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How is this still a story? No one should care any longer. Walking around outside and seeing nearly every person wearing masks still is absolutely insane. I know not everyone is completely crazy and that some are doing it for allergies. I realize Japan is a rule following country so maybe we just need someone in power to just say, "Enough already. Please stop being so fearful."

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Hmm, where do you get your fake news from? Yesterday there were 11 deaths


Mind if I ask where you got the 11 deaths figure? Your source might indeed be correct and mine wrong. Sorry to get you all riled up and accusatory.

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While cases have been surging in Japan, death numbers have never stopped coming down. Yesterday, August 2, there were 5 deaths. I understand that deaths tend to follow cases by about a week or so, but so far there's no evidence of that with the current spike in cases. That's the silver lining.

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Or they can just start vaccinating people in Japan. That would really help. You know, like other countries have been doing for months now.

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Meanwhile, we've been getting the Moderna vaccine (among others) for almost 2 months here in Japan on military bases. Crazy to think acceptable on base, still being decided off base.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,592 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,759 See in context

Each day these articles end with something like "Forty-four coronavirus-related deaths were reported." I assuming that's nationwide, and not Tokyo, but the author never says.

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With larger, monetary incentives, this plan has a slightly better ability to convince businesses. Of course, that money ultimately isn't free and tax payers will end up with the burden of increased debt.

As for schools not closing, it's nice to have a logical reaction here. Kids, and younger children especially, have been shown to seldom contract the virus and also rarely transmit either. No reason to pull kids from school.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo soar to 2,447; nationwide tally 7,570 See in context


Thanks. You're right shouldn't take it personally. :)

Suga sure did mess up this time. Um, Covid number seem to be going up.... I can't believe they think closing restaurants at 8pm will solve anything.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo soar to 2,447; nationwide tally 7,570 See in context

Wow! EOM

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Yep, the true figure would shrink the percentage of ill/seriously ill people/deaths even further.

Yes, indeed. The number of people dead or with serious symptoms will remain while the recognized number of cases will increase, in this case by the theorized ten-times amount. So the ratio of dead/seriously ill to total cases will, in turn, go down. Not sure why this was downvoted.

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Might be a pretty basic question but I'll ask anyway. What's the population of Tokyo for the purposes of reporting here? Is it Tokyo city (something like 14 million people)? Or the greater Tokyo area (35 ish million)? Just trying to get an idea of positive cases to number of people.

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When did the elbow bump become an acceptable greeting? Seems weird that people are supposed to be 2 meters apart when possible, but to do this manuver you need to almost get face-to-face. :-D

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli’s new anime keeping its setting in UK; has official premiere date See in context

CG looks so drab from the pictures. Might be wrong when I see it, but it doesn't appear to have that Ghibli aesthetic.

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In 2019 there were 90 million visitors. In 2020 the figures are -99%

According to JTA there were 32 million foreign visitors. Careful with making up numbers and just throwing them out there. Where's the -99% coming from ?

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Posted in: Bitcoin hits highest in 13 months as 2020 rally gathers steam See in context

This current market rally is more calm and steady of a rise than previous ones. I think this is a good sign for investors.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 206 new coronavirus cases See in context

Anyone else tired of seeing Diamond Princess in these kind of stories?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

According to https://stopcovid19.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/?tab=reference the number of tests is around 1800 per day in Tokyo. The data is delayed (the latest is from June 25 while today is June 28), but it at least provides the testing data people are asking for.

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So can we assume that warm weather doesn't actually reduce the potency of the virus as previously claimed? I guess if heat does however limit the virus, we can also assume numbers would be even worse if all this craziness was happening during colder months. Either way, not good news.

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"Downpours of 50 millimeters or more per hour in the past decade were recorded 1.4 times more frequently than between 1976 and 1985."

Why is the seemingly arbitrary timeframe of 1976-85 used here? Is it to find data that fits? What about prior to 1976 or the 90s or 2000s, for example? Can we assume more rainfall amounts during those timeframes?

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Might be a weird blip in the data, but cases appear to be increasing in Tokyo over the past week or so. Keep on the lookout here:


Last week cases:

5/29 22 cases

5/28 15

5/27 11

5/26 10

5/25 8

5/24 14

5/23 2

5/22 3

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On May 6, The River tweeted that Disney’s CEO announced the expansion of Disney+ to Japan this June. Disney+ has continued its rollout across some European countries and India over the last few months. And this June, here in Japan we will have access to Disney Deluxe.

But that's Disney Deluxe, which as far as I can tell has been here in Japan for a while. It has a separate login and payment from Disney+. If you don't have access to Docomo payment, you can't (or at least as of a month or so ago) pay for the service. Ideally, it would be great to log in with my US Disney+ login here in Japan, like I do with my US Netflix account login and Japan Netflix. Easy. Slightly different content, yes, but one overarching set of login credentials.

The equivalent here is a Netflix account that covers logging in in every Netflix country and only Japan having a separate Netflix Deluxe system with separate payment and login.

This isn't new news, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

Burning bush guys doesn't understand math at all I'm afraid. Let's take the Tokyo growth rate alone. Today's infections went from 1705 to 1902, for a growth of 11.6% from the previous day. Now it's silly to continue at the same rate for week after week, but since that's his argument....

1% of Japan's population is about 1.3 million people. 1902 people grows to almost exactly 1.3 million people in 60 days. 1902 x 1.116 ^ 60. Easy calculation. 60 days is not equal to 7 years.

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