stable,strong ruler,not change.

I’m guessing you dont see the problem with what you’ve written here? Japan is supposed to be a democracy. Democracies dont have “rulers.” Thank you for so skillfully illustrating why so many people have a problem with your dear “ruler.”

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Posted in: Hannity vows to bash Kimmel until he apologizes to 1st lady See in context

Generally like Kimmel. Loathe Hannity. But damn, Jimmy kind of handed Hannity this attack angle on a platter. Seems pretty well established that Melania did not want this job. Kimmel needs to lay off her. Poor woman already has all of her husbands numerous indiscetions being thrown in her face.

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Posted in: Scandal clouds darken for Japan's Abe ahead of Trump summit See in context

The SDF log issue is total BS. The SDF played a crucial role in helping stabilizing Iraq. What does a non combat zone mean? The SDF faced more danger in Fukushima than in Iraq.

What the actual hell are you talking about? “Non-Combat zone” matters because the government insisted that’s where the SDF was being sent. Because they cant legally be sent to a combat zone. EVERYONE outside of Japan KNEW that South Sudan was a hot combat zone. (You conveniently neglected to mention South Sudan when claiming BS)

By the way, you should go tell an Iraq or South Sudan GSDF guy that they were safer there than in Fukushima serving their own country as they enlisted to do. I’m sure you’ll be real popular. You certainly would have had a wonderful time with us. We just love guys like you. Never served but has no problem with us dying to serve your ego.

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Posted in: Ohtani hurls 7 superb innings as Angels beat A's 6-1 See in context

I figured Ohtani would do pretty well, but DAMN, the kid’s just on fire! He’s on track to outdo Ichiro’s first season. Only time will tell if he can keep it up, but rock on, youngster!

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Posted in: Rival warns against Abe's constitutional revision drive See in context

I personally prefer Ishiba to Abe. Yes, he is a defense hawk (dont know where your “dove” comment is coming from, GanbareJapan) but hes nowhere near the ideologue that Abe is. (Perhaps thats what you dislike about him?) That said, I’m pretty disappointed to hear him praising the 2012 draft Constitution. Hopefully hes only referring to Article 9, which is downright benign compared to the rights-removing domestic aspects of it.

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Posted in: Abe asks Moon to visit Japan before inter-Korean summit See in context


In the strict sense, what Japan did was not colonization. Japan had an intention to protect other Asian countries from exploitation by western countries. Remember what Britain and other European countries did in Asia. Their purpose was nothing but plunder.

Gee, could this by why China and both Koreas are deliberately excluding Japan? One of these days y’all are going to figure out that your obsession with “correct history” ain’t serving the national interest too well...kinda makes those places you “liberated” not trust you all that much. Got a big secret for ya, Schop: China and the Koreas lived that history, too! And let’s just say they remember it a bit differently than you do...

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Posted in: Rocker Alice Cooper launches White House bid See in context

"I wanna be elected!" "Billion Dollar Babies:"' what an album! Maybe Alice can dedicate "Sick Things" to congress while he's at it. His is certainly the only campaign shirt I would wear this cycle.

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Posted in: Biden's remark on Japan's constitution raises eyebrows See in context

Agree with Kaz. Biden done screwed up with that quip. Successfully pissed off all sides of the spectrum. Validates team Abe's position by re-insulting their national pride while simultaneously undercutting the oppositions efforts to portray the Constitution as Japanese with former PM Shidehira playing the prominent role regarding Article 9. All this from a speech that was not centered on Japan. Rather inexcusable carelessness.

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Posted in: Abe picks revisionist Inada as defense minister in cabinet reshuffle See in context

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada...You gotta go back to GW Bush sending John Bolton to the UN to find a such an intentionally offensive appointment. Thank you Mr. PM! Here's hoping we all don't pay dearly for your enlightened decision.

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Posted in: Ultraconservative lobby Nippon Kaigi backs constitution revision See in context


Mark901 You should take into consideration,Abe and LDP won elections and got the majority by free democratic elections,Japanese voted for them,this simply means supporting and backing.These is a fact we should not forget nor jump on,no matter who likes or hate.

1: The LDP did not campaign on Constitutional Revision. Do you deny this?

2: LDP members were forbidden from discussing the subject at all. Do you deny this?

3: LDP members would not discuss the draft constitution even when directly asked. Do you deny this?

4: The broadcast media was virtually silent regarding 1-3 until the results of the election were apparent. (Do you not find that "odd?"

5: For the week prior, NHK in particular barely acknowledged that an election was even taking place. (Once again, do you not find that "odd?")

6: The moment the LDP realized the magnitude of their victory, they immediately called it a "mandate for constitutional revision," though they never publicly acknowledged that revision was even on the table. (Do you feel this is honest and honorable?)

So please, tell us how this election was "free and fair" by rebutting the above points. Perhaps you could refer us to an election in a supposedly democratic country where an issue of monumental importance, such as the fundamental alteration of the supreme law of the land, was ignored by that country's mass media?

Note: To none of the above points is "Shinzo Abe is the greatest ever!" a valid answer.

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Posted in: Emperor has expressed desire to abdicate in a few years, NHK reports See in context

Yeah Right, uh....don't think that's exactly the kind of revision Abe has in mind... My, this timing is interesting... Best wishes to you, Tenno Heika!

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